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This is long and I don’t even know why! :P It has a lot of Bughead’s friends, a lot of Reggie (cause I love the guy), Archie’s birthday party for Jughead, many smutty mentions and it turns a tad steamy at the end! Thank you so much to the both of you for your lovely words, darlings!! I hope all of you enjoy! <3

“Alright, I know that with Jason’s current RIP situation my question could be considered blasphemous, but I’m so dying to ask, no pun intended. How fiery was the Blossom ginger in bed after all, P?” Veronica smirked foxily, her attention solemnly focused on perfecting the burgundy nail polish on her toes.

“I’m still in the room you know.” Cheryl’s voice came cold and annoyed from behind her, the redhead beauty dropping dramatically the Vogue magazine she was reading on her bare legs that seemed to go for miles on the beige sofa she was occupying. The brunette just shot her a look over her shoulder.

“Well, nobody invited you in this room to begin with.” Sarcasm and New York attitude mixed in a perfect combination, Veronica knew how to push the bottoms of her frenemy like a pro.

Cheryl just scoffed, her attention going back to an article about belts and pricey pashminas, Veronica mouthed a ‘thank you’ in mockery and Betty let a soundless chuckle. The night was indeed going to be fun.

It was a night filled with giggles and girly banter inside the Lodges’ luxurious apartment at the Pembrooke. After seeing Polly’s utter happiness at the baby shower, the older girl just longing to have her sister and friends close after spending years in the solitude of that god-forsaken place her mother had forced her into, the gatherings of the three girls, along with party-crasher Cheryl, were frequent and very much enjoyed by all to say the truth. Alice Cooper was starting to get a tad more lenient too, seeing as Betty was standing her ground and dreading the possibility of losing both her daughters, so tonight Betty Cooper had an allowance slip to spend the night at Veronica’s for a much needed and ridiculously girly slumber party.

The apartment’s spacious living room was transformed so only the beige sofa was in its original place but with comfy mattresses laid in front of it and covered with a sea of colorful puffy pillows and warm knitted blankets and duvets, creating a cozy huge bed for all the girls to rest on. The Lodge women had gone all out with the food too; colorful cupcakes and any flavor milkshakes, chocolate donuts, all kinds of sweets and candies, salty treats, pop-corns, nachos, you name it. There was even a large plate of chocolate brownies exclusively for Polly, since they were her favorite and she was always craving them now that she was expecting. Betty felt eternally grateful for what Veronica and her mom were doing for her sister. Of course they had helped themselves to everything while watching a couple of classic rom-coms, the light entertainment making them forget the crazy world they were living in and actually have a laugh, and now that Hermione had retired to her own room for the night, the girls found the opportunity to move on to the most cliché part of the night; beauty and boys talk.

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Yes Sir Series Part Three: Yes Ma’am

Title: Yes Sir Series Part Three: Yes Ma’am

Paring: Dean x Reader

Read part one here: xxx and part two here: xxx

Word Count: 1,902

Warnings: SMUT!!! SO MUCH SMUTT!!

A/N: Thank you all so SO much for sticking with this! I absolutely LOVED writing it. Enjoy!!! Guess I need a new smutty focus huh???!!!!


I leave for school in a week. Tell me what night works. This will be the only control you have for the night.


Dean’s POV

Letting out a slow breath you responded to Y/N’s text. Tonight, 8pm.

You hadn’t been able to get the memory of her asking to dominate you out of your mind. Thinking back to the way her body feels against yours, how it responds to your touch, your hand dropped to palm yourself through your pants. No. Not right now. Save it for tonight. Pulling yourself back up to your desk you tried to clear your head and focus. After twenty minutes of staring at your computer screen you decided to call it quits and head home early.

The kids had been picked up by their grandparents giving you some time to straighten up the house a bit. As you came into the front room something moving past the window caught your eye. Taking a few steps closer you saw Y/N in a tan trench coat walking up the front path.

You quickly stepped back from the window hoping she hadn’t seen you. God she looked gorgeous. Your breath caught in your throat when you heard the doorbell ring. Heart racing you went to the door and slowly opened it.

Y/N stood on your stoop, the glow of your porch light highlighting the curves of her face perfectly.

Without a word she stepped past you, starting up the stairs, she looked over her shoulders. “Follow.”

“Yes ma’am”

Readers POV

Turning to continue up the stairs you smiled as you heard the door slam and the sound of Dean running up behind you. Hearing him pass through the doorway to the master bedroom behind you strode over to the foot of the bed and turned.


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{Reaction} When you release a sexy MV and EXO watch it.

Can you please do Exo Reactions to their girlfriend being in a Korean girl group and dropping a new MV which is all sexy and hot? Thanks~

Note: I hope you enjoy~ ♥

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by littlebyuns

Chanyeol’s eyes widened, hardly believing what he was being exposed to on screen. He then looked down at his trousers, where he was starting to have a problem in his pants.

{y/n}: “What’s wrong, do you not like it?”

Chanyeol: “How do I say, ‘can I leave lipstick marks on your thighs’ with just a look?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Kyungsoo bit his lip as he watched you dancing on the screen, it was making him feel things. 

Kyungsoo: “I think we should take this to the bedroom.” 

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Baekhyun watched the video for about three seconds before his eyes were already turning to look at you. 

{y/n}: “What?” 

Baekhyun: “You. Me. Clothes Off. Now.” 

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by peperodays

Sehun watched the video while you were still out, and when he had finished, he felt more than a little flustered, hardly believing that that was you in the video, wearing next to nothing and dancing so sexily. 

{y/n}: “I’m home!”

Sehun: “Get your ass in here right now and explain this chaos to me!” 

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by dorkyixing

Yixing watched the MV, but didn’t let it finish before he was up on his feet to find you in the kitchen. 

{y/n}: “Oh hey jagi, I was just about to call you, I was wondering if you wanted noodles or… no- oh okay, you want something else…”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by desiresehun

Jongdae watched the video, feeling slightly intimidated as he scrolled down to see that most of the comments were from other men complimenting your body. But of course, he has nothing to worry about him, because you love him only.

Jongdae: “Waaee~ so many men commenting.” 

{y/n}: “It’s a good job I only love you then, isn’t it.”

Jongdae: *Smiles* “What did I do to deserve you?”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Minseok watched the video, but didn’t say many words afterwards. But that doesn’t mean his lips weren’t being worked. Let’s just say you were in for a good few hours after that performance.

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by bingutopdaeri

Tao smirked, looking over at you with those eyes that told you that you were going to be spending the next few hours underneath him. 

Tao: “Come here baobei”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

Suho smirked as he watched the video, once it had finished, he turned to look at you, sudaddy mode activated. 

Suho: “Well done Jagi, I loved your MV. Daddy is very proud. You better come over here for your reward.” 

Lu Han

Originally posted by baekthoven

Luhan watched the video, unable to believe that he was seeing you in that way. Not that he was complaining, pf course. He stood up, walking into the living room before straddling your lap while you were sat on the sofa.

Luhan: “So Baobei, I liked your new MV.” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kaibility

Kai turned to look at you, half pride of your work in his eye, the other half lust. He smirked at you as he leaned in 

Kai: “Why don’t you try those dance moves on me?” 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by xihun

Kris watched the video. once it had finished, he trued to give you a judging stare, pretending that he wasn’t affected by your sexy concept, even thought the tent in his pants told you otherwise.

