that nappy hair comment was pretty messed up considering the whole point of Beyonce’s song, but it really shows the reason she made this song, to fix small little slip ups like that, i personally thought her hair was BEAUTIFUL and some still see that beauty as “nappy”, it hurts because my little sister who is gorgeous has beautiful hair like that and i love when she has it natural because it slays and i always have to remind her that her hair is beautiful when she says she wishes she had white people hair or hair like me. she’s learning to love her hair and this song just made her so proud i could tell. Thank you Beyonce for being a role model and giving pride to all those little girls out their with beautiful hair






























































































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THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and as promised:

A Selfie of yours truly!!

thank you all you make my day everyday!!!

7 months ago I didn’t even had a real clue what Tumblr was and now I’m spending far too much time on it :P But while I jumped from great gif-sets to wonderful metas, to incredible videos and fascinating fanfics what I most treasure are the amazing people I met on this site. I love talking, laughing and crying with you. I adore fangirling and discussing with you and even more getting to know new things, ships , characters, shows, food and so on.

Today I reached 1000 followers and I want to say thank you and I’m happy that I met every single one of you <3 But there a few who have a special place in my heart and are owner of some incredible great blogs and I encourage everybody to follow them. They truly will be a joy on your dash.

The ones in bold are my very special cinnamon rolls (and I’m already sorry for everybody I forgot ;))

Thank you and many hugs, Sophia <3


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I’ve been feeling really solemn since 2016 began.
I never want to draw anymore, and whenever I start something it takes everything in me to finish it. 
I’ve lost interest in my daily life as well. Work is really hard to get through, going out to see friends takes a lot, it’s just a gross mess.
I’m in an awkward slump that I desperately need to get out of. 

I wanted to thank you lovelies for being so supportive of the little things I create during this time :) 
I make sure to keep making little posts for all you super stars that are sticking with me.
It means so much!

Thanks for being such a great community.

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Firstly, props to Cristal [@jiminvincible] for inspiring this messy header :) I’m basic. Second, I’d like to thank you all for 500 followers! It’s not a big-big number like 1,000, but I still appreciate. I thank you all for enjoying me and making my stay here in pastel kpop tumblr fun and all that :) Unfortunately, I follow too many people so I have to do my follow-forevers in favorites, mutuals, and top followers format.


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You’re such a cutie and I’m deep in love with your edits, teach me your ways o’ mighty 😘


I’m literally a FAN of you I really love you, stomp on me gorgeous 😘


Well aren’t you just the cutest thing on Earth!? But seriously you’re so pretty and cute with you :^) faces please rip my arms off 😘


Not even gonna lie, you look so sophisticated and aesthetic, #goals um you’re edits are so cute this is an invitation to punch me 😘


You are so cute, seriously I’m jealous! But in a good way, hehe. You inspire me so much little gorgeous cupcake 😘


Ah, I could never forget this gorgeous piece of chocolate pie!! You are the sweetest funniest thing on this Earth I cARE FOR YOU DEEPLY 😘


Step on me, please. Do it queen!!!!11!!111! yOU ARE LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! YOU’RE LIKE A FEMALE JUNGKOOK I LOVE IT SDBHFSK. You are the cutest thing omg I hope 2016 blesses you even more than puberty did 😘

If you didn’t get a personal message and you’re seeing this Im really sorry, but I’m running out of characters but just know that you are important and I care for you even if you’re a stranger! You deserve to be happy 😘 Thank you all so much~ ♡ Much kisses from me and Namjoon ♡

anonymous asked:

wow, the asshole attitude is strong with this one. I've known quite a few fics that don't even having any art included in the story that have taken more than 2 years to complete. Hell, I still receive updates for a few fics that haven't been completed yet, and it's been /6 years/. Sometimes updating a fic can take a while, but there's no reason to be a jerk to the author about it. Gosh.

Thank you, friend anon!! Granted the rude anon might be a nice person irl, but their message was just… Why would you bother sending something like that to an author who constantly apologizes for long updates and who is writing this massive fic FOR FREE with all of her free time? Like??? No?????? Go eat a dirty pickle.

Just a few hours ago I made a post saying “hey I’m up at 3am writing” because I have insomnia so I use that to write even more. This is in addition to the 6-8 hours I work on Home during the day, which is crazy, right? But I’m lucky enough to be able to do that since I’m 19 and I don’t go to school or have a job. But imagine if I was constantly doing homework or working in retail? Updates would be once a year.

So that’s why I don’t appreciate people who express their impatience, especially because I (as an impatient person) already beat myself up for making people wait; as the creator, of course I wish I could finish chapters sooner than later! But I won’t sacrifice quality for that. So… Waiting, yeah.

But supportive messages from you and other anons are such awesome medicine for that rare rude person, and I’m really, really grateful for that. Thank you for reading and supporting me! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Posting this because so many of you made me smile today by standing up against the hate.

I don’t always publish hate anons. Sometimes I do just because it proves a point that what they say is wrong and just plan rude. All of you are awesome, even that anon is I bet in someway….

So be kind to all the people and keep your mind in a place of goodness.


Super Bowl spot for Jason Bourne