thank the lords you wear underwear

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Nicknames: I don’t have any.
Height: 169 cm
Time right now: 10:45 p.m
Last thing I googled: Heath Ledger
Fave music artist: Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Queen, Ghost and many more.
Song stuck in my head: Happy Together by The Turtles (thanks to a brilliant scene in That 70s Show I watched earlier today). Love this song btw.
Last movie I watched: The Dark Knight. 
Last show I watched: The Night Manager (absolutely amazing show I might add! Watched the whole series in the last two days. Oh and Tom Hiddleston - LORD have mercy on me).  
What I’m wearing now: Black leggins, underwear, socks and a Ghost shirt.
When I created this blog: November 2013. 
The kind of stuff I post: Well if you’re reading this you’re either following me or checking out my blog, in both scenarios you’d know right?
Do I have other blogs?: No.
Do I get asks regularly?: No.
Why did I choose my URL?: Because it’s a line from a song I like and it suits this blog because I post about things I don’t really talk about in real life.
Hogwarts House: I don’t really care.
Pokemon team: Not into it. 
Fave colors: Red and pink.
Average hours of sleep: Around 8-9 hours.
Lucky number: I don’t really have one.
Favorite characters: Steven Hyde and Chandler Bing.
Dream job: I don’t have one, unfortunately.
Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one.
Following: 40 people.

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