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Klance + Reader

A/N: Thank you! I like to think of my blog as a safe space for all voltron fans, so unless someone asks for specific pronouns I’m going to use they/them!

bonus: If you wanted domestic! poly reader x klance than feel free to send another ask, but for cuddling I think it would be easier to do separate headcanons and then together!


• As an orphan who grew up alone, Keith has been touch starved all his life. So while it takes a little time to get used to you, he warms up eventually.

• He really appreciates you being there for him after a particularly rough mission, he’d bury his face into the crook of your neck and let out a deep sigh.

• “Keith!” You’d giggle as his warm breath tickles your neck.

• He apologises for getting to comfortable, you just feel so…safe.

• He’d like to stay with his body entwined with yours forever, loving the feeling of your fingertips teasing his hair comfortingly, but you have to break free eventually.


• This boy is like a puppy, ok.

• Constantly looking for affection regardless of the situation.

• Casual cuddles are what he lives for.

• If you were busy helping Pidge, for instance, he’d pick you up and plant you in his lap while you type away on your laptop.

• “Lance, put them down, they’re not a toy. Go cuddle a pillow while you wait.” Pidge would roll her eyes, but he ain’t budging.

Another A/N: I also headcanon Pidge as nb, so it would be nice if the two of you were friends that could be there for eachother!

Up Close and Personal Part 4

hello lovelies!!! I know it’s been a while! But I am officially done with uni for the year [yay exams are over] and have lots of time on my hands to write! Thanks to everyone who left an encouraging, lovely and much appreciated comment on the last part and basically just to everyone who read it!!! I love you all beyond words! This is pretty much just fluff and smut, however there may be another part exploring how the gang reacts to Bughead being together if inspo strikes! 

PS if anyone is interested I have created an instagram account for my poetry and random musings haha so if you want to chuck it a follow; the handle is @musings_of_a_young_mind


AO3 link:

Betty awoke to soft light streaming through the crack in the curtains, bathing the room in a warm glow inviting feelings of contentment. The mattress beneath her was lumpy and the sheets were slightly scratchy against her skin, but she had never felt more comfortable. Jughead’s lean body lay next to her, face buried in his own pillow, while his black hair fell carelessly, yet flawlessly around his face.  Betty rolled onto her side, a smile on her face as she watched him. Her heart was full as she recalled the words he spoke to her last night; a night that had gone from one of the most terrifying to one of the most electrifying of her life so quickly. She remembered the fear of finding him so battered, the anger as they fought and the…love as they declared their devotion and belonging to each other. Her soul felt at peace with him, here in his old bed, in his old trailer, in this moment. It felt right.

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I  want to thank all of you so much! Im sorry if its seems like ive been avoiding answering these but I was in class all day and when i came out and checked my phone I saw all the sweet messages you guys left! Thank you all so much. (Also i wanted to draw something which took longer because my computer is being evil today)

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Also sorry that this is posting to my main for some strange reason I can’t get it to post normally on my blog…..

Hi Taylor!
My name is Kate :) I’m not sure if you will ever see this but I just wanted to say thank you for being in my life. Your music has gotten me through so much and I will forever be greatful for that. I don’t know who I would be without midnight dance parties to all of your albums and hope you know how amazing and inspiring you are💕 Sending you the biggest hug😘Love love love,

  • ~chats with my Mum~
  • me: That's a nifty thingie.
  • Mum: Oh, thanks. I got the idea from Karen. You probably know her daughter Maria.
  • me: Maria? Maria, who?
  • Mum: You know, Maria Martine-
  • me: WAIT! are you assuming I know them because this Maria person is gay?
  • Mum: Uh....yes?
  • me: ugh! Mum, how many times?! the community is small, but i do not know all the gay ppl in Northern California!

HABPY BORTHDAY TO EMMA @dreadcaptainwatson​ (aka @alphabetsoupcomic)!!!!

Thanks for being such an amazing friend and director of the Alphabet Team! We all love you and wish you a good one 💖👌🏼🥂

Here’s a cupgayke for you Cap!

I think I might log off for a few days. My anxiety has been a bit too draining lately, and I need to figure out how to better cope with it.

Just wanted to thank you all for being exactly who you are. You guys are the kindest souls.

