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Thank you so much for 100 followers! I never thought this ask blog would get so many! In honor of that, I’m sharing half my headcanons for these characters, currently just deh, but I plant to do a bmc one really soon! So here you all are !! Thank you so so much!

Evan- trans bi man

Connor- gay man, flexible on gender

Jared - trans gay man

Zoey- bi ciswoman

Alana- trans lesbian

see, alana grew up on the notion that affection needed to be presented and shared with the world.

and zoe was her world.

tw for self harm ment

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flaming--sword  asked:


  • How I feel about this character: SWEET GIRL. i get very stressed out about her, particularly watching Act Two, but ultimately she has such a good heart and is very sincere and well meaning, and she’s so lonely and I worry about her and want her to have people caring for and supporting her and also for her to maybe drop a few extracurriculars and take time for herself and to just breathe and practice self care. 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: so like, i /can/ theoretically get into Zoe/Alana but i feel weird about it within canon because of the connor project stuff
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: i LOOOOOVE alana and evan friendship stuff and i want approximately 10000% more of it 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: hmmm i guess just that zoe/alana makes me uncomfy in canon and that she should be held up for scrutiny in her actions and use of connor’s death to further herself just as much as evan? like she goes about it MUCH differently, she genuinely doesnt KNOW that evan is lying like i dont blame her whatsovever for that, but like right from the start she just comes off very much as using tragedy to get more interaction/socialization and as another thing to keep her busy and it’s…Yikes. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: i wish she would take time for herself instead of overworking herself! She’d have less overwhelming responsibility and also more time to make friends and spend time with them!!!! i want her to have the best!!!!
  • My OTP: probably zoe/alana, as much as i have issues with it in canon i think it can be VERY well done and very sweet. 
  • My OT3: don’t have one!
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i’ve been meaning to make this since i hit 500 followers but i just forgot, now i’m currently at 561 so i thought why not.


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thank you for the 500+ followers and i’ll more than likely make another one of these in the future. ^^

bubblegum-discoqueen  asked:

Holy Shit I’m in love with your Beckzler! It’s so amazingly heart wrenching. Oh god imagine rinzler and beckzler, it makes sense there would be two, cover more ground and more panic

thank you so much ahhhh!!! i cant take full credit tho, i thought of it a few times before i think but it was @saratogaroad’s Rinzler 2.0 verse in her fic Changelog that inspired me to start drawing it!

and oh goodness ive had that thought as well, its horrible. the Uprising loses both its leaders and good friends, and theyre both stuck under Clu until Legacy Era :’D trying subtly to help each other in what little ways they can, with whatever parts of them were able to survive and break through when possible.

i headcanon that a lot of the Uprising makes it after Tron becomes Rinzler (maybe not Argon itself tho) with Beck taking full charge, but with double Rinzlers, i dont know… hhHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM