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“The warm scent of wind and earth tickled my senses, intoxicating me. It was Rhyse; it was home.”

SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN!! Thank you so much @zenwisterias / @taylordraws for this beautiful commission of my OCs, Rhyse and Eleanor!

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Emmm something about them being the tallest couple in history??? Like when all of them have a group hug they kiss over their heads cuz they cant help themself??? or something something ... thank you for all the fics and like thoughts you have :))

….the tallest……couple….in all of history??? you’re right??? anyway i’ve been thinking about this a lot anon since you sent it in and i have gathered that this is where their tallness gets them:

  • sometimes it’s the Best, because they can literally get away with exchanging exasperated glances with one another (alright, isak’s usually exasperated, even’s mostly always mildly amused) over their friends’ heads and none of them will notice because they’re in a whole different atmosphere tbh
  • sometimes it’s the Worst, because they’ll be kissing softly in the kitchen, being cute and whispering sweet nothings to each other and block out the entire world until they hear noora clear her throat like, “uhm, hey guys”, and it’ll burst their bubble and she’s kinda standing there sheepishly
    • and she’s like “sorry sorry i just,,, can’t reach the cinnamon could one of you maybe get it for me”
    • and isak is both embarrassed and irritated, embarrassed because he can’t believe they didn’t notice noora just rummaging around in the kitchen and irritated because gdi noora why are you so short he was havin a Soft Time
    • (even’s usually the one who’ll get the Thing for noora, because isak’s too  busy either covering his face or glaring, depending on his mood that day)
  • someone always fucking asks how “the weather up there” is and isak will always roll his eyes and even will always answer, unironically, that it’s “just peachy thanks, what about down there??” and isak will never understand why even humors them
  • you’re right though, they so do the Kisses Over the Others’ Heads thing, mostly just to bother them though. i mean obviously they love kissing each other, but they don’t do the PDA thing too often, so like, it usually goes like:
    • one of the girls (vilde, it’s usually vilde) will purposely stand between them during a Group Hang and talk loudly about how they’re the First Real Gay Couple she’s ever known, and how she absolutely loves gays!!!! and the rest of the group are like wow she’s being problematic,, but no one says anything because eva is there to defend her would-be gf
    • so as she talks loudly about All the Things her and “evak” do together (which,,,, aren’t many but vilde likes to embellish and even tells isak to let her have her fun because he’s a fucking prince that’s why) even’ll just kinda,,, lean a little over her head and isak knows what he’s tryna do so he’ll lean back and give him a kiss, then another, then another, and they’re just little pecks until vilde kinda drifts off
    • and she’s like “are they kissing rn” and the rest of the group snickers like “yep”
    • and she sighs because she should know better by now it always happens and she moves out of the way and by now isak and even have already moved away from each other, isak looking smug, even looking amused, and vilde’s like “you guys could just tell me to move you know”
    • and isak’s like “not as fun”
  • sometimes it’s ridiculous, because they’ll go to the bathroom together at some random restaurants and they’re too fucking tall for the stalls, so even’ll just kind of look over at isak standing next to him and grin widely like “soooo do you come here often” and isak is so embarrassed by his boyfriend
    • especially when there’s someone else in the bathroom. because this doesn’t deter even, nope, if anything it just eggs him on further
    • “i didn’t catch your name??”
    • “even please”
    • “even please, wow, what an interesting name, is that foreign? you look foreign.”
    • “even can i just. can i just take a piss in peace.”
    • “hello, sir?? did you know this beautiful boy next to me is foreign”
    • (isak’s not sure how they haven’t gotten beaten up yet???)
    • even’s cute about it for the most part though, he’ll make a whole show about how beautiful the boy in the stall next to him is, make a whole backstory, flirt with him while he’s literally taking a piss and interrupting isak’s own (he’ll blush and sputter and hiss at him to shut up, god dammit) 
    • and then other times he’ll be embarrassing and look over at isak’s stall, right at his private parts, and just click his tongue and say “nice”
    • no matter who is in there
    • with absolutely no context
    • isak hates him but he loves him so much
  • being tall boyfriends is also a nuisance with their normal-sized shower, since they’re just tryna do funky things in there sometimes but one of them will always hit the showerhead and at this point they’ve started to ignore the fact that they always come out of there bruised, because they’re busy tryna do something else and that just fucks w their adrenaline,
  • group hugs are definitely awkward because they can see everyone from where they are and who is hugging who the hardest and sometimes it becomes gossip
  • they don’t have enough leg room when they’re having a movie night with the others so they’ll kinda end up awkwardly sprawled against each other, legs tangled, tryna find a comfortable position that also doesn’t look kinky ((though isak’s pretty sure the rest of them do it on fucking purpose just to see him squirm))
  • so yeah being the Tallest couple in all of history has its drawbacks,,, but isak’s just glad he found someone taller than him to love, ‘cause having a crush on jonas for a while made his future look pretty effin uncomfortable
  • ((and he’ll kill you if you tell, but he likes feeling small around even,, just kinda. his hugs are great and he loves it when even rests his chin near the top of his head and it’s. it’s good. he loves tallness more than he hates it sometimes and he’s grateful for it, even if short people do act indignant when isak ruffles their hair and tells them to watch out ‘cause he heard it’s gonna rain down there just to hear even laugh))
The Party