A special shoutout to you @taylorswift for being the kindest of them all. Thank you for being my main inspiration and for reminding me to be kind to myself. I love you so much! ❤️

flavia8  asked:

Raedleas and I might be at odds because I wouldn't sell my soul, but I'd loan it out for the right price. XD Although it does depend on the magnitude of the wish/desire you are making a deal for, yes? He looks really interesting. I noticed you said it was a crossover- Is he from a comic or other work of yours then, and you just kinda translated him to The Arcana? Sorry for all the Questions!

Please, no apologies!!!! I THRIVE when people ask me questions about my OCs!!! Thank you for showing an interest!!!

Raedleas is one of my absolute favorite OCs. He is originally an antagonistic entity from my comic Fyr ond Brynstan, which is currently being scripted. You can see him in his canon form here:

I can’t say TOO much about him without dropping major spoilers, but in FoB canon, he is a spirit of chaos who strikes deals with wayward souls that wish to return to the land of the living.

Raedleas {Arcana AU} carried over these traits when he was transposed into Asra’s apprentice.

This this AU, he is a djinni - a spirit that grants wishes. Usually djinn have their own quirks - either interpreting wishes literally or twisting them in some malicious way; however Raedleas will grant the wisher what they desire if they offer a proper sacrifice instead. Relinquishing a soul is not required to make a deal with him, but something directly proportional the magnitude of the request must be sacrificed. Often, these sorts of exchanges are dependent on the individual, given that each person values experiences and characteristics differently.

He does, though, have a strong preference for souls as they sustain his physical form and fortify his powers.

Contrary to the tropes of most soul-seeking deal makers, this djinni is QUITE considerate of his clients. It is likely he will present counteroffers to make the trade as even as possible, or decline the deal entirely if the imbalance cannot be fixed.

He’s not always so benevolent though. He is capable of immense cruelty and does not feel remorse. Cross him, and he may even opt to destroy a soul - denying all potential for the soul to be reincarnated or used for any sort of magic whatsoever.

Don’t be afraid to interact with him, but also I understand his high-stake deals may not be for everyone!!!


You don’t necessarily have to make a deal to talk to him!

He is a sucker for a good tale or two and is always down to have a good time.

I hope that helps!! Thank you so much for asking :) 

anonymous asked:

Have you noticed how much there is currently a culture of "I don't experience this, therefore it doesn't exist" which seems to be what is fueling a lot of the bigoted comments on your posts - posts which, i might add, personally reflect my experiences. I'm seeing this kind of mentality everywhere, on all sides of political debates. it's very tiring being invalidated everywhere. having words to describe different experiences is actually so important to a lot of people. thanks for your posts

Thank you for your message. Yes, I definitely agree. A lot of people seem to think anything they don’t personally experience doesn’t actually exist, and anyone who does claim to experience it is lying.

Projecting our own point of view and experiences on others is a very human thing, it’s natural to think something that feels so normal and fundamental to you should be the same for everyone, even if you intellectually know that isn’t the case. It’s where culture shock comes from.

But people need to realise you cannot define other’s experiences for them, and your own perception is very much not universal.

anonymous asked:

I really love CHDH!!!!! Thank you for making such an amazing fanfic! I'll always wait patiently for new updates so do your best 💞💞!! That being said,do you have anything like a love triangle planned for future chapters? Tbh,I'm not a fan of it and it's very obvious who'll end up with who so there's no need to...but since I love pretty much all of your works, I don't think I'd mind it. Again,thanks for making such an amazing fanfic ❤

I’m so glad you’re liking my story!!! :D 

As for your question, no, there will be no love triangles in CHDH. There will be some interest to Natsu and Lucy from other people, but nothing will be reciprocated. Natsu and Lucy are only going to get with each other in this story. That’s doesn’t count past stuff, but like I said, no love triangles. 

And you’re welcome! :) I’m happy to write it!
The Truth of Masks - Chapter 2/2 - intravenusann - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

When the Goldstein sisters take Credence as their date to MACUSA’s annual Halloween ball, he meets a man in a mask. What happens after that? Well, it’s like something out of a motion picture.

This is the second half of my fic for @gradencetrickortreat. Thank you @nettlekettle for this wonderful prompt! 

And thank you to @braganzas and @revolutionaryking for being so ~inspiring~ and also shoutout to my co-conspirator in all things @martythegirl who has been exiled by real life but still generated the idea to have Graves dress as the Phantom.

This is the chapter with the kissing and sexual content, by the way.

