thank you! someone told me!

i complimented an old lady customer’s little round glasses and she said “why thank you! someone told me they had a ‘steampunk look’. i haven’t been called a punk in a long time, much less a steamy one!” i’m flatlining


1x02 // 1x07

A slightly silly face, in order to show off my eye makeup. Dear Infamous BlueJay, thank you again for the random “black cherry” pigment!

(Also, if someone had told me a few years ago that my usual makeup routine would NOT regularly include liquid liner, I would have scoffed. But I’m pretty pleased with the softer, smudgier look for now.)

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a friend told me someone they knew had just recently moved in to a new house with some roommates, and every night at like 4am all the pots in the kitchen would crash to the floor and wake them all up. they had no idea how to stop whatever it was so they consulted a ghost expert who told them to try first to ask the ghost to stop. they didn't know what to say so they left a note on the fridge that said "please stop, we love you", signed with their names, and apparently it never happened again


anonymous asked:

i love the little gifs you put before your recs!!! they match really well and are always really nicely done! anyway that's it i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate all the effort you through to add those gifs in <3 thank you and i love you and your blog!!!

Thank you! This is actually the first time someone has told me they like the gifs haha! I was debating whether or not to continue putting them in as they take awhile to search for, so thank you for letting me know you like them, now I know to keep putting them in! ☺️ 

regarding requests

so, as my last ask said, i’m closing requests, but i will still draw for asks directed at pomo

the reason behind this is because: 

one, it started becoming a chore to draw them and i felt like i didn’t put as much of my heart into them as i usually do with drawings

two, it gets in the way of the things and projects i want to draw

three, and this might get me some backlash, i started feeling uncomfortable drawing some of them. i personally just don’t like the yaoi ships in mysme. that’s just my taste. and because of that, i started getting uncomfortable drawing some of them, y’know? and that does not mean i don’t like gay couples, so don’t misunderstand it that way

this also means that i will not be doing certain requests currently in my askbox for that reason. i am so very sorry. i feel horrible about just denying your request. but, like someone told me, i am not a machine

thank you for understanding


leaper182  asked:

I love your Raul artwork, and I like being able to place what pictures or scenes you got your reference from. :D Do you have art where you didn't use a reference?

Aww thanks dear! ❤ Someone once told me that everytime she watches the scene with Barba and his mami Lucia, she thinks of my drawing! 🙈😄 I love that.
Yes I do have drawings without references, but not Raúl ones. I actually started drawing Comics and Mangas in my teenage years, till someone asked me if I could also draw “real” people lol.
I also don’t try to copy photos one by one or extremely realistic. If it looks EXACTLY like the photo, why should I bother drawing it? I always try to put something special into a drawing. A certain technique or color or lighting. I try to bring out the mood and most important parts of a scene.


oh mah gosh 200 followers.. thank you!!! ;-; i’m so happy thank you all!!!! welp for this time someone told me to do a “direct” so..? what do you think of that :3=


It began when my aunt told me she needed someone to babysit her 3 year-old kid in the summer. I accepted because 1. Since her kid is a bit naughty she was going to pay me and 2. I needed the money for college.

Turns out I was going to spend all my summer in France -I’m spanish- but hey, at least I could enjoy the beauty of the town we were going to.

The first days nothing weird happened, my cousin behaved and we got to go to the park almost everyday. But a week or two after those first days my cousin started looking at weird corners of the living room, he would laugh and say things like “Yes, I’ll do that” or “But she will get mad” and if I asked who was he talking to he would say answer me that he wasn’t talking. I knocked it off, I didn’t want to think about it.

Then I got a job at the restaurant where my aunt was working and my two other cousins came to look after the kid when I wasn’t home. Things started to get a little weird: random knocks on the walls, things disappearing or changing places. The little kid still talked at nowhere, he laughed and it seemed as if he was actually with someone. We tried to tell it to my aunt but she said that we were crazy, that nothing was happening. So we tried to ignore it.

August came by and one of my cousins left, so now we were two persons looking after a very naughty kid. We started hearing whistles, feeling cold spots and we even saw the fence door open by itself when it wasn’t blowing air. One of those hot and sticky August nights, my aunt went to a near funfair with her son and some visiting family while my cousin and I stayed at home. By that time I was really depressed at tired and my cousin wanted to stay with me, to talk and accompany me.

That night was the most active night. It all started at ten past twelve, a repetitive knock on the door. I can remember it perfectly: knock-knock. knock. knock-knock-knock. And then it started again, all over again for ten minutes. My cousin and I ignored it, but when it stopped we looked at each other relieved. Five minutes after that, I hit my knee against the wall while trying to find a comfortable pose to sleep. Seconds after that, someone hit the wall on the other side right were my face was. I know it wasn’t my cousin because she was by my side all night. After that we kept hearing footseps on the roof -and the apartment was a one-store building with a roof made of tile-.

Since my aunt kept insisting that we were imagining it, we asked her to go back to Spain. One week later we were back at our own houses.

-Submitted by falling-evans

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You have the most beautiful hair Terroriser! So fluffy and good - g

Terroriser: Thank you! I actually fixed it today but SOMEONE told me it looked horrible I am not pointing fingers 

((OOC: HA HE MEANS ME! I hate when he fixes his hair it looks nice just sticking up like a mess. I’m just kidding of course though)) 

Terroriser: Oh so you do like it? 

((OOC: Sure… I bet Brock likes it too ;) ))
Terroriser: I HATE YOU!

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The timestamp in Caddy's video where he mentions your jaw is at 12:17. You're welcome c:

thank you, but someone else already told me c:

I reached 5k a few days ago (and now I’m at 5.1k) so thank you all! It’s only been, what, 3 months? Someone told me to do blogrates as a thank you, but I’m kind of slow at these oh well


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312: "Thank You, Merry! Snow Falls over the Parting Sea!"

If someone had told me, “NWOP, in the future, you will sit in front of your computer and leak tears over a fictional pirate ship” I would have rolled my eyes.

Well, now I cannot roll my eyes because they are sore from tears.

Thanks, Oda. God damn…

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Thank you, Harold. For giving me a second chance. (1x10)

Someone found me, told me I needed a purpose. (2x03)

You’re someone the world can’t afford to lose. (3x12)

Sorry, Harold. I never should have dragged you back into this. (4x02)

Sometimes one life, is the right life. It’s enough. (5x13)

Many thanks, John. (4x02)


(ma’am stop das gay)

 Happy (late) birthday, @maria-ruta! The arm tattoo is probably completely off, but so be it!