Kris: “I mean, it’s average.”

{y/n}: “Only average? sounds like something else I know.” *Motions to his crotch*

Chapter 1: Page 1

Hi! I’m Brinson. Welcome to Califata!

I’ve been looking forward to today for months and months. Or, really — years. This story has been rattling around my head for a long time, but it’s taken awhile for me to figure out exactly how I wanted to tell it. Some of this story is deeply personal, some of it is about existential fear … and some of it is about dragon blood and necromancy and big, floofy dresses. I hope you’ll enjoy all of it.

To get things rolling, today is a three page update. Tomorrow I’ll be posting page four, and one page per day through Monday. After that, Califata will move to a six pages monthly schedule — one page one week, followed by two pages the next week. I’ll try to keep the schedule on the right sidebar updated as I finish pages.

Thanks for checking this comic out! I hope you’ll drop by again!



First of all, I’d like to thank all the nice comments I received about my video! I’m happy a lot of people liked it or had a good laugh at the memes I dropped in. 

1. anon: Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it And I’m extremely flattered you watched it so many times. Makes it all worth it ;v; <3

2. @shadowtrmn8r : omg Pharmercy musical. Thank you so much! Yes welcome aboard the Somb.Va ship B)

3. @actualasamisato : I’m glad she’s both or this animation would’ve been awkward. Also thank you for supporting me on Patreon! I appreciate it <3

4. anon2: Thank you, anon! And Happy New Year to you too :)

grinkoislostatwords  asked:

Can you do a post about what each RFA member's MBTI personality type is?

A/N: *404’s psychology senses tingling, slides into room in socks* Finally, a use for all those psychology courses i’ve taken *drops 6 different textbooks onto the table* i’ve got you my friend ~Admin 404


-Adaptable, friendly, talkative, very enthusiastic

-Enjoys life and being around people! Likes to work with others and experiencing new things

-Has trouble meeting deadlines and finishing what he starts

-Easily distracted

-Tolerant and spontaneous (i mean have y’all seen how many clubs he was in), as well as playful and resourceful

-Under stress, he’s withdrawn, distracted, and paranoid (he can get very anxious)


-Sociable and outgoing

-Understanding about what others need and expresses appreciation for their contributions

-Overly influenced by what they think others want when making a decision

-Warm and appreciative!

-Organized, realistic, and loyal

-Under stress, he can get rigid or pessimistic

-Extremely prone to self-doubt and insensitivity when stressed as well


-Patient individual who applies common sense and experience to help solve other people’s problems

-Responsible, loyal, traditional

-OVERLY CAUTIOUS (like seriously but es okay)

-Lacks assertiveness (for the most part she does, until she gets that confidence boost from others around her)

-Organized, practical, dependable!

-Under stress, she’d tend to think the worst, shut down, and become pessimistic


-Dependable and very systematic

-Traditional, task-oriented and decisive

-Can become set in his ways and is often seen as rigid and impersonal

-Thorough, conscientious, and realistic

-Usually can become stressed from challenges to his natural preference for structure and logic

-Under stress, he’ll withdraw and shut down, become pessimistic, or in extreme cases become slightly accusatory


-Individualistic, private, and mysterious

-Does his thinking in a vacuum, which can create an unrealistic vision that’s unrealistic and hard to communicate

-Enjoys finding a shared vision for everyone, inspiring others, and thinking of new ways to achieve the vision he’s made

-Compassionate, idealistic, imaginative and visionary.

-Can be sensitive and reserved

-Under stress, he can physically feel his stress and get intensely angry

-He can get obsessive on certain details and will overindulge in things


-Enjoys learning and perfecting a craft through patient application of his skills

-Remains calm when managing a crisis, quickly decides what (he thinks is best) to do to solve problems

-Focuses on what needs to be done immediately and fails to see the big picture of things

-Doesn’t always follow through on projects that requires to work closely with a group of people

-Analytical, practical, realistic, logical, and adaptable

-Under stress, he feels alienated and upset, prone to whingeing and hypersensitivity


- Able to define a compelling, long-range vision as well as innovative solutions to complex problems

-Comes across cold and distant

-Neglects to recognize/appreciate the contributions of others

-Strategic, conceptual, innovative, independent, logical

-He can be pretty demanding but every now and then can be a little reflective

-Under stress, he can physically feel the stress and get intensely angry. Will obtain an obsessive focus on certain details and overindulge in things


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Nudity, implied smut, angst, a little fluff

Word Count: 798

A/N: This is obviously my first posted fic. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!! I wrote this for @avasmommy224 Christmas Challenge and a huge thanks to her for being such a huge support and betaing this as well. Hope y’all enjoy!! ♥♥

“Wow! That was…” Dean dropped his head to your naked chest, panting heavily.
“Yeah. It was.” You looked up at the ceiling, trying to gather your thoughts and catching your own breath.

The flames were blazing in your fireplace, casting a soft flickering glow over both of your bodies. It was mid December and the power had gone out due to the heavy blizzard. Dean had been in town with his brother working a case; you knew the minute he called that you were in trouble. Since the first time he came through your small town, you and Dean had a touchy relationship. He wanted nothing but to swing into town, get the job done, find you, and satisfy his post-hunt needs. You knew there would never be anything more between the two of you. You tried to tell yourself to let him go and you shouldn’t waste your emotions. He would never be able to reciprocate the feelings. He would never be what you wanted him to be, but here you were again. His breath caressing the sweaty skin on the swell of your breast.

“Dean, will you please get dressed, I have something I need to say and I can’t do it if you’re naked.”
He nodded his head, knowing it wasn’t going to be good. It never was. You had tried to have conversations similar to this in the past but they always ended with the same answer. He couldn’t bring you into his life. His work was too dangerous, you would get hurt, or killed. You knew what his work was, you were no stranger to demons, ghosts, vampires, or even angels for that matter. You knew it was dangerous but he was something you were willing to sacrifice for.

Not bothering with your panties or bra, you pulled your shorts and shirt back on. Dean was shrugging back into his faded button up, taking a deep breath you decided it was now or never.

“Look Dean, you know how I feel about you. I know you can’t – won’t give me more. I’m not asking you to this time. I need this to be the last time you contact me. After you’re gone, I’m changing my number, don’t show up at my door, I won’t answer.”

Dean’s eyes slowly made their way from your face to the floor as he processed everything you had just said. Nodding his head slightly in understanding he fidgeted with his hands and sighed before closing his eyes and rubbing his hand up and down his face in frustration.

“(Y/N) I never meant to hurt you. I never meant for things to go this far. I have never had feelings for anyone else like I have for you… I mean that, I really do. I wouldn’t come back to you if I didn’t. To be truthful, other than Sammy, you are the only thing in my life that has real meaning. I come to you for peace with myself. I understand if you need to do this but I want you to know, for a while now, you have been the only woman I have been with. I want this, I want you with me all the time but I have to know you are safe. I have to know that nothing will happen to you in my care, and right now, that’s just not going to happen.”

