thank you alex and sai for the translation

I love how close Alex and Nicolas became over the course of the series because it starts off with Nicolas keeping his distance from Alex and it was pretty obvious in Alex’s perspective. I also want to remind everyone that Nicolas was the one who suggested that he should kill Alex so they wouldn’t get in trouble? I’m not sure how to define how they think of each other but their views of each other have certainly developed.

She thought she was just “there” and it was pretty awkward, especially since she couldn’t communicate with him very well.

Poor nicolas is running up the stairs and(WHOOPS small mistake, thank you @raimagnolia who pointed out that’s worick running up the stairs, not nic..) theres even a translators note saying how “nicolas doesnt like being in the same place with a girl”

even if you don’t ship nicolex, this post focuses on their character development

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Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Okay everyone I actually wrote something with @hardrock-lafayette (THANK YOU FOR EDITING)
Tags: @intoleranttoast @elizabethschxyler @psychedemigod @casual-hamiltrash
@its-the-hamfam (I’m part of that beautiful group)
“Move out of the way!”

Another day, another person pushing me, and another day of my flower crown falling off.

"Leave her alone!” Someone, who I saw to be Lafayette, said. Wait, when the heck did Lafayette get here?
“Laf it’s okay.” I said, grabbing his arm.
“But he hurt you.” Lafayette pouted, shooting the puppy dog eyes at me. Oh gosh, not the puppy dog eyes.
“I’m okay sweetheart.” I smiled at him. Sometimes Lafayette just needs to be told that I’m okay, but he treats me so well.
“Here you go bébé.” He smiled, handing me my flower crown.
“Thank you, babe.” I say with a shy smile. His smile is soft, and I’m so thankful for people like him. He’s caring, nice, and not too loud at the all of the right times.
“I’ll see you at home mon amour.” He said, and he’s gone as soon as he was here.
I put my flower crown back on my head, dashing away holding my book on Daveed Diggs close to my chest in a hurry to get to debate. This debate will hopefully open people’s eyes to everything that is happening around them.


“You have no power around here, Jefferson, once you learn the right way to treat people we’ll treat you with kindness, but as of right now you deserve no respect from women if you believe they shouldn’t get an education.” I wanted to win this, I needed to win this! Jefferson is just a jerk who gets his way because he’s rich!

“And why should you get respect?” He smirks. I’m gonna strangle him, I swear.

“Why do you think I don’t deserve respect? I am trying to defend the people who have been put through terrible things through history!” I said, trying not to yell. I’m actually gonna strangle him if he brings up my boys.

“It is wrong to have more than one partner, you should not get respect nor should those four men you are dating!” He snarled, and my blood began to boil. If that bitch is gonna talk shit he’s gonna get hit.

“My personal life shouldn’t have to intervene with this debate Jefferson! This is about women’s education not whether you think I deserve respect or not based on my relationship! So please get back on the topic at hand.” I shouted, my anger surging through me. I’m actually gonna kill him if he doesn’t shut his mouth.

“That’s enough for today you two, tomorrow Hamilton and Jefferson will be debating. Now, class is over.”

“THANK YOU, MR. WASHINGTON.” I mentally screamed, relief flooding through me.

“Y/N YOU DID BEAUTIFULLY!” Alexander Hamilton, one of my four lovers, said cheerfully. He’s always been right by my side since I moved up here to New York five years ago. He’s always been the..loudest out of all my boys. He never shuts up about anything, and honestly, sometimes we have to force him to sleep.

“Alex, baby, please can you shut up? Jefferson’s annoying voice gave me a headache and all I want to do is go home and cuddle up with the three of you ‘till Hercules gets home from work.” I groaned, holding my head. My head, my feet, my everything hurts, and it’s not helpful that I was sick last week.

“As long as Lafayette doesn’t push me off the bed again, we’ll be fine.” Alex chuckled. I giggle and kiss him.

“I love you.” I smiled.

“Oh, I know.” He said with a goofy grin. He’s a dork and I love him, and that’s just how it goes.


“I’M HOME!” I sighed happily. The sooner I got to lay down in my bed, the better.

“We’re in the bedroom sweetheart.” One of the boys said. I had one more class before I came home today and Alex got home about one in the afternoon every day. Lafayette didn’t have class today because his teacher is out at a meeting. John’s an art student, an amazing art student at that. Herc, that’s another story altogether, I met him when he was still in college then he dropped out to start up his business. He refuses to let me buy clothes from other places when I need a dress though.

