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today i was asking my friend to see what he got on one of our calc questions but he was taking his time getting his dunkaroos out of his bag (he eats dunkaroos every calc class) and i told him to stop messing w his dunkaroos and he just looked at me and said “sam. asking me not to dunk. is like asking michael jordan not to dunk.”

What were some major turning points in Michael’s life and how might he have turned out if things had went differently?

Major turning points? When his life crashed down was when he was ten and his family got eliminated and his family house got burned down to ensure no clues would be left. If such a thing had not happened, he would have lived a normal life, traveled around the place with his sister and yeah. He’d grow up more open and HELLA annoying and to be honest… A bit spoiled. A bit much… The second turning point is when he meets Dante. Had he not met Dante, he would not have been taught how to fight well enough. Nor would he have gotten a friend. He would have come out much worse then he is right now. The third turning point is when he loses his caretaker to another hitman. Had that not happened, he would have remained in Kalos for a while, and then return to Johto and spend time with his friend and perhaps eventually they’d like… Go to Kalos and travel around together. The fourth turning point for him is when he meets Zarby and Marius, basically the two of them start pulling him out of a dark place. Had that not happened, he would he remained in that dark state for a long, long time…

What are some simple things that he enjoys?

Simple things? Well, he enjoys listening to music, or just laying on the roof and chilling. Talks with friends and stupid little texts. Just every day little things.

What traits in a person are immediate deal-breakers for him?

Harming children. That is a definite deal breaker. Ahem, but you asked for traits… Being racist, that’s a deal breaker to him too. Being condescending toward people who they deem below them, not pretty enough, etc.

And most importantly, how does his hair look like that?

[ laughter ] When he was six, he had a bet with his sister. Cut off two plucks of hair and I will do your  chores for a whole week. Nicky agreed and cut off two plucks of hair, got an ear ful of his mother and then found out that he could make little horns of his hair now. He used his papa’s gel and kept making the little horns everyday. Eventually the hair just.. Naturally started bouncing up a bit.