thank you! someone told me!

i complimented an old lady customer’s little round glasses and she said “why thank you! someone told me they had a ‘steampunk look’. i haven’t been called a punk in a long time, much less a steamy one!” i’m flatlining

10,000! I am glad that each of you is with me! You motivate me to continue working, you are amazing! Thank you very much!
And yet … someone very wise told me once, that we should create something with passion, not for profit… and people will appreciate it. Well … he was damn right! Remember: Your art is yours.
And if any of you have any questions to me, send me a message! I love to write down all your emails.


she did it folks. i’m done with college. ✨🙏🏻💖💫🎉

this is my senior project,a photo documentary series i started during the 2016 election. it’s been up in a gallery for a couple weeks and last night was our senior show reception! it’s been a time but here’s to new photo adventures

if someone told me, on the day that i started this blog, that i would have over 1k followers within a month and a half, i would instantly laugh and say, “no way! that’s crazy. you’re kidding, right?”

well, here i am. a month and a half later with over 1k followers. i’m beyond SHOOK.

thank you everyone for all your kindness and support!! it truly means so much to me. you have no idea how happy i am. ;;

before i list everyone for this follow forever, i have a few special shout-outs (get ready for some extreme sappiness lol).

@jinstudies: jin, you were the first person that followed me and that i reached out to. it’s always a joy talking to you and sharing our struggles that come with being a music student, ahaha. thank you for being a lovely friend, and good luck with your phd studies! hope you can come to cal! :)

@sktjihoon: josh, you were the first person who messaged me personally and asked for my advice about how to get into uc berkeley! thank you for reaching out to me, and i sincerely hope that my tips helped you. even though we don’t always talk, i appreciate you for sticking with me since i first started this blog and for being so nice and friendly! hope to see you around at cal someday! ^_^

@hqstudyblrnetwork: i can never forget about my fam - @bokutodiscovers, @studytaken, @stvdybuddies, @jiyeonstudies, and @witoko. bokuto, aida, christy, kat, ji, soraya…thank you for being there for me and for being among the first few friends that i made in the studyblr community. you’re all such absolutely wonderful people, and i’m so glad that i met you guys and that we all share a love for haikyuu!! <3

@mango-studies: helen, you are such a kind and lovely friend. you’re so nice and smart and sweet! i genuinely appreciate you for reblogging my original content so frequently and leaving me such nice comments. it really means a lot to me! ^_^

@bionctes: lily, i probably wouldn’t have made it this far without your support. thank you so much for promoting me! you’re so cute and sweet, and i always enjoy talking to you and fangirling with you about yuri on ice, ahaha. you are a literal ray of sunshine. :’)

@astralwritings: alli, i’m honestly so grateful that we are friends and that you often reach out to me to talk about life, among other things. you’ve dealt with so much, and i’ve enjoyed seeing how strong and resilient you truly are. i know that someday you’ll go far and accomplish great things! keep on keepin’ on! ^_^

@kikkistudies: kiki, you’ve told a few people that they’re an angel, but in all honesty, YOU are a true angel. you are so sweet and thoughtful and too pure, you leave the nicest replies on my posts, and your overall kindness makes me happy to think that there is still hope in this world. you deserve all the best. :’)

@lavistudy: henry, oh gosh…where do i even begin? you are such a lovely and wonderful human being. you are so kind and sweet and friendly and pure, and i never would have imagined that someone like you would reach out to me and want to be friends. thank you for being there for me whenever i needed to talk to someone. thank you for cheering me on whenever i slayed my exams. thank you for all the music and anime recommendations. thank you for the late night conversations. thank you for all the memories that we’ve shared. just…thank you for EXISTING. honestly, you deserve all the flower crowns in the world. no need to wait for a cellist to notice you. kiki is right. you are a literal angel. <3

and now, time for my long list of studyblrs that i will follow forever! everyone is listed under the cut. since i follow back most studyblrs who follow me, i have quite a lot of mutuals, so my non-mutuals that i admire from a distance will be bolded instead! :D

thank you everyone once again! i still honestly can’t believe that there are literally over a thousand people following me. that’s incredible! i wish that i could give all of you a hug in real life, ahhh.

much love,

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You just killed me there sorry thank you so much

(I didn’t notice this the many times I was watching this episode and someone anonymous told me about it, so thank you anonymous, whoever you are!!)

Basically, Napoleon was already hanging around Shao before Boo Boo notices him sleeping on the roof at the end of this episode

So, in episode 5, during the scene where Zeke if going to his internship for the first time (with the song “I’m a Black Man in a White World” playing in the background), Shao goes to his library/temple place and starts doing all his parkour karate shit

However, someone else (Napoleon!) is there already

Shao notices someone running behind him and he turns around with his new swords out

(Look at him go!)

