Just want to say another massive thank you to anyone who has ever sent me a kind message about myself or the blog. If you never see me publish the asks or messages it’s actually because I like to keep them in my inbox to remind myself of all your love and support. However I do always try to reply to them through messages. Wish you all the very best :)

Talk to me

My cinnamon rolls, please talk to me. I love writing for you and writing your suggestions, but I don’t want this blog to only consist of this.

I want to interact with you, to get to know you, talk to you. All. Of. This.

Please always feel free to drop by to tell me how your day was, what your dog did or what song you just can’t happen to get out of your head. Anything, really.

Let’s not just be writers/readers, let’s be friends.

Have a lovely evening my cinnamon rolls.


In the midst of doodling a bunch of MeeMs, I uh…didn’t check the followers. 

Thank you so much for following this blog ;; I’ll try finish a little heavymedic comic being made (Except there’s no panels. I need to learn how to do that). I’m so happy to be in this fandom. I love making these drawings, and all the friends made since making this blog. Thank you ><

highlyinsecure: Hi, it’s me again, obsessed-with-giants-lady. This time in our trilling saga, a half-assed a sketch dump because i didn’t have reference, internet and am to tired to go back over them now that i have access to both. I’m the one who submitted the giant David piece

How could I forget you??? The giant DaVID was friggin awesome!!! And THESE ARE SO GREAT

I could see these as blueprints from when they were designing DaVID or something!! GOSH this is cool

I just hit 400 followers!!

It’s insane how much my blog has grown in the past few weeks, I’m so thankful for every like and reblog. Everyone is so kind. I have lots of love for my mutuals and all my followers. Now I shall pay homage to a few of my favourite blogs:

Thank you for the support, I know I probably missed other blogs I love, but these guys came to mind! 💗


It’s been only a month ago that I started this blog. It was a slow start and now it’s growing quicker than I expected thanks to you!!

I’m going to take some time here to thank a few fellow Tumblrs that helped this blog grow and who helped me along the way. Especially the ones who have sent in submissions!!




































I’m sure I’ve missed a few here and there. But honestly I want to thank all of you for your likes and reblogs. Let’s have some fun and keep those submissions coming!!!

-🕵 averagepervert


Super excited I hit 1,200, will technical 1,202. But you know what I mean. I am excited and happy that I’m at this many followers. More happy that I have this many of you guys that have enjoy my work and want to see more. Thank you all for your likes, comments, and reblogs. Also thank you for your support when I needed it and thank you for becoming amazing friends. Much love to you all.

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I’ve got more than 150 followers since the trailer dropped, that includes my most favorite Reylo writer (😲), and I’m living. Lol I never cared much for follower counts but now I’m trying to play it cool.

Thanks so much for the follow guys, I’m looking at you, my new reylo buddies 💜. Looking forward to interacting with you all.😘