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No Me Diga

JEFFERSON: So then Eliza walks in the room. 

MADISON: Uh-huh. 

JEFFERSON: She smells sex and cheap perfume

MADISON: Uh-oh. 

JEFFERSON: It smells like one of those trees that you hang from the rear view.

MADISON: Ha, ha, no! 

JEFFERSON: It’s true! She screams “Who’s in there with you, Alex?”
Grabs a bat and kicks down the door. He’s in bed with Maria from the liquor store! 

BURR: (gasps) No me diga!

The team, standing outside the Black Lion:

Pidge (impatiently): Shiro?

*no answer*

Keith: He’s probably listening to that PG13 music again. (Calling louder) Shiro!

*no answer*

Keith (banging on door): Wh- How. Dare. He-

Hunk: Now, hold on. You’ve gotta be just a little bit nicer. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. (Knocks gently on door) Shiro, come on out.

*no answer*

Hunk (slightly nervous): C-come on out so everyone can see that cool hair…

*no answer*

Hunk: Welp, love has failed me.

Lance (laughing sardonically): OH MAN that can be applied to SO many instances in my life. The first being-

Keith: You sure you wanna go down that road?

(Source is Thomas Sanders)


This AU is from: @bunny-yams .

This is one of my favorite AU’s in fact (LOL). Their just quick sketches and I hope its oke to post them. 

Alex is just like: What the actuel fuck is wrong with this forest?! 

And Thomas has the creepiest rapeface i ever draw in my whole life O_o.

Thomas took me around 30 and Alexander around 15? min.