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hey! i jus followed u and omg i read all ur stories in a span of an hour bc its so rjdndjkd but i was wondering if u can do an imagine about peter parker inspired by the song “I Like Me Better” by Lauv??? thank u, ilysm❤️

Also, if you want to listen to the song, click here

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You were Tony Starks daughter, that being said Tony was very protective of you and your whereabouts. You were finally able to go to a party without your dad hassling you, but what you didn’t know was he had sent Peter to look over you, but not without giving him strict rules to follow of course.  

Warnings: Alcohol, drinking, cuteness

Word Count: 3,465

A/N: Ahhhhh! This was so much fun to write, ngl I’ve been writing it for like two hours ahah. But I think it’s super cute and I just hope you like it! Enjoy.

Originally posted by stallingdemons

All your life your dad had protected you, you didn’t know if it was because he was Iron Man, or because it was just him being your overprotective dad.

Tony never allowed you to go to parties, or even go on dates with boys’.

“But dad!” You whined, following him into his lab.

“No, Y/N, we’ve been over this many times, you going to parties is just something I’m not comfortable with yet.” Tony rubbed his forehead, letting out a deep sigh he didn’t know he was holding in.

“This is so unfair! I bet when you were my age your parents let you go out and have fun. But for me, I’m trapped here in the Avengers building like a prisoner.” You ranted angrily, your hands moving in all kinds of motions.

Tony watched you carefully, he knew you were right, when he was a teenager his parents let him go out and do whatever he wanted. But when it came to you, it was different, he just wanted you to be safe. He knew people treated you differently since you were his daughter, your last name giving you a reputation.

“Look Y/N,” Tony sighed, catching your attention quickly, your eyes filled with hope that maybe, just maybe he’d change his mind for once.

“Let me think about it okay? This isn’t easy for me.” Tony muttered, but you were already beaming with joy.

He was going to think about it, you could potentially be going to your first high school party, with people your age for once.

“Thanks dad, you’re the best!” You squealed happily, giving him a hug which he gladly accepted, chuckling to himself as he saw you skip giddily down the hallway.

He knew you were growing up, but he just kept making himself refuse to believe it.

“What are you all smiley about?” Steve laughed, seeing your beaming smile as you entered the room.

“Dad might finally let me go to my first high school party.” You grinned, grabbing a mug and pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

“Wow. Really? Stark is willing to let his only daughter go to a party?” Steve said in disbelief, it wasn’t unknown that everyone knew how protective your dad was over you.

You nodded your head, the smile still on your lips.

“What? Who’s going to a party?” Natasha chimed in, glancing between the two of you.

“Stark might let Y/N go to her first high school party.” Steve smirked, grabbing a newspaper before sitting down at the table.

“Whaaaat! No way, girl you’re growing up.” Natasha teased, ruffling your hair, making you swat her hands away.

“It’s about time I finally experience high school for what it is.” You stated jokingly, making them both laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Clint came into the kitchen, making you sigh and look at Natasha and Steve.

