thank you all for this year


I really really enjoy the side eye Kurogane is shooting Kamui for not sharing this information EARLIER when it was useful.

What I enjoy even more is Yuuko actually sitting down and going “Okay so I’m just going to confirm and deny the relevant pieces of Vampire lore for you now”, because you KNOW I’ve been thinking about this constantly for a week straight.

Vampire Myths: Busted

excuse me what

Bitty: Okay, time to go around the table and say what you’re thankful for. And please, don’t all say you’re thankful for Jack’s butt. We don’t want a repeat of last year. 

I’m bleeding out of my uterus but it’s thanksgiving and gosh I am thankful for so many things this year I don’t even know where to begin… except I do bc there’s one thing that brought all of those changes in my life and that’s yuri on ice. I began watching the anime with the biggest chill glasses on bc I know sports series. I’ve seen enough over the years. and they always fuck up somehow. but not this one! sure, there’s things that could be improved and my boys were robbed, I will stand by that till the day I die, but from ep to ep yoi kept surprising us all and keeping us at the edge of our seats, making the impossible possible right before our eyes, so I just want to take this moment to say:

thank you, yuri on ice, for this past year and here’s to hoping for another just as great!

*Howdy everyone!

*Happy human murder day!

*Have fun stuffing your face with turkey and fighting angry moms at Wallmart.

4 mins left til thanksgiving is over, this is a bullshit holiday founded on genocide and turned into a shitty commercialized excuse to shove a bunch of garbage food in your mouth but

i will at least take a moment to thank all of you, who make me feel like my weird internet posts are worth making. all the friends i’ve met here over the years & just in the past few months, you truly mean a lot to me. i know it’s cool to be jaded and think the internet isn’t real or is somehow lesser in terms of friendships and etc, but you guys really are important to me & some of my best and closest friends are people i only know because of tumblr. 

i’m going through a lot of real life bullshit right now and its nice to have a little community of positive vibes and good memes to crash into when i need some respite from the shitty outside world.

i love you guys so much. thank you for being a part of my life.

Drarry Thanksgiving

So, I’m sitting here with my in-laws drinking and playing board games on this Thanksgiving night and I keep thinking of Drarry celebrating Thanksgiving. I feel it would go something like this…

·         Draco learned about the American holiday of Thanksgiving when he took muggle studies in 8th year

·         He always wanted to celebrate it because he felt particularly thankful that he made it out of the war alive and he likes the concept of a day dedicated to being thankful

·         He doesn’t find someone he is comfortable enough sharing this idea with until he and Harry start dating two years after leaving Hogwarts

·         Harry is completely on board with celebrating this holiday – he likes the idea of dedicating a day to how thankful he is to have Draco

·         Neither of them know really what you are supposed to do, so Harry shows Draco how to use the muggle computer and they google it

·         Draco insists on inviting all their friends and sends out lavish invitations to their dinner

·         Harry is the primary cook, but he is concerned about perfecting all the American dishes that Thanksgiving entails – so he enlists Hermione’s help

·         She of course makes a whole binder complete with recipes, a cooking schedule, and reference pictures

·         Draco and Ron hang out in the kitchen drinking while Harry and Hermione cook

·         Draco gets tipsy pretty quick on the wine and can’t help blushing and giggling as Harry works so hard to cook the perfect dinner – he also can’t help waltzing over to him occasionally to give and get kisses

·         Draco immensely enjoys greeting their friends as they arrive

·         Everyone is excited to be celebrating something new

·         Once the table is set and everyone is seated (at the places Draco indicates) Draco insists they all share the one thing they are thankful for

·         Of course Draco says Harry

·         And Harry says Draco


took 10 years but i was tagged by @sexymochifluffbunny @the-dark-is-my-home @cutekookie and @berry-happy-tokki to do the bias selfie tag!! THANKS FRIENDS!! ALL OF Y’ALL ARE ADORABLE AS 💕🌺💫💝

i’m tagging @c-cygnus @clairelions @thejiminsmolder @jwiminnie @shookt2kookmin and @wortmalerei !! as usual it’s only if you want to do it, don’t feel pressured!! 💞🌼💫💞💐💕

I know it’s a bit late…

But I am so thankful to all the Hiddlestoners. Thank you for following me, and thank you for being such awesome blogs to follow. Thank you for sharing the same love I have for Tom. Thank you for making these past few years the best. I’ve met amazing people on here and I feel like you guys are my family even if we never talk. I love reading comments and seeing things people post. We are one big family regardless of any drama. Thank you guys for being YOU and for being the glue to keep me in this fandom. This is my happy place. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

My ‘First’ Korean SAT

Hi, my TUMBLR friends!

Long time no see.

On November 23rd, 16:32:00

Korean SAT, '2018 수능’ was over.

I did terribly on the test though I studied more than 14 hours a day for 10 months.