“I’ll be in there soon, I’m gonna get some food.” I said, my stomach rumbling. Let me give you some advice. Don’t not eat all day.

“Petite lion, did you not eat today?” Lafayette asked worriedly. Lafayette always knows when I don’t eat. He knows when none of us eat, but he just wants his lovers to stay healthy.
“I’ll be fine after I eat baby.” I smile. He kisses my head before mumbling something in French, that beautiful language of his.
“Je t'aime.” I smile, leaning against him because he radiates heat.
“Mmmm, your warm” I say happily, hugging him tightly. He and Hercules are human heaters so in the winter we stay warm when we’re sleeping.
“Mon amour you’re…how you say…falling asleep. Let’s get you to bed.” He said, picking me up bridal style. He’s right I’m half asleep, but I’m still hungry.
“But food.” I mumble tiredly.
“No Y/N you’re tired and Hercules will be home soon. He’ll make dinner okay? Just wait and hour or so.” Lafayette said. He’s so warm…

“Jack?” I heard someone say. John’s hugs are just as warm as Laf’s hugs.

“Yes Y/N?” He said. These boys are my life, they’re everything I need right now.

“I love you so much, thank you.”


Laying in bed, snuggled up with the four men I’ve given my heart to, telling stories about when I first met them. That’s what I enjoy the most. Laf’s story is my favorite of all of them though. We met at a coffee shop he spilt his coffee on me and just walked out of the coffee shop, he didn’t say sorry or anything. It was so stupid and great at the same time, but the next day, he came to class with a new shirt for me.
I already knew Alex from debate class, and he was Laf’s translator because he was still struggling with English. He still does,but it’s getting better. He told Alex to tell me that he was “very sorry, that was super embarrassing and you’re really beautiful.” They all treat me with kindness​ since they all realized that they were in love with me. Who I was, who I am, and who I will be, and I know that  they will be there for me. My four boys are everything to me.

“I love you.” I mumbled before I fell asleep, resting happily in the arms of my four lovers.

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AU where Eliza is deaf and Angelica and Alex are friends (that being how Eliza and Alex meet ^^)

Again just gonna do a headcanon thingy (tho I rly like this so a fic might follow up, especially if you/other ppl want it) — again going modern

Send me fic/headcanon prompts!!

  • Eliza probs lost her hearing at a young-ish age due to like an illness??
  • She can read lips and communicate that way
  • She prefers signing over most things tho tbh — she’s done it most of her life, her parents started teaching her p early on
  • Angelica and Alex are pretty good friends, Angelica had a tiny crush for like five seconds but she got over it (he’s too much of a lil shit for her)
  • They’re probs like work friends, aka met at a job & primarily hang out like after work to get a drink
  • But one night papa Schuyler throws some kind of event and Angelica is like ‘come pls’ ‘why’ ‘because you just might make it tolerable’ ‘thanks?’
  • Alexander’s never met Angelica’s sisters but the minute he lays eyes on Eliza he <3____<3
  • So he goes to try and talk to her and Angelica is like this fuckboy is tryna chat up my sister dear god
  • And him being his rambly self, Eliza never has a chance to say ‘slow down, my dude’
  • Angelica is like ‘I told you she was deaf’
  • ‘you said your sister was deaf’ ‘sHE’S MY SISTER??’ ‘YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE’
  • -_____-
  • Eliza is like oml
  • However Alex isn’t a total idiot and does slow down
  • And Angelica makes up for when he gets a little over excited by translating !
  • Eliza is already like aaaahhh he’s so cUTE #charmed by this huge nerd
  • Alex is determined to woo her
  • He probs drops off little notes at Eliza’s workplace (probs something with kiddos)
  • He also looks up signs and stuff and starts trying to learn with Angelica’s help
  • Angelica is happy he’s actually serious about Eliza but makes it v clear if he fucks up she will chop his dick off
  • Eliza and Alexander start hanging out/texting more and more
  • They’re both hella smitten
  • Eventually Alexander is pretty damn good at signing
  • They move in together eventually and like a year after that Alex proposes (not before asking for papa Schuyler and lbr Angelica’s blessing) probs in a cheesy but pure way
  • They’re fucking cute!!!
Ich Liebe Dich  (Alex x reader)

So Alex and I have an ongoing joke. Well it’s more like I annoy him. But in my defense he’s really cute when he’s annoyed with me. I speak fluent german and am 50% german myself. So sometimes when we’re together I only speak german. Its pretty funny.

