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Sniper Lance!

I really love these types of headcanons! Just…anything involving any type of badass Lance. Thank you @plouffe-dans-leau for suggesting this, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to actually get to it.

•Lance pretty much grew up in a gun range.

•his father and uncle were snipers and took Lance to the gun range as a way of bonding.

•turns out Lance is a natural, and his father and uncle teach him everything they know. They can’t help but be proud of their little son/nephew.

•and as the years go by, Lance just keeps getting better. But he also wanted to fight, like his father and uncle.

•so he signs up for the garrison, hoping to learn to be a trained fighter pilot and make his family proud.

•of course than he gets whisked away by a giant robot lion to fight in a galactic war.

•when the bayard turned into a type of rifle, Lance was so happy, but it was very different from what he was used to ( which is a lot! His father made sure to train him in practically every gun he could.) so when no one was using it, which was a lot harder than originally thought, Lance practices with it relentlessly to get a better handle on it.

•and Lance realizes how much he misses his family. On Earth, he knew that he could always call or Skype, even when he would be able to deploy, he still would have some contact.

•but out in space, he can’t even send a letter to them letting him know he’s ok. (Doesn’t stop him from writing them though.)

•when Pidge makes the comment about him not being the sharpshooter, it definitely shakes his confidence. All his life his father and uncle have told him what a sharpshooter he is, how he’s better than some of the men they’ve worked with. But what if thy were just saying that because he was family (they weren’t. They literally think he’s one of the best.) and it slips in with every other insecurity about his position on the team.

•hearing Shiro call him their sharpshooter does lift his spirits, and helps him regain some confidence in his skill.

•the only people who know about Lance’s crazy skills are Hunk and Coran.
•Hunk has known Lance since they were kids so Hunk heard all about Lance’s skills from Lance’s family.
•Coran accidentally walked in on Lance when he was doing a casual long range training, (in other words, Lance was on a very high level on the training deck and kicking ass.)

•but of course, none of the others really believe that Lance is this trained shooter who could probably pin a fly to the wall with a butter knife with precise accuracy. (He’s like crazy good)

•great, now all I can think about is how his uncle wouldn’t just stick with just guns, he would practice with bow and arrows as well, and Lance just knocking them dead with his crazy accuracy. He’s pretty good with throwing daggers as well, but he’s better with bows and guns.

•Lance joined the archery team. Took them all the way to nationals ( is that something archery does? Not exactly sure.)

Wow, this took a completely different turn than I thought. But now just think about how, during a diplomatic mission, they’re challenged by some nobleman of that planet, either to try and discredit them or to distract them and the other nobles from some nefarious plot. And pretty much only one of them can compete in the nobleman’s choice of contest. Archery. Of course Hunk, the pure ray of sunshine that he is, immediately tells Shiro to choice Lance to do this. Shiro is a bit apprehensive about it at first, not sure how well Lance is with a bow like he is with a gun, but he agrees and lets Lance compete, even though there are some nay-sayers(cough cough-Keith and Pidge-cough). Anyways, the contest is that both contestants must start at a certain distance from the target and with each hit, they have to move farther back, first person to miss the target loses. So they get underway, and Lance is just slaying the nobleman, who is starting to struggle. But Lance sees something is off, and immediately puts two and two together, so instead of the next arrow hitting the target, Lance takes out the Assassin trying to take out one of the royal family.(which Is even farther away from the target, Lance got like eagle eyes, nothing gets past him) of course, there is some panic when this happens but once everyone pieces it together, the nobleman is arrested and Lance didn’t just save a planet’s monarchy, he proved to his entire team that he really is their sharpshooter.

Wow, this got way longer than I thought. I just love these au/headcanons so much! So, if you guys have any questions pertaining to this ^ or to any other au’s I have made, or if you want to give me an idea for an au, please feel free to send an ask! I’m always looking for new ideas for au’s! Again, thank you @plouffe-dans-leau for sending the idea!