You sat in stunned silence for what seemed like hours. You had never expected this reaction. Dean was confessing his feelings for you after you all but shoved him out the door. Tears started flooding your eyes as you stared into his.

“Sweetheart, please say something.” Dean pleaded, afraid of your response.

“So what are you saying, Dean? Do you want me to go with you?”

“I can’t take you with me right now. Lucifer is free and anyone close to me is in danger. I have kept you a secret, even from Sam, and I just can’t risk Lucifer finding out about you. His demons are everywhere and I just need to know you are safe. I love you, (Y/N) I need you to know that. Don’t give up on me, not yet.” Dean’s green eyes bore into yours, he was staring straight into your soul.

“Please, just come back for me. I need you, Dean. My number will stay the same, but promise me this. Next time you show up at my door, when you leave, I will be going with you. I love you too, Dean.” You felt your tears hitting your bare thighs, you knew you shouldn’t be saying this. He shouldn’t get that chance, but you loved him and you knew no matter how hard you tried, Dean Winchester would always have your heart.

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@thecraftycracker I guess this is your fault:

“Ok, so it’s an extra large triple Ethiopian Yirgacheffe hazelnut latte with whipped cream, gingerbread sprinkles, cinnamon, and a single drop of sriracha for Wade,” said the handsome barista, sliding the elaborate drink across the bar, “and a flat white for Steve. Enjoy, fellas.”

“Thanks,” said Steve, doing his best to conceal the blush he felt rising in his cheeks when the barista - whose name, he was reliably informed, was Bucky - flashed him a little smile before going back to work. “I don’t know how you can drink that stuff, man. What’s the point of getting the expensive single-origin stuff if you’re just gonna bury it under all that crap?”

“The Yirgacheffe’s got lemony top notes,” interjected Bucky, as he wiped the steamer wand down with a bar towel. “With the hazelnut and cinnamon, it tastes kinda like Christmas cookies. Not saying it’s what I’d ever drink, but… I get it.”

“Thank you,” said Wade, glaring pointedly at Steve. “See, not so ridiculous after all, Mr. Unsweetened Flat White.”

“The sriracha’s just weird, though,” added Bucky.

“Thank you,” said Steve, glaring pointedly at Wade.

“Guess your palette’s just not as refined as mine,“ said Wade, as they settled in at their usual table.

Wednesday mornings were Wade and Steve’s Old Soldiers’ Weekly Caffeinated Bitchfest (as named by Wade), when they met at an agreeable café in the city centre to shoot the shit, reminisce about the good times (though their respective definitions of "good times” we’re not always in agreement), and generally avoid actually talking about any of the struggles that came with being not only combat vets, but the former guinea pigs of a top-secret military science fair project that, it turned out, fared better for some than for others.

“Okay, yeah, that’s good,” said Steve, as he relished his first sip, dark and smooth.

“So, Rogers,” whispered Wade, leaning as far forward across the table as the cramped space would allow, “when are you going to get your shit together and ask that soft barista bear out on a date?”

Steve blushed. He blushed harder than he thought it humanly possible to blush. He blushed with the sort of humiliating intensity that it was probably visible from the space station. Bucky, oblivious to their exchange, was fixing his hair into a small bun just above the nape of his neck, before beginning to refill the muffin display.

“Waaaaaaaaade,” he protested, “I can’t.”

“Why not?” countered Wade. “Guy literally drew a heart around your name on the coffee cup. He’s hot for you, Steve. Bucky Barista probably lies awake at night longing for your beautiful dick.”

Steve had been too busy noticing Bucky to notice the inscription on his cup; indeed, there was his name, encased in a soft heart.

“Oh my god, could you at least please keep your voice down?” said Steve. “Look, I do like him, okay? But you can’t just ask out somebody you have to see all the time. What if he says no? We’d have to find a new coffee shop, and I don’t know anywhere else in the neighbourhood that’s gonna be as accommodating to your… flavour needs.”

“He’s not gonna say no,” argued Wade. “We’ve been coming in here for, what, six months? He’s had your name and your order memorised for five of them. If I were him, I’d have notebooks filled with nothing but our names written together, and so many thematic playlists for every kind of sex I’d have imagined us having while masturbating.”

Steve buried his head in his hands. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that,” he said. He was grateful that Bucky was out of earshot then, speaking in hushed tones to a well-dressed blonde woman. Steve casually looked away when he sensed they were about to look in his direction.

“Fine, fine,” conceded Wade, “but just trust me that this guy wants to do all kinds of wonderful gross stuff with you, like visit Ikea to buy lamps for the attractive little loft you’re inevitably going to rent together.”

“Even if that was true, it’s kind of hard to find anybody with, you know, shared life experience,” argued Steve.

“Have you seen the guy’s arm?” asked Wade. Steve had, of course, noticed Bucky’s arm, though it was not polite to stare. Bucky kept his shirt sleeves rolled to the elbows most days they saw him, and the shining metal fingers moved with such perfect dexterity that it was easy to forget that it could not have been anything other than an extension of his own body. “There’s no way that’s a standard issue prosthetic. He might get it more than most. If you don’t make a move, I’m gonna have to go full wingman on you.”

Calm thoughts, Bucky told himself. He was used to carrying himself with an air of ease and confidence, as befits anybody working in a public-facing vocation, but then there was Steve. Steve had been coming in every Wednesday for a flat white and to talk with his friend Wade - who swore loudly, which was oddly endearing - for almost as long as Bucky had been manning this particular bar,

Was drawing a heart around Steve’s name too forward of a gesture? Or was it too subtle? It was entirely possible - probably, even - that what seemed like flirting was actually Steve’s easy, affable nature, and Bucky’s attempt to suggest that they take their relationship beyond the reach of the espresso machine was a critical misstep. Mercifully, there was no time to dwell, as another of his regulars appeared just as he was refilling the muffin display.

“Detective Carter,” he greeted her, with a playfully curt nod.

“Sergeant Barnes,” she replied.

He shook his head. “No Sarge, just Bucky,” he corrected her. “The usual?”

“Uh-uh,” she said, slumping forward onto the bar. “Bear claw, two lattes.”

“Two?” he repeated. “Long day?”

“You remember that case I was working a few weeks ago,” she said, “the one I obviously couldn’t tell you about except there was a whole thing and I had to work with someone from federal?”

“The little red-haired girl?” asked Bucky.

“Well, we closed the case a few days ago, and… we’re meeting for coffee in the park,” she told him.

“That’s great, Share,” smiled Bucky, feeling the milk grow warm and voluminous with steam. “Tell me where you’re registered and I promise I’ll buy you the second-least expensive thing on your wedding list.”

“Come on,” she blushed. “It’s not like it’s going anywhere anyway. She’s FBI, I’m NYPD. I’m not sure that’s wise.”

“Oh please, as if you’d let something as minor as that get in the way of your job,” he argued, weaving the softly foamed milk into an intricate flower atop Sharon’s drinks.

Sharon let out a soft laugh. “Isn’t that more or less what I told you last week about flat white guy? You know, the one you keep making shy faces at whose shirts are all just that much too tight?” she asked.

“Okay, yeah,” he agreed. “I… I drew a heart on his coffee cup.”

