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I can always use more Naegiri. What about a DR3 setting where its canon that Kirigiri's forbidden action is talking to Naegi.

A/N an angstier twist to this can be found here

This one is more lighthearted somewhat

Kirigiri’s NG code is “can’t talk to Naegi” Naegiri

Kirigiri couldn’t talk to Naegi.

Well it was more accurate to say that she’s forbidden from doing so. Technically, she could still talk to him however she’s almost certain that no words would be worth the poison. Almost. There’s always the possibility where she will need to speak and put his life above hers but for now she tried not to think about it. At the very least, she’s grateful that she got a fairly easy NG code to follow.

Easy yet downright frustrating.

Granted that she wasn’t the conversational type but still, losing the ability to properly converse with the one she trusted the most in this trying time, in her whole life in fact, was more devastating than she thought as a handicap. And while her NG code forbade her from “just talking” she couldn’t take the risk of writing messages instead unless she wanted her assumption to be proven wrong with her early demise. This forbidden rule was troublesome.

It had a lot of demerits.

“You still won’t talk to me.” Her companion sullenly said.

Miscommunication was among the list.

“Is that because of your NG code?” Makoto asked but her lips were sealed. 

As much as she wanted to answer, she just couldn’t. She was afraid that even the slightest nod was enough to count as a form of talking. So she stayed silent and unresponsive.

He just shook his head. “Nevermind. If it is about your NG code then don’t answer that.”

She didn’t plan to anyways.

“Well this brings back memories.”  He chuckled meekly. “Remember that one time when you didn’t talk to me at all?”

Of course she did. It was during their time locked up in that school and she was so upset with him that she avoided him the whole time. It was an unpleasant memory for both of them.

“At least this time I know it isn’t intentional.” He joked to lighten the mood.

She couldn’t help but internally giggle at his efforts. Even during this whole nightmare, he was still so full of light and it was contagious.

“Hey, can I hold your hand?” He asked all of a sudden.

She couldn’t refuse him. Nor could she accept his offer.

“Just dodge my hand if you can’t or don’t want to.” He said understandingly as he proceeded to take one of her hands in his.

He gave it a light reassuring squeeze.

“Everything will be okay. Eventually. We’ve overcome this before and we can do it again.” He said it full of determination and trust and a little bit of something else as well. He smiled fondly at her. “Together. Just like always.”

She wanted to tell him something she couldn’t. So for now she settled with just squeezing his hand and hopefully he’d understand what she wanted to say.

Their fingers simultaneously intertwined.

Kirigiri couldn’t talk to Naegi but there’s more to communication than just using words.

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Do you happen to know if bts have had their first kiss yet? I love your blog a lot i wish i was as cool as you

They’ve never said it, but I’m 99.9% sure they all have. Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jungkook (he was quite young and mentioned it briefly on AHL) have confirmed dating before. Jimin hasn’t said a thing but there are leaked photos (just search them on Twitter) of his younger self with a girl during Christmas and they don’t look platonic. Tae also has a past photo with a girl at a café, but nobody knows who she really was. Jin is in his 20′s and handsome so I doubt he’s been single his entire life. 

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Hinanami & Naekusaba. Double Date. Naegi and Hinata hit it off. Chiaki and Murkuro discuss FPS (First Person Shooters). Fluff.

A/N Double OTP? But not quite? You got me there.

Double Date Hinanami Naekusaba or is it?

It’s a date. A double date. But somehow the pairings aren’t quite as expected.

They planned this out together and it was all going according to the plan until they reached the second half of the day and probably also the highlight of their activities. Once they got to the arcade, they split… just not how it was supposed to be. The girls went off first as they headed straight for the shooter game so the guys were left behind to try all the other games.

Hinata and Naegi were hitting it off at the snowboarding simulator.

“You’re pretty good at this, Hinata.” Naegi said in awe as he tried to catch up.

“That’s because I’ve got a lot of experience.” Hinata replied as he smoothly glided left. “You’re actually not so bad. Is this really your first time playing this?”

