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Done this part during a loooong livestream! I would like to thank again all those who joined and kept me company :3 *sending hugs to all of you*

Also, Jesse is starting to feel bad about what he did, since it didn’t came out as he probably envisioned it, and now he fears disappointing the one who trusted and helped him mostly, Gabriel Reyes. Hang in there, Jesse! Hanzo will help ya!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 (coming soon)

~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

Original post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (the end)

BuckyNat Week Mini Bang Masterlist

I want to say a big THANK YOU to our 16 teams for this year’s mini bang! Everyone should go check out all of the fics and the artwork, which you can find here: BuckyNat Week 2017 Mini Bang.

as time goes by by  bucksnatalia and art by fontscosplay

Natasha came to in a dirty alleyway, a discarded newspaper beside her. She groaned as she pushed herself to her knees, rubbing the back of her aching neck. How long she’d been knocked out, she had no idea, but she was relieved at least to see a car driving by on the road ahead of her – an old car, but a car nonetheless. At least she hadn’t been shot back to the time of the dinosaurs or anything. 

She reached for the newspaper, scanning it for the date. 

Her eyes widened when she found it; February, 1943. “Shit,” she said under her breath.

SHIELD is once again messing with things it shouldn’t be, and this time, it gets Natasha sucked back into the 1940s.
At least her cute future boyfriend is there to show her around?

Bright Lights, Big City by joerobards and art by dreaminglikeeames

After James died as Captain America, the Winter Soldier and Black Widow have been hard at work. The Zephyr Project was a secret the Red Room had buried deep within James’s head, and uncovering the secrets of it wasn’t going to be easy. Their recent lead has lead them straight to the Los Angeles County Art Museum. Between Breathing lights and the Rain Room, a run in with a few HYDRA agents turns out to be a little more than they had expected.

Dreaming Aloud by eustaciavye28 and art by coffee-your-teapot/loonymoons

Anxiety and grief have their place, Dr. Yelba told him when he broke down in one session. There is no shame in tears, in memories, in feeling. We must find a place to keep them, before they get overwhelming.

Bucky found his peace with Natasha, in ways he never thought he would.

How We Get There by steverogersnotebook and art by lasenbyphoenix

When Bucky needs to get from Chicago to California, Steve remembers Natasha’s dream to drive across country along Historic Route 66. He sets them up for the drive, hoping it will give Bucky the inspiration he needs to move on from the motorcycle hit and run that cost him his arm, and changed his outlook on life. If anything can, he knows that an extended road trip with Natasha who will likely drag Bucky into every tourist trap along the way, just might do the trick.

I Called Him Mine by pastismyown and art by geisterschloesser

Natasha has spent the last few decades mourning the loss of her soul mate, a man who was taken from her before she even knew who he truly was. All of that is about to change.

If Love Wants You: Everything Your Mouth Remembers by blessedharlot and art by falcon-hill

Bucky threw his gaze to the far wall. “If this…” He trailed off and shook his head vigorously. “If this fix doesn’t work, Natalia, I don’t want you here.”

“If this fix doesn’t work,” Nat explained gently, “and I’ve done the triggering…”

She stepped closer to him, close enough that Bucky could feel her body heat radiate across the bare flesh of his arm. He could feel the soft currents of her breath brushing his skin.

She continued. “Then you’re under my control, taking my commands.” Her smile curved further into something mischievous. “I’m good with that scenario,” she whispered. 


It’s post-MCU Civil War, and Bucky has complicated new medical advances and relationships to navigate.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place by lostinastainedglassdaydream and art by mirandaleiggi

Loose ends are something she hates. Amidst everything, it’s one thing she cannot afford.

And the fact there’s multiple ends missing, means she has to take a detour to find them.

Pancakes by yeleenabelovaaa and art by erisandbtheapple

After Natasha drops Bucky off after the events on the moon (BW issue 10 by Waid…), robots attack New York and they struggle to reconnect over the rubble of their relationship.