“I don’t have time for this, you tell him.” You laughed, taking your cup of coffee with you as you exited the kitchen.

You were half way down the hall when you heard Clint shout ’No way! Stark is finally letting her have fun!’ Making you roll your eyes, a faint smile on your lips as you walked back to your room.

It was Friday night, the perfect time for parties to happen, and you had only found out a few hours earlier you were finally allowed to go to one.

“Yes! Thank you dad! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” You jumped up and down, hugging Tony tightly.

“Just don’t make me regret it okay?” He gave you a warning look, making you nod frantically, too overjoyed.

He soon exited your room, leaving you to get ready, Tony prayed you wouldn’t go overboard, but then again you were his daughter, so he knew you would even if you weren’t trying too.

“Friday, can you send Parker to my office please? Thank you.”

“Sure thing Mr. Stark, he’s on his way now.”

Tony walked around his office, trying to act interested in something before Peter knocked on his door anxiously.

“Y-You wanted to see m-me?” Peter stammered, making Tony turn around swiftly, a smile planted on his face.

“Mr. Parker, yes, please sit down.” Tony motioned to the chair, which Peter sat in hesitantly.

Peter didn’t know what was going on, Tony never needed him for really anything, so he knew this was a serious manner.

“You see, Mr. Parker, my daughter Y/N is going to her first high school party tonight, and I promised her I wouldn’t hassle her, and since you two are the same age, and go to the same school, I would like you to make sure she doesn’t do anything she’ll regret.” Tony folded his hands on his desk, watching Peter’s eyes widen.

“You want me.. To spy on your daughter?” Peter hesitantly spoke, blinking a few times.

“Yes. Isn’t it obvious? I just told you that.” Tony spoke bluntly, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Anyways, it’s tonight, as a girls’ house named Liz Allen, just make sure Y/N doesn’t get into trouble.” Tony stated, pointing a finger at Peter, who was shaking in his seat.

“G-Got it Mr. Stark, I w-won’t let you down.” He stammered, standing up from his chair.

“Oh and one last thing,” Tony stood up, walking over to Peter who looked visually nervous.

“Yes?” Peter questioned, playing with the end of his sleeve nervously.

“I’m sending you to this party because I trust you’ll take care of my daughter, that being said, if I find out you and her do anything behind my back, I will know about it. Got it?” Tony gave him a stern look, sending shivers up Peters spine.

“-Yes, got it Mr. Stark. No funny business.” Peter clapped his hands, licking his lips nervously before exiting the office.

Tony nodded his head in approval before Peters words sunk into his head.

“Wait, what do you mean no funny business? Parker!” Tony shouted, only making Peter smile slightly and sprint back to his room.

It was finally the time for you to leave, to say you weren’t exited would be a complete and utter lie, you were bubbling with happiness.

“Okay, Y/N, have fun, but not too much fun, -just be safe okay?” Tony smiled softly, as you nodded, a bright smile on your face.

“I will.” You leaned over, giving him a kiss on the cheek before getting out of the car, receiving waves and ‘hellos’ from people around you.

Once you went inside, it was like you entered a whole new world, music was blasting, people were dancing, red cups were everywhere, this is what you were waiting to experience.

You were wandering around the gorgeous house, before running into Liz.

“Hey Y/N! I’m so glad you could make it!” She smiled happily, hugging you.

“Me too Liz, me too.” You grinned, glancing around the room, giving a small wave at Ned and Michelle who were here also.

“Well we have snacks and drinks in the kitchen if you want anything.” She smiled, making your eyes light up.

“You had me at drinks.” You grinned, looping your arm with hers before disappearing into the kitchen.

It was time to party.

Peter had soon arrived after you did, his mind going at warp speed after his talk with Tony.

He walked inside, seeing everyone having fun, dancing, eating, drinking.

He noticed Ned and Michelle, walking over to them.

“Hey guys.” Peter greeted, giving Ned a fist bump before glancing around the room.

“Hey dude, I didn’t think you’d be here.” Ned grinned, making Peter gasp dramatically.

“I can party.” Peter defended, making Ned and Michelle laugh.

“Peter, nobody wants that.” Ned laughed, making Peter give him a look.

