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This weeks slots are open! I need to get these filled asap to cover the costs of some car expenses(drama is so exhausting, i just wanna work in peace?? ;;n;;) So, anything is appreciated!

I added some older examples to these cause this weeks work was some GIF’s, NSFW, and a mini comic, which are all removed from my commissions list now. So, I dispersed the available “commission slot credit” to some other options!

Also please let me draw you with your fav character I’m in such a self ship mood and I rarely get commissioned for those!

Lastly, Please be sure to read the rules beforehand! If you email me to reserve a slot, I’ll assume that you’ve done so! Please email me at ASKTHESTARGAZERS@GMAIL.COM to reserve yours! <3

(Slot Availability Below)

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C’mon and grab your friends! A tribute to my all time favourite cartoon :’) it’s impact on me over the last few years has been more than I can even describe. It’s sad knowing it’ll all be over in a couple of years, but I’m trying to keep thinking of the positives instead. I can’t wait to see what this amazing show has in store for us in it’s final seasons!

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I wanted to say thank you so much for your art of Lance and Hunk. Your keeping the characters in their actual skin tones and body physiques means so much! Thank you for making art that breaks up the whitewashed and thin Hunk and Lance on my feed!

I’ve been sitting on this ask forever because this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I’m always so paranoid about getting things like that wrong. I’m always like ‘darker! thinner! fatter! taller!’ it means a lot to me that someone noticed. Thank you so so much! ♥

i-demand-a-hug answered your questionGods I want to draw!!! I got the Cintiq but I…

Draw the robot!

Keebo! Kibou! SHSL Robot!! What a wonderful boy!! We have this saying in Finnish that goes something like “A beloved child has many names” and I think that is applicable for this dear boy!! At least in my heart!

All right folks, the thread is as polished as I know how to make it, and the membership lists are open!

Do some of your dragons have jobs or goals?

Do you want a neat way to help people find your dragons to read about them?

Does a directory of dragons who are more likely to be up for PMs and RP invitations sound cool?

Come on over to our thread in the Creative Corner and consider enrolling one or more of your dragons in an Order!

(This baby is brand new, so boosts to give it a good start are super appreciated!)