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oh my god I’ve spent four months on this hellsite and I can‘t believe that 100 people let alone 1000 people decided to give me and this blog a follow. what is wrong with you all? the past few months have been one hell of a ride with lots of screaming that dan and phil caused me to do, but i’m glad that along the way I’ve made such a good connection with so many wonderful people that like to scream along with me. thanks for putting up with my extreme demon phannie moments, shitposts and the occasional very dirty humor. I was debating whether I should do a ff or this because I’ve met so many new people since my last one when I hit 200 but I wanted to do something new so without further ado here’s what you need to do if you want a blograte:


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hi friends!!!

so i just recently hit 33k, which is absolutely insane!!!! i will forever be grateful to anybody who has and will ever follow me!!!! so to thank you guys, i thought i would do some url graphics!

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i’m not sure how many i will make, but i will try to do as many as i can!

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I’ll Be Your Eyes // A Phan One-Shot

Also slightly based on this tweet:

Genre: floof

Words: 2.6k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: swearing

Summary: Dan and Phil go to a little get-together with some of Phil’s mates from school.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a "Giving a blowjob to Dan would include:" ??

Might as well do both because I know I’m going to be asked for both.


  • It almost always starts with you just brushing your hand up his thigh trying to be sweet.
  • Dan kissing up along your neck while you try to hold back a smile.
  • “I’m thinking you and me and.” “And what Mr Howell?”
  • Dan pulling you along by the wrist to the bedroom.
  • “Have I mentioned I’m kinda obsessed with you?” “Well yes but I like to hear it.”
  • “You have been really stressed and kinda annoying lately. How about a little stress relieving?”
  • Giving a little push to make dan sit in the chair.
  • Trying to make quick work of this button and zipper but becoming frustrated so Dan just does it for you.
  • His already slightly hardening cock springing free.
  • Dan not being able to keep from letting a moan out when you run your tongue along his slit to collect his precum.
  • Dan brushing your hair out of your face smiling when he can see your pretty face.
  • Letting out so many swears from not only you sucking and pumping him but also from the light squeezes to his balls.
  • Needing to close his eyes and focus on not cumming too fast.
  • Begging to cum in your mouth. 
  • Taking everything in him not to buck his hips to further himself in your mouth. 
  • Swallowing all of his cum not only because you love it but because you love his face as he watches you do so. 
  • Dan mumbling how wonderful and beautiful you are as he pulls you up for a kiss. 
  • So many cuddles as the two of you rest in his post-orgasm bliss.


  • Phil being antsy all day. 
  • “What’s with you love?” “Don’t know, just not feeling myself.” 
  • Realising that it has been a while since the two of you had been intimate. Phil doesn't really enjoy masturbating so he is a bit overdue of some him time.
  • “Phil. Please let me take care of you. You deserve it.” 
  • Phil fighting with you and then finally giving in because the both of you know he needs it.
  • Skipping down the hall pulling him along. 
  • Phil leaning against the headboard on the bed as you make quick work of his pants. 
  • Phil releasing a quiet but audible “Fuck.”
  • Licking up from the base to his tip looking up at him as looks down at you with such lust in his eyes. 
  • His northern accent coming out.
  • “God Love, Not gonna last long with ya.”
  • trying to find his words in asking for you to play with his balls but ends up just taking your free hand oh his thigh to him.
  • Phil wanting to hold your hair out of your face but he keeps tugging and letting little pieces fall out of his hold. 
  • Even when you’re sucking him off he still runs his thumb lightly over your cheek in a loving sweet moment.
  • “Please let me cum in your mouth.” 
  • When you release little moans he can’t help himself from the vibrations.
  • When Phil does cum him just saying your name over and over again.
  • After he finishes he just repeats thank yous over and over again as he cuddles you.