“That’s great,” nodded Sharon, resting a hand on his forearm. “At this rate, you might see a movie together in only another five years or so. Talk to him. He’s literally looking at you right now.”

Bucky looked across the bar out of reflex, but Steve’s head was turned towards the window.

“You were saying?” he sighed.

“Please don’t make me talk to him for you,” she said, but inspiration had already struck him.

“It’s okay,” he said, bracing himself. “I can do this.”

Wade had had it up to here with these two assholes mooning over each other in silence. It was gross, and Wade was not usually one to be fazed by gross things. That was just how gross it was. If someone did not do something, this could well stretch on until the end of time itself, he thought, and he suspected that Steve was probably even more fun when he was in less of a state of constant sexual frustration. And if Wade was any sort of judge of character (and his judgment was, of course, impeccable), Bucky the barista most definitely knew his way around a wiener. And any and all other relevant erogenous zones. It was not something Steve readily discussed, but Wade suspected that someone as seemingly normal as Steve had to have at least one weird sex thing. Maybe his hair was inexplicably ticklish. Maybe he liked the feeling of freshly shaven legs against silk bedsheets. This was getting oddly specific, thought Wade, but then again, Steve was by no means forthcoming with this kind of stuff.

Either the lesbian with the great hair at the bar had inexplicably ordered them a snack, or Bucky was bringing them an extra for being such fabulous regulars, thought Wade, as Bucky set a small plate of biscuits down at their table. Or maybe it was that actually, Steve, Wade was right all along and Bucky is super in love with you, dumbass.

“Christmas cookies,” said Bucky. “With ground hazelnuts, lemon zest, and a liberal sprinkle of cinnamon.”

Steve took a bite, and let out a little sigh of appreciation.

“Wow,” he said. He was making what Wade suspected was dangerously close to his come-face.

Wade was more than happy to try one, which was almost as good as his coffee.

“Good shit, my man,” said Wade. “So when does your shift end today?”

“Wade, please,” cautioned Steve, which Wade happily ignored.

“Uhh, six-thirty,” said Bucky.

“That’s great, because I’d like to invite you and my friend Steve here to my favourite Ukrainian restaurant,” replied Wade, “except I’m going to get a wicked case of stomach flu sometime between now and then, and you two are gonna have to go without me. Please order the cheese blintzes, and don’t let the waiter’s toupee put you off.”

“I do like blintzes,” Bucky grinned, running a hand over his hair. “Sorry to hear about your stomach flu, pal.”

Steve blushed. “I hope you feel better soon, Wade,” said Steve, turning to Bucky. “It’s okay, you don’t have to - ”

“No, I’d… I’d genuinely love to get blintzes with you,” said Bucky. “Six-thirty?”

“Six-thirty,” Steve agreed. “I’d like that.”

Fucking finally, thought Wade.

A Little Thank You Message

Just wanted to drop in before I head to bed to say a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who has followed, liked, commented and/or messaged CBF since its inception. I’ve run quite a few fashion blogs over the years but I have to say the Caitriona fandom is the most vocal I’ve ever come across when it comes to opinions, ideas and just general niceness. It’s been a pleasure and I hope you all continue to enjoy the blog as much as you seem to be thus far. 

Thank you, Rebecca. 


Requested by @amapola-flowers23  : Derek and y/n being best friends (she is a banshee). She goes to the loft so that they could spend the day watching Christmas movies. Then after a while they begin decorating the loft. At some point one of them falls and drags the other one (falling on top of the other person). You can take it from there and thank you!!!

Pairing: Derek Hale X Reader

Word Count: 479

“How’s my favorite werewolf?” You drop the box you’re carrying to jump into Derek’s arms.

“Good. And my little banshee?” He gladly hugs you back, a huge smile on his face.

You and Derek are very good friends. Best friends, to be specific. But you fell in love with him. It’s a mistake, you think, because the last thing you want is to ruin your friendship. Then you keep it as a secret, enjoying all the time you have with him.

“I brought Christmas movies and everything we need to make this place beautiful.”

“I like my loft just like this.” He kisses your cheek, picking up the box and leaving it on the edge of his bed.

“I know. You’ll like it even more when I’m done.”

You take the fairy lights and give him a red tinsel. Then you both start decorating the small Christmas tree you brought him. When you’re done, you put the fairy lights all over the place, as he does the same with little sculptures of snowsmans, sleights and reindeers. You pin a Christmas wreath on the door of his loft, happy to make his place more comfortable for the holidays.

“Tell me you’re done, (Y/N).”

“No.” You find some fairy lights left on the box, and you hurry to pick them. “Here, help me.”

You both walk around the loft, looking for a place for the fairy lights. When you find a good spot, you turn around to call Derek, when you trip on the fairy lights and try to reach him before hitting the ground. It’s useless, but somehow, you make him fall as well. His body crushes on yours when you’re already trying to get up. Now, Derek’s weight is pinning you to cold ground, but everything you feel is this warm sensation building up in your stomach.

“Sorry.” You whisper, smiling shyly. Derek doesn’t move, staring at you instead, his lips almost touching yours.

“I was thinking, (Y/N), maybe you could spend a night here.”

Your heartbeat increases, and you can’t stay calm when he talks like that. He never did anything like that before, having you so close for so long. Smiling shily, you clean your throat.

“For Christmas?” You ask, your fingers touching his soft lips.

“Or today, if you want.” You gasp when you feel his lips on your neck, leaving open mouthed kisses down your collar bone.

“Fuck, yes. I’ll stay.” As soon as you speak, Derek stands up, picking you up bridal style and laying you down on his bed. “Can we please do this until Christmas?”

“Until you get tired of me.”

“This will never happen.” You smile again, taking his shirt off. You’ve never felt so happy in your whole life. “I love you, Derek.”

“I know, and I love you too. That’s why I want you to stay here.”

“I’ll stay.”

RJD Prompt Fanfiction

Title: Unsatisfied?

Written by: @lyraverse

Prompt:  I would like to request a one-shot written by LyraVerse. Where Michonne fakes and orgasm during sex, and Rick gets angry at her. So he proceeds to make sure she never fakes one again. Thank you! ☺

Words: 4,045

Rating: M (Practically Porn)

Summary: Exactly what the prompt says.

A/N:  I’m almost done with the ADW update.  :D


Rick loved to please Michonne.  It was one of the few pleasantries of his apocalyptic life.

A few ways he elected to please her was by dropping by to bring her a snack whenever she was on guard duty.  Or by massaging her feet when she had a long day.  Or by helping her to apply lotions all over her skin – okay…maybe his willingness to help her apply lotion was more for his benefit than hers but…she seemed to enjoy his helpfulness.

And one of his favorite ways to please Michonne…was, of course, in bed.

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Word Count: 1085
Author’s Note: This is the request from Anon:  Bones coming home to find his partner crying and comforts them the best way he knows how….There may be spooning and lots of kissing and maybe a little more? 😊 Love your tumblr! Thanks! Thank Anon!! I hope you enjoy this!