“Also, have you guys by any chance seen Y/N?” He looked around once again, seeing you were nowhere to be found.

“Yes actually, she arrived a few minutes before you, she was talking to Liz and then they ventured into the kitchen and that was the last time I saw them. Michelle?” Ned gestured to the brunette haired girl, who shrugged.

“I heard Liz mention something about drinks and snacks.” Michelle shrugged again, before walking off.

“Shit, nonononono.” Peter mumbled, biting his lip nervously.

“Dude what’s wrong, you’re sweating so bad.” Ned looked over Peter’s worried expression.

“Mr. Stark sent me here to keep an eye on Y/N and I cannot afford to bring her back drunk Ned!” Peter vented, his voice cracking a bit.

“Lets go check the kitchen.” Ned suggested, as they both went to search for you.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” Everyone shouted, before cheering and clapping.

There you were, sitting on the counter with Liz, doing shots, and basically drinking whatever was handed to the both of you.

“Shit. This is not good.” Peter groaned, rubbing his hand over his face.

“Dude, you’re so dead.” Ned patted Peter on the back, his eyes widened at the sight before him.

You were having the time of your life, you never got to do this, and it was even better that it was with Liz.

“Who wants another round?!” Liz shouted, making everyone cheer, including yourself.

A guy started pouring more shots, which gave Peter the chance to talk to you.

“Hey, Y/N, it’s Peter, hey, look at me..” Peter took your face into his hands, seeing how bloodshot they already were, he knew you were wasted.

“Petey!” You squealed, your smile bright.

“Hey.” Peter mumbled, moving a strand of hair out of your face.

“This party is amaaaazziinnnggg!” You giggled, making Peter chuckle quietly, he had never seen you in this state before.

“Y/N, do it with me!” Liz shouted, handing you a shot, you both raised your arms into the air, shouting cheers before letting the cold liquid burn your throat once again.

“Who wants to do belly shots?!” Some girl shouted, making Liz squeal excitedly, stumbling off the counter.

“Come on Y/N!” She motioned for her to follow her outside, you stumbled off the counter, doing your best to follow her.

“Yeah, no.” Peter laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

“We’re going to get you home.” Peter sighed, as you tried to fight him off of you.

“No way! I want to stay and partaaaaay!” You giggled, trying to grab things on your way out of the kitchen.

“Damn. She’s so wasted.” Michelle’s eyes widened when she saw your state.

“Better not let Tony see her like this Peter.” Ned raised his eyebrows, making Peter roll his eyes in response.

“Believe me, if I returned with her like this I would be dead before I even entered the building.” Peter muttered, picking you up and carrying you outside.

It was going to be a long night.

Peter had taken you back to his place, he was pretty sure Aunt May wouldn’t mind, at least he hoped.

“Peter you’re back! How was the party? Did yo-” She turned around, seeing you in his arms.

“Do I need to call her father?” May sighed, looking at Peter.

“No! I have this under control.” Peter spoke quickly, praying she wouldn’t call Tony.

“Alright, well, just get her some water okay? Maybe some aspirin.” May looked at the two of you once more before disappearing into her room.

Peter set you down on his bed, rushing off to get some water and aspirin like May said too.

“Hey, Y/N.” Peter spoke calmly, making you smile.

“Hey Petey!” You giggled, making him bite his lip to stop him from laughing.

“I got you some water and some aspirin, will you take it for me?” Peter helped you sit up, but you’d immediately fall back down.

“Alright, maybe in an hour.” Peter mumbled, setting it down on his dresser.

“Petey.” You mumbled, making him glance at you.

“Did you know..” You giggled, rolling onto your side, “That drunken thoughts are sober words that you normally can’t admit.” You grinned, looking at him.

To be drunk and in love in New York City.

To not know who I am but still know that,

I’m good long as you’re here with me.

“Y/N, don’t say something you’ll regret later.” Peter looked at you nervously, not knowing what could come out of your mouth.

“I really like you Petey, like I reaaaallllyyy like you.” You giggled once again, making Peter’s eyes widen.

You liked him, the girl of his dreams had a crush on him.

“Y/N, you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Peter tried to brush off what you were saying, but he couldn’t help let every word sink into his head.

