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BDFE - Prologue

With this we’re done with all the story scenes from the tutorials!

Some notes before you scroll down:

-In the last scene, a character called “Alliance soldier” appears. In the introduction scene (that I’ve finally found the text of! Yaaay. I’ll translate that next) we are told of an Alliance with great military power that is born after the Fall of the crystals. 

-The blue pendant that we are so used to seeing by now is here referred to as [想いの欠片], the “Fragment(s) of Feelings”. It could also be read as the Fragment of Thoughts, Emotions, and a bunch of other words, but given how the word 想い was used in B2nd, I’ve decided to go with “feelings”. Alternative name suggestions accepted.

And now, the translation. Enjoy!

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Found: If Its For You I Can Be A Monster Too (Vampire!AU)

Idea Inspiration: cimberelly and bunnyhips

What if Aomine keeps pushing Kise away and constantly tells the kid that he’s a monster, and that his very presence around Kise would endanger the child’s life?

Kise would mull over his words until one day he comes to the conclusion that if Aomine can’t be around him because Aomine’s a monster, then Kise would be a monster too.

Kise would rummage through dumpsters in the alleyways until he finds a dirty discarded white sheet and would cover himself in it before running in excitement to greet Aomine in his new “scary” form.

It would take awhile for Aomine to figure out what the kid is up to but when the realization hits him, it tears him up on the inside; while knowing he should stay away from Kise for the sake of the child’s own safety, every part of him so desperately wants to stay with this kid.

To protect Kise.

To watch over Kise.

To make sure Kise is never alone.

The last thing he wants to do is for Kise to experience abandonment twice.


DVL’s thanks goes out to cimberelly and bunnyhips for the awesomely adorable idea of having Kise in sheets; when you guys initially brought this up, I got the fuzzy feels and it was an idea with so much potential; I can see why its an idea close to your hearts~

And moustachiopenguin, thanks so much for your amazeballs writing on the Vampire!AU scenes - I’m reading and re-reading them again for inspiration - and your encouraging words to keep me going with this project; I don’t know what I’d do without Mo (´。・v・。`)

anon-artist Hello there Anon-I-Mous, this is “batch” sending out my thanks to you for the amazing lot of drawing help you’ve given me up til now - especially in paneling (which I am still terribad at, by the way) AND for catching all my angst-vomiting during my artist block moments and please post your art my gawd I love your stuff and think it should be shared, thank you very much. I’m awaiting another “yew batch” message after this post. If you see this, text me maybe~


I’m here without you
But you’re still on my lonely mind
But you’re still with me in my dreams
And tonight, it’s only you and me …

Happy Birthday, my Beloved Khaenine

When blackboardmonitor is particularly fond of a post, she sometimes tags it as ‘gr9’. Presumably, this means that it’s “better than gr8 = great”, but I tend to read it as “gran-nyne”, which makes it sound like something Granny Weatherwax-related. This makes perfect sense, because not only are the Discworld magic-users understandably reticent about using that number - y'know, the one between 7 and 9 - but Granny Weatherwax has such high standards, they would always be one higher than everyone else’s.

If Mistress Weatherwax proclaims that she “CAN be having with this”, you know it’s got to be very special.

So next time you’re perusing the Discworld side of Tumblr, remember Granny Weatherwax. You’ll be sitting there, cheerfully reblogging, say, a nice picture of Unseen University, typing out the tag “gr8”. Suddenly, you’ll feel her leaning over your shoulder, scowling and saying: “That’s not a grate, that’s a window! And it hasn’t been polished in ages, by the looks of it. Typical lazy wizards, hmf! That’s non-you-clean-ian jommetry for you.” Eventually, she’ll grudgingly allow you to tag it “gr2”, since she’s heard somewhere that a “gra-two-itty” is something quite small and often mostly worthless, which she feels is entirely appropriate for wizards.

Nanny Ogg comes stumbling out of the kitchen, swinging a steaming mug of something wafting alcoholic fumes, and suggests that you tag it “gr0g”, instead. Granny sniffs haughtily, and woodenly insists that you leave her initials out of it, thank yew very much. Nanny contemplates this for a moment, and then fishes a small white something out of her pocket. Cracking it deftly with one hand, she drops a yolk in the mug and, after flicking a few stray bits of shell off the rim, offers you “eggNOGG”.

You never get a chance to reblog that picture of the Tower of Art.