“Yeah, and I have no idea what I’m doing.” Naegi chuckled weakly as he struggled with the board yet somehow he was second place.

As soon as he said that, a miracle happened.

“Holy shit! You just pulled off the toughest turn in this track!” Hinata swore out loud as he watched in awe at the avatar. “That’s freaking awesome!”

“Did I just do that?” Naegi innocently asked. “Must be luck.”

“Of course it’s luck.” Hinata scoffed as he looked at Naegi challenging him. “Because I won’t let a noob beat me at this.”

“Challenge accepted.“ Naegi smirked back.

Meanwhile, Nanami and Ikusaba were camping at the FPS game.

“You’d make a fine marksman in the field.” Ikusaba said appreciatively.

“As expected of a soldier, you’re good even in-game.” Nanami complimented her back as they both took down more enemies.

They were playing versus mode and the winner was determined by the number of kills. So far they both passed the highscore and were tied. Even as they finished the game, it still ended as a tie. It wasn’t disappointing at all not when the two were impressed with each other. They finally found themselves a worthy rival at least in this field and they were going to make the most out of it.

“Second round?” Ikusaba offered with a challenging glint in her eyes.

“Second round.” Nanami agreed with determination. “Highest difficulty.”

And so the two continued to bond over the FPS.

Overall, this double date was a success. Best date ever. 

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I know you already wrote me something buuut i am greedy, am i? And i also think the whole fandom need some serious fluff, so: Survivors ensemble, Makoto wants to try an Escape room with everyone. Things didn't go as planned; Naegiri, Makoto download a mmo and Kyouko tries to play. Too bad she really suck at it but she will never admit it (but poor Naegi knows...). Obvs you can chose wich one you prefer! *coff*ihaventforgottentodrawTogamiVSnormalchores*coff*

A/N it’s cool, homie. I’m okay with more than one requests! Especially since they’re good ones! So let’s add this one to the list.

The Original 6 Survivors Seek a Way Out!

“This is a stupid game. I refuse to participate in wasting my time.” Togami barked his flat out rejection to their proposal.

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun.” Naegi urged him on.

“Yeah, just give it shot, Togamichi!” Hagakure insisted.

“If m-master says so then I’ll pass too.” Fukawa stammered her refusal as well.

“But Fukawa, you’re going to miss out on all the fun.” Asahina pouted at her.

“I doubt it.” Fukawa scoffed and then gave a scanting glance at the other person in the room. “And what is SHE doing here? She’s a walking cheatsheet!”

All eyes turned to the one person who hasn’t spoken the whole time.

“Don’t worry. I’m just here for moral support.” Kirigiri dismissively said and then added the next with an impish smile. “Or whenever you need a hint.”

That struck a certain someone’s nerve.

“Are you saying we can’t do this on our own?” Togami raised his chin and his voice as well.

“Well you haven’t proven otherwise yet.” She smirked.

He slammed his hands onto the table. “That’s it. I shall show you the true prowess of the esteemed Togami bloodline!”

“I-I’ll help out too, master!” Fukawa piped in ever supportive of him as always.

And with that, all the players have assembled.

“Great! Then that means we’re all playing!” Naegi announced with a smile.

The group enthusiastically cheered, well the loud ones did and the other half was silently excited.

While the others were busy setting up the game on the computer, Naegi inched closer to the other person who wasn’t busy. He discreetly whispered to her, “Thanks, Kirigiri.”

“No problem.” She replied with a small smile of hers as she flipped her hair. “Besides, it’ll be entertaining to watch you solve this without me.”

One open Escape the Room game and several clicks later…

“What about this one?”

“Hagakure, you’ve just been clicking on everything randomly.” Naegi sighed exasperatedly.

“Isn’t that how this is played? Just click until something happens.” Hagakure said as he scratched his head in confusion. “The game must be harder than I thought since even my fortunes have a higher rate of success.”

“Yet another reminder of how much of an idiot you are.” Fukawa commented snidely.

