thank u for commissioning!!

I am so in love with this commission made by the wonderful @istehlurvz oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for this :’) I am truly going to appreciate this…ahhhh!! ; v ;

Baristas Daniel and Louis w/ their picky customer Lestat from our coffee shop AU!<3 @wicked-felina commissioned @sheepskeleton to make this for me as an early birthday gift, so sweet! I love it *u*

  • Lestat making hearteyes at Louis, 
  • …who is like, SUPER trying to ignore the hearteyes…. 
  • but he got the name right on the cup! 
  • The little details! 
  • Dan is actually making the cappuccino with the proper technique! 
  • Dan is in on this, he definitely texted Lestat that Louis was back from his break so he couldn’t very well disappear
  • I am so touched. gawd, Lestat even has a teensy lil dimple! 

mini commissions part 3!! i have another little break coming up, so i wanted to open up some mini sketch commissions at $15 each. all sketches are clean lined & have minimal shading — in whatever colour scheme you’d like, it doesn’t need to be in black and white, and can have whatever additions (speech bubbles, text, hearts, etc) you’d like. additional characters are $5, and backgrounds are $5+ depending on the complexity. (more examples here!)

  • i WILL draw:  ocs, fanart of your own choice or scenes from fanfics, some nsfw themes (gore/violence i can do–anything explicitly sexual needs to be discussed in the commission request).
  • i WON’T draw:  anything sexual/excessively nsfw in other ways that involves underage characters, incest, furry, mecha.
  • payment is via paypal only!  email me your request/commission type at and i’ll get back to you asap.
  • payment up front:  i will start the piece after your payment goes through.
  • send as many references for your ocs as you want! the more the better.
  • i’ll send the finished art to your email:  if you’d like me to post it here instead, let me know.
  • i’ll leave the background white, but you can request a single colour background for free, or ask for it to be left transparent!
  • (i’ll give you a final quote on the price before i ask for payment.)

if you have any other questions, my inbox is open & i have 5 slots open as usual! :D

Speechless, he let the stranger lead as they danced.  Soon, in the way of dreams, he found they were no longer in the crowded gymnasium but rather outside in a field under a moonlight, starry sky.  It was so damn romantic Dean’s heart couldn’t help but beat a little faster.  

You look beautiful tonight, Dean.

commission for @jhoomwrites based on a snippet of her fic, Loss! go check out her ao3 for more of her wonderful work!

“The warm scent of wind and earth tickled my senses, intoxicating me. It was Rhyse; it was home.”

SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN!! Thank you so much @zenwisterias / @taylordraws for this beautiful commission of my OCs, Rhyse and Eleanor!

Check out my OC blog to learn more about them

i’m gonna have to save for something personal before April hits (wow helium why are u doing this just now! u idiot!)

now kids we don’t have anything fancy here, like colored ones, cause its an emergency!commish, so i laid out simpler choices so that the quality wouldn’t suffer! but fyi! i’ll open full commissions (like the real one) around apr-may after school i swear *crying emoji*

・SKETCH (15usd)
>that neat-o sketch with pretty shading and all
>its cute~

・INKED (20usd)
>obviously its inked
>best recommended for characters with lots of black in their design! (its gonna b cool)
>more detailed tbh
>waist-up or thigh-up

>neat-o sketch, but with a little color (single color)
>and washi tape
>so that the sketch won’t be lonely aww
>gives that scrapbook-ish feel
>waist-up or thigh-up

・do u send the original copy?
>i only give the HQ scanned pic! (i mean just think of the digital commissions, u only get soft copy)
>paypal only pls amen
・ can u draw like, anything?
>i am weak my friends, i might decline a request when i’m uncomfortable with it.


I’ll be waiting (。◕‿◕。)・:*:・thank you very much


i’ve always thought my first bones n joanna pic would be something sweet and soft. i was wrong.

aos!joanna is basically a baby tos!bones w/ freckles and brown eyes since i wanted to keep both bones’ connection to each other.