“No. Petey.” You sat up, doing your best to look at him, but failing miserably.

Peter turned to look at you, his cheeks already flushed at how close you two were.

“I really like you.” You poked his chest, making him take a deep breath.

“Y/N.” He mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t you get it?” You sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder.

I like me better when I’m with you, I don’t know what it is but I got that feeling and ever since then I knew I liked you.” You mumbled, closing your eyes.

Peter just sat there in silence, listening to you drunkenly pour your heart out for him.

His heart was racing, he couldn’t believe this was all happening.

He snapped back into reality, hearing your soft snores.

He gently laid you down on his bed, deciding to let you sleep a bit, he couldn’t afford to let you go back to Mr. Stark that way.

Hours passed and you slowly started waking up, confusion quickly spreading across your face.

You sat up quickly, before grabbing your head and letting out a loud whine.

“Ow.” You groaned, glancing at your surroundings.

“Hey Y/N, glad to see your awake.” Peter smiled, making your eyes widen.

“What? What am I doing here?” You questioned, making Peter’s eyes widen this time.

“Oh, well, um, you see.. You got really drunk, and well I took you back here because I couldn’t let Mr. Stark see you like that.” Peter explained, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I might get to too much talking.

“I brought you some water and aspirin.” Peter handed you the water which you gladly accepted, taking the aspirin with it.

“I think we should get you back home now though.” Peter smiled, making you nod in agreement.

Peter did his best to get you into the building without anyone noticing, which he did, at least he thought.

“Y/N, you uh, you told me something before you fell asleep.” Peter stammered nervously, looking at the ground.

You felt your heart start to race, you couldn’t have told him.

“Look Peter it’s late.. can we talk about this in the morning?” You questioned, making him nod.

You definitely needed to sleep for a while.

Midnight into morning coffee.

Coffee is exactly what you needed.

You wandered out of your room, squinting at the bright light, you hated being hung over, it was the worst.

You made yourself a strong pot of coffee, turning around only to meet Steve and Natasha.

“Whoa there girly, someone had a bit too much fun.” Steve grinned, as you sent him a death glare.

“You look awful.” Natasha pointed out, making you sigh.

“I know, dad is going to kill me.” You muttered, looking up and locking eyes with Peter.

Natasha and Steve both turned to see who you looking at, smirks slowly forming on their faces.

“We’ll leave you two alone.” They both got up, leaving the kitchen, patting Peter as he walked in.

“Hey.” He mumbled, giving you a soft smile.

“Hey..” You bit your lip slightly, sitting down at the table.

“Look, about last night.. You said something..” Peter fiddled with his hands nervously.

“It’s true Peter.” You admitted, taking a sip of your coffee, only to meet Peters wide eyes.

“I-It is?” He stammered, making you smile.

“Yes, I do like you Peter.” You laughed quietly, making his eyes light up.

“I’ve liked you since we first met Y/N.” Peter confessed, making your heart race.

You both started leaning in, until your lips connected, smiles both forming on your faces.

“You want to see a movie later?” Peter smiled, making you giggle quietly.

“Sure Peter.” You replied, kissing his lips one more time before running off to your room, leaving him with a goofy smile on his face.

“Mr. Parker, I assume you brought my daughter home okay?” Tony walked into the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Yeah, uh, all good Mr. Stark.” Peter smiled nervously, slowly getting up to run out of the room.

“No funny business right?” Tony turned to look at Peter, who’s eyes widened and face flushed.

Peter opened his mouth to reply, but couldn’t find the words, so instead he did the only thing he knew.

He ran.

“Parker!” Tony shouted, watching Peter rush off to his room.

Tony’s mouth turned into a small smile, seeing Peter rush off, his own smile on his face.

Damn.. he really did get the girl of his dreams.

