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“The warm scent of wind and earth tickled my senses, intoxicating me. It was Rhyse; it was home.”

SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN!! Thank you so much @zenwisterias / @taylordraws for this beautiful commission of my OCs, Rhyse and Eleanor!

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Emmm something about them being the tallest couple in history??? Like when all of them have a group hug they kiss over their heads cuz they cant help themself??? or something something ... thank you for all the fics and like thoughts you have :))

….the tallest……couple….in all of history??? you’re right??? anyway i’ve been thinking about this a lot anon since you sent it in and i have gathered that this is where their tallness gets them:

  • sometimes it’s the Best, because they can literally get away with exchanging exasperated glances with one another (alright, isak’s usually exasperated, even’s mostly always mildly amused) over their friends’ heads and none of them will notice because they’re in a whole different atmosphere tbh
  • sometimes it’s the Worst, because they’ll be kissing softly in the kitchen, being cute and whispering sweet nothings to each other and block out the entire world until they hear noora clear her throat like, “uhm, hey guys”, and it’ll burst their bubble and she’s kinda standing there sheepishly
    • and she’s like “sorry sorry i just,,, can’t reach the cinnamon could one of you maybe get it for me”
    • and isak is both embarrassed and irritated, embarrassed because he can’t believe they didn’t notice noora just rummaging around in the kitchen and irritated because gdi noora why are you so short he was havin a Soft Time
    • (even’s usually the one who’ll get the Thing for noora, because isak’s too  busy either covering his face or glaring, depending on his mood that day)
  • someone always fucking asks how “the weather up there” is and isak will always roll his eyes and even will always answer, unironically, that it’s “just peachy thanks, what about down there??” and isak will never understand why even humors them
  • you’re right though, they so do the Kisses Over the Others’ Heads thing, mostly just to bother them though. i mean obviously they love kissing each other, but they don’t do the PDA thing too often, so like, it usually goes like:
    • one of the girls (vilde, it’s usually vilde) will purposely stand between them during a Group Hang and talk loudly about how they’re the First Real Gay Couple she’s ever known, and how she absolutely loves gays!!!! and the rest of the group are like wow she’s being problematic,, but no one says anything because eva is there to defend her would-be gf
    • so as she talks loudly about All the Things her and “evak” do together (which,,,, aren’t many but vilde likes to embellish and even tells isak to let her have her fun because he’s a fucking prince that’s why) even’ll just kinda,,, lean a little over her head and isak knows what he’s tryna do so he’ll lean back and give him a kiss, then another, then another, and they’re just little pecks until vilde kinda drifts off
    • and she’s like “are they kissing rn” and the rest of the group snickers like “yep”
    • and she sighs because she should know better by now it always happens and she moves out of the way and by now isak and even have already moved away from each other, isak looking smug, even looking amused, and vilde’s like “you guys could just tell me to move you know”
    • and isak’s like “not as fun”
  • sometimes it’s ridiculous, because they’ll go to the bathroom together at some random restaurants and they’re too fucking tall for the stalls, so even’ll just kind of look over at isak standing next to him and grin widely like “soooo do you come here often” and isak is so embarrassed by his boyfriend
    • especially when there’s someone else in the bathroom. because this doesn’t deter even, nope, if anything it just eggs him on further
    • “i didn’t catch your name??”
    • “even please”
    • “even please, wow, what an interesting name, is that foreign? you look foreign.”
    • “even can i just. can i just take a piss in peace.”
    • “hello, sir?? did you know this beautiful boy next to me is foreign”
    • (isak’s not sure how they haven’t gotten beaten up yet???)
    • even’s cute about it for the most part though, he’ll make a whole show about how beautiful the boy in the stall next to him is, make a whole backstory, flirt with him while he’s literally taking a piss and interrupting isak’s own (he’ll blush and sputter and hiss at him to shut up, god dammit) 
    • and then other times he’ll be embarrassing and look over at isak’s stall, right at his private parts, and just click his tongue and say “nice”
    • no matter who is in there
    • with absolutely no context
    • isak hates him but he loves him so much
  • being tall boyfriends is also a nuisance with their normal-sized shower, since they’re just tryna do funky things in there sometimes but one of them will always hit the showerhead and at this point they’ve started to ignore the fact that they always come out of there bruised, because they’re busy tryna do something else and that just fucks w their adrenaline,
  • group hugs are definitely awkward because they can see everyone from where they are and who is hugging who the hardest and sometimes it becomes gossip
  • they don’t have enough leg room when they’re having a movie night with the others so they’ll kinda end up awkwardly sprawled against each other, legs tangled, tryna find a comfortable position that also doesn’t look kinky ((though isak’s pretty sure the rest of them do it on fucking purpose just to see him squirm))
  • so yeah being the Tallest couple in all of history has its drawbacks,,, but isak’s just glad he found someone taller than him to love, ‘cause having a crush on jonas for a while made his future look pretty effin uncomfortable
  • ((and he’ll kill you if you tell, but he likes feeling small around even,, just kinda. his hugs are great and he loves it when even rests his chin near the top of his head and it’s. it’s good. he loves tallness more than he hates it sometimes and he’s grateful for it, even if short people do act indignant when isak ruffles their hair and tells them to watch out ‘cause he heard it’s gonna rain down there just to hear even laugh))

