thank u big sis

panthaleia  asked:

well I'd best ask you for all of the OC questions then, if you're going to answer 'em anyway :3

the tru way to my heart

link to the oc question post~

1. Which OC is the most likely to break the 4th wall?

u know how the stereotypical ~crazy~ one always breaks the fourth wall? that’d be hendrik, here, so maybe him. tho honestly i feel like shiv totally would, like, he’s one of those stereotypical characters who’s calm and always has their eyes closed (e.g. gin, ling) and i feel like he’d just be sitting under a tree chillin & dessa would say smth & he’d just open one eye and look at the camera like ;3

2. One OC will protect you, and the others will try to kill you. Which OC would you pick to be your defender?

probably opluxx or shiv, bc they’re both fucking tanks. i never thought i’d need more overpowered ocs. aurelio, maybe. i feel like having the literal sun fight for me would probably work out

3. Would you rather live in your OCs’ universe or this one?

for the most part, my ocs’ universe and this one are one & the same, and the exceptions aren’t, like, great for me. cielle is a dgm oc. does that count. can i go live in dgm

the rest are under the cut!

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kareshireader  asked:

OH MY GOSH YOUR LATEST ART LOOKS SOO CUTE *hypes*. You even drew their adorable kids ;v;. In your mind, what kind of behavior will those kids have? XD

OMG THANK U!You’re so nice!

Anyway,regarding the kids,I imagine the big sis being a mix of her two parents,so kind of explosive like Kacchan but in a good way,and she will kick ass if she needs to(Izuku and the others still find the resemblance to Katsuki hilarious).Oh,she’s also a sass princess.

As for the her little brother,he’s kind of a more introverse guy,and her sis is very protective over him.I can see him struggling with his dad for feeling not worthy(IT’S NOT A PHASE DAAAAAAAAAD!) and Katsuki being like ‘’HOW DO I DEAL WITH TEENAGERS.’’

I don’t have names for them yet but I’m open to any suggestions !


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ijins  asked:

🌼 ur still the lil sis i never had sorry i don't make the rules.. ur the sweetest im love u??

NANA im Love you so much!!! thank u..u are the big sis I’ve never had

otasucc  asked:

i love u so much i know ur at work right now but so am i and im procrastinating by writing this f uckigngnf ask instead to wish you the happiest birthday in the world?? elle i love you so much, you are an amazing friend and an amazing big sis :''') thank u for always listening to me whine, thank u for being one of the first to follow me into sheith hell, there's no one i would rather have as my saltmate and i am so blessed to know you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ i hope you have a GREAT day angel ilysm

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pyrruby  asked:

okay well, if u ever get ow anf need any tips i got u,,, im rlly good at ow as u can see,,,,, me bragging about how good i am,, I LOVE U BIG SIS IN LAW

THANK U but i probably won’t ever get overwatch bc No Money and the only video games i plan on spending money anytime soon are v3 and usum

rielity  asked:

blood orange, honey, butterscotch, celadon, wisteriaaaa ❤

send me a color meme

blood orange: do u want to share a bowl of macaroni
honey: would you be open to ordering a pizza together sometime. like are we friends in that way
butterscotch: i would give you candy if i could
celadon: i want to hug you
wisteria: i support and believe in u

this is my other best big sis everyone in case u forgot bc she hasn’t talked to me in SEVEN YEARS (so, a week and a half)
anyways yes we will eat all the food together and i will accept a couple of ur hugs but not too many bc ur too sappy but like. ur too cute not to hug, so. i’m kinda stuck here. anyways it’ll be a Good Time