“Oh! Try under the bed!” Asahina excitedly pointed out.

Click. Another puzzle popped up.

“Nice one, Asahina”.Naegi cheered on and they did a high five. ”Now all we need is to figure this out.”

“Isn’t it already obvious?” Togami interjected as he dramatically shouted out. “Tell them, Naegi!”

A few tense seconds of silence passed through the room.

Naegi sheepishly scratch the back of his head. “Uh… I actually have no idea.”

“It’s alright to ask for help.” Kirigiri suggested from the sidelines with a smirk.

“Shut up, bystander.” Togami barked. “Let’s try that again.” He crossed his arms only to dramatically stretch one to point and shout. “Tell them, Naegi!”

Togami never did outgrow that habit. And no, shouting did not help.

But as usual, it’s not like Naegi had a choice in this as he hesitantly accepted the responsibility to solve it. “O-okay. Well, uh… I guess…” 

He randomly typed in a few numbers. That surprisingly worked and it looked like even Togami wasn’t expecting that.  “Huh, it worked.”

And from there, everything else went smoothly until they finally escaped.

Actually, even though they may have successfully completed the game and escaped the room, Kirigiri knew better. They did it a bit in an unorthodox fashion much to their blissful ignorance. They skipped out on a LOT of steps all because of some odd mix of logic and luck as Naegi had gotten the code right and everything else followed. Well, maybe it was better for them to not know that seeing how happy they were over their achievement.

“I can’t believe we actually did it.” Naegi said in awe.

“Wow, that was harder than I thought.” Asahina remarked and then grinned happily. “But we still beat the game!” 

“Naturally we’d win. Hmph, this is just child’s play.” Togami proudly said with a smug look on his face.

“B-be grateful that m-master was here to help you!” Fukawa pointed out but her face said that she had fun as well.

“Alright! Way to go us!!” Hagakure whooped in joy.

“Good job, everyone.” Kirigiri congratulated them good-naturedly and then proceeded to clap slowly. “Break time’s over. Now let’s get back to work.”

Now if only they could escape from work just as easily as they escaped the room.

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Atem for the YGO character meme! / Especially OTP, NOTP & OT3 + Favourite card they use + Favourite moment they were in + Least favourite moment + Would I fuck, marry or kill them! So all of it xD

Oh boy

This is gonna kill me

Why I like them-

The guy is so determined and courageous. The fact that he died to protect thousands of people that he didn’t even know and that he takes his position as a leader and protector so deep to the heart has struck me so bad. He was barely 15 when it all happened, and he still took all the weight on his shoulders and erased his own existence to keep everyone else safe. I love how he tries to help everyone as much as he can while the person who needs it the most is himself, considering his situation. In the beginning, he had no idea of who he was or who he should be, and supposed that he was just a part of Yugi. The fact that he slowly realized that he isn’t, and didn’t run away from this truth like most characters did was so… amazing. He existed in a world that he didn’t belong to, and did his best to help everyone there as long as he could, even when no one even believed that he actually existed. That takes courage. He faced everything that fate thrown on him without trying to go back on his decisions or run away. I admire this so much and crave to be just a bit more like him someday.

Why I don’t -

Atem, please. Please do something about your hair.

What I like about their appearance -


Do I prefer their dub names or original names?

Well, his name doesn’t change that much. I like the name “Yami” though and I miss it when I watch the dub or I read the manga so I’ll have to say that I prefer his dub name…?




Don’t have one.

OT3 -

Hmmm, though choice. I do like Feathershipping and Spiritshipping but I guess that has to be…


don’t kill me ; w ;

Favourite card they use -

Dark Magician!!! :D. There isn’t even a fight there man xD.

Favourite moment they were in -

He shares his favorite moment with Kaiba because that has to be the scene where Kaiba hands him “Devil’s Sanctuary”, hands down.

Least favourite moment -


Would I fuck, marry or kill them -

I’d fuck, marry AND live happily ever after with him. Ha.

Than you for the ask, friend <3 <3.