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all the awards, holy hell, @bluestale hell yes hell YES HC ACCEPTED

i literally dropped the animation i was working on because i got emotional just reading your message earlier today at the memories of that song - then i listened to it, and immediately doomed myself - soooo here, here you all go, please join me in having feelings about Blue?? it’s a storyboard-style video but i had to do something with all of these feelings aw geez.

(also go listen to the full song here if you haven’t heard it)

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EXO's reaction to you bringing them and the other members (And staff) homemade cookies during practice.


He’d be beside himself, the two of you were definitely a power could in the sweetest way possible. With him the leader and you basically the boys mom away from mom he’d be so happy. You were actually the sweetest person he had ever met and you showing up randomly just proved that. He’d thank you with a tight hug as he passed the containers out to the boys and would invite you to stay while they took a short break to enjoy the treat you had made. When  it came time for you to leave he’d make sure everyone stood and thanked you properly for your kindness. 

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He’d be concerned to see you at first since you never showed up to his practiced unannounced unless there was an emergency. But when you opened the door and made your way in carrying enough treats to feed an army he’d laugh and point you out to everyone, making sure they all knew it was his girlfriend who was kind enough to make homemade cookies for everyone. He’d kiss you and would ask you to stay and would pout when you said you couldn’t, but he’d still tell you how great you were quietly before sending you off.

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He’d be so excited that you had taken time out of your day to do something nice for the boys, even if you knew he probably wouldn’t eat too many of them. He would, though, scold you since he knew you were just procrastinating not doing your work. When he called you out for that and you made a dash for the door he’d laugh at you and run to catch up so he could kiss you bye and thank you again for the cookies. 

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He’d make the most noise. He’d call your name as you tried to open the door, he’d scream when he noticed what you were carrying and he’d tell everyone over and over that you had baked for them out of the kindness of your heart because you were the best girlfriend ever. He’d make you stay while they snacked and would be over the top complimenting you on your baking abilities while making everyone else also compliment you, mainly in hope that this became a new habit of yours. 

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He’d lay on the floor and smile at you, waiting for the rest of the boys to finish attacking you to open his arms and wait for you to come sit with him. He wouldn’t get any straight away so he could sit there and talk to you, but the moment he heard that they were still warm he’d spring up and grab a few before coming back over to you. He’d pinch your cheeks and ask you how you got so sweet before talking you in to watching them finish with practice. 

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He’d try to push through the heard of boys to get to you, yelling and kicking out as he reached you to wrap his arms around your shoulders and protect the treats so you could actually walk into the room and set them down. He wouldn’t let do of you after that, making you either hold his hand as you sat against the wall together or in front of him so he could wrap his arms around your shoulders. 

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He’d blush and look down realizing it was you walking through the doors while announcing you had treats for the boys. He’d smile as you sat them down and walked over to him to give him a short hello peck. He’d continue to stand back as you turned to pass the cookies out to everyone and wouldn’t walk forward until you called his name and held out some for him. He’d sit extremely close to you as the group sat in a circle and talked, smiling more because you were thinking about him and the boys then the fact that you had brought cookies. 

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He’d be so surprised to see you that he wouldn’t even noticed you had treats for everyone and that they were heavy. He’d hug you and ignore your calling as you tried to tell him you had things in the bag you were holding. He’d walk away clueless and you’d have to pass the bag off to another boy who came to help you, thanking him and shaking your head as you turned to unload the containers onto the nearest table. When he finally got the idea that you had actually baked for him he’d ask you a bunch of questions to the point where you had to put your hand over his mouth and tell him to just eat a damn cookie.

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He’d smile and greet you like all the other boys would, mainly so he wouldn’t be teased for thinking you were just the cutest thing. When all the boys were distracted he’d walk over and put his hands on the table and lean over so he could be eye level with you. He’d quietly talked to you, thank you for the cookies and telling you how sweet you were for doing that for all the boys, blushing as you said sweet words back to him. 

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I feel really happy ^-^

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Could you write a cs neighbours au? make it super fluffy!!!

