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not necessarily a part 2 to this, but definitely written in the same world. so, with that being said, this is very nsfw; read with caution etc. i wanna thank three lovely friends for support. @kasiwrites  @aqua-harry & @permanentcross <3 ok now please enjoy! x

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It wasn’t your intention to give Harry the hint like this, you had been planning on him finding out for himself later on tonight when you were home.

You wanted to surprise him, but the way he looked standing by the bar with his friends made you crave him. It made you want his attention on you. He stood tall in a pair of black boots, a white silk button up tucked loosely under the belt holding his skinny jeans in place. His cross wasn’t showing because of the thin black satin scarf hanging around his neck, but you couldn’t miss his rings. Everything about him had been making your thighs rub together, the slightly cocky grin on his face only being the cherry on top. 

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“am i a bundle of nerves? maybe i am, maybe i’m not – i can’t really tell. but what i do know is that my head is completely clear, and i am well aware of what i need to accomplish here.”

for my dear tas!

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Royaiii and 27!

Royai - “I’m Pregnant”

“Before you kill me,” Riza says grimly, gingerly wiping her bleeding lip.  “Please just let me tell the Colonel something.  One last thing…please.”

Roy stiffens from where he is also bound to a chair, just across from Riza.  The slimy-looking man who had captured them makes a show of lightly stroking his chin in thought before saying, “you have one sentence.”

Roy feels a coil of apprehension settle in his gut.  His team was supposed to have been here by now, this entire mission was supposed to have been in their control.  But right now, he and Riza sit in this musty warehouse, bleeding, bruised, and seemingly about to die.

He lifts his gaze to meet Riza’s, and finds comfort in her warm brown eyes.  She gives him a look, one that he knows means trust me, before opening her mouth.

And nothing could’ve ever prepared him for what came out of her mouth next.

“I’m pregnant.”

Roy feels his jaw slacken, his eyes widen, and his entire posture slump.  That didn’t make any sense…his pain-glazed mind thinks hard for a moment before it clicks.

Just then, just under the satisfied and repulsive laughter of their captor, who is saying something about the irony of that sentence, or whatever, Roy can hear the faint sound of metal scratching within the lock.

Seconds later, the rest of his team bursts in, Havoc quickly using the butt of his gun to knock out the men as he approaches the leader, who he tells to step away from his superior officers, and put down his knife.

Within seconds, Fuery has untied Riza, who quickly comes over to him to untie his own ropes.

“Are you okay, Colonel?” She asks.

“Fine,” He replies.  “But what you said, Lieutenant?”

“The code-word, for when the guards were closest to the door.”

Roy can’t help the smile that’s spreading on his face.

“Havoc was outside for the past little bit, then?”

She nods in confirmation.

“But why that?” He gently grasps her wrist as she finishes undoing the knot, keeping her in front of him.

“Because it needed to be something noticeable from everything else, something that is entirely unexpected…”

“Not ‘I love you,’?” Roy whispers.

He watches as a quick shadow of embarrassment crosses her face before she meets his gaze.

“Havoc think that’s too reasonable,” she laughs quietly.  “He said we’re too obvious, that that would be expected.”


Roy smiles softly and squeezes her hands.  Riza looks back to him and shoots back a quiet quirk of her own lips.

“Well, I’m glad you’re alright, Lieutenant,” he says, bending forwards to press a brief kiss to the corner of her lips, where a quick flick of a knife had caught her just slightly hours before.

“You too, Colonel.”

Too obvious, huh, Roy thinks as he watches Riza cross to where Havoc stands.

As much as he hates to admit it, but maybe the chain-smoking Lieutenant had a good point.

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Louis, we know you love Maya as much as we do. If you're on the same flight, please give her a hug from us :) Have a safe flight both of you xoxo

I’ve got so many asks telling me to say hello to him and that we have his back, you’ve all been so sweet, but this message truly touched me, anon, the only one caring about me and what this could be for me! Thank you, you’re a real pearl. I’m safely home for a little while and that means the world <3 

Thank you, love you, hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are xx

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@ that "can you draw many spocks" anon: can you pretty please draw more of spock in leggings + "babe" crop top? it's beautiful :>

here u go spock anon!! and thank u ♡!!(˘▽ ˘  )

if there’s one thing i lov it’s boys in crop tops excuse the funky colors and shapes i think ive been watching too many fashion week shows <:’’

Ohgosh it doesn`t seem that long ago I reached 400 ;o;. The past few months my activity has grown drastically with the appearance of more and more FF2 blogs. I`ve also started to take the look of my blog more seriously and am in the process of revamping it thanks to the teachings of @infiniitas. Ahh I don`t know where to begin to thank you all for sticking with me through my ups and downs and especially putting up with my muse and his stubbornness when it comes to being active. Thank you so much for sticking with me I love you all and I`m so glad I`ve made so many friends here. 

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I made a thing for you! :D I wanted to say that your comic is amazing, your art is wonderful and inspirational! And you should be proud! ^w^

amber: OH MY GOSH thank you!! Wow this looks amazing, this is so epic!! I love it! :D

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