I just wanted to thank everyone who supported us and all the members who plotted with me. I had fun writing with you but unfortunately some people make it impossible and have nothing better to do than to try and destroy the things they are no longer a part of. Since I’m not above calling people on their crap I’m going to say this. Kori, you are the most manipulating, two faced, disgusting human being I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across in all my years of roleplaying. There is a reason you get kicked out of every rp you’ve been a part of so take a look at yourself long and hard before you talk shit about other people who have done nothing but put up with your shit and see you for what you are. Fake. And Lux, you’re just a bad. You come to us complaining about Kori and how you can’t stand the situation she’s putting you through and then you turn around to do whatever she wants you to do and talk shit about us when I’ve been trying to help you this whole time. Fake. The both of you. I do hope you both wake up and realize how shitty you are and try to be better people in the future. Not this hypocrite version you portray to everyone. Roleplays are not there to cater to you and you can’t hurt people just because you don’t get your way. So with this I say goodbye to most of you and happy roleplaying. And if any of you want to get an rp going and you see either Lux or Kori leaving an app in your inbox, do yourself a favor, delete it and save yourself the hurricane of drama these two carry around.

Eliza out.

Dear Taylor,

Hi. I’m Mallory, we haven’t met yet but I hope that changes soon. I’ve been a fan since 2008 and my biggest dream since I became a fan has been to meet you.

You’ve always been there for me and you’ve gotten me through so much. I can’t even begin to thank you for everything you have done for me just by being you. Your music alone has saved me in a million different ways. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

I also wanna say thanks for being the best role model out there. I’ve got nieces and the youngest three who are 7, 4 & 3 all look up to you. They dance in the kitchen and in the car to your songs. Currently Look What You Made Me Do and Ready For It are on a constant loop. Big thanks from my sister lol. But thank you for being the best role model and idol they can look up to and admire just as I do.

Thank you for absolutely everything you do. Not just for me but for all of us, the fans. We couldn’t be more proud of you than we are now. It’s so amazing to hear from people just how happy you are. You deserve to be so so happy, all the time. I love you more than you’ll ever know. I hope soon I can meet you.

I get discouraged at times thinking I won’t get to. But I have to keep hoping because if I don’t, I might fall apart knowing I’ll never meet the most important person in my life.

Thank you always for each thing you do. You’re incredible inside and out. @taylorswift ❤️


I just wanted to thank everyone who has been telling me about their experiences with anti-depressants and also offering help if I need it. I’m so appreciative and thankful for the support that I get you all and I’m sorry that I’m so bad at replying to you individually. I still haven’t taken my first pill because I’m still scared as hell. I’m already out of balance and the fact that taking them are going to make me even more out of balance for a while is terrifying. I have many responsibilities and I’m out here on my own with another human being who is solely dependent on me and I don’t feel like I’ll be able to have the time to cope and deal with all of this. But I do know that I need them but it really sucks when you’re suck in a hard place and don’t know how to wiggle yourself out. They’ll help me but I just wish that things were a tiny bit easier still. 

But thank you all so much and my brain’s started to mess with me again this evening so hooray. 

aryagreenapple  asked:

Feminism isn't needed in the West but I think there are some social issues that should be discussed, like young men and boys catcalling women, women who are judged for being sexual (even though most comments come from women themselves) et cetera but saying "yay let's kill all men" is not the right way to solve problems, like, do you all want them to hate you for real?? (English isn't my first language so my apologises) Just wanted to share my thoughts. You're great btw

I agree with you. You did great, don’t worry, and thank you. :))

having a full time job and being in school full time is like really hard so i’d like to thank all of the edit makers who can gif at the speed of light when taylor drops something on a casual monday morning because without you i wouldn’t have been able to see the RFI stills/gifs with my own two eyes until my lunch break so bless you all bless your lightning fast gif-making hands


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 

Honestly I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen a lot.

The Ready Player 3 show in Manchester was more than I hoped for. I’m not going to give out any spoilers but it was fucking amazing.

Everyone in the audience were so excited and i think i nearly blew out my voice with all the screaming. Also Sean i would like to apologise because i was one of those people who chanted our team chant before you had even finished telling us what it was haha.

It was like being in a room full of friends. It was such a happy atmosphere and I was extremely nervous at first but that went away as soon as the guys came on stage.

@therealjacksepticeye I just want to say thank you for coming to this insane fucking town with the Grumps. It was such an unforgettable experience!

#teamwaluigi and #fuckthetories