I’m so, so sorry that this took so long, lovely! I tried to make it as fluffy as possible for you, though, so I hope that you enjoy it!


It started with sugar. She had literally just finished unpacking the last of her – admittedly few – boxes when she heard a knock at the door of her apartment. Grumbling to herself how she couldn’t get a moment of peace and quiet she dragged her exhausted body (she may not have had a lot, but moving was still hard) to the door, not even bothering to check the peephole before wrenching it open. She had a whole string of curses lined up on her tongue for whoever stood on the other side, but when she was faced with a pair of startlingly blue eyes, every single rebuke died on her tongue.

The man standing on the other was attractive. Even in her tired state, she could admit that. His dark hair sat messily atop his head, and a smattering of three-day scruff covered his strong jaw. While he wasn’t a particularly big guy, the tightness of his t-shirt and jeans indicated that he was very much in shape. But as attractive as he was, she couldn’t stop her gaze from being drawn back to his blue eyes.

“Sorry to bother you, love,” he said timidly, breaking her out of her perusal of his face. “But I was wondering if you might have some sugar I could borrow?” he said, as his right hand lifted up to scratch behind his ear.

At those words she froze, feeling her anger coming back in full force. He obviously didn’t need sugar, he was just trying to flirt. Of course someone as attractive as him would think that a new neighbor moving in would be a perfect opportunity to try and get laid.

“Look, buddy,” she said, her tone short and clipped. “I wasn’t born yesterday. I know what this is. But I’m not interested in flirting with you or doing anything else with you for that matter. So why don’t you take your ‘sugar’,” she said, making air-quotes with her fingers, “excuse and go hit on somebody else?” she finished, breathing heavily. For a moment, she considered slamming the door in his face but decided she’d rather wait to see his reaction.

For a moment he looked taken aback, but his expression quickly morphed from one of mortification to one of calmness. “I’m not trying to hit on you, love,” he said evenly. “I’m babysitting my niece, you see, and she wanted to bake cookies. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough sugar to get the job done. I tried some other people I know in the building, but they either weren’t home or didn’t have any.”

Listening to his explanation, Emma felt her face going red. “One second,” she said, before turning around and rushing off towards the kitchen. Not giving herself a chance to think about it, she grabbed a whole bag sugar before rushing back to the door and practically throwing it into his hands.

“Hope you have fun with your niece,” she squeaked out before slamming the door in his face. She could tell he was still there and wondered if he would knock again, but eventually, she heard the sound of retreating footsteps, leaving her to wallow in her embarrassment alone.


Later that night, she heard another knock on the door. She opened it to see a tupperware filled with chocolate chip cookies sitting on the ground, a sticky note pasted on top of it. She reached down to pick it up and brought it back inside. She set the container down on the counter and peeled the sticky note off.

My niece and I seemed to find ourselves with an abundance of sugar this afternoon, the note read. We baked a few more cookies than was necessary, so I wanted to give them to you to let you know that there’s no hard feelings about earlier.

Emma groaned. She had hoped that if she ignored the situation, everything would fizzle out and she could just ignore him like she usually ignored her neighbors. But she couldn’t do that now. Not without seeming like a much worse person than she actually was. She would have to apologize, and it would have to be good.


The next day, she stood at his door, a tin of cupcakes balanced in her had. When he opened the door, she saw a huge smile spread across his face.

“Hello, love!” he said, and she hoped that the hesitant smile that spread across his face meant that he truly wasn’t angry with her. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I wanted to thank you for the cookies,” she said, feeling her face heating up again. “And to say sorry for being so prickly with you yesterday,” she continued, holding the tin of cupcakes out to him.

He chuckled as he took the tin from her. “As I said in my note, there’s no hard feelings,” he said good-naturedly. “My name’s Killian, by the way. And yours?”

“Emma. Emma Swan.”

“Swan,” he said slowly as if testing out the way the name sounded on his tongue. “I quite like that.”

“Thanks,” she replied, feeling her blush go even deeper. “But yeah, I just wanted to let you know why I was so short with you yesterday. It’s no excuse really, but I’d just moved in and I was really tired from hauling everything up the stairs.”