“Hallo Alex,” (Hello Alex), I say as we meet at the corner a block away from school. Every morning we meet here so we can walk to school together.

“Ahh come on Y/N. Can’t you speak so i know what you’re saying? Please?” he asks slightly annoyed, slightly amused.

“Lass mich darüber nachdenken, nein,” (Let me think about it, no), i reply while chuckling.

“I’ll take that as a no then,” he laughs out of amusement.

We reach the school and the bell rings, telling us to go to first period. “Well, I’ll see you later Y/N,” he says. “Bis später,” (See you later), I laugh. He only chuckles as he walks away to go to his first class.

~time skip~

Finally, I have my free period. Normally I’ll go to the parking lot and hang out there, but my phone starts to vibrate in my back pocket. I look at the caller ID. Alex. I pick it up, “Hallo Alex!”

“Still? Really?” he asks.

“Ja wirklich,” (yes, really), I laugh.

“Alright. Meet me in the courtyard. No one’s here and i have something to tell you.”

“Ok ich bin auf meinem weg,” (ok i’m on my way), I say smirking, even though he can’t see it.

He sighs and says, “Alright, hopefully see you there,” and with that he hangs up. I make my way to the courtyard and see alex sitting on a bench, with his back facing me. I walk up quietly and yell, “Hallo!”

He jumps up and turns around, sees me, and starts laughing. “I have a surprise,” he says. I raise one eyebrow and he takes a basket out behind his back, holding it out in front of him with a big grin on his face.  I laugh and we settle down in the grass and take out the food from the basket. Where he got the basket, I have no clue. But it’s still really cute. You see, we aren’t a couple, but I wish we were. We’re just really great friends. We have grown close and and as we did, I grew a crush. I have fallen hard, and I keep falling and can’t stop.

We talk, or rather, he tries to get me to speak english and I only respond in german. Eventually he gives up and lays down, staring at the clouds. I join and we lay there in a comfortable silence. I break it, saying “Du weißt, ich habe dich schon seit einiger Zeit verknallt. Aber ich will es dir nicht sagen Du wirst nicht das gleiche fühlen. ich weiß es. aber Ich liebe dich.”  (You know, I’ve had a crush on you for a while now. but I don’t want to tell you. You won’t feel the same. I know it. but I love you). “Und ich bin wirklich froh, dass du mich nicht richtig verstehen kannst.” (And I am really glad that you can’t understand me right now). I say it in a hurry. I know he can’t understand me, but it still feels good to get it off my chest.

But I notice he’s silent. I look over to see him already staring at me with pink climbing up his face. He studies me a little longer before saying, “Ich liebe dich auch,”  (I love you too), with a small smile. My eyes go wide and I quickly look away, my face turning a dark color of red. He understood everything I just said. Oh God. but wait, he said he loves me too. My face turns an even darker shade of red, if that were possible. I feel his hand move to my cheek and he turns my face to look at his. He smiles, the pink tint gone, and whispers “Küss mich.” (kiss me). I smile as well, not as embarrassed as before and kiss him. And he kisses back. Fireworks explode in my stomach.

After a few minutes of us laying on the ground kissing, we break apart for air. Immediately, i say “You can understand me.”

“Ja, ich kann” (Yes i can). He says wearing a proud grin. “And I meant it when I said that I love you.”

“Thank you,” i reply. “ich liebe dich. Küss mich nochmal,” (I love you. Kiss me again).

Alex leans in. our lips brush against each other’s when the bell rings, scaring the both of us. We clean up our little picnic, laughing. We kiss each other quickly and head off to our next class.

I hope you guys liked this. And I used google translate for all of the translations, so they might not all be accurate. Anyways, feel free to leave requests. I also do ships. <3

Alexander Wennberg #1 - Languages

Anon asked: Hi! Can u please write an Alexander Wennberg imagine of how y/n used to live in California and she’s Hispanic and she misses being able to talk in Spanish with others but in Columbus she doesn’t have that opportunity so Alex being the great bf he is, he learns how to speak Spanish and surprises her during dinner and can it be fluffy and cute! Thanks!

