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Hey TMR fandom! Thank you all for your awesome response to our first post about the possiblity of cards against humanity nights for the fandom. Because of you guys, it’s happening!

We’ve gone through all the responses, and the most popular days and times are friday and saturday & 11:30pm and 3:30pm (both UTC - use this website to convert from UTC to your local time).

So, based on that, we’ve put together a schedule for the rest of the Summer:

GAME ONE: FRIDAY, JULY 29TH AT 11:30pm UTC hosted by Jamie
GAME TWO: SATURDAY, JULY 30TH AT 3:30PM UTC hosted by lyca
GAME FIVE: FRIDAY, AUGUST 12TH AT 11:30PM UTC hosted by Jamie
GAME SEVEN: FRIDAY, AUGUST 19TH AT 11:30PM UTC hosted by Jamie

On the day of each game, about 15 minutes before we start, whoever is hosting (Jamie - @00250 or Lyca - @newtmos) will post a link to the game with the password needed to join! If need be, we will create multiple games so everyone can get a chance to play. You can also track #tmr cah as all posts relating to the games will be tagged as such (plus we’ll be checking the tag, so if you have questions feel free to use it).

And a big thanks to @mintnewt and @caritivereflection for stepping up and offering to make a brand new tmr-themed deck of cards for us! Your work will not go unappreciated. :)

Lastly, we’ve made a poll so we can get an idea of how many people are planning to join each game - that way we can know how many games to make as there will be a player limit. So reblog, spread the word, and get ready to have a ton of fun! :)

Thanks @badstubing for tagging me!! :)

One: spell your name with song titles: Ooohh this is fun now a rare moment where yall see me using my full name

“A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles

“Next To Me” by Emeli Sandé

“Das kann uns keiner nehmen” by Revolverheld

“Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac

“River Lea” by Adele

“Smackwater Jack” by Carole King

“On My own” from Les Mis

“Never Had” by Oscar Isaac :):):):):)

Two: why did you choose your url: Bc it was vacant

Three: what is your middle name: Luiz lmao

Four: if you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

Five: favorite color? Red? Orange?

Six: song you like right now? “Crying Lightning” by Arctic Monkeys

Seven: top four fandoms: I hate all of them???

Eight: tag 10 people: nah

Anyway I tag @schweiniology, @snakehummels, @calumchambers, @polishhorseman and @hectorjonas :)


I APPRECIATE U ALL <3 lol. on a side note, i just created a facebook fanpage for my art group! if you like to check out what merchandise we’ll be selling at cons, or just laughing at how craptastic my drawings are, i’d really love for y'all to head on there to Like the page! (*´・v・) i’m slowly posting stuff there right now as we speak xD thanks! and look forward to more free!xsnk stuff cuz i’ll be posting ‘em! (ノ*゜▽゜*)


hey guys! things have been tough at my place since my sister lost her job. we struggle to pay our monthly bills, forgo necessary doctor’s appointments because we can’t afford the co-pays, and don’t buy food most weeks because we just don’t have the money. I don’t want to ask people to just give us money via paypal or gofundme, because I know how strapped for cash everyone is. but please allow me to let you know about eight past midnight. it’s my sister’s etsy shop, and it’s full of beautiful but simple pendant necklaces as low as $5, as well as photography. please take a look around and please consider buying something, and if you can’t all I ask is please reblog & signal boost this. every little bit helps and whenever anyone buys anything, we really appreciate it and need anything we can get. Thanks so much!

Today officially marks my 10 year drawing anniversary - when I was twelve I already knew that I wanted to inspire people the same way I was first inspired to draw, I’ve always wanted to give people a reason to push forward, achieve their goals and fight for what they want.  It’s been a long and hard ride, but no matter the battles, nothing in this world is going to stop me from doing what I love.
ten years ago, I didn’t give up.  uvu

Hey!♥ This Follow Forever is to thank u guys for being awesome! u guys are the best, it makes me smile everytime i see one of u on my dash or reblog me and all of that dsjlka c: also MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy new year a bit early  i wish u the best luck ever and if this wasnt a good year i hope the next one will be better. 

I havent been active lately like i used to and its been a while since I’ve done some graphics and all but now that the exams are over ill be back more than ever if games let me  dsjkalxd and try to make graphics as beautiful as some of u guys do :c

Also thank u for 1.3k Followers, its a lot, i dont think i deserve u guys:c dsjalk. anyway thank u for everything♥ keep being aMAYzing! c:

The URL’s are not in order cause Im still too lazy to do it

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SOMANYPEOPLE:C im sure i forgot a lot of u guys:ccc and sorry if i didnt add u in this FF but keep in mind that i love u too!♥

PD: sorry for the shitty graphic dsjak:c

hello friends first off thank u to my number one meme fuker jhoop for making every transparent in this post. i made it to the big 1k like one or two weeks ago and i said i was gonna do a ff to say a small thanks to all the cool mutuals and stuff. seriously i never would have thought i would get 1k followers ever so thank you so much ily all. im really sorry if i forgot anyone i follow 450 blogs. i kno its really long i apologize. ight now the part that matters:

first i want to make a cool shoutout to my main homies my ride or dies these are some of the closest and longest friends i’ve made on here and still talk to on a frequent basis ily guys a lot i have your back always ok:

chemburlee jhoop ohhkym 

now to some more of my really cool close friends that i’ve talked to quite a bit even if it’s been a while and i hope we only grow closer ily guys a lot:

57ft * cryingzitao * daebaksoohongbinbasedgod * onestophappinessrnonolid * yugiknowsxxiaolong/krismebaobei

alright now on to the rest!

bolded: more friends!! i may have talked to you like once or twice or you were just really nice to me but i still consider u a friend ok

italicized: not mutuals      ★: people i kno irl 

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and now some nice words about how jogging feels about not being included in my ff banner <3

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