He laughed again. “That’s completely understandable, Swan. But if you really want to make it up to me, do me one favor?”

“Sure,” she said.

“Let me take you to dinner,” he said. “Not as a date,” he continued, seeing the shocked expression that she knew must be covering her face. “Just as friends and to get to know my new neighbor.”

“Okay,” she replied. “Just as long as we’re clear this isn’t a date.”

“Of course, Swan,” he said. “You have nothing to worry about from me; I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”


They went out to a pizza place down the street, and during the entire dinner – true to his word – he was nothing less than a gentleman. The conversation flowed easily and Emma found herself having more fun than she had had in a long time. At times, she almost found herself disappointed that it wasn’t a date.

When they got back to the building he walked with her to her door. “Well, Swan, I hope you had just as much fun as I did tonight and that we can go forward as friends,” he said, holding out his hand.

Emma stared at his outstretched hand, her heart and her mind warring against each other. In a split second, the former won out, and she blurted out “Go out with me!”

“What?” Killian asked, his outstretched hand still hanging in the air.

I know I said I wasn’t here to flirt or anything. But you seem like a really good guy. Would you want to go out with me?“

“Are you sure, love,” he asked?

“Yes,” she replied.

“In that case, can I…?” he said, lifting his hand slightly as if to cup her cheek.

“Yes,” she said again, leaning her cheek into his palm and closing her eyes. They both leaned forward, and their lips met in a gentle whisper of a kiss.

“Well, Swan,” Killian said as they pulled apart, “I know you only just asked me out, but it appears as though we may have already had our first date.”

“Oh, shut up,” she said as she leaned in again.

Elaborate Lives snippet

    Peeta smoothed his hand over his hair as he walked up to the front steps of Katniss’s house. He raised his hand to knock, but the door flew open.

    Katniss laughed. “Sorry. I’ve never been on a real date before, I’m a little anxious.”

    He smiled confidently. “Well, I’m here.” He held out the bouquet of flowers made out of cookies. “The gentleman in me wanted to bring flowers, but the baker in me said cookies.”

    She laughed again. “Thank you. I’ll go put them in a glass of milk.”

Let’s Play

“Come… Let’s Play A Little Game! It’s called ‘You’ll Be With Me Forever"

Relationship: Yandere

Fandom: DC

Character: Dick Grayson

Ever since Artemis sent him this Let’s Play youtube channel he had been in love with you. Your smile, your laugh, you as a whole he loved. He watched every video, and livestream even became a mod in your chat on Twitch. You relied on him to deal with chat when you were busy playing games. When you tweeted that you would be going to a gaming convention in Gotham he instantly DM you. Saying that you should both meet up. You happy agreed wanted to meet the person that help controlled you chat when you weren’t looking. Dick quickly bought tickets to the con.

It wasn’t hard to find you at the convention, they had given you a booth so you were there selling a limited edition shirt, signing things, meeting and greeting fans. Dick watched for a bit as you talked with some fans. A young girl walked up to you she looked to be twelve and scared to death to talk with you. Her parents pushed you forward till she finally gave you something. It looked to be cookies, you opened the bag and looked at them. Taken a bit you smiled brightly, moving behind the booth you knelt down and hugged the girl. The girl’s parents bought a shirt and you signed it thanking the girl once again for the cookies. Some more people passed till Dick walked over to your booth.

“Hello. Hello,” You said your well-known intro to most of your videos. “How can I help you today sir?” Your eyes then narrowed onto him. “Wait a minute are you?” You pulled your phone out and after a few taps held it up. Looking between the phone and him you gasped.

“Birdy!” You smiled as Dick chuckled.

“You can just call me Dick from now on. Come over to see if you wanted to get lunch.”


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Seokjin Scenario: Azucarado.

Request: I am requesting a scenario when he is super shy to ask you out and one day when the reader is working at the coffee shop a random guy comes in and ask her out before Jin but she rejects him because before he came in she was making something for Jin to ask him out. At the end they are together and Jin is there when he asks!

