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D-0 until #HAPPYRAVIDAY ravi’s ranking of VIXX’s cute member [#6 RAVI]

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silveramoebasquid said: I was going to ask that on anon but you know whatever that works too thanks tumblr

i;m laughing why are you like this also yes


*Throw confetti*

I wish you the best birthday possible and the brighter future you can have ;u; <3 I really think that you’re a wonderful person, gift with both an amazing artistic style and a golden personality ;u; You’re so creative, a little crazy, one of the biggest meme lover i could met, funny, and in same time so lovely and caring, trying your best to comfort whenever there is someone you know that’s feeling bad, talk with them and if possible bring them a smile ;u; thank you so much ;u;

I’m really glad i could met you, your stream, your drawing, you rp are always so amazing ^u^ 

Also for drawing this i had used an old face reveal you had post and a self-drawing you did (yeah i did go look at your oldest stuff, and i really really like your drawing, you’re SO talented :,D <3 ) And i draw with it a bunch of stuff i love :,) (like feathers, flowers, skulls… :>) 

I love doing it for yah, and last but not least:

=============> HAPPY BIRTHDAY <==============

@paintingit <3 

      YOU  GUYS  …  i  honestly  can’t  believe  there’s  550  of  you  ,  people  who  actually  like  this  blog  !!  it’s  crazy  to  think  that  i  only  brought  my  mom  jj  to  indie  rp  SIX  MONTHS  AGO  ,  and  this  blog  has  grown  so  much  ever  since.  gotta  say  ,  i  never  thought  i’d  last  as  long  as  i  have  ,  but  this  website  has  brought  so  many  great  things  into  my  life  ,  it’s  allowed  me  to  discover  jj  in  a  way  that  i  never  thought  possible  &  for  that  i’m  forever  grateful  ,  seriously.  life  gets  rough  from  time  to  time  ,  and  you  guys  honestly  keep  me  on  my  feet  ,  no  matter  the  highs  or  the  lows.

      my  journey  with  jj  has  been  one  of  learning.  understanding  that  not  everyone’s  like  you  ,  that  people  are  HUMAN  ,  regardless  of  flaws.  sure  ,  she’s  a  fictional  character  ,  but  sometimes  they  teach  us  more  than  any  real  person  ever  will.  i  was  terrified  to  find  her  voice  in  my  words  ,  but  the  time  i’ve  spent  studying  her  has  been  a  hundred  percent  worth  it  ,  and  i  could  never  imagine  my  life  without  her  as  a  GUIDEANCE  ,  a  true  north.  we’re  different  in  many  ways  ,  but  that’s  how  she  complements  me   ;   with  her  love  ,  her  patience  ,  her  particular  way  of  putting  every  single  fiber  of  her  being  into  her  work.  her  FEARLESSNESS  ,  compassion  ,  persistence.  i  really  hope  i  can  start  seeing  more  of  her  in  me. 

      SO  …  below  ,  is  a  list  of  all  the  people  that  have  made  this  experience  a  WONDERFUL  one   ——  please  ,  never  leave  this  place  ,  because  you  make  it  great  &  unique.  thank  you  all  ,  i  love  you  so  much  !!

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When you try to be a protective and good gf™ @herbinglicious plz love mE

Lmao I love you so much tho and you’re the bestest and my favourite and liek oml so perfect I just.. H o w ? ?

Okay so I thought I posted these but I guess not because I posted them a while ago and they still haven’t loaded-

OKAY BUT HONESTLY how are there over 500 of you that are willing to follow and put up with me??? you’re all wonderful and i’m going to take this time to thank you all, but also say some nice things bc you’re all the best <33

first and foremost my righthand folks and i’d be lost without you babes ;

@rosebcd | @fervorlcst | @siircns | @scandclovs | @kyukcn | @resembledmess | @femmesfatale

and those wonderful people that i’ve got one / more than one thread with and you deserve all the good things in the world ;

