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! this is a promo galore brought to u by @bezocr + @me duh. pls consider this a lil thank you to you all for following me before i get sucked into the hellhole of school again tmr?! ✨ 

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r u l e s

  • mbf ur local coffee hater
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  • and queued so sit back and relax. 👍🏼
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the best vines
  1. i wont hesitate bitch
  2. oh my god they were roommates
  3. who is she
  4. “and i brought u murr” “thank u” “murr-der” “judas no”
  5. its finals week
  6. “i’m the sand guardian”
  7. the college freshmen
  8. look at this graph
  9. “the restauraunts full and theres a dinner a rush but we wanna be seated immediately” “done and done let me pull the table out of my ass”
  10. all of Jus Reign’s vines

yoonminirwin  asked:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOML❗️❗️❗️ I hope mim moomgi is not too rude to you, miss winnie💓 I love you and I hope you have an incredible day, what did you get❓ this message is brought to you from Rhi, sending love all the way from the uk❣️❣️

rhi !!!!! thank u so much omg for taking the time 2 wish me a happy bday from the other side of the world !!! i will send u some binoculars so u can use them and see me making finger hearts @ u from all the way over here ❤️❤️❤️ thank u again !!!!!