So first off I feel like I need to include a disclaimer that I by no means speak Spanish. I want to apologize in advance for any incorrect grammar or punctuation in the translation. That being said I included the English equivalent to the Spanish sentences with what I am trying to have the dialogue say at the bottom. This was a super fun prompt anon and I am super glad you suggested it! 

You were in the middle of a conversation with your mom on a Sunday night and felt the ache of homesickness growing in your chest. Well you didn’t know if you could call it homesickness since California hadn’t been your home for some time. Once you had finished up college and gotten your degree, you had been presented with a once in a lifetime job opportunity. The only issue had been that you’d have to leave California and move almost clear across the country to Columbus, Ohio. You had weighed the pros and cons and the job was just too good to pass up. Columbus had its perks of course: the people were friendly, your boss was amazing and you’d met your current boyfriend Alexander Wennberg while getting drinks with your coworkers.

He had been adorable and stuttered through what you assumed was an ill-advised pickup line based on the people you assumed were his friends clearly goading him on. Eventually someone you would learn to be named William helped clear up the miscommunication. While they waited expectantly for your response you panicked and slipped into Spanish, “Lo siento, no hablo inglés.”

Alexander’s face furrowed in confusion and your coworkers couldn’t contain their laughter.

His friend William came to him defense, “look if you weren’t interested you should have just said so.”

They turned to go and you had hurried after them, “sorry, I’m so sorry. You caught me completely off guard and everyone was looking at me and…” you trailed off.

The two boys looked at each other and exchanged a few words in what sounded like Swedish. Alexander turned back to you, “I am sorry I cornered you.”

“Alex isn’t normally like this,” William added, “we kind of convinced him to come over here.”

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(The second and third screencap are by @japanesemaple77 - herzlichen Dank!  I took the other three screencaps and edited them a little bit.)


English translation (the translation of the movie will have altogether 9 parts)

(Part 5)

Torsten: I thought you are sleeping on the couch, sister.

Nina: Thank you for not saying anything.

Torsten: Nothing to say is obvious custom in this house.

Nina: May I explain it

Torsten: How now? Your Ms Müller von und zu what-do-I-know has explained everything. If you have the choice between Alex and me, you obviously do not have a hard time deciding. That’s fine. You love your profession. The children and I are just the collateral damage of your life. You lie to me, you deny us.

Nina: I did not lie to you. I talked to Alex, but then …

Torsten: Yes, he said “please” and you risk your family.

Nina: You know that Alex has nothing to do with it.

Torsten: What I know exactly is how good you can lie.

Nina. I know now what an ass you can be.

Torsten: … Please pull.  (because of the bedclothes)

Nina: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about the babysitter tonight.

Torsten: I do not want a babysitter, damn! ……. Man! ……. You’ve gone back to work too early. Can`t you just do what you promised?

Nina: What? Hm? What?

Torsten: You should retire.

Nina: You know what? I think you should stop! You do your “Abitur” much too late, you are now already overstrained.

Torsten: Thank you! I have everything under control.

Nina: Yes? Nice, then good night. Or do you still have to do math?

Torsten: Thank you! I cope with it.

Nina (whispers): Torsten ……. Torsten …….

Nina (on the phone): I know Alex. But she said she wanted the absolute truth. I can not come now, it’s in the middle of the night. … I’m going to send it right now, yes?

Piet: Mom! Mami! Help! Where is my Mama?

Nina: Here I am, my darling!

Torsten: I’m here too.

Nina (to Torsten): Oh, you found something else to calculate?

Torsten: You’re the one who always has to calculate. … budget, budget, budget and timing!

Nina: Do not worry about my timing!

(A radio announcer announces the weather forecast)

Torsten: Schei … benkleister! (a german word you use when you don`t want to say “shit”)  Nina! It’s half past eight.

Nina: Torsten! Wait!

(Something crashes - a woman sums)

Torsten: Stay where you are! Don`t move!

Irmgard: Oh God!

Nina: Irmgard.

Torsten: Irmgard?

Irmgard: Yes, exactly. I am Irmgard. … You are Torsten, right?

Ella: What should we do now to get a sticker?

Irmgard (to Ella): Wait!

————————————————– ————————

Nina: I wanted to tell you.

Torsten: Well, good that I did not have a service weapon in the underpants.

Nina: I understand that you’re angry, but please give Irmgard a chance!

Torsten: Good! Irmgard gets her chance. What is her last name? Then I look in the criminal register.