Paris, 1956 by wikiaddicted723 and art by chichots

The Algerian War spills over the streets of Paris, and the KGB’s best assets have been sent to pour fuel into the fire. Posing as the ideal married couple–young, beautiful, and nauseatingly in love–the Black Widow and the Winter Soldier must prevent the Algerian Peace Envoy from ending the conflict.

Unknown and overlooked in a foreign country, away from the ever-looming threat of their handlers, they take a moment. Resume their affair.

Reason to Hope by bucks-metal-fate and art by yawpkatsi

Over missions together, moments of training and moments of intimacy, Bucky and Natasha work to reacquaint themselves all over again, and while it’s not all smooth sailing, some moments definitely leave behind a reason for both Bucky and Natasha to hope that the life ahead of them is worth all the loss and pain of their pasts.

Remember The Time by kingaofthewoods and art by mushewhosta

What do Michael Jackson, the Lindy Hop, and two Soviet assassins in love have in common? Surprisingly a lot, actually.

A shameless romp through the years, with the King of Pop providing a soundtrack.

Then and Again by drivingdeanwinchester and art by mirandaleiggi

Starting over is often easier said than done, but everything old need not remain that way. Of course, there’s no growing without the growing pains. Thin Mints and Lego bouquets make the process a little more enticing.

Therapy by iheartbuckynat and art by squidfeathersart-blog

As part of his treatment in Wakanda, Bucky undergoes psychotherapy sessions. While trying to unravel the Winter Soldier, he begins to explore a memory of a mysterious woman he knew in the late 1950s.

We’re Both of Us Beneath Our Love by sierranovembr and art by pathulu

Many thought that the saga of James “Bucky” Barnes was over after his explosive exit from the dance scene five years ago. Barnes electrified the community when he became the youngest principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theatre at the age of 19. After a shocking injury, he walked out of ABT, turning his back on the company that had nurtured him since he was a boy and giving a series of blistering interviews condemning the company’s treatment of their dancers.

Natasha Romanov left her nest at Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet at the start of a less controversial journey. She has floated among companies as lightly as she floats though grand jetés on the stage. Though recently she seems to have found a new home at the Royal Ballet, and at Barnes’ side.

Within The Ashes by laurelsalexis and art by karendrawsheeyay

Post-tws. Nothing makes sense with Bucky. He wonders if it’ll ever make sense.

The Wolf and the Sparrow by derriere-extraordinare and art by octozoid

Some people live their whole lives without awakening the magick within them. Natasha and Bucky are not among them.

Nat has been closed off to any relationship ever since the Incident, but when she meets Bucky at her gym and he won’t leave her alone, she can’t help but give into their connection. And it changes everything.


A/N: Written for the Break the Zone challenge. So the challenge was to write something that’s out of my comfort zone, and keep it under 1k words. Which I, by some miracle, managed to do. This is basically just getting frisky with Dean in a supply room at your work. Thanks for betaing @thorne93

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (barely)

Warnings: This is basically just smut, which I am not all that comfortable writing and it probably shows.

Wordcount: 959

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

You sat at your desk in the reception of the law firm you worked at. For five year’s you had been stuck here, behind this desk. You had been taking some night classes to get your degree as a legal assistant, and the people running the firm had promised you a promotion within three years if you managed to get your degree, which you had. You had thought many times about quitting, but the way the job market was these days you didn’t know how long it could take you to find a new job, and you definitely couldn’t afford to be unemployed.

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🌸 Naruto 🌸

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me in the last 15 years. Naruto and everyone literally raised me and through all these years I learned a lot, all thanks to them. I will never forget this lonely boy with big dreams, he is responsible for me getting up every time I would fail. He taught me how to stand for myself, he taught me how to fight for the ones I love, he taught me about beauty of the life and he pulled me out every time I would fall deeper into sadness and sorrow. I’ll be thankful forever for making me a better person, we say our goodbyes today, yesterday, a day before or even tomorrow but we will never truly separate. 🌸

good morning everyone please ignore any and all negative reviews about power rangers and go see it because it’s the best movie i’ve seen this year and i cried eighty times and everything is perfect thank you

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.. Actually, I was planning on doing it for New Years Eve, and then for my first hundred and then for Valentine’s Day and I ended up doing absolutely nothing at all.

