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Cheech came for the Ox family who is wealthy and have a noble tittle, in her birthday her father throw a big party where all the social classes heard about it, So Gokú’s friends wanted to go and try the good life for once so they sneak in to the party, he (Gokú) just accepted with the promise of all the yummy stuff that probably he will never have the chance to eat again, so he changed his appears and his name to ‘’Lord Kakarrot’’ but then he find himself dancing with the birthday girl, and stealing her heart in the process, then a lot of circumstances that i haven’t thinking about  happens xD and at the end they got married have their children, and Gokú keeps going to the clandestine fights (is what he did before got married) once in a while and take his children without telling his mistress. 

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Hello this is from earlier today but I have just dyed my hair again since this pic was taken and I’m at Sam’s and we are watching the 100 and playing Cards Against Humanity and life is currently good just an update, thank u all for being such loving and wonderful people. I love u guys and am just rlly appreciative of y'all

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something i like about your ocs: they're all super diverse! not just wrt gender sexuality race etc (which are pluses ofc) but design + personality wise too, all without resorting to common archetypes. its not hard to point to a text post or vine or outfit or w/e and say "oh this is totally something xyz would be like" and i find that really neat :D

!!! >:O IM SUPER GLAD! ive never got comments on that before and im p happy abt that !! :D