You were exhausted. Absolutely at your wit’s end. Tired, stressed, and anxious. And on top of it all, you had a crashing headache. Probably as a result of not drinking enough water during your shift, but it was hard to take all the tools you needed into a Jeffries tube, let alone remember your water bottle. So when the replicator malfunctioned, leaving you with some sort of grey, lumpy goo on your plate, you dropped to your chair, put your head on the table and cried. You weren’t sure how long you wept, but it wasn’t helping your headache, and you knew you needed to get yourself together or risk making the headache worse.

You stumbled to the bathroom, stripping out of your uniform, determined to use your entire week’s water ration on a hot shower. The steam loosened the pressure in your head, and you stood under the hot spray long after you were clean. The red warning light blinked, warning you the water was going to shut off, and you let it, stepping out into a cloud of steam and wrapping yourself in a towel.

Once you were dry, you slipped into an old pair of fuzzy reindeer pajamas that you’d owned for years. They had been a Christmas gift the first year you were at the Academy, and while they’d seen better days, they were warm, and comfortable, and comforting. You attempted the replicator again, but again, nothing but grey goo poured forth. The betrayal of the machine was like a knife being twisted in your side. You just wanted a cup of tea. You pulled the quilt off your bed and curled up on the couch with your PADD, hoping to take your mind off things by checking your messages.

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 26

“It’s time to go, baby girl, do you have everything you need?” Jared asked as he held my jacket open for me to slip my arms into.

“I do, thank you.”

My first few steps were so uncomfortable I literally had my jaw clenched so tight I thought I was going to break teeth but as I continued to walk around, it did get better. I mean, it was definitely on my mind but it wasn’t all consuming.

Stepping out of the room, I waited for Jared to shut the door before I took his hand. He smiled, glancing over to me as we walked.

“You look incredibly beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you.” I said shyly, “And, thank you again for my presents.” I said as we waited for the elevator.

Jared dropped my hand so he could slip his open palm across my lower back then down to my ass to feel the gift he enjoyed giving the most, “I’m happy you liked them.”

I had a feeling his hand would be on my ass a lot tonight.

Jared wore a black button down shirt and black jeans that did nothing to hide the hard on he was sportin’. Watching him try to adjust himself in the reflection of the elevator doors, I couldn’t help but snicker. He caught it in my reflection that I could hide and smirked, just as the elevator dinged for its arrival.

Stepping into the elevator, which was thankfully empty, Jared quickly stepped in front of me, his eyes dark with lust. Pressing his cock against my tummy, my mouth dropped open.

“Would you like me to take care of that, Sir?” I asked as innocently as I could muster as my hands slid around his waist.

“Be careful what you ask for, baby girl.” He warned just in time for the elevator doors to open. “After you.”

I stepped out of the elevator and waited for him then wove my arm through his.

“I thought we’d walk. The restaurant is only a few blocks and it’s a beautiful night tonight.” He said smirking.

Of course, I was surprised but I shouldn’t be. Walking wasn’t exactly comfortable and quite honestly I was DYING for a glass of wine to take a bit of the edge off but the thought of sitting wasn’t very appealing. I imagine since the head of the anal plug was rather wide and my butt didn’t have THAT much cushion, sitting on it was going to feel like sitting on a spike.

I needed to think positive though…it might not be THAT bad.

We were quiet as we casually walked which probably had a lot to do with me because all I could really think about was this piece of glass in my ass. Jared must have sensed it to as he suddenly stopped and pulled me to the side. Wrapping his arm around my waist, he pulled me into him.

“Are you okay, baby? You’re awfully quiet and look like you’re in a bit of pain.”

“No, I’m okay.” I quickly replied pasting a smile on my face.

“You’re a terrible liar.” Jared said, looking sternly down at me, “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how I feel about lying…”

“I’m not lying.” I protested, “I’m uncomfortable but not in pain. I can deal with it. If I didn’t think I could, I would tell you. I just have a lot I’m concentrating on, that’s all. I mean, I am trying to keep up with you while wearing five inch heals!”

I laughed trying to lighten the mood and it’s not like it wasn’t true. Jared’s ‘stroll’ is a lot faster than most people’s walk!

Jared continued to stare down at me and I knew he was still debating whether I was being completely truthful but I was. Not only did I have to deal with the plug situation but I also was trying to keep his pace and not roll an ankle in these heels. I just wanted to keep going.

“Okay. Come on.” He said as he took my hand and walked straight to the curb.

“What are you doing?”

Lifting his hand he waved down a taxi. It seems as though our walk is over.

“It’s only another block or so…” I said.

“I want you to be comfortable. You have a lot going on. We’ll take a taxi the rest of the way.”

A taxi pulled over immediately and Jared opened the door as he looked back at me.

“But, but..” I felt like I was letting him down and I didn’t like it at all.

Grasping my chin between his thumb and index finger, he stepped closer to me.

“Baby, I don’t want you to just deal, I want you to enjoy yourself. If taking a taxi will alleviate some of the uncomfortableness then let’s start there.”

Letting go of my chin he stepped aside so I could get into the taxi, easing my way very gently down onto the seat. I don’t think he quite noticed but as I sat, I kinda rolled onto one side so I didn’t put any direct pressure on the plug. Believe me, this was enough for now.

With my eyes focused out the window, I was quiet but feeling more upset with each passing minute. I was confusing myself with my sudden emotions. He was doing me a favor, why was THAT so upsetting?

“What’s wrong baby?” Jared asked as his hand slid up my bare thigh.

“I just feel like I let you down. You wanted to walk.”

Verbalizing my feelings to him made me question my own sanity and yet I still felt emotional about it. The thought of letting him down in any way was like a weight resting on my heart after all he’s done for me.

“You didn’t let me down at all. We walked all day. Baby please don’t let this bother you. I’d say we could walk back to the hotel after dinner but I can promise you, I’ll want to get back as soon as possible.” He said as he slid his hand under my skirt to drag his fingers lightly against my slit.

“Here we are, Sir.” The taxi driver said, interrupting our little exchange.

After a very sly smile to me, Jared reached in the pocket of his jacket for the fare then stepped out. I could only imagine what he had planned during dinner that would have him, the master of control, anxious to get back to our room quickly.

Jared stepped out first the extended his hand for me as he helped me out of the taxi. Never letting go of my hand, we walked the short distance into the restaurant and the hostess seated us immediately.

“I’d rather follow.” I said as he motioned for me to step in front of him.

First nodding to me he stepped behind the hostess and took my hand as we followed her towards the back of the restaurant.

“Is this alright, Mr. Leto?” She asked.

“Yes, its fine. Thank you.”

We were seated at a rather large semi-circular booth that was beautifully set complete with a long white tablecloth that went all the way to the floor. Allowing me to sit first, I sat, very gingerly I might add, then Jared followed sliding in next to me. Before leaving us, the hostess handed Jared a single menu.

“Your server will be right with you. If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know. Enjoy.” She said smiling then walked away.

Although we were seated towards the back with tables all around us, it still felt very private and cozy. The high back and circular bench made a huge difference. I didn’t notice this at first but champagne was already on ice sitting in a tall ice bucket next to the table.

Just as we settled, our server approached our table.

“Champagne, Sir?”

“Yes, please.” Jared said as the server quickly opened the wrapper then popped the cork.

After filling our champagne flutes, he excused himself to allow us some privacy.