Ahh!!! First time posting. I’m 12 so don’t hurt me >:(((. ( yes I’m actually 12 haha) anyways I love you Dan and Phil!!!! When I’m older I wanna become a professional animater and make movies if I can, and I’m currently trying to work on that dream right now!! I even want to make a movie or animated film about Dan and Phil when I’m older!!! They inspired me so much and help me through really hard times in my life and make me smile when no one else can <3!!! Just so you know this was not my idea!!! I just drew it that’s all, I’m drawing Phil next. If the original idea creater isn’t fine with this I’ll take it off. Anyways yess I am looking forward to posting here more if I can. Again thank you so much Dan and Phil for never giving up and making not just mine but a whole lot of other people’s day better. @danielhowell @amazingphil


Yesterday I hit 1k followers, which is so mindblowing for me, because I run this blog for only 7 months and I never thought that I will gain that many, but here we are!I appreciate and love all of you so so much, for sticking around with me for that long, it means a lot!!

So, I decided to make a follow forever, where I will basically tag some really nice people which I love and appreciate, to say thanks!

I can’t tag all my mutuals bc it would have been huge, sorry, but if I am following you and you are not here ily ♡

Also, my loves @therealjacksepticeye , @danisnotonfire , @amazingphil

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Wet dreams and Nightmares || Dan Howell

A/N: I did not forget about this request. I really liked the idea and finally got to write it after I finished my series. Thank you to whoever requested this, I hope you like this. Part TWO

Word Count: 1.3K


There was a soft knock on the door. It was meant for only me to hear.  

“Come in.” I said. My voice was still rough since the knocking had just woken me from my sleep.

The door opened and there she stood in only an oversized t-shirt that stopped mid-thigh. There was light coming from the hallway but as soon as she entered my room the darkness swallowed her. It took a moment for me to realise that this was real and not just a dream.

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” she shyly asked, wiping a strand of her hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear.

I swallowed hard before I nodded. Seconds later she lied down on the bed next to me and I felt her cold feet touch my warm ones. I let her have half of my blanket.

“Bad dream again?” I asked as she wrapped her arm around my upper body.

It was not the first time that something like this has happened. She’d been having bad dreams a lot recently and whenever she had another nightmare she’d knock on my door and ask if she could stay in my bed. It was nothing weird for us to do. I have been sharing an apartment with her and Phil for almost a year now. We were best friends and sleep overs are not unusual for best friends. That’s at least what I have been telling myself all the time. But in reality I was weirdly used to sharing a bed with her and waking up next to Y/N now.  It was almost strange when she wasn’t there in the morning.

“Yes, that tall giant just won’t stop chasing me.” She groaned and hugged me a little bit tighter as she probably replayed her nightmare in her head again.

“Thank you for letting me stay in your bed, Dan.” She whispered. I felt her warm breath fan my naked shoulder and suddenly I realised that it was a bad idea to not wear a t-shirt and just sleep in my boxers.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. It’s no problem.” I assured her and hoped that she wouldn’t notice the goose bumps her warm breath had caused on my naked skin.

It was true, I didn’t mind her staying over at all, but lately I started having dreams too. They weren’t nightmares but nevertheless I’d wake up sweating anyway. Those dreams made it very difficult for me to differentiate between reality and my dreams especially when she was lying in the bed next to me.  

“Goodnight, Dan.” she yawned as her eyes were falling close.

“Goodnight.” I mumbled and hugged her back before closing my eyes. Yes, we cuddled. I was always the big spoon. That was a perfectly normal thing that all friends would do. There was nothing unusual about best friends that cuddled nearly every night. That’s what I have been telling myself at least, but her body warmth and the smell of her hair was weirdly familiar to me and somehow I would always sleep better when I was sharing a bed with her.