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Aiya--I cannot stress this enough, but don't rush yourself in finishing works in progress. I know you might feel pressure and whatnot to finish them, but there is no due date to art (unless school related. But art teachers are pretty chill yo). There's no rush to finishing any animations either. I've been looking into a few programs and it's really hard to draw frame by frame. I am aware that's not how you animate, but I see now that it does take time and patience. So don't rush, it's okay <3

Seriously can I just…

I have… literally no words left to say- I’m so happy rn ccc’: I’ve been waiting too long to find a time to draw this- and it’s really not much, so I’m so sorry, I’ll make sure I’ll do better soon and thank u properly this time… ;;;;w;;;; because really- I’m really thankful for ur words and ur support… now everytime I just see u make u me smile gosh- hhhhhhh-..

Yeah- I still wanna tell many things tbh.. but it’s really late and I can’t think straight at all– tho Thanks again!! ;;//W//;; ur ask seriously made my day better♥


When you try to be a protective and good gf™ @herbinglicious plz love mE

Lmao I love you so much tho and you’re the bestest and my favourite and liek oml so perfect I just.. H o w ? ?

Okay so I thought I posted these but I guess not because I posted them a while ago and they still haven’t loaded-

Megan and I bestow unto you this gif of Arya and a Chicken.

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May I pretty please have a: you're going night exploring w bts. Where would each of the members take you ??? Thank u mom ilysm~~~

Namjoon would take you to the highest spot in the city, somewhere were you two could sit on the rooftop of a high building and point out all the pretty lights and smell the fresh night air. He’d pull out his notebook and read you little entries he’s made over the past few weeks and you’d listen to him with your eyes closed. 

Yoongi would take you to a midnight showing of a black & white classic film. Something Italian or French. The whole time you’re watching the movie, he’d hold your hand in his and bring it up to kiss the back of your palm. Afterwords you’d tell him all your favorite lines while you walked through the dimly lit streets from the theater.

Jin would want to get snacks at a 24/7 convenience store, just you and him eating ice-cream while the cashier falls asleep at the front. He’d take you to a playground where you’d stand on the swings and Jin would carefully push you as you felt the wind blow through your hair. You’d kiss on a bench next to a flickering light of a street lamp. 

Hoseok would take you to an underground club, a little exclusive and definitely somewhere with its own unique style. The walls covered in neon red signs, the drinks all colorful, and the people all freely dancing. He’d hold you close against his body and whisper against your ear that even in such a crowded room - you still manage to hold his attention without even trying. 

Jimin would take you to the sea. You’d both run across the sand, avoiding the waves that kiss the shore. Jimin would catch you, hugging you from behind and kissing your neck telling you that his love for you is as wide and vast as the ocean. You’d both admire how calm and quiet it is since no one else is around. 

Taehyung would take you to a secret little spot, between cramped buildings where he’s been recently drawing a mural over the sides of one of the walls. He can only do it at night since if he did it in the morning he’d be caught. You’d ask him what the mural is supposed to be, but he’d just pass you spray can bottle and a mask and tell you that it’s not supposed to be anything - it can be everything you want. 

Jungkook would push his luck, he’d insist that you two climb into a closed swimming pool and just play around - pushing each other into the water and seeing who can hold their breath the longest. If you laugh too loud, he’d shush you so no one finds out you two are there and suddenly you’ll find yourself face-to-face with Jungkook, wet hair in his face and sparkling stars in his eyes. 

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CRASHES INTO UR ASK BOX hey boo you're the coolest kid on the block, never forget it!!!!! you're an inspiration to many and more people need to have the sort of positive attitude you do. stay strong and laugh at the anons who take the time to be petty!! also this is 100% totally not tea-sims, who is that

@tea-sims who?