Picking up his glass, Jared held it up, “A toast,” he began as I held my glass up as well, “To shared moments, many of which I never thought I’d have. Cheers.”

“Cheers.” I said blushing as I thought about all the moments he’s given me that I thought I’d never have either.

Greetings and salutations!

Thank you very much everyone for all your kind words! I did not expect so many people to enjoy my drawings, haha. I was not prepared for this at all!

I would love to continue posting the drawings I enjoy making but unfortunately the busiest time of the year for me has begun. I may have to go on a hiatus for several months. I apologise for the inconvenience. Perhaps, I could drop in from time to time to reblog some amazing works and helpful art resources!

Again, thank you so much for visiting! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you all. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Too Hot {Shin Ho Seok/ Wonho}

Hi~ would I be able to request a scenario where you play the game “too hot” with Monsta X and the boys all know that you and Wonho are crushing on each other? The boys leave when it gets too hot ;) and you two continue the game in private? Hope this isn’t too much, thank you ^.^

Note: Ahh this was such a fun reaction to write. Please enjoy~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Originally posted by wonho

Kihyun grimaced as Changkyun’s forehead met his own, it was visible that he was uncomfortable, but for the sake of Wonho and {y/n}’s relationship he would do it.

Wonho and {y/n} had liked each other for so long, it was driving the other members insane. So to try and push the process along, they had been doing all these crazy things to try and get one of you to confess, or at least drop a hint about your feelings about one another.

But so far nothing had happened, not even after Hyungwon had been dared to feel up Minhyuk’s shirt during truth or dare, or after Shownu was forced to give Jooheon a sexy dance. It was starting to feel like al of these sacrifices were for absolutely nothing at all.

So this was their final shot, a game of “too hot,” which had brought Changkyun and Kihyun to this incredibly awkward moment.

“Aren’t you going to kiss already?” Wonho laughed loudly as Changkyun playfully pouted his lips, obviously already slightly intoxicated after drinking his vodka lemonade.

Kihyun tried to lean in, but as soon as his lips slightly touched the other males, he pulled away in disgust, his arms flailing in defeat as she shuffled away. “No! I can’t do it! He wins!”

The other members burst into laughter as Chankhyun’s eyes scanned across everyone else in the group, targeting his next victims. “{y/n}, I dare you to do it with Wonho.” He slurred slightly, but not drunk enough to be completely out of it, he was still capable to pull off a wink that set {y/n}’s cheeks aflame.

“I-I don’t think… I’m not playing!” You protested, but the smirks on the other’s made it obvious this was not something you were getting out of very easily.

Wonho was blushing too, but he seemed the more confident version of himself - maybe that was partially the alcohol taking over. He shuffled closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders before pressing a kiss to your lobe. “Scared, sweetheart?” He mumbled beside your ear, sending a shot of tingling shivers down your spine.

“No.” You responded, more quiet than you would have liked.

Wonho chuckled, pulling away. “{y/n} said she doesn’t want to play. Maybe I should take her home.”

The other members groaned in protest, and Kihyun looked like he was either about to scream or puke. But Wonho didn’t mind them, he took your hand gently before leading you out of the room, swiftly and with purpose. Something told you he wasn’t taking you home exactly.

After exiting the clammy living room, he lead you upstairs to the dorm bedrooms and lead you into his own before switching the lock behind you as he pushed you up against the wooden door he just pulled you through.

“What are you doing?” You questioned him, looking pathetic against his hot self. His eyes were dark, obviously thoughts of impurity were swimming around his head. He had a dominant look about him, something rare and rarely seen away from sexy music videos.

“I’m playing a game. I just wanted those idiots out the way.” He smirked, moving his hands off you, and you almost groaned at the lack of contact. He put his hands behind his back before leaning in slowly. Painstaking slow before his lips finally pressed against yours.

His lips felt soft against yours, but the way they moved was rough and passionate. Heat flushed your cheeks as he kissed you expertly, like he had done it a million times before. You followed his lead, feeling totally submissive to him, but somehow that felt just fine.

The kiss deepened, and before you knew it, his tongue was dancing around your mouth.

Heat continued, and neither of you knew who touched who first. All that mattered was that you both ended up tangled in the sheets of his bed, not regretting a single thing.

First Night Out: John Laurens x Reader


Hey can you do a John Laurens x reader in modern time where they meet in a bar near college and she gets along very well with the hamilsquad but john has a crush on her and the rest of the guys keep poking fun at him?

So, I kinda changed this prompt a tiny bit, but I hope it was what you wanted. I had a lot of fun writing it, mainly because John is so adorable. Thanks again for reading, and I hope that you enjoy it! 

Also, I have a G.Wash x reader story in the works that should be done tomorrow. 

Time period: Modern

Characters: Hamilsquad, John Laurens

Warnings: Alcohol

Word Count: 1191

SLAM. You dropped your book on the table, slouching back in your chair as you set down your pen. “Finally, all my essays are done.” With the end of the year approaching, your professors had been assigning hours of homework every night. With your final assignment of the year complete, you were ready to take a break. Turning your to your best friend Alexander, you watched him throw his pen across the room and collapse into the couch. “Oh my god, I’ll never be able to open a history book again”. Alex was double majoring in American History and Political Science, and sometimes it seemed like he would never stop working. As he sat up, you watched his eyes light up and meet yours. “(Y/N), we need to do something fun tonight. We’re almost done with this year, and we need to celebrate”.

“What did you have in mind?” you asked as he pulled out his phone to send a text. Alex’s eyes were filled with mischief as he opened his mouth to respond. “Well, I think you should come out to the bar tonight and meet a few of my friends, I’m sure they’ll love you”. You were reluctant at first, being that you were exhausted from your workload, but eventually agreed to come. If nothing else, you could just get a few drinks and relax. Alex was thrilled that you agreed, and let out an evil laugh as he sent a text.

TomCat: Yo Laurens, you down for hitting the bar tonight? I have a friend for you to meet.. ;)

Johnny: Alex, this better not be another one of your attempts to hook me up with some girl you barely know. The last one hated turtles. Hated TURTLES, Alex.

TomCat: Guess you’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t you John.

As Alexander slid his phone back into his pocket, you gave him a confused look, picking up your bag from the chair. “I don’t know what you’re planning Alex, but you are not ruining my first night of freedom. I’m heading back to the dorm, I’ll see you tonight”. Alex just waved, the mischievous look still covering his face.  

Your hair was curled, your makeup flawless, and your outfit perfected. You couldn’t be more excited for tonight, this being the first time you had gone out in weeks. Shooting a text to Alex, you placed the finishing touches on your look and waited for your friend to arrive. When you heard a loud knock on the door, you shot up, anxious to leave. Although you were slightly worried that Alex’s friends wouldn’t like you, you were willing to ignore the feeling for the point of having a good time. Swinging the door open, you heard Alex whistle and mumble something under his breath, something that sounded suspiciously like “He’s going to love her”. You just shook your head at him, your (H/C) curls bouncing freely.