Nina: Irmgard.

————————————————– ——–

(The children laugh)

Irmgard: When you come home from the daycare center, we go into the garden and plant.

Ella: Where are the plants?

Irmgard: Plant buying is too expensive and boring. Take a look! We dig a real vegetable bed.

Torsten (to Nina): As long as she does not force the children to dig their own graves!

Nina: I’ll tell you who’s digging his own grave here.

(Ninas handy beeps.)

Torsten: Just go, Nina. No matter what happens, you are not needed here at the moment.

Nina: Bye my darlings.

Ella: Bye Mama.

Piet: Bye Mama.

Torsten (to Ella and Piet): Let’s go to the daycare center. We’re running late.

————————————————– —————–

Elias: He has earned the smartphone.

Torsten: Yes, I see it exactly the same way.

Elias: What`s going on?

Torsten. Nothing.

Elias: Your wife, or what? ……. I have mates who hang around the university in order to pick up women. It is stupid, but what if you really fall in love with a student? Then one ends up like you. Depressed and full of self-doubt. It’s like a curse. You will be like a full-fool for a lifetime, just because you can not compete with your wife. You know, you can do what you want. ……. In the end you are always only the dweeb, who never gets enough money. How is she supposed to respect you? ……. You do not have to be surprised if she sooner or later seeks someone new.

Torsten: Thank you. Just for your information, I did not pick up Nina at the university.

Elias: But?

Torsten: At the bar.

Elias: Very original.

Torsten: Nope, but she was original. The most incredible woman I’ve ever met. Funny and clever and hot.


to be continued …

(I apologize because my English is far from being perfect, so the translation from German to English also is far from being perfect.)

Piano (Lin x Reader) Platonic

Could I request a Lin or Pippa platonic x reader where Y/N is their literal younger sister and they come to watch the show the the first time and meet everyone?

A/N: While I did take 3 years of Spanish, it’s been a while and I’m better at listening/reading it than I am speaking it. I tried my best to make sure the grammar was correct while writing, but I apologize in advance if it isn’t perfect.

Word Count: 1,121

You didn’t think it was your brothers idea for you to see his show, but as you walked with him to the theater, he was a ball of energy, even more so than normal.

“Hermanita hermanita hermanita,” he chanted.

“You’re so embarrassing,” you told him with a grin.

“Only for you,” he threw a sweet smile back to you. When you got to the theater, Lin brought you in through the back door and into his dressing room. He pulled out his phone, snapping a picture with you and then posting it to Twitter with the caption ‘Hermanita is back from 🇵🇷 and she’s going to see the show 😳’. Promptly after, he pushed you out of his dressing room and sent you off with an usher to be seated. Somehow you ended up in the famous person section. While you were considered famous in Puerto Rico, you didn’t think anyone here in the States knew your name. You buried your face in your playbill until the show started, desperate to avoid being asked questions.

Your brother’s show was nothing short of incredible. Obviously only your brother would consider the country’s first treasury secretary to be the embodiment of rap and hip hop, but it worked. You were engaged the whole way through, mesmerized especially by your brothers performance. By the time it had ended, you were visibly crying.

As the cast was taking their bows, the same usher from before tapped you on the shoulder.

“Lin wants you to come backstage and meet the cast,” she said. You nodded, frantically trying to wipe the tears from your eyes. If Lin knew you had cried watching his show you’d never hear the end of it.

You were left back in Lin’s dressing room. As soon as he came offstage, he practically ran up to you.

“What did you think?”

“It was… Fabuloso,” you said. Your brain was still in shock from the perfection of it all to formulate words in English. Lin laughed.

“So I’ve been told. Would you like to meet the company?” He asked. You nodded, standing up and following him out into the hall.

The first person you ran into was Chris Jackson. You had met him before, during ‘In The Heights’, so he greeted you with a hug.

“Glad to see you again, Ms. Miranda,” he said warmly.

“Nice to see you too. Your performance was wonderful,” you told him. Chris accepted your compliment, but before you could continue the conversation, Lin interrupted by pulling someone else towards you.

“Guys, this is my little sister, (y/n),” Lin said. Standing in front of you was the actor who played Laurens/Phillip, and the actress who played Peggy/Maria. You told them how much you adored their performances. As you spoke to them, Lin brought over more and more of the cast. You felt like you were dishing out compliments and praise left and right, but it was well deserved.