And I know today’s not a special date or anything like it, but you don’t need a special date to be nice to other people.

To @secret-rendezvous1d @never-enough-harry @heart-attack-harry @tigerharry @thightat @stylesunchained @kale-child @fairylightsstyles @1989rosesxx @walkingintheamm @aqua-harry @harryismywonderwall @magic-view @harrysparadox @tigerthightat @harryslovelylocks @loveyooumeanit @ifheartscouldfly @dadshirtking @stylessemantics @trulymadlysydney @wdmsusie @cheshirepuddin @canistay-haz @would-be-jealous-of-us @androgynoustyles @harrysfashioncampaign @harrysparadox @whoopsharrystyles

Thank you so much for being part of my daily life, for your writing, for your pictures, for your opinions, for being here and bringing a smile to my face everytime I see you here. I really wish I could talk to you and meet all of you and hug you really tight cause you are some remarkable human beings. Thank you. All of you. And I could bet my ass that I’m missing a bunch of people.

Loads and loads of love!!!!

InuKag Last Day Bonus: Thank You Cynthia

I can’t believe InuKag Week is actually ending today. It’s been such an amazing fun wild seven days, and it’s felt like an avalanche I was snowboarding on from the very beginning on Monday to the last today. 

All the content has filled me with so much InuKag love, I didn’t even think I was capable of loving this ship anymore than I do, but everyone combined putting out amazing effort to post or reblog or submit, it’s almost like we were all together at a week long festival just happy to be around. I’ve discovered so many people from this event, my following list has GROWN exponentially haha. 

Last year I made a post like this thanking the fandom, and trust me when I say none of this is possible without the participation and love of a large group of people supporting us throughout the entire thing. You all are the heart and soul of this machine, and it doesn’t have a purpose without you. 

But this year I want to Thank Someone very special and dear to this fandom and myself:

@inukag aka Cynthia, has given so much to make not only this event, but our corner of the InuKag fandom an incredibly fun and interactive place. Last year when we did InuKag week together, we were both already excited and expectant for InuKag Week 2017, and before we knew it, IT WAS 2017, and she had taken care of ALL the prompts, ALL the edits, she REVAMPED the theme of this site, and from the very start on Monday at midnight, she was checking the tags, answering asks, doing it all while I was sleeping

(And “Family” day btw? I’ve already told you, but it WRECKED ME. Like a damn wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus aside, it ended my life over and over and over again.) 

She can try telling you we were a team today, but if we were a team, she was my leader and I followed a few miles behind in absolute awe. 

She needs 100% credit for this week, and WHAT BETTER PERSON to give credit to for InuKag week if not the sole owner of the canon InuKag url. (Doesn’t get better than this, folks)

Maybe you’ve known her as “towards-tomorrow” or maybe you’ve just gotten to know her these past two years as “inukag”, but I can promise you that if you’ve ever looked up anything remotely InuKag, you have probably liked or reblogged her gifs and beautiful gorgeous edits or analysis essays. Her imprint on this fandom echoes out from years and years ago to the present. 

She’s been patient and tolerant and kind, digging through canon material to explain things to us- us who have no clue what chapter is what. You could ask her “what chapters did Kagome get mad at Inuyasha?” and she’ll pull out annotated pages with highlighted quotes and footnotes. 

This girl spent days and sleepless hours making sure the promos for the InuKag Week 2017 Master Post were perfect- sometimes, sometimes I wish everyone got a behind the scenes look at how she spends meticulous time making sure every frame is perfect, making sure she has the right English verbiage, going through drafts and drafts on her tumblr until she has it just right. Still kicking herself sometimes for it not being as perfect as SHE wanted it to be, even though it’s BEYOND PERFECT to everyone else. 

She spent time thinking “How can we make this as inclusive as possible?”. She thinks of ideas on how to make it so every single person can do SOMETHING as long as they want to and have the means to access a computer or phone. 

This InuKag Week has by and large been even more fun and successful than the last, and I just want to take a moment to Thank You

This fandom doesn’t deserve you, it’s never deserved you. And even when you’re burnt out, even when you’re wondering “is it even worth it”, you pull it through and manage to host an entire week long event that ignites us. 

You are the Queen, and this week would never have functioned the way it has without you. 

(We look professional af Cynthia and it’s all because of you.)

One day you might be making events or sites for big corporate companies (maybe a small indie firm), or sit in a really nice office with a window, and I really hope you remember the impact you’ve made in this VERY LARGE corner of the fandom.

I love you, and thank you thank you thank you. 

There’s still the rest of today to enjoy our favorite Soul Mates, so take a break, enjoy your weekend (what’s left of it!) and look back at all these wonderful people celebrating with us. Bask in it. 


- Until the next sappy long post on this blog, Mod: Lali

It’s my last week of being 19 and I thought I should make a follow forever because why not? A lot has happened to me over the last few years but I have to say that I’ve never been more happier than I am now. I’ve found a lot of people who truly care about me and aren’t fake (I’m looking @ u all of my mutuals, you are all perfect). I’ve found a community that are so kind and supportive of each other so thank you. And I stan 7 beautiful boys who inspire me daily and make me feel better about myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve probably forgot some people on this but if I follow you, know that I love you and want the best for you.

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anonymous asked:

Would you write a lil au for key because i love him?? Please and thank you ❤❤❤

  • sommelier!key 
  • is the best dressed at all the wine tasting competitions. no one ever beats him when it comes to looks
  • still holds a grudge against that cup dandelion wine they threw in as a wild card three years ago at the annual wine olympics. like who the hell drinks dandelion wine. name one person-
  • works with a couple of restaurant but his favorite is owned by a friend of his named jonghyun who in all honesty has no idea what the hell key is saying when he’s talking about wine, but he trusts him and just orders whatever key wants
  • except if it goes over the budget. which it ALWAYS does and they fight like cats over it until one of them gives in
  • wears a beret unironically, but it doesn’t matter he looks really freaking good in it
  • you’re the maître d’ of jonghyun’s restaurant and you’ve known key for ages,,,,,you always like when he’s over because he sets the staff straight in a way jonghyun can’t even do
  • like he just has to snap his fingers and be like “are you KIDDING ME is thiS what you call good service?” and suddenly the night is going smoothly and you, as head waiter, have like zero problems
  • key is always trying to teach you to be assertive like him but you’re just like,,,,,key,,,,,,,,,,you’re good at it because that’s your aesthetic: telling people what to do
  • key:,,,,,,,ok you’re not wrong 
  • one night he’s there to talk wine with jonghyun but jonghyun insists he has a meal first and you lead key to a table and get him the usual 
  • and as you’re pouring a drink for the table near key’s you overhear the guy make an offhand rude comment about key’s appearance 
  • and key turns around because,,,,you bet he heard it
  • but before key can even speak, you “accidentally” pour the champagne all over the guys shirt and you’re like “OH,,,,,my miSTAKE,,,,,,wow,,,,look at that it got on your watch too,,,,oh i hope it’s not broken!!!!!”
  • and you’re obviously being sarcastic and the guy wants to get angry and yell at you but key calls you over and you’re like “i need to go serve the other guest, napkins are on the table.”
  • and you hurry over and you’re like “what’s up”
  • and he’s got his eyes narrowed, but then a smirk becomes apparent on his face and he’s like “you’re learning well, i like this side of you.”
  • and you grin back, shrugging your shoulders saying that your savageness has always been hidden inside you
  • key just raises his glass as if to toast to that but then, before bringing it to his lips he goes, “i think it’s a very sexy side to have. bring it out more often for me.”
  • and you damn near drop the bottle you’re holding because,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait,,,,,,,,did key just,,,,,,,compliment you? in a flirty kinda way,,,,,,,,
  • jonghyun from in the kitchen: if key calls you sexy, you basically hit the jackpot 

one year ago today i was miserable and more than likely on the verge of a breakdown because of who i was and who was in my life and now i have an amazing support system of friends who love me unconditionally and relentlessly and i’ve moved all the way across the states and i could not be more thankful

i hope you all heal and find love in 2017

anonymous asked:

Hi! Im writing some historical fiction about the 1832 June Rebellion (Paris Uprising of 1832) and I was wondering how gender was viewed in 1832 France? Also how age and sexuality was viewed. I have 3 female characters who are all interested in fighting and I would like to know whether or not they would have to wear male clothing. I also have 2 male characters pining after each other, and I was wondering how 1832 france would view this. Theres also an 11 year old fighter. Thanks ~

Hello anon! I apologise for taking so very long to answer your question! It’s within my field and a really interesting question but it took some research and thus some time.

Since war and going to war was long, and in a lot of societies, considered to be the “ultimate test of both individual and collective manhood.”, a woman that wanted to be a soldier would have to disguise herself.[1] There are records of this; a famous instance would be Hua Mulan. Granted, not every culture and every era demanded that women did not fight in any kind of battle; there are several examples of women defending their castle, their home, themselves in times of war and during sieges and attacks. [2]

Let´s focus on the uprising, though. After the French Revolution in 1789, women did get more political influence but this was taken away in 1804 with the Napoleon’s Civil Code of 1804; which made women completely subordinate to their husbands once married. (Women did dress themselves as soldier, still, though.)[3] This political reality meant that in 1832 France, women were not invited into the military fraternities from which the rebellion formed. They were, however, taking part in building barricades, sabotaging, springing prisoners and helping with supplies. One certain Catharine Delacroix both constructed a barricade and led rebels through the streets, shouting “Qui vivé!” as she wielded a pick-axe.[4] Women would join their husbands and try to acquire ammunition and weapons and women would store weapons in their homes.[5]

The reason we know these things is that the criminal records state the names of several women and what their crimes were. For instance; in april 1834 a group of rebels, including six women, tried to help a political prisoner escape. They were all later arrested (which is how we know they were involved). [6] So, my advice for your story would be to make three different female characters. One could be like Catharine, one could be a wife helping her husband and one could already be military and join the groups of men planing the uprising. Or a wife joining the rebellion in spite of her husband´s wishes, an unmarried woman or a widow picking up a weapon and shouting from the barricades and a trans man already within the military helping plan the rebellion. (Why a trans man, though? Well, representation. There is historical truth to women simply being disguised to be able to be in the military but history has largely, almost completely, overlooked the fact that the women dressed as soldiers may not be women at all, but trans men. Of course, our understanding of gender and sexuality in the contemporary so-called western world can not be directly transferred to historical people, but to assume that women who joined the army (some of who continued to live their entire lives “disguised” as men) were exclusively cisgendered women would be rather ignorant of us historians. (Not calling you or any writer ignorant! Women in military and/or political settings are sorely underrepresented as well. Your idea to write about three women, anon, is a good idea!))

When it comes to sexuality I have written about this before, though I have written about England. It´s a rather different story when it comes to France, as a matter of fact! In 1791, a new penal code was adopted that decriminalised sodomy. Thus France was the first West European country to make sodomy legal (between consenting adults). In april of 1832, the age of consent (for both men and women) was set to 11. This means that it is legal for your male characters to be in a sexual relationship.[7] However, this does not mean they could openly be together. Policemen continued to punish “sodomites” under laws such as “public indecency” and it was still considered a grave moral sin. The gay men would defend each other from being arrested, though, whenever they were gathered together (at Cafés or the like).[8] To summarise the police would harass them and people around would condemn them but they did have communities and their relationships were not illegal.

When it comes to your eleven-year-old fighter, I will have to say that I don’t know. There is fairly little on children until much later in history but I assume a child of that age could help build barricades and could try and defend said barricades.

Was this helpful, informative, fun? Why not buy Captain a coffee as thanks! Ko-fi uses PayPal for small, one-time donations.

[1] Merry Wiesner-Hanks, Gender in History: Global Perspectives, (UK: Blackwell Publishing, 2d ed. 2014), s.147.

[2] ibid., 148-149.

[3] Ibid., 154-155.

[4] D Barry Women and Political Insurgency: France in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, (Springer, 1996), 29.

[5] Ibid. 29-30.

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[7] “Where is it illegal to be gay?” BBC News. Mars 24th 2017. & Scott Eric Gunther The Elastic Closet, A History of Homosexuality in France 1942-present, (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)

[8] Anne Clark, Desire: A History of European Sexuality, (2008) 137.


So, I woke up this morning to 40+ messages in my inbox. Holy shit. I’m glad so many of you are here for me even when I have a melt down over something so minuscule. Thank you guys so, so much. I think I just… needed a break? I hit a really big follower milestone last nigh and the fact that there are so many people following my dumb little sideblog made me really nervous. I mean, I’ve been on tumblr for 5+ years and my main blog hasn’t even broke 500 followers.

So, thank you guys. I won’t respond to every message because there are 46 messages in my inbox and holy shit thats a lot of love, but I did read every message and every single one made me cry (a lot). Thank you. ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou.

y’all are the best


So I know a lot of this number is bots and inactive blogs but since this is my seventh year on this site I know a lot of you have really stuck it out with me

So thank you! 

I’m glad this silly blog can entertain at all

i would have made a celebratory video but my computer is still broken but aaaaaaaaa!!!

I Thought...

a few of you might be interested to know that I’ve just celebrated my Tumblr-world birthday.  I am now 8 Tumblr-years old.  So, I’m out of virtual diapers, beyond cyber-toddling around, and well on my way toward net-adolescence.  During said 8 years, I’ve made 38,194 posts, which tells me one huge thing-I have way too much time to burn.  Anyway, to all my followers, I’d like to thank you for your interest, for your patience with my obsessions and for your occasional emails and messages.  Those things are much appreciated and let me know I’m not alone when I’m out and playing around in the virtual world.  To my handful of long-time followers, I owe a particular debt.  Thanks, guys.  To all the accidental in-wanderers and casual visitors to my little corner of the cyber aethers, thank you for visiting and please feel free to come by or comment any time.  To the trolls and reactionary sociopaths who every so often let me know of the distaste they hold for me and the things I think and post, while I wouldn’t go so far as to ban anyone, you guys really don’t have to view what you don’t want to see.                                                                                                                So, thank you all again.  Remember, I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours.

skiesandotherstuff  asked:

Hey i read a fic a while back that dan and phil tried to be boyfriends and it didn't work out and phil was getting married. In the fic "their song" was "All i want" and i think that's the name of the fic i'm not sure. thanks

Like You - Its 2019 and there’s a wedding. Phil’s saying something, but Dan isn’t really listening, his mind’s elsewhere…that “where” being ten years ago, in 2009.


anonymous asked:

something about exclusionists that really annoys me is how they act like the fact that someone might have privilege over others in the lgbt+ community means they can't be part of that community. if y'all feel so threatened by having "cishets" in here then why does my trans ass have to put up with transphobic cis lgb+ ppl? i think that lgbt+ """"membership"""" is more about a group's relationship to the straight cis majority than that groups relationship to every other lgbt+ group.

Oh my God, thank you for articulating what I’ve been trying to say for the past year.

This is exactly it.

This is also why I think the whole “allo lumps us in with our oppressors” argument is bullshit. Because “cis” lumps cis gay people in with cis straights. LGBT+ itself makes trans people share a space with cis people, and POC with white people.

There’s rarely ever going to be a label that doesn’t lump someone in with their oppressors in some way.

–Mod Mercy

Originally posted by doafhat

Well, that was a shock to say the least…

But seriously, thank you guys so much for supporting me while making this weird ride of a blog. I created this blog around 3 years ago; since that time I experienced many ups and downs from starting up Vaseshipping Week to switching up main fandoms a couple times to dealing with fandom drama bs (which thankfully is something I hardly hear about since I do a good job of avoiding that shit) and more. You guys have been there for me through it all.

I am planning to do a lot more cool stuff in the future to making some more Kallura fics, writing more fics in general, working on my own original works, drawing more fan art and posting up more YouTube videos. So thanks, you guys.