As you breezed through the entrance to the bar, Alex put a hand out to hold you back. “Now, I just want to warn you, my friends can be a little… much. Just ignore them if they start getting too crazy.” You just laughed, following him over to a table filled with three guys, who you assumed were his friends. The first man had dark skin, with a grey beanie slouched on his head. He was chuckling, shaking his head as he threw back a shot. The next man was taller, with dark curls tied back in a bun. You heard him shout something in French, winking at you as he saw you approaching. The last man took your breath away when his eyes met yours. He had freckles dotting his face like stars, and his chestnut hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. You found yourself imagining what it would be like to run your hands through it, when suddenly you were broken from your trance by Alex elbowing your side. “-and this is my friend, (Y/N). (Y/N), meet Hercules- he gestured at the man in the beanie, Lafayette- pointing at the frenchman with the curls, and John, he said with a gentle nudge. So that was his name. The guys said their hellos, all except for John, who just stared at you. Had you done something wrong? He quickly snapped out of his trance, giving you a soft smile. “So, Alex, is zis beauté your girlfriend? A burst of laughter left your mouth as you imagined dating your best friend. Alex put a hand over his chest in mock offence. “(Y/N), you wound me!” Maybe you imagined it, but you could have sworn that you saw John let out a sigh of relief as he realized that you and Alex weren’t together. “So, (Y/N),” you heard him ask, “how come we’ve never seen you around here before?” “Well, to be honest I don’t get out much. Plus, Alex never told me he had such cool friends” you said looking at John. A faint blush danced across the cheeks, and Alex was the first to notice. “Look’s like somebody’s got a cruuuuuuuush” Alex sang. If John had been blushing before, it was nothing to how his face looked now. He turned bright red, giving Alex a playful shove. You pretended not to notice, not wanting to embarrass yourself. Besides, there was no way someone so cute could be interested in you.

Throughout the night, you joked and laughed with the group, fitting right in. They proudly proclaimed you the newest member of their “hamilsquad”, and you had never been happier. As the night continued, you kept noticing John sneaking glances at you from across the table. You returned these looks, often getting lost in his dark eyes. The other boys continued to make jokes, calling John “lovesick” and “enamored”. Although you pretended not to hear these comments, they made your face flush with the possibility of John having an interest in you. Towards the end of the night, the boys announced that you were going back to Alex’s dorm to watch movies. With the possibility of more time with John, you quickly agreed.

Back at Alex’s dorm, Hercules made popcorn as Lafayette popped in The Exorcist. Seeing the horror movie appear on the screen, you internally screamed. “Seriously guys, a horror movie? I’ll never sleep again!” Alex just smiled his same knowing smile. “Don’t worry (Y/N), you have John to protect you!” You rolled your eyes, but let out a shy smile as you took the seat next to John.

Halfway through the movie, you felt a strong arm slide around your back. Snuggling into the embrace, you let your head fall against his shoulder. John smiled, pulling you closer as the other boys exchanged proud glances. When you were too scared to pay attention to the movie, you turned your head and began to count the freckles scattered across John’s face. “1, 2, 3, 4…” As you tried to keep counting, your heavy eyelids began to close. With a final glance towards his face, you fell into a comforting sleep in John’s embrace. 

Matt Duchene #1

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  Could you do a fluffy Jeff skinner x reader imagine or Matt Duchene x reader imagine? XD thank you [You’re welcome and thank you!! I chose Matt Duchene!!! I hope it’s okay, mostly because I already have a few Skinny drabbles queued and nothing of Matt. Enjoy!]

2.  when you have time could you do a cute little fluffy matt duchene imagine? where he drops his gloves because someone on the opposing team was saying rude comments about you which gets him kicked out of the game and you go to the locker room to comfort him and see what happened? thank you! :) [Hiii! I hope you like this one! Really cute kinda angsty? Enjoy!! And thank you. :)]

*Last non-Christmas drabble!!! If I stick to my schedule (which you know that sometimes I don’t), I’ll be done with all the Christmas drabbles BEFORE Christmas. Woohooo!!*

Word count: 1, 031

Originally posted by gauncer

He’s going to get suspended. Fuck. You saw the hit, you saw the helmet flying to the other side of the rink – !!!!! – and you saw the linesman literally having to carry your boyfriend off of the other guy, blood staining the ice. Thank goodness for the linesman. If it weren’t for him, Matt would still be pounding the other guy to oblivion. He probably wouldn’t just be suspended, he would be traded to Africa or something.

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Hello, everyone!
Just wanted to pop in and say hello!
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, holiday, & a very happy New Year!
I’m heading back to college tomorrow morning therefore it’ll be difficult for me to update, but one of my resolutions for this year is to post a lot more and much more often!
Also, I would love to get to know some of you more & make friends, so maybe… say hi in the comments, ahah? :) When I first started this blog, I never would have thought that anyone would have even looked at what I was posting. It’s truly become my pride and joy, something I enjoy doing and sharing with all of you.
I want to thank every single one of you for your reblogs, likes, and little comments which encourage me to keep running this blog! It’s things like that which encourage me to keep coming on.
I have a list of new posts which have yet to come, and if there’s anything that you would like to see, please feel free to tell me or drop a note in my messages! Xxx
- MatthewHealyThings.


A/N: It’s cosmic boy day! I honestly look forward to fridays more now that cosmic boy exists…and I’m sure the same goes for you guys! Thank you all for supporting this series and I’m glad to be sharing it with you all :) Enjoy!

Warning: Guess what…more pervy Ben and reader!

Word Count: 4.3K+

“I would like to warn you in advance that I live up to the term ‘shop till you drop’. It’s very unhealthy and half of the time I have to return things because it’s just way too much, so maybe you’ll help me out and stop me from buying the whole store.” You smiled up at Ben as the two of you had walked up the entrance. The second you step foot into the mall was the second you tugged Ben with you. “Perfect! Forever 21 is right there!” You shrieked, pulling him with you as Ben sighed. Little did he know this was going to go on for the next couple of hours.

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dog days { hamilsquad x vet!reader }

this was based on this prompt from @herearlyleafsaflower

Hamilsquad where reader is a veterinarian? 

 thanks so much for your request! it was fun to write. 

i’m still accepting others too so don’t be afraid to drop one in my inbox. enjoy! <3 xx 

You hummed softly as you propped the dog up on the table and checked him out. You had always loved animals as a kid so being a vet was a lifelong dream of yours. You got to see all kinds of animals, even traveling to farms and other places to take care of the ones that were injured or sick. You’d worked hard to get where you were today and to have your own little store was a big achievement.

“She looks good.” You said, smiling at the little husky. She was a little jumpy, but what dog wasn’t? She looked excited to be here as she wagged her tail and stuck her tongue out. Huskies were always your favorite. They had the most dazzling eyes and energetic spirits.

You scratched behind the dog’s ears gently before slipping your stethoscope on and listening for the dog’s heartbeat. It was clear, strong, and steady–-music to your ears. Regular checkups were much more fun to you and this dog was in optimum condition. You checked his ears quickly and smiled when the dog sat back a little and tried to be still. “She’s well behaved too! Just the other day, -”

You were about to jump into a quick story about the crazy case you had yesterday but your assistant came in, looking around before landing her eyes on you. “Hi, Doctor. Here’s the records for Sunny and there’s someone out here for you.”