And later in this scene while Shao continues his jumping around inside the building, Napoleon is just there spying on him

(The camera actually goes to his eyes twice)

(I mean look at him, he’s in awe)

Like, later the Get Down Brothers find him sleeping and they question him, but Napoleon admired Shao from a distance, probably since that day he saw him jump across to another building while he and the Savage Warlords were chasing him (when Zeke and Shao have their journey begin). Even then, Napoleon wasn’t jeering and shouting at Shao. He stood there just watching him in silence I wonder what he was thinking.

For all I know, he could’ve been there for a while, just living in the temple out of sight of the Shao and the Get Down brothers, watching them do their thing and spin records and have all sorts of fun. Before they find him, I have no idea where the kid is living. He’s already been through so much shit like his younger and older brothers being killed and knowing dangerous information about what went down at Les Inferno. But for whatever reason, he trusted Shao

Which makes it all the more sweet when episode 6 comes along and he gets his haircut and gets cleaned up and starts being taught under Shao just like how Shao was taught under Grandmaster Flash and omigod I love this kid so much and I need this show to get renewed for a second season so I know how life ends up for my son

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Can I just say that I love you, and I really want you to be happy, and I know how hard that can be sometimes, but, just know that you are loved and are so talented and have a beautiful mind and are so incredible and strong and important. Going through your words and art, I just feel that you are someone who is so good and so worthwhile, and that you need to know this. You are incredibly special. You are loved, even when you don't feel like it or feel worthy. You deserve to know you are loved.

this is the nicest thing someone ever told me <3 Thank you so much


1x02 // 1x07

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Ngl jungkook seems like the type to get around, his little im shy and socially awkward around girls thing will have a someone feeling special real quick for no reason at all, all im saying is i need to move to korea and investigate this "jungkook gets around business"😌 and really witness first hand the extent of the big dick jokes that keep poping up👀. (I love your so much im really about to make a whole tumblr for you so i can stop having to ask anonymously; im ready to join the fam.

Thank you!! ❤❤
And someone told me they think Jungkook was one of the guys that gave Alex his phone number lol! 👀 I wouldn’t be surprised


There’s this kind… man… on the other side of the door…

He’s very humerus. I like him.

There’s also this ghost… I think… that usually follows me around whenever I’m alone. But that’ll be another story for another time.

Hey baby girl!

“Do we really need to go there now?” You ask your friend Hannah,who took you off your bed at 8 a.m on a Saturday.

“Yes we do have! I promised Jack that we are having breakfast there,we can’t just decide to not go now.”

“But you were the one that promised,not me!” You keep complaining,but you knew she wasn’t going to let you go back to your place,you’re almost at the coffee shop.

“Can you just shush please? We are going there! I don’t care if you are happy or not.” You look away,but keep walking beside her. She knew that you’re only complaining because she woke you up earlier then usual.

You could see the coffee shop know on the next block,and Hannah phone rings. She step forward to answer the call and you keep walking behind her. You feel a arm hugging you on your shoulder,and your heart skip a beat. You try to go out of the arm,but he holds you and when you turn,you can see Shawn. You didn’t saw him for three months already,you missed him as hell,at the moment you saw his face,you put your hands on your mouth and your eyes tear up.

“Hey baby girl! I missed you!” You jump on his arms,making him laugh and hold you tighter.

“I missed you too! What are your doing here?”

“I had a break from the tour,so I decided to come see you. We don’t see each other for three mouth already.”

“Thank you babe! I love you!”

“I love you too sweetie! So,someone told me you didn’t had breakfast!” He said making you laugh and hold your hand,taking you to the coffee shop. You look at Hannah who smiled and you thank her mouthing,and then your attention is back to Shawn.

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Hey hey so I've been trying to draw people and I've been doing portraits for several years, but recently have been using your style as inspiration for how to draw full bodies better. I was wondering if I could show you what I've been doing and get some constructive criticism on it? Thank you! :))

yeah, sure thing))

(if someone told a 15yo me I’d ever recieve a message like this, a 15yp me would probably laugh for half an hour straight before walking away to draw a “determined” anime eye again. 
p is for progress, kids)

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Brokeback mountain "they were married to women ??? Explain that!!" Discourse in 2017 wow really thought we were done that shit y'all. I promise bisexual rep exists outside of closeted gays in forced heterosexual relationships lol

THANK YOU like i can’t believe someone honestly truly told me that jack and ennis were bisexual in the year of our lord 2017

I am always so in awe of the outspoken people that I follow. How in the fuck. Teach me.

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Wait what thing about jimin and jungkook???

Dispatch posted these two photos but they went on private. Ive requested since ytd bc i saw a karmy posted smth on twitter but up till today they still hvnt approved my request. this whole thing bout jikook is getting out of hand. First we hv them walking out of the building together, and kook acting like a caring boyfriend, then we have a fancam of their 21cg which DID NOT make it to the actual broadcast (maybe bc theyre too close i dun even know) and then we have these!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?