thank you all for providing us with quality tv


It’s been a bit more than 4 years since this blog was created, and we never thought we’d reach so many people on this platform! Thank you for your support and interest in skating, and here’s to a memorable Olympic season for all.

As we head into the Grand Prix season, a few reminders:

1) Please read our blog or Google for answers yourself before sending in a question. A lot of useful information is linked in the header and sidebar of our blog, including the About page, FAQ page, Event Calendar, and Intro to Skating Guides, among many other resources. We put a lot of time and effort into writing posts and organizing this blog, so we would really appreciate it if you read it! However, sometimes we may not be the best source for the answers you want. Before sending in an ask, two good questions to ask yourself are, “Do I really need a live human to answer this?” and “Is a fan blog the best place to ask, or should I contact official sources directly?” Sometimes a Google search or phone call is much more efficient than sending a question to us. As competitions kick into high gear, we will be deleting simple questions in order to focus on questions that require our time and attention.

2) Streaming info posts go up every Sunday or Monday and will cover all major competitions of the week. Please do not ask us for streams (unless it’s about a small competition that we haven’t covered), just read the info posts when they go up. The Grand Prix Series and other major competitions for the rest of the season will be aired on many TV channels, many of which are also streamed online. We will provide as many streams as we can. Please try all the possibilities to see which ones work best for you. We are not responsible for the quality of the streams. We do not run them, we only provide the links. Please do not complain to us about a stream that is not working; we probably can’t help you with it. We will also be deleting simple questions about streams in order to focus on more complex questions.

Again, thanks for your interest in skating and in SYWTWFS!