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thank you!/谢谢!

Last day, I was making researches on internet and I found this adorable fanart on a taiwanese website (I think it was taiwanese???):

This made me so happy. This is soooo cute, and I was not expecting to find weeabootale fanarts on other websites. I’m so surprised that this AU actually get fanarts. I just  made it as a joke, and  people started following me, and some of them even made drawings of it.

Thank you so much. This AU is a shame, yet I’m so happy to see that some people actually enjoy it. (how do you do to enjoy it tho)

And to the adorable artist who made this:

thank you!! your drawing is so cute!! (谢谢! 您的圖片是太可愛了!)

(I’m sorry I can’t speak your language ;A; I used google translation…)

Artist: 梅花糖MHT

 here’s the link of the drawing.

 and here’s the gallery of the artist.

 this drawing does not belong to me. I just needed to say thanks to the artist ;w;

please do not use or repost this drawing without asking the original artist. (I don’t even know if they’re ok with me sharing their drawing gibthngolqhjgtgihregmhqerg)

The picture said all

And btw do you think my art is good enough to do a art blog I still don’t have a wacom yet😢😢😢😢 I am begging my mom

And thanks for the inspiration too
Have a nice fanart for mega flood day😈😈😈

of course!!! don’t let anyone get to you if they think yer drawing sucks man, ‘cuz it ain’t suck, its worth more than u think. just draw what u love boo~ uwu)b

thank u for the fanart btw!


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Imagine finding a really awesome blog and just sitting down covered in blankets as you scroll through all their really cool posts.

anonymous asked:

Do you know what never gets old? Theory of Overprotective Canines, that's what. Just read it again and enjoyed the heck out of it again. "Stiles folded like a cheap suit." Jealous and protective Derek is the best!!! Also, ATLA is the greatest series ever!

Ah, thank you so much!!! I don’t know why, but I am always surprised by how much people enjoy that fic– so this message was awesome!!! I’m glad you like it- especially on the re-read!! :)

(And omg ATLA is the best show in the whole world and I think it might be time for a re-watch soon. Like, there are some great ATLA posts going around my dash right now and it just makes me want to start over!)

3rd season!

Can’t believe it’s already my 3rd season as a professional dancer as well as my 3rd year on this blog!!
THANK ALL 6,682 OF YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love your questions and comments, and I hugely appreciate all of your support, inspiration, and motivation throughout my whole career so far!! xxx 

Don’t forget to leave comments and questions in my ask box!! x 
 PS, I have a whole queue of new photos coming up just for you guys! ;) 

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M and T :D

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

SO MANY OMG. But I started a Red Dragon au months back and only wrote about two chapters before leaving it be for a while. The idea won’t leave me alone though, so I will finish it…. some day…

Also @granpappy-winchester and I discussed this wild au recently where book!Will gets transported into the show universe with show!Will and Hannibal, mostly because we wanted book!Will to have a happier ending and he needs all of the hugs… it’s basically a cracky sci-fi filth au but it’s so much fun and I might actually write it someday.

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

I’m generally not a fan of season one fics where Will does nothing but cry lmao but hey, whatever you’re into I guess…

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