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Oopsie! *IMAGINE* #TenEdition {Requested}

Ten scenario, where you guys were being too loud last night and the next day your kids asks you about it?! Haha thanks!! ♡”

Here you go anon! :)

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“Mommy, was daddy hurting you last night?”

You almost spilt your coffee and you could hear Ten choke on his toast, as you all sat down as a family for breakfast.

“What did you ask me sweetie?” You asked your 4 year old, hoping that you had heard her wrong.

“Last night!” Your 6 six year old son chimed in. “I could barely sleep! It sounded like you were dying mommy, and you kept screaming daddy’s name over and over again.”

You shot a meaningful look at Ten but he was trying to avoid you by looking down at his plate, with just a hint of an amused smile on his face.


“Umm I’m fine, I…I fell out of the bed and daddy helped me get off of the floor.” You said in a rush, hoping that that your answer would quell their curiosity.

“Well if you fell…” Your daughter continued “Why did you keep screaming “More! More!”

“Yeah!” Your son added “You even said “Faster!” and  “Please don’t stop!”

You went 50 shades of red and you could hear Ten chuckling softly, obviously getting a kick out of your shame.

He was so going to pay for all of this later.

You took a big breath and cleared your throat.

“We were watching a movie too, about race horses and I was cheering for them!”

This time Ten laughed loudly and you promised inwardly to kill him as soon as the kids were out of sight.

“Okay, but was Big Daddy a name of one of the horses? Because you said that to–”

“BREAKFAST IS OVER!” You shouted abruptly, standing up and taking their plates. “Go get ready for school!”

Your two kids groaned and ran to their rooms, and a silence fell over the table.

“Babe.” Ten began, standing up from his chair and coming over to talk to you.

“Nope, I don’t want to hear it!” You screamed, trying to side step him to get away.

Ten caught you by your waist and pulled you closer.

He leaned down low and spoke softly in your ear.

“Tell me more about Big Daddy the horse.” He whispered.

“Aughh!!” You yelled slapping his chest and running away as he fell over laughing behind you.

Sometimes it kinda sucked being married to a grown up 5 year old.

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Just wanted to let you know that your blog makes my day so much better. It is my after-school ritual to go on your blog and read your posts..I honestly don't know what I'd do if I didn't have this blog to look forward to everyday. Thanks for all you do!!

Wow holy shit (people will think I sent this to myself hahahahah) that truly means a lot that you a) feel that way and b) that you told me!! I’m so happy that I can provide some level of happiness and entertainment for people (even if it’s just re blogging lmao) I’m very very glad that you enjoy my content and thanks for telling me! This truly made my day! I hope you’re having a good one as well

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on homeworld, we were made to dance a specific way. we were entertainment. property. not actual living beings. but you! oh, you. you taught me to dance like myself. you taught me to have fun. you taught me that i didn't have to give up a big piece of myself just because it reminded me of homeworld. i could create a brand new way to dance, all for myself. thank you. i hope i can find you one day and repay the favor. - cordially, u

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is it weird that i usually check your blog before i go to bed just to see how ur day was bc i feel like it's a little weird


idk who u are but it’s nice to know there’s someone checkin in on me so thank you ;w; ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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the great escape, blur, 13, ok computer and the bends

so……. many……….

the great escape:

top 3 sangs; TOP MAN, mr. robinsons’ quango, entertain me



top 3 songs; Beetlebum, Chinese Bombs, Movin’ on

overall, my 2nd fave blur album! they invented depression with this album can u belieb this




Ok Computer:

top 3 songs: exit music, electioneering, the tourist

overall: one of my fave albums of all gotdam time what the fonk

The Bends

already answered!

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For you my sweetie! :3 N (Nonono - apink) - I (I like that- sistar) - D (dancing king - exo) - I (Insane - btob) - A (Air -infinite) <3

DHASDJKHASJK ALL OF MY FAV SONGS ;U; you know me too well not fair ~

you are one one of the nicestest persons i ever met. i probably saved the world in my past life ;w;  i don’t even know what to say; my other theory is that you’re an angel who was sent to the earth to take care of me ;u;

i can’t believe it’s been one whole year since i started this blog. it genuinely feels like yesterday. it’s my 3rd comeback with bts, and its been 12 crazy months of sleepless nights, stress, and disturst of BigHit Entertainment®. its been a wild ride but im so glad i got to spend it with all of you guys. so i wanted to make this follow forever as a thank you to all of you, from those who’ve been with me the entire way, to those i only met recently. im so grateful that you’ve all stuck with me. thank you, and i wish us all a smooth, successful, and happy comeback season ♡

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i honestly briefly entertained the idea of bringing my degree in u.s. history to get signed at some point!!! thank you so much for all of your work and dedication!! as a 1.5 gen immigrant who majored in american history, this show really speaks volumes to me and i’m so incredibly lucky to have seen it in person!

HEY GUYS ! so, i recently hit over 1.3k followers !!!  i wanted to make a thing for my mutuals to show how much i love and appreciate you all! i love u guys SO much! and even if we don’t talk!!! i still love u! and i’m super duper thankful for you! this site can be so annoying and negative sometimes, but you guys always make it so entertaining and fun. I’ve made so many friends through this blog too and i love them with all of my heart ((you guys know who u are)) p.s i’m sorry if i forgot anyone! 

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[Trans] SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Blog Update 160214 - Key (1P)


The Kobe concert performances, we have completed the last day~
Today Jonghyun was able to join us on the stage, at last, it was completed with 5 members.

Though it was not a perfect stage, to be able to do the performance with all 5 members really made me very happy. 

These 3 days, everyone who came to the concert, and everyone who gave us lots of support, really thank you so much. 

Source: SHINee WORLD J + PLUS | S.M Entertainment Japan Inc
Credit: i_miss_u_jh
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

Please take out with credits to Forever_SHINee!

@ my mutuals

im gonna go to bed now bc i feel
tired and dizzy. thank u guys for the love and support and letting me vent here. i know most ppl dont like it when all i do
is just post. but i feel like i can genuinely talk abt my feelings here. tysm for listening to me and sending me asks and liking my posts. it really really means a lot to me. im sorry today I wasn’t very excited or entertaining but im trying to stay positive and happpy. thank you again. im gonna go to bed happy and looking forward to tomorrow!!! gooodnight everyone!! sleep good when u do!!

alright so 2015 is almost over, and it’s been a wonderful year, and you’re all wonderful people, so here’s a little follow forever to thank you all for being gr8 and keeping me entertained on this ridiculous website!

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