Genre: Fluff

The smell of freshly ground coffee filled the entirety of the place, there was also the sweet smell of the desserts and different blends that that particular coffee shop served. Its name was pure sugar and Seokjin wasn’t even sure how to pronounce it properly, the decorations with a mixture of pastel and bright colors added to the overall soft and welcoming atmosphere.

Jin looked down at the smiley bear adorning the surface of his hazelnut macchiato and smiled back at it, it was just cute, as simple as that, and he only started to pay attention to such adorable things after he started visiting that coffee shop and you did it for him.

–I hope you like it – you said, and Jin was dead sure he was going to like the coffee, he always did. As he was sure too that he liked you, the amazing coffee wasn’t the only reason why he kept coming back to that place. –Enjoy –

Seokjin looked at you smiling at him like you always did, there was something about you that was captivating beyond words, his eyes were always on you, on your lips when you wished good morning to him, on your pretty delicate hands while you prepared his order and handed it to him, on the coquettish way the turquoise skirt of your uniform swayed along with the feminine movement of your hips while walking. Everything about you was attractive, and god, was he weak for you.

You were still standing in front of his table and the words were entangled on his tongue, sometimes he felt like a fumbling teenager in front of you, way too nervous to say something nearly coherent, was he ever going to ask you out? Probably not if his tongue kept being so shy and lost in front of all your beauty.

–Thanks Y/N…– he murmured and was rewarded with a gorgeous smile from you so he looked down, taking a sip form his coffee and promptly burning his tongue while simultaneously trying to pretend he was the most collected guy in the entire world, one that was grateful you couldn’t hear the savage ruckus of his heart in that moment.

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“hi we’re neighbours and omg are you alright i could smell cookingburning - whoaaa now that’s just embarrassing? step aside i’ll handle this”

when the fire alarm finally turns off, sakura lowers the towel she’d been using to fan away the smoke and turns to him. 

“hey, sasuke,” she greets.

but sasuke is too busy looking at the chunks of char that were supposed to be the shortbread cookies his mother loved. he wanted to surprise her with them when he went home for the holidays and he might have wanted to impress sakura with them as well. he pokes one gingerly and it crumbles into a mess of black. 

when she giggles, he finally looks up at her. his ears burn red and he frowns because when the hell did she get there?

“sorry,” she says. “i could smell something burning and got concerned when you didn’t open the door so i let myself in.” she blushes and plays with the hem of her pretty red dress. “i hope you don’t mind…”

“it’s fine,” he replies, sounding angrier than he actually is because of the cookies and the butterflies in his stomach and the flush he can’t seem to fight off. she recoils a fraction, making him wince. “er, thank you though,” he adds, “for checking on me.”

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omg guys! we made it to 300!!

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Thank you to all of you for putting up with my memeing! The last months have been quite the surprise with so many of you following and reblogging my posts asdfghjklsrtdfgh this blog has been dead for years, it’s so good to see actual people enjoying it! 

I’d love to do something about this small milestone, but i have no idea what precisely, would any of you be interested in a q&a or a specific post / type of post maybe?

Thanks again, you all deserve cookies  <3

щ(゜ロ゜щ) I am literally in utter shock right now. I…I have never received this many thoughtful, supportive messages before. (´∀`)♡ All in one day. I would really love to answer them all, but it would take me hours. (๑・ω-)~♥” So I decided to do a shout out to the following people for being so kind and nice! For taking the time outta your days to write to me. I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Thank you guy so much for your messages. ヾ(^ ^ゞ  Each one brought a smile and some laughs to me. Folks like you are the fuel that keeps me going~♡

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*wipes the tears from laughing so much* *Gasps* Cookie!! *noms cookie* *says with full mouth* Thank you Shy!! I love you!! *noms cookie again*

*freezes, tail twitching, not sure what to say*…..*he relaxes, smiling as he pats your head and giggles* G-good thing I can do magic t-tricks then, I can make a-all the cookies I w-want, and of course….*pulls out another cookie, putting it in your hands gently* I l-love to share with o-others!~ S-so don’t be afraid to a-ask me for anything!~

nihilnarcicista-deactivated2017  asked:

Omg Camy look what I've discovered. We know about a place where Ihe comes since she was a child, right? It is called ''Sunlit Garden''(A garden illuminated by the SUN's light, or simply a garden illuminated by the SUN,right?) Actually I don't know but I do wonder what that place could be related to the Sun's card on the tarot what is related with Hide, right? We know what Hide's so clever, what if he's from there? (I think this is a speculation tbh.)

