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Somewhere i saw a rumor that jackson is leaving got7 and i was on auto mode so i checked my notifications to see if you have posted smth (yes, i have them on for you) and you weren't so my mind was like "ok babe hasn't posted anything yet i shouldn't worry" bc when it comes to jackson or markson i always want to see what you think about it ✌✌✌✌

ah,, I really doubt he would leave got7 but people love to talk shit about Jackson so *shrugging emoji* like honestly so many people jump at any oppurtunity to imply he’s leaving so I don’t think it’s something to worry about.. N also…. tysm????? like that’s the nicest compliment JDJFKEKE I’m so flattered!?? I’m shook at the fact that u have my notifs on???? LIKE THANK U ILYSM!!! SORRY IF I SPAM U ALOT N ILY AGAIN 💖💖💖💐💐💐💐

yes i reused the #headerfordan i made last month FITE ME

I finally hit 3k! Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back to this damned website after two years of absence. I still don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into though. Here’s to what’s to come!

special mention to @ravehowell ; jade! im glad we became friends the one and only person in my gc aside from our love for Phil Lester. let’s discuss more stuff about social science and maybe analyze dnp in those frameworks as well. ILYSM!

Now for all my D&P/Youtuber mutuals(?) i luv u all (apologies if i missed you??? just message me omg but ily still !!!)

If I don’t follow you then i still love you dw mwah.

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look @ that pre-school banner yo. anyways i’ve never done one of these?? but i thought christmas would be a good reason for one, as a thank you to all these lovely blogs for lighting up my dash ❄️  and also!!! here is a a general thank you to everyone for being on board with all the random procrastination projects i come up with, ily. 

  • mutuals bolded, tysm for dealing with my mess eheh. 
  • i wanted to give snowflake emojis to the ppl i’ve talk to, my lovs, my bebs, but like it was stressful i didn’t want to accidentally miss anyone out yikes 
  • no fave blogs i can’t choose like that. 
  • also @ my pottersecretsanta, thank u!!!! ilysm i can’t believe how sweet you are to self assign yourself as my pss yknow, you’re an actual Sunshine, i can’t tag you but!! 💕


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thank you for being all round a+ bloggers and i hope you all enjoy the remainder of your 2016 ✨  - btw if i’ve missed you out / mis-bolded u, pls message me!!! 


This was what she had always wanted someone to say. What she had always, in the darkest corner of her heart, wanted Will to say. And here he was standing in front of her, telling her he loved the words of her heart, the shape of her soul.

happy second anniversary, @mavencalore! ♡

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I wanna make this blog famous enough for got7 to see! THEN Youngjae will be head over heels for ya😉 ( also the ship name : *loud drumroll* BELJAE(Belgium if u wanna be fancy) I hope you not only like it but use it From your favorite follower, 💖Annonie96💖)


im so happy and lucky i have such good friends (and a great roommate!!!) and such a good family that supports me and such a perfect s.o who’s the sun (temperature-wise and metaphoric-wise) and im just???? so lucky (and so sorry im sometimes distant and dont keep in touch as much as i’d like w u all i love u)

6 movies i can watch anytime

i was tagged by @marvelous-fvcks -thank u. ilysm

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
enough said. i don’t have much to say other than this movie is literally perfect in every way.

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2. The Bronze
seb is hilarious in this movie. and while the humor isn’t for everyone, it never fails to make me laugh. I AM THE FUCKING GOD OF GYMNASTICS.

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3. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
this was my favorite book and probably my favorite movie.

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4. Zombieland
a comedy about the zombie apocalypse is right up my alley. 

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5. Iron Man 3
i love the fact this movie addresses tony’s anxiety and PTSD. and i love the relationship he has with harley. it has some lines that i never fail to laugh at. it always puts me in a good mood.

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6. Moana
definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. like all time. the music is so perfect and the story is great. the animation is at a such a level… this movie is amazing. i love it so much.

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gonna tag these beauties.
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I was tagged by @minmin-ah thank u so much, Preh!! I have not responded to tags for a very long time!!

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Name: natalie
A four letter word: nuke
A boy’s name: Namjoon hehe ~
An occupation:narrator
Something you can wear:nighty
A food: nachos
Something you find in a bathroom: necklace??
A place:Norway
A reason for being too late: no time?? idk
Something you shout: NO!!
A movie title: Noah
Something you drink:  nescafe
A type of car: Nissan
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