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Selam Aleykum! I wanted to know if there is a prayer for taking someone out of you heart that should not have such a big place in there and fill it instead with love for allah? Thank you

Wa Alaykum as-Salaam,

Here are some duas that might help you get close to Allah insha'Allah

Yaa hayyu yaa qayoomu, birahmatika astagheeth. Aslih liy sha-aniy kulluhu wa laa takilniy ilaa nafsiy tarfata aynin.’

(On You Who is Everliving and Sustains and Protects everything, I seek assistance through the means of your mercy, correct for me all my affairs and do not entrust me
to my Nafs (myself) for the moment of a blink of an eye.’)

(Mustadrak al-Haakim vol.1 pg.545; Shu'ubul Iemaan of Imaam Bayhaqi Hadith No.:760,

Ya muqallib al-qulub, thabbit qalbi ‘ala dinik

(O mover (or flip-flopper) of hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion)

- Ya muqallib al-qulub, thabbit qalbi ‘ala’l-haqq

(O mover of hearts, make my heart firm upon the truth)

- Ya muqallib al-qulub, thabbit qalbi ‘ala ta’atik

(O mover of hearts, make my heart firm upon your obedience)

- Ya muqallib al-qulub wa ‘l-ahwalhawwil halina ila ahsan ‘l-hal

(O you, transformer of hearts and spiritual states make our states the loveliest of states)

- Allahumma, ya muqallib al-qulub wa’l-absar, thabbit qalbi ‘ala dinik

(O Allah, O controller of the hearts and eyes, let my heart hold fast onto your religion)

And Allah knows best

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Scott Gomez- Mexican Colombian American
Al Montoya- Cuban American
Matt Nieto- Mexican American
Alec Martinez- Spanish American
Raffi Torres- Mexican Peruvian Canadian
Raphael Diaz- Spanish Swiss
Vince Hinostroza- Ecuadorian American
Anthony Duclair- Haitian Canadian
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Mike Greenlay- Brazilian Canadian
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Don Spring- Venezuelan Canadian
Willi Plett- Paraguayan Canadian
Robyn Regehr- Brazilian Canadian
Claude Vilgrain- Haitian

Auston Matthews- Mexican American

Please if you can think of any others or if something needs to be fixed, please message me so I can spread correct info! Thanks!!!