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Can we get a good old fashioned James Willems/reader makeout? Maybe where they're trying to secretly date and can't stay away from each other?

A/N - Good old fashioned makout, indeed! Thanks for the prompt, buddy! I really liked the set-up you gave me for this one, made things fun and interesting to get done! And lord knows I love some Jimmy Willems!

Pairing - James x Reader

Warnings - Some makeouts and heavy petting

Word Count - 1, 415

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1D Hiatus: Day 403

* Liam changes his profile and cover pictures on Facebook and Twitter

* Louis and Steve do radio promo for ‘Just Hold On’

* Louis finally reveals what his ass tattoo is during one of the interviews (it’s a penguin wearing headphones)

* Louis gets papped out in LA

* Louis appears on Steve’s Snapchat and Instagram stories

* An article by Dan Wootton about Louis and Danielle’s relationship being over is released by The Sun

* #LounielleIsOverParty trends on Twitter

* Liam does a small Facebook livestream

* Niall wins a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Breakout Star, thanks everybody who’s voted via Twitter

It’s Jan 19th, 2017.

Y'all know what I'm really ready for in ACOWAR?

Cassian and Azriel to see Feyre again. Yes, the Feysand reunion will be amazing and beautiful and I’ll probably cry for a year.

But y'all. Cassian and Azriel still have no idea Feyre is their High Lady now. And they already respect and love her SO. MUCH. and that is only going to triple when they find out that their best friend’s mate, THEIR friend, the woman who defended Velaris so faithfully, the woman who is the missing puzzle piece of their Inner Circle is now leading them alongside their High Lord and literally sacrificed herself back into the Spring Court where she was so traumatized in order to protect them and their people.

I’m so emo over this. I can’t wait to see their reunion. Where they thank her for what she’s done, where they pledge their loyalty to her as High Lady, where they thank her for bringing the light back into their brother’s eyes.

I just… give me more AzrielxFeyre and CassianxFeyre friendship. Please.

Because the other shipping call I have is getting old: And gotta keep things organize. Remember chemistry is everything. Sure Ramsay will tap pretty much anybody walking on two legs. ( can’t say, everyone. he’s Ramsay Bolton. We all know how he is. )

Heads up, if you want to ship — but you don’t think it’ll fit well in ( main verse - a.k.a GOT ) — we can toss it in another AU — modern, whatever If we can build something between our muses. If it can work, it can totally work. Anything is possible, please :) !

Any relationship is acceptable. That means it doesn’t have to be romantic or anything that involves with your muse making out with my muse and getting the daily pat on the butt. Or whatever. It could be family, friends, enemies, toxic ( romance or friendship. ) Anything that you think would fit between our muse. I’m down. — just please, PLEASE let me know what you want it to fall under. AND if you want it to be based on two kinds of different relationships. We can also make that work.  Different verses are the shit. 

I might do exclusive ships. — but heads up : if I ship with a muse already that’s exclusive, that doesn’t mean I won’t rp with the same muse. — just can’t be anything romantic. Just an example. I’ll probably ask people if they want to be exclusive. Or people can ask me. Whatever ! I’m not picky, and I’m chill. —

Anyway, thank you for reading ! And if you have any question. LET ME KNOW. 





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Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Psalm 103:2
As we stand on the threshold of a new year, and look forward to new blessings, let us not forget to thank God for what He has done for us in the year gone by. How He was with us in the good times and the bad. How He never left our side. How He has protected us, healed us, provided for us and forgave us. How He daily loaded us with benefits! How His grace was sufficient for us. Let us count our blessings and name them one by one.

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if you're still taking prompts, how about nurseydex and breaking up then making up? like any of the prompts on this list: nadiahilker (.) tumblr com /post/146473062490/post-break-up-au you're the queen of well-done angst so i feel like this is right up your alley :)) thank you <3 <3

Haha, Queen of Angst. God, that’s apt. I may be the Queen of Angst but Dear Lord do break up fics makes me sad! I never read break up fics and I think I’ve only written two break up fics in my life, one of which was horrible (seriously, so bad, I hate it now) and the other was stucky and I made it better in a second, so this was daunting when I saw it in my inbox!

The list you gave me was very helpful, and I picked “i was so sleep-deprived after the night shift that i climbed into bed with you (and you just rolled with it)” for my prompt so, uh, let’s see how it goes.

Thank you for the prompt! :)


           It’s one of the rare nights that Nursey’s roommate is gone and his dorm is too quiet without the shuffling and breathing of another person. He hasn’t had to sleep alone in a while now, a short while but a while nonetheless, and the aching hollow in his chest is just reinforced as he realizes it. The bed is too small for two hockey players anyway; it wasn’t comfortable to sleep on it together. But it was nice, curling up together for space and warmth and for the simple pleasure they found in curling up together. It was nice, and now it’s gone.

           The door to Nursey’s dorm opens and Nursey doesn’t look up, assuming that his roommate is back, but then the blanket behind him is lifted up and someone is joining him in the bed. Someone’s arm curls around his waist and someone’s sleepy warm breaths fan over the back of Nursey’s neck as someone’s mouth and nose nestle into the skin there. Someone settles down easily, comfortably, and Nursey’s heart clenches as how simple it is to just fall back into this.

           Their sophomore year found Dex and Nursey in dorms across the hall from one another. It was coincidental and strange, but neither of them had minded it. Mostly because they had both been pining madly over one another since the playoffs the year prior. Dex was lucky enough to get a single, while Nursey had a roommate who was sometimes gone and sometimes there having sex with his girlfriend very loudly. This led to many nights where Nursey stayed with Dex as he waited for his room to be accessible. One could claim that their close dorms was one of the reasons they actually got together. Late nights spent studying and watching Netflix and falling asleep in the same bed led, predictably, to accidental kisses and soppy confessions and, finally, a relationship.

           A relationship that lasted two months. A relationship which is over now.

           So why is Dex in bed with him?

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Jon Snow Request

Hiii, could you write a imagine? jon snow x reader where she is the daughter of one of Winterfell’s maids who died at the time of childbirth so Nedd and Catlyn stay with her and she grows up with the starks and develops a passion for jon, but he leave to castle black and the reader gets “depressed”. After the bastards battle they meet again and you can make a super cute and fluffy end, pleaseee? i have this ideia and i really want that someone write for me, thank you ❤

Your mother had grown up alongside Lord Eddard Stark and his siblings in the walls of Winterfell. She acted as not only a maid to the Lord and Lady of Winterfell but also as a friend. The first thing Lord Stark had done when he returned from war was see his wife and new son. The second thing he did was see your mother. That was when she told him that she was pregnant with you. Her husband, your father, had married her a day before leaving to fight and had died along side his fellow Northerners.

Lady Catelyn was with your mother when she was in labor with you and was there when she saw your mother pass after you had been delivered. “What will we do, Ned,” Catelyