thank u for coming back


;; {{ sorry guys. i know i said i’m gonna be here more often like 2 (?) months back? but i’ve decided … i’m going to remake this blog to a completely new one. it’s just gonna be an archive for this blog so feel free to unfollow, and if you wanna follow my new Kise, he’s here so go ahead !! and thank you all for not unfollowing me despite my inactiveness omg — I look forward to interacting with more of you on there !! }}

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You're so beautiful. I can't comprehend how someone could look like you and be the nicest person I've ever talked to.

Oh wow this is so nice, I’m speechless. This is so sweet I don’t even know what to say but thank you so much ily!! ur so nice and ur a beautiful sunshine inside and out and I hope you have/had a nice day and ur the nicest person ever!!!

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Sexy Chanyeol pls! <3 thanks!

y u gotta make me look through the Chanyeol tag I always come back thirsty af

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i find it kinda funny how youre bi bc i remember reading a text post from you years back where you were wondering if you could be bi without knowing it bc you'd never even thought about it before but then you imagined a vagina and just went "nah... nope... no thank u" (but anyway congrats on coming out lol)

yeah I went back and forth with it for YEARS I used to convince myself I was just thinking too much every time I’d get attracted to another girl and I’d be like ‘it’s nothing Madeline ur not bi stop being dumb’ like ALL. THE. TIME. I repressed myself bc I knew I was attracted to guys FOR SURE lmao and when I was younger I just thought “well then u can’t be attracted to girls too haha” bc bisexuality didn’t exist back then right lmao 

then like freshman year of college up it was just straight up me denying it haha I knew tho. I knew 

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i hope that you know how important you are or that you will someday

thank u so much for these messages. can u please come back and leave me daily messages cause I could use ur positivity love u