It didn’t take long until she was sound asleep, her head resting on my shoulder. After taking a quick glance at her peaceful face I entered the land of dreams only to wake up again at 4am. I only realised that so much time had passed because the room wasn’t pitch black anymore. I didn’t know why I suddenly woke up from my dream, maybe Y/N had hit me with her elbow in her sleep. After rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I discovered that she was actually awake and staring at me. The look on her face was a mixture of surprise and embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” I asked confused, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Nothing.” She was quick to answer as a blush crept onto her cheeks.

“Are you sure because your face is telling me otherwise.” I responded, knowing that she was not telling the truth. I knew her well enough to know when she was lying.

“Did you have another bad dream?” I asked carefully, worried about her.

She slowly shook her head. “It wasn’t my dream…” she mumbled emphasizing the ‘my’.

My eyes widened in shook. “Wait a second. I- uhm I.“ I stuttered the images of the dream I just had floating back into my mind.

It was the kind of dream I’ve been talking about earlier. While Y/N suffered from nightmares I was having wet dreams. During the day I tried to convince myself that we were just friends, but during the night my mind wasn’t in denial anymore. My ears became red from embarrassment.

“You talked in your sleep.” Y/N told me, hiding her face behind her hair.

‘Please let this be a dream.’ I pleaded but after I blinked a few times the scenery in front of me hadn’t changed.

There was a lot of moaning happening in my dream and I wondered if I maybe even moaned her name. I was too embarrassed to ask her, but the look on her face gave away the answer to my unasked question anyway.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. It won’t happen again. I just- I don’t even know.” I waffled awkwardly, scratching the back of my neck.

“It’s no big deal, Dan. One can’t control one’s dreams, right? Let’s just go back to sleep and forget about it.” Y/n suggested.

I quickly agreed, flipped my pillow to the cool side and closed my eyes again. It was obviously an impossibility that I would be able to fall asleep again after moaning my best friend’s name in my sleep while she was in the bed next to me. It was even worse that this was not the first time that I had dreamed of her sexually. Let’s forget about it. I wish I could forget about it. I wish I could look at her the same way I look at all of my other friends. I wish I could say that cuddling with her didn’t mean anything to me. I wish I could stop remembering every detail about her and getting excited whenever I spend time with her. I wish I could stop wishing for her to come over in the middle of the night just because I didn’t want to sleep without her anymore. I just couldn’t.

“Y/N?” I carefully asked to check of she was still awake.

“Yes, Dan.” She immediately answered to my surprise. It almost looked like she couldn’t sleep anymore either.

“Do we have to forget about it?” I asked her and my heart was daring to jump out of my chest.

She turned around so she could face me and lifted her body up on her elbow.

“Dan, what do you mean?” she wanted to know, confused by my words that were not making any sense to her.

“What if I don’t want to be just friends?”

My question was followed by a long pause. Maybe the silence wasn’t actually that long, but it sure seemed like an eternity to me.

“Wait. Dan..” she seemed almost speechless.

I was about to hold a speech about how I know that my confession was a bit sudden and that I have been catching myself thinking about her all the time, but she was the first to say something again.

“Are you serious?” she wanted to know and looked at me intensively.

“One hundred percent.” I assured her, wondering where this was going.

“Then I might have a confession to make also.” She bit her bottom lip nervously before she continued.

“After I had the first nightmare and you let me sleep over, I faked having those bad dreams just so I could come over and cuddle with you.”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (to change a life)

Words: 10.3k

Genre: fluff

Warnings: little bit of swearing, homophobia, (light) drinking mentions

Description: Dan Howell is a rising star in theatre, Phil Lester is an actor acclaimed by the audience and the critique. They both get a role in the same play.

Read on AO3

A/N: apologies for any typos or mistakes made, I’ve read it over too many times and don’t notice them anymore. Shoutout to @palephantom for letting me rant endlessly about this without hating me! 

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hiiii! i’m looking for friends, because i’m lonelyyy. please reblog if you want to, because maybe this will help more people find friends, and not just me! thank you! i’m a part of these fandoms btw, if that helps haha

•Marzia Bisognin
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•Dodie Clark/doddleoddle
•Liza Koshy
•Melanie Martinez

feel free to message me anytime! actually, please do :D thank you once again! :)

A Mutual Agreement // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, domestic fluff

Words: 2.6k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: alcohol, swearing, mentions of sex

Summary: Those nights when Dan and Phil have nothing going on are the best nights. / A.k.a. an unnecessarily fluffy fic.

A/N: This is in celebration of getting 2000 followers! I hope you all enjoy this insanely fluffy fic that I wrote at 11:30 last night lol 

I might make a part 2 to this sometime in the future (and you’ll understand why when you read the fic :D)

I hope you enjoy, and once again, thank you for 2000 followers!

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Get Me Sick

“ I’m sorry Dan but I’m not going to make it today” you apologized over the phone to friend who you were meant to be going to the movies with in a few hours.

“What!? Why!?” He exclaimed in return.

“I’m really sick, I’ve got the flu or something so I just need to stay home. I’m so sorry Daniel” through the scratchiness of your sick voice, guilt was also evident. Nothing felt worse than cancelling on someone last minute, especially a close friend.

“Oh, that’s no good then. Don’t worry about it at all, you just get some rest and feel better soon” Dan replied sympathetically.

You thanked Dan for being so understanding before saying your goodbyes and hanging up.

Almost moments after putting the phone down you were asleep. You had been getting fevers, hot to cold, cold to hot, your body could not make a decision which caused you to toss and turn in your sleep, often waking yourself up. When that wasn’t bothering you, the dry and scratchy coughs did. Your throat was in agony, every cough feeling like you were swallowing a knife.

“Wow, you move a lot in your sleep.” A voice came from nowhere causing you to shoot up from the bed in shock. You placed your hand on your chest and breathed out a sigh of relief when you find Daniel smirking in the doorway of your room.

“What the hell, Dan!” you attempt to yell at the well known intruder, however it sounded more like a hiss.

“Don’t shoot me, I come with gifts” Dan says, lifting a plastic bag that was hanging from his grip.

Dan ended up ordering you back to bed while he went and “prepared some things.” Which in all honesty, only frightened you. You decided to pull up a movie on your laptop, assuming that Dan would be sticking around for a while. About 10 minutes later Dan returned to your room, accompanied by a bottle of water, some cold and flu tablets, box of tissues, throat lozenges and a cup of lemsip. For such a clumsy man, you had no idea how he hadn’t dropped anything.

“Scoot over” He instructed as he balanced everything in his arms whilst climbing into the bed beside you.

He placed the mug of lemsip in your hands and placed everything else beside you. Taking a sip of the bitter drink, you couldn’t help but screw your face up in dislike which caused Dan to giggle.

“So what are we watching?” Dan questions as he places his arm around your shoulders, causing butterflies to flutter in your belly.

You were about three quarters of the way through your movie of choice when you felt your eyes growing heavy. At some point you had finished your drink and curled up into your friends side, your head resting on his chest while he ran his fingers through your hair in the most relaxing way. You realized that you really needed to thank him before you fell asleep so you craned your neck so you could look up at his face.

“Dan?” you whisper, pulling his attention from the movie.

“What’s up? Do you need something?” he questions instantly.

“No, I just wanted to thank you for all of this. It really means a lot and you really didn’t have to.”

“Of course I had to, I couldn’t let you rot away on your own. You don’t need to thank me” Dan replies cheekily, a smirk evident on his handsome face.

“Thank you” you say once again

“I said you don’t need to thank me” Dan whispers, leaning down close to your face, your noses just touching.

“Dan, you’ll get sick” you whisper back, a big smile on your face as you now learn that he cares just as much as you do about him.

“For the love of god, please get me sick” Dan says with a small laugh before he connects your lips in a soft yet passion filled kiss.

Needless to say, you both ended up cuddled up together in your bed for the next few days, both sick and Dan couldn’t be happier.