Finally, Lin took your wrist and turned you around. Alex Lacamoire had finally made it backstage, and you were at a loss for words.

“Señor, es un honor. Me encanta su trabajo. Es mágico” You said after a brief hesitation and a lot of stuttering, reverting to the language you had been speaking for the past two years. Lin laughed, paraphrasing the translation quite embarrassingly.

“She says she loves your work and is honored to be in your presence. In her words, ‘it’s magical’. Took her a few tries to say it though, even in Spanish,” Lin said. You blushed profusely.

“Thank you, but from what I hear you’re quite a star yourself,” Alex said. You nodded, even more embarrassed that Lin had told his cast mates that you had been working as a professional pianist in Puerto Rico.

“Why did you come back to the US?” The actress who played Eliza asked. This helped you relax a little, being asked a question you could put English words to.

“Our parents reminded me that while they were proud of what I was accomplishing in Puerto Rico, I hadn’t been home in 2 years and I had a nephew whom I hadn’t met yet,” you told them.

“Sebastian loves her. ‘Tia Tia’ he says,” Lin said proudly. While you missed your work in Puerto Rico, you enjoyed being able to spend time with Lin’s son. You chatted with the cast a little more, also observing the way Lin was so comfortable around them. It wasn’t until Alex appeared at your shoulder again that you moved from the spot backstage.

“(y/n), could you teach me one of your pieces? We can go down into the orchestral pit and play on that piano. I’d love to see you perform. And I’ll teach you any song from the show in return,” he said. It was an offer you couldn’t pass up. Lin, noticing you sneaking away, followed out of curiosity. He had heard Alex’s proposal, and wanted to listen.

You taught Alex one of your pieces. While you didn’t have any music on you, he was quick to grasp the bars you would play for him. After you had finished teaching him, he played through it a couple of times as you watched.

“That was it!” you said after he had played it through with only a minor mistake. Alex grinned, then reached up to his score for the show.

“What can I teach you now?” he asked.

“Burn, please,” you said. Upon hearing it the first time only an hour before, you had fallen in love. It was, as you said, magical. Alex found the music, placing it in front of you. You sight read it relatively easily, though slowly. You had been playing the piano for years. The language of music on your fingertips was as comfortable as the Spanish language was on your tongue.

You played through a few more times, each time taking Alex’s pointers and putting them into good use. The last time you played it, Pippa started singing along with you.

“Lin, are you crying?” you asked your brother after you had finished. Lin wiped his eyes.

“No way, I just got something in my eye,” he defended.

“Yeah, my awesomeness must have flown out of the piano and snuck in there,” you teased. Lin laughed, before getting up and sliding next to you on the piano bench. His fingers started plucking a tune you hadn’t played in years. It was a duet you had composed with him years ago. You joined in on the higher keys, and together your four hands flew across the instrument. This was your happy place, performing with your brother, and it was something you definitely missed about home.

The Perfect-Jigsaw-Puzzle-Piece Kind of Guy

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Request: “could you write… maybe a Rob/Reader where Rob meets Reader’s parents for the first time? Like fluffy and slightly angsty because of their age difference that is not that big but still there, and everything, like him being nervous, and her too?” This wonderful request was from @rewritetheendingoftheplay, and if you haven’t read their Rob fics, YOU MUST. 

Warnings: n-none…? 

A/N: Your ‘brother’s name is Alex, and he has a wife and kids so :) 

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YO. Wanna help a friend out with some cute songs I can play to channel cute cuddles & forehead kisses into my drawings? All the songs I can think of remind me of lost lovers reuniting not cute cuddles & lazy days. Thanks dude I absolutely adore your art 💖


Here’s some from my Lovey Dovey Crap playlist:

  • Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard
  • Fish by Clara C
  • Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
  • Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg
  • Just Like Fred Astaire by James
  • Venus by Sleeping At Last (this was introduced to me through that Klance art mini game the one time)
  • Glass in the Park by Alex Turner
  • Starry Eyes by Cigarettes After Sex
  • Skinny Love by Birdy
  • All About Your Heart by Mindy Gledhill
  • Clean White Love by Lisa Mitchell
  • Siboh Kitak Nangis by Zee Avi (this translates to “Don’t You Cry” in Bahasa Sarawak, one of the Malay dialects in my country, please look up the lyrics, it’s a really cute song)
  • Random Awesome by Yuna

This is just some!