But I’m really happy because I can take a rest all day long in a lighthearted mode - reading some books, playing games, taking a nap, and so on.

I think I’ll have to study one more year to enter the Uni that I want but I’m not frustrated, sad or disappointed.

Rather, I am proud of myself - I learned & experienced a lot during my long study session.

Thank you so much for supporting me on TUMBLR!

i was gonna do a long post but im tired & sad today so this will be short. on the occasion of american thanksgiving i would like to give thanks to the following people for making this hellsite tolerable & u know. occasionally fun. some of you i’ve known for years, and others only recently, but you all mean a lot to me and i am always wishing the best for you. thank you so much for making & posting good content and good opinions tbh you’re all incredible and i love you and i’d be lost without you. if ur ever in toronto hmu and i’ll buy u a coffee. ok alright ill shut up now,, this one goes out to…..

@seahenge @opossumghost @neonbars @perfectlyrose @ohjustgalpals @lesbihane @lornalovesnicky @nonbinaryjuno @theforestlesbian @weytani @kyrumption @jenny-calendar @dowhatyoulike @catty-words @buffysummere @bisummers @anyasbunny @butchantigone @kathubs @softdeckerstar @buffyfaiths @sonicenvy @sequencefairy @bisexualcordelia @bisexual-kaneki @sunnydaleslut @princesses-and-bitchcraft

Not/ ok/ to/ reblog

Hey y’all,

So Thanksgiving hasn’t been a good holiday for me in many years, thus my state of mind (and inebriation) last night. It’s a stressful family time, plus of course an American holiday born in a very bad history.

However, I would like to say that I’m very thankful for each and every one of you. Life can be rough and overwhelming, sometimes to the point of being too too too much, but the friends I’ve made here and the people who talk to me, or who simply share their love for DA… thank you. I certainly don’t say it enough, so thank you.

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Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year!?

I am thankful for my aunt and uncle for letting me stay in DC for FREE so that I can take an internship at the largest civil rights organization advocating for full LGBT equality.

I am thankful for my precious family, as I spend my thanksgiving not with anyone in my immediate family, but with my extended family on my mother’s side who have gone above and beyond to accommodate me, feed me, and share tender moments all of which were extra special due to the infrequency by which I get to see them due to our geographic separation from us in Florida and all of them in Ohio.

I am thankful for my health and my legs looking real nice from all this running and walking - no gym to work out my upper body so at least I’m doing a solid for my lower half.

I am thankful for finding happiness after forgetting what it was like to be truly happy after so long. Seeing how happy I am now compared to 4 years ago and attributing that to growth. I choose to be happy, I have it good.



Oh my god it totally is.


Thats right, one year ago today I made my first Tumblr post. Now, I can say that I have improved, so no judging, but this is it: my first ever Tumblr post


But for real guys and gals thank you for following me and for being a part of this amazing year.

God bless✌

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i followed you back before you even announced you were dating Abbie and I loved all the content that u put out but I stopped checking on your page for a few years because I "grew up" idk but I came back today to u being engaged and holy heck my guy I forgot how funny and creative and great your page was. I wish I had a friend like you. keep doin what ur doin please don't ever get too down on yourself :) thanks for the impact you've never realized you had on me -


(( It’s still Thanksgiving Day here where I live, and I wanted to pop on and say:

Thank you.

If you’re reading this, I am grateful for you, and your presence in my life. This little corner of Tumblr craziness is my happy place. I could not begin to list the number of wonderful friends I’ve made here. You make my life better every single day.

It’s easy to remember to say it on a day that celebrates gratitude, but it is true all year ‘round. Thank you, today and every day. ))

friends i’m thankful that have met!

Soooo since its thanksgiving and all i wanted to make a short list of some fiends im glad and thankful ive meet!

@littlepuffy4ever @tuni-blogs @kira-vera @mana-chan @pixtonpixels @patchwork-aoi @vivilartista @madcap52 @violet-kats

I’m so glad and thankful to have been able to met all of you! You all are such awesome friends and Im so happy to be your friend!! I hope you all have a great year!!

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So one of my characters plans to poison her enemy with tea, then abandons the teabag and forgets about it. Multiple years later she makes him tea, now mostly buddies tho he still doesn't completely trust her, and he dies. Except now she really regrets it and when he comes back to life, he thinks she did it on purpose. Awkward... Lmao love your blog~

hhhwwwhhatt??? Did the poison teabag just stay in the box or whatever for all those years? That’s great lolol

hm.. I guess kinda related is the Queen of Dreyland poisoning all her siblings so she would be next in line for the throne ! Also thanks! Glad you like my blog and put up with… me I guess I’m kinda a mess most the time lol

Tell me a fact about your oc and I will respond with a semi-related fact about mine

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that sherlock comic thing u made with the egg is honest to god the funniest thing i've ever seen thank u

ASFKGJH that post is 500 years old but thanks