thank you! someone told me!

Raising My Legson: Never Introduce Your Friends

Legdad: Son, where did you learn that?!
Legson: Uncle Jeoncena told me if I do this I’ll lead a fulfilling life *keeps legdabbing*
Legdad: *shakes fist* JUNGKOOK

10,000! I am glad that each of you is with me! You motivate me to continue working, you are amazing! Thank you very much!
And yet … someone very wise told me once, that we should create something with passion, not for profit… and people will appreciate it. Well … he was damn right! Remember: Your art is yours.
And if any of you have any questions to me, send me a message! I love to write down all your emails.

My cosplay got featured by the DbD devs I’m still shooketh

also, can’t believe they confirmed Wraith has a Michael Myers body pillow which obviously means I need to get one. The pillow behind me is actually Spy from tf2 LOL

Guys that cloak are into other guys that cloak, aren’t they?

I never thought this would get so much attention so I’d like to thank the devs of my favorite game, everyone that’s supported the costume, and most importantly @princedorkface for crafting the mask I’m seen wearing here.


she did it folks. i’m done with college. ✨🙏🏻💖💫🎉

this is my senior project,a photo documentary series i started during the 2016 election. it’s been up in a gallery for a couple weeks and last night was our senior show reception! it’s been a time but here’s to new photo adventures

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You just killed me there sorry thank you so much

(I didn’t notice this the many times I was watching this episode and someone anonymous told me about it, so thank you anonymous, whoever you are!!)

Basically, Napoleon was already hanging around Shao before Boo Boo notices him sleeping on the roof at the end of this episode

So, in episode 5, during the scene where Zeke if going to his internship for the first time (with the song “I’m a Black Man in a White World” playing in the background), Shao goes to his library/temple place and starts doing all his parkour karate shit

However, someone else (Napoleon!) is there already

Shao notices someone running behind him and he turns around with his new swords out

(Look at him go!)

And later in this scene while Shao continues his jumping around inside the building, Napoleon is just there spying on him

(The camera actually goes to his eyes twice)

(I mean look at him, he’s in awe)

Like, later the Get Down Brothers find him sleeping and they question him, but Napoleon admired Shao from a distance, probably since that day he saw him jump across to another building while he and the Savage Warlords were chasing him (when Zeke and Shao have their journey begin). Even then, Napoleon wasn’t jeering and shouting at Shao. He stood there just watching him in silence I wonder what he was thinking.

For all I know, he could’ve been there for a while, just living in the temple out of sight of the Shao and the Get Down brothers, watching them do their thing and spin records and have all sorts of fun. Before they find him, I have no idea where the kid is living. He’s already been through so much shit like his younger and older brothers being killed and knowing dangerous information about what went down at Les Inferno. But for whatever reason, he trusted Shao

Which makes it all the more sweet when episode 6 comes along and he gets his haircut and gets cleaned up and starts being taught under Shao just like how Shao was taught under Grandmaster Flash and omigod I love this kid so much and I need this show to get renewed for a second season so I know how life ends up for my son


There’s this kind… man… on the other side of the door…

He’s very humerus. I like him.

There’s also this ghost… I think… that usually follows me around whenever I’m alone. But that’ll be another story for another time.

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Can I just say that I love you, and I really want you to be happy, and I know how hard that can be sometimes, but, just know that you are loved and are so talented and have a beautiful mind and are so incredible and strong and important. Going through your words and art, I just feel that you are someone who is so good and so worthwhile, and that you need to know this. You are incredibly special. You are loved, even when you don't feel like it or feel worthy. You deserve to know you are loved.

this is the nicest thing someone ever told me <3 Thank you so much


1x02 // 1x07

Hi everyone, this is shulkie. S-H and then ulkie. I have a writing/fanfiction tumblr perksofbeingawaifu and… I didn’t have a script planned beyond this point. This is the best take I’ve had so far. So far, it’s involved me hissing at the camera and yelling at my husband for help so this is the best you’re going to get, I’m really sorry. I’m wearing a flower crown, which I thought was very tumblr. Ugh, that’s a painful thing to say. I guess I just wanted to show ya’ll my face and say hi and that I love you all for following me and I think this is the best community I’ve ever been in writing-wise. I’ve had a lot of teachers over the years uh basically be not so supportive and tell me my work was never good enough and you know  maybe it wasn’t but you know whatever. I–it’s just not something you need to hear when you’re 15 and people tell you’re bad at writing and all you want to do is write, so thank you guys for being supportive. Some twelve years later after someone told me I wasn’t so good at something it’s nice to hear that maybe I’m sortof okay at something and maybe i can help other people to feel maybe okay about their writing and maybe we can just enjoy creating and making things together so thank you all for following me. Have a nice day, bye!

I just wanted to say thank you guys for being there for me and reading my writes.

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Your Denki and Seri get me so shook i'm act considering them so much it's unhealthy

Nothing unhealthy about that ship anon!!!! *O* I’m glad you decided to consider it!!!!

Anon said: Just wanna say, I really like the way you colour your art!!! It’s really nice

OHHHH!!!!!! ;O; thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! This actually means a lot omfg <3<3<3

Anon said: Fatgum being a Dad to Kirishima and Tamaki gives me life, they’re such a gOOD family.

They’re the best family I’m so glad they both have Fatgum tbh !!!!!!!! He’s such a great man I love him a whole damn lot

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Ngl jungkook seems like the type to get around, his little im shy and socially awkward around girls thing will have a someone feeling special real quick for no reason at all, all im saying is i need to move to korea and investigate this "jungkook gets around business"😌 and really witness first hand the extent of the big dick jokes that keep poping up👀. (I love your so much im really about to make a whole tumblr for you so i can stop having to ask anonymously; im ready to join the fam.

Thank you!! ❤❤
And someone told me they think Jungkook was one of the guys that gave Alex his phone number lol! 👀 I wouldn’t be surprised