@xstillsane | @unrcstricted | @postmortcm | @gvmdrops | @bcndcge | @othcrsidex | @xnotafraid | @heartofwires | @electricsays | @basiicphysics | @fcdedlcve | @fixaticn | @lussuriia | @besidesycu | @xstillsane | @indieshqs

and finally the people that i’ve interacted with in the past and we should def do it again or i mostly just stalk from afar bc i’m too big of a nerd to actually approach you and do things ; 

@troublcd | @dxrkparadise-xx | @shcde | @huedskys | @diirtymcuth | @hcndcuffs | @khcleesis | @romvnholiday | @dirtymjnds @crimiinalchemiist | @indiebryan | @hurriicanehearts | @shrinemade | @manicsdepression | @iivorys | @impcled | @queengxiffin | @gocdgcnebcd | @royallty @posscssives | @pcclsex | @daddyxdoms | @prcttyface | @ichorfvlled | @sensualitiies | @droppingpetals

I’m not that great at drawing and I would’ve done a fully colored artwork if I had know what their color palettes were so sorry! (I gave them matching dresses btw)

But I absolutely loved The String. I just had to draw Jamie and Blanka! They are such a wonderful couple! Anyway I hope you have a lovely day today! You’re so amazing!♡

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Castiel's & Armin's childhood? PS. THANKS LORD YOU'RE BACK WITH THE BEST MCL HEADCANONS. I missed u ): you brought me back to life.

(Awww, I missed you too! <3 Glad you enjoy them!)


  • Castiel was a really quiet kid, especially in school. People made fun of him a little bit but he never really let it get to him; he was a pretty strong kid. He did stand up for himself if need be.
  • I know this probably goes completely against canon but it’s called a headcanon for a reason so fuck it. I like to think that once upon a time, he and Nathaniel were probably super close and would play together all the time. They were inseparable, but then they just slowly stopped talking. Nate found other friends and Cas didn’t really click with them so the friendship just kinda died out after a while.
  • He couldn’t stand spongebob. He just never found it funny tbh.
  • When he got a little older is when he got Demon as a puppy, and he fell in love instantly.
  • He was super nice to anyone, this kid has a huge heart. Honestly if you didn’t like Cas as a kid it was probably your problem.
  • He was always musical! He may not have been very good at it but he loved to sing and rock out on those guitars you get from Toys R Us, the ones that aren’t toys but they’re not like a super fancy guitar either? He liked to put on mini concerts for his parents.
  • HATED his babysitters man. He gave them shit all the time. He just missed his parents a lot. He got used to it as he got older.


  • Goddammit Armin was always hurting himself. He just did the dumbest shit for no reason?? He tried to jump from his roof into the pool, didn’t work out. Also put oil on the stair banister and tried to slide down and ended up flying off because of how slippery it was. He always had a broken arm or wrist.
  • Tbh though Armin was a smug little shit so he’d show his injuries off and over exaggerate to make himself seem cool.
  • Was bullied quite a bit in school, so he and Alexy had to stick together. They were a team and you could never find one without the other.
  • He’s always hated being active or going outside. His parents tried to get him to join a few sports teams and he threw a fit. He couldn’t stand it.
  • He was still a gamer dude back then too. He loved his Nintendo DS, and omfg when the DSi came out?? Man he was in love.
  • His favorite food used to be mac and cheese, but then he got a taste of some Chicago style pizza and nothing was ever the same.
  • He used to suck soooo bad in school with his grades. He just never paid attention, so his parents had to take away any gaming systems he had in order for him to focus. He did not want to face his mother’s wrath so he definitely straightened out after her giving him an earful and threatening him with the chancla!

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hiya! same anon from before! yeah, i just wanted to tell you that the line that referenced the snakes: "when he had been looking out for snakes all his life, you were the most prominent one, which was coiled around his neck" is probably the most heartbreaking thing in that chapter. that rlly hit rock bottom for me. i got emotional just thinking about all the mental damage joon would take once oc's big secret is revealed. beautiful writing and i cant wait to read more! youre the best mansae! 💓

I’m having a mental breakdown right now you are literally so kind

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Yo dude,,,, you're super cool bro, I love your art and you're rly funny

dude… thanks a bunch…. u da best