“Oh, okay.” You managed a smile, simply taking the clipboard from your assistant to hide your confusion. You looked back at the dog and his owners. “I’ll wrap this up. She’s in great health. Did she get all of her vaccines taken care of?”

The young couple in front of you nodded and you sighed happily. “Perfect. She’s good to go then.”

“Thank you so much, Doctor.”

“My pleasure! Bye, Sunny!” You said, laughing a little as the dog licked your cheek before hopping off of the little counter she was resting on. “I’ll walk you out.”

The couple followed you to the front of your office and left promptly, happy to walk their dog out and head home. The little bell rang as they left the store and you gave them a little wave goodbye. Then your eyes landed on one of your best friends that was sitting in one of the waiting chairs. You were used to seeing Hercules. Today, he was reading a magazine, looking like such a dork.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Hercules said excitedly, coming up to you and giving you a big hug. “I think I got your order right.”

He handed you a bag from your favorite restaurant and you smiled widely, peeking inside. The smell of your favorite dish filled the air and you couldn’t help but feel warm inside. 

“Aww, Herc. You could have just given me the lunch I packed. I just left it on the counter of your place.”

He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets. It was cute to see him get all shy. “I was out anyways. Did you, um, want to head over to our place to eat? Everyone’s there for once and it’s not too far.”

“Sure, yeah! We’re clear for the rest of the afternoon too. That sounds great.”

After you checked your schedule and announced you’d be leaving, you followed Hercules into his car and together, you made your way to the loft that they all shared. It was spacious, yet cozy, and you were greeted with the sight of the other three boys on the couch, eating happily together as some show was on. 

“(Y/N)’s here!” Hercules called as he shut the door behind you. The boys all looked up and quickly smiled at you. “Be on your best behavior!” 

He retreated to the kitchen and you stepped a little closer into the boys’ living room.

“Mon ange! Bonjour!” Lafayette said cheerfully, giving you a big smile and a small wave.

“Hey, love! How have you been?” John chorused, getting up to greet you. He hugged you tightly and you sighed happily, melting into his tender embrace. You lived for John’s hugs. They made everything right again.

“I’ve been good.” You buried your head into his chest as he rubbed your back. “How about you?" 

"Great, actually.”

“It’s been a while, yeah, (Y/N)?” Alex glanced over at you too and he squinted at what you were wearing. John had just pulled away when Alex had gotten up to get a closer look. Usually when you were with them you dressed casually–jeans and a t-shirt (possibly one of theirs) or were dressed up nicely when you went out with them. This outfit was new. He saw your scrubs and took notice of the white lab coat you had over them. Your little name tag is what made his eyes widen.

“When were you going to tell us you were a vet?!” Alex spoke up, coming to stand in front of you but still beside John. “(Y/N)!”

Hercules sounded like he was choking from the kitchen. 

“W-What?” You said, taken aback. You looked between the boys, unsure of their confused expression. Surely you had mentioned this before. You could have sworn that - 

“You’re a vet?!” John’s eyes widened next. “(Y/N), love! You never said anything about that!”

“I guess, it -”

“What’s going on?” Lafayette, who was still laying down on the couch, sat up slightly. He looked bewildered with his furrowed eyebrows and some curly hairs flying out of his bun.

“Did you know (y/n) was a vet?!” Alex turned quickly, looking to the Frenchmen in shock.

Lafayette’s eyes widened and he immediately burst out into a long line of French that made sense to only Alexander. Lafayette quickly rushed in front of you and saw the name of your storefront on your name tag. Your name was etched in neatly with your occupation written underneath clear as day.

“Mon ange! Why didn’t you say anything?! That’s magnifique!”

“I-I thought I told you all?” You said sheepishly. “Plus I always smell like dog when I come over after work.”

“You get paid to be with dogs all day.” John said in wonder almost, making you giggle.

“Not just dogs, Johnny.” 

“Even better.”

“The only dog we see at work is Jefferson, and he’s not even cute.” Alexander grumbled and Lafayette smacked his arm, making him wince. You couldn’t hold back your laughter. Hercules even chuckled from the kitchen. “What, Laf? I’m not lying.”

“He’s my friend too.” Lafayette mumbled, and Alex let out a soft apology. It was small and forced, but Lafayette appreciated it nonetheless.

“Anything else you’re hiding from us?” Hercules prompted from the kitchen after he cracked open a water bottle to drink. “Even though I was aware of this the whole time because I listen to my dearest friend.”

You blushed as the boys grumbled slightly. “It’s not our fault.” Alex pouted.

“But it is.” Hercules countered, enjoying how this was playing out.

“Seriously, how did we not know this?” John muttered, and then looked up at you for an answer. “We’re the worst!”

“No, no! Don’t say that!” You said quickly, trying to reassure John. “To be fair, Herc actually dropped me off at work one time when my car was having trouble that one time. That’s how he knew.”

The three let out soft oh’s or little nods of recognition. You smiled and they all did too, looking much more relieved.

“I guess it just slipped my mind.” You shrugged a little.

“Either way, we’re still super proud of you, honey.” Alex said, pulling you in for a tight hug. Soon you felt another pair of arms wrap around you and another and another. “Have you wanted to do this since you were a kid?”

You nodded, then realized the boys couldn’t see you do so from the center of the group hug. “Yeah, actually! Ever since I was little.”

“Let’s get a cake.” John whispered. “Better yet, let’s make one.”

“Non.” Lafayette said sounding exhausted, but still leaning against Hercules. Eventually, you all pulled away. Still, the warm and fuzzy feeling stayed with you, making you smile widely.

“This is worth celebrating!” Alex assured.

“Just lunch with you guys is fine. Honestly.” You giggled at their response.

“Speaking of which, you don’t have much longer of.” Hercules snickered.

“Thanks, Herc.” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as he ruffled your hair.

“Can we come by your work place?” Lafayette asked sweetly and all of the boys nodded frantically. They were so cute. “Tomorrow … perhaps?” His tone was hopeful and kind. The other boys were quick to chime in as well.

“Washington doesn’t need us in, right?” Alexander mumbled to himself, trying to think of his schedule.

“Non. We are free. Herc, what about you?”

“All my orders for clients are taken care of.” Hercules said smoothly.

You bit your lip and looked at the boys who were pleading with you.

“You have to be quiet!” You insisted. “I wouldn’t go into Washington’s yelling and screaming right?!”

The boys nodded quickly. You shot John a glare as he snickered. He quickly straightened up, and you held back your smile.

“And we wouldn’t barge into Hercules’ shop while he’s working on his latest masterpiece, right?” You asked again. 

“Right.” Hercules said the loudest, and you smiled, unable to hold it back any longer.

“Okay, come by tomorrow then.” You grinned. “I’ll give you a little tour.”

Tomorrow came. The boys were on their best behavior as they were your “assistants” for the day. Alex let out “I’m so proud” like it was a mantra. John was excited to see all the dogs and the turtles especially. Laf wasn’t as much of an animal person, but he found the birds that you looked after to be especially beautiful, admiring them as they chirped and gazing at them as they landed close to him. Hercules practically blended in with the golden retrievers. You had a big group of those dogs come from the shelter that fell in love with the big guy.

To have small moments like these, you were grateful that they had found out.