“Camy what about if the V14 is related with the Sunlit Garden? I think this is a confussion or some else(?) We’ve seen flowers than the ihe’s flashback and the V14 right? The ask here it’‘l be if that flowers are the same? This could be a big discover but it is a speculation yet.” 

Hi, hi, honey! I mixed your two asks because the main topic is the Sunlit Garden.

Yeah, the place where Hair comes from in the Sunlit Garden, and maybe is related with the Sun card, after all, that card is clever and it’s the garden of the discovery. But i don’t know how Hide fits here, because Hide never was related with the Sun card in the canon. There are theories, of course, but not a manga hint of that. The only person related with the Sun and the Sun card is actually Uta. (Even the sun is present in his mask store HySy and he has a tattoo of a sun in his chest) 

So i don’t see how Hide could be related to this (The Sunlit Garden part). If you had a hint or something that could be useful (Like i say, i’m really bad seeing numbers or things like that) Maybe Hide is involved in the Sun part, but i don’t see him as part of the Sunlit Garden, but could be a possibility tho. (Maybe that’s the place where Hide is now, who’s knows? Nothing is secure in this manga)

But the Sunlit Garden is a really interesting thing. This is the Sun card (The left is the Oswald Wirth version and the right one is the Rider’s version)

“The usual drawing for the Sun shows the children within a garden, often standing in a circle. Douglas calls this the ‘inner garden of the soul’, a feeling of purity and holiness, a new Garden of Eden. When we liberate and transform the energy locked inside us we find that the Garden of Eden was never really lost, but has always existed within us.”

And also, the “children” that was mention here is the child borned in the Tower. The children that represent our inner self. I made a little post about that here. (Is more like a ramble tho) But the children born here could be actually Chibineki. (A theory, just a theory)

So if the Sunlit Garden has to do with the Sun card is more likely that we know something about that in the Sun part, where Haise will “accept” his inner self, this little children and become one with him. Maybe after this arc, i think.

And with that i also think that we could have characters that have to do with Haise’s memories like Amon or Hide, or both. I strongly believe that Amon is more likely to show up sooner that Hide, because his importance to the plot is being hinted since chapter 12. And now, Haise and Kaneki think that Amon is dead and is their fault. So that will be a great opportunity to Amon and his power as a key for him.

So yeah, maybe in the next arc (or the end of this) we’ll have something about the Sunlit Garden, Amon and maybe, just maybe Hide. 

And the V14 topic. well, that’s odd. Look.

I really doubt that the V14 is related to the Sunlit Garden but, i do think that this shows us that maybe is common see Arima surrounded with flowers (Well, the first one they are not “flowers”, are bodies. So who say that the last one is something like that too?)

Maybe if there a hint of Arima being in a garden. Arima is the CCG death god, and the Gods tend to be in Gardens, so that will be not weird. And they look as the same flowers too. Maybe because the two of them are dead bodies in reality? Arima is surrounded by dead bodies and in the way that Ishida put this maybe they look as flowers, in the two scenes. That could make sense.

anonymous asked:

So my mom tried to kill herself about a month ago and I read her some of your poetry after she woke up from her coma. She cried multiple times (not a bad thing) and I just want to thank you for having the mind that you do. We noticed that some of your work is extremely sad and my mom wanted me to tell you, "It's not worth it, being sad or early death. It really isn't a way out, it's just giving death the cookies you earned." Thanks again love xx

That is absolutely amazing. I hope both you and your mother are doing better, because you both deserve that. I’m so happy to hear that I was able to impact both of your lives. Your mother sounds like an extremely strong woman, and I am proud of her~