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1- he loves gardening and god forbid you find out about it
2- has a very soulful voice but he will not sing for anyone. one time pierre walked into his house and heard it and andrey made him swear to never say anything about it
3- he hates bugs.
4- his favorite color is white and he will fight you on it
5- he is Very Good at writing poetry
6- he has Frequent Voice Cracks
7- never gets blackout drunk after that One Time he did where he started flirting with pierre
8- loves interior design !!!!
9- sucks at drawing and he once tried to draw natasha and she came out looking like a mashed potato
10- is a great complicated character who needs more love !!

5 things tag

tagged by @sarah-tea-studies, @studywithamelia @lets-not-procrastinate, thank you guys!

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. gum
  2. yellow wallet
  3. burt’s bees lip balm
  4. earbuds
  5. a pen

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. motivational pictures of rory gilmore and paris geller
  2. sheet music
  3. yale paraphernalia
  4. lots of books
  5. plants

5 things i’ve always wanted to do

  1. visit the countries my family is from (wales, poland, ireland)
  2. attend yale university
  3. live in france
  4. grow up and live with @roalddahlia and A
  5. meet my late grandfather

5 things that make me happy

  1. @roalddahlia and A
  2. books
  3. plants
  4. france
  5. getting A’s

5 things i’m currently into

  1. russian literature
  2. the clash, talking heads, the b-52s, the velvet underground, the kinks
  3. twin peaks
  4. eating pierogis
  5. plants

5 things on my to-do list

  1. clean my bathroom
  2. do laundry
  3. work on summer homework
  4. work on a psat practice book
  5. write in my journal

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THE PRIDE DRAWINGS WERE FUCKIN AMAZING I LOVE U AND UR ART SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAHHHHH(also can we just focus on the fact tht chloe looks great in a suit? also JAKE IN A FUCKIN DRESS YESSSSS)ilysm<3


I’m glad you love it and me and my art, that means a lot!!!! :’)

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birdlof, i know you don't draw iasip stuff much anymore, but it's really been keeping me going lately and i was wondering if you would consider drawing a charlie? your rendition of him will always be my favorite and it would mean the world. i hope you have a lovely day, thank you so much for all of your lovely art ♥