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Aiya--I cannot stress this enough, but don't rush yourself in finishing works in progress. I know you might feel pressure and whatnot to finish them, but there is no due date to art (unless school related. But art teachers are pretty chill yo). There's no rush to finishing any animations either. I've been looking into a few programs and it's really hard to draw frame by frame. I am aware that's not how you animate, but I see now that it does take time and patience. So don't rush, it's okay <3

Seriously can I just…

I have… literally no words left to say- I’m so happy rn ccc’: I’ve been waiting too long to find a time to draw this- and it’s really not much, so I’m so sorry, I’ll make sure I’ll do better soon and thank u properly this time… ;;;;w;;;; because really- I’m really thankful for ur words and ur support… now everytime I just see u make u me smile gosh- hhhhhhh-..

Yeah- I still wanna tell many things tbh.. but it’s really late and I can’t think straight at all– tho Thanks again!! ;;//W//;; ur ask seriously made my day better♥

some anon asked me to draw tony and pepper, but i accidentally deleted the message, sorry!!!! (⊙︿⊙✿)

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hi can u do reaction when they want to have sex but you're insecure because u didnt shave? make this nsfw af THANK U AND ILYSM 💕

Seokjin: *gets slightly confused*

“Why would hair turn me off?” “You’re not making any sense, now undress for me”

Originally posted by fawnave

Yoongi: *Gets slightly irritated that you’re using that as an excuse*

“If you don’t want to, just say so*

“No, I do..”

“Then shut up and let me fuck you”

Originally posted by tahyns

Hoseok: *slightly confused*

“Baby please?” “It hurts, and only you can fix it” *Starts begging*

Originally posted by nycbtslover

Namjoon: *chuckles*

“If you think that’s going to stop me, you’re wrong baby girl” “Bend over got me, now”

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin: *Finds you amusing*

“You’re funny, Jagiya.” “Now quit being silly and open your legs for me.”

Originally posted by itschiminie

Taehyung: *Stared at you with a small smirk on his face.*

“Jagiya, I’m still going to fuck you whether you have hair or not.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: *Laughs at you*

“I have hair too, and that never stops us” “Come on baby girl, let me change your mind”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Megan and I bestow unto you this gif of Arya and a Chicken.


When you try to be a protective and good gf™ @herbinglicious plz love mE

Lmao I love you so much tho and you’re the bestest and my favourite and liek oml so perfect I just.. H o w ? ?

Okay so I thought I posted these but I guess not because I posted them a while ago and they still haven’t loaded-

      YOU  GUYS  …  i  honestly  can’t  believe  there’s  550  of  you  ,  people  who  actually  like  this  blog  !!  it’s  crazy  to  think  that  i  only  brought  my  mom  jj  to  indie  rp  SIX  MONTHS  AGO  ,  and  this  blog  has  grown  so  much  ever  since.  gotta  say  ,  i  never  thought  i’d  last  as  long  as  i  have  ,  but  this  website  has  brought  so  many  great  things  into  my  life  ,  it’s  allowed  me  to  discover  jj  in  a  way  that  i  never  thought  possible  &  for  that  i’m  forever  grateful  ,  seriously.  life  gets  rough  from  time  to  time  ,  and  you  guys  honestly  keep  me  on  my  feet  ,  no  matter  the  highs  or  the  lows.

      my  journey  with  jj  has  been  one  of  learning.  understanding  that  not  everyone’s  like  you  ,  that  people  are  HUMAN  ,  regardless  of  flaws.  sure  ,  she’s  a  fictional  character  ,  but  sometimes  they  teach  us  more  than  any  real  person  ever  will.  i  was  terrified  to  find  her  voice  in  my  words  ,  but  the  time  i’ve  spent  studying  her  has  been  a  hundred  percent  worth  it  ,  and  i  could  never  imagine  my  life  without  her  as  a  GUIDEANCE  ,  a  true  north.  we’re  different  in  many  ways  ,  but  that’s  how  she  complements  me   ;   with  her  love  ,  her  patience  ,  her  particular  way  of  putting  every  single  fiber  of  her  being  into  her  work.  her  FEARLESSNESS  ,  compassion  ,  persistence.  i  really  hope  i  can  start  seeing  more  of  her  in  me. 

      SO  …  below  ,  is  a  list  of  all  the  people  that  have  made  this  experience  a  WONDERFUL  one   ——  please  ,  never  leave  this  place  ,  because  you  make  it  great  &  unique.  thank  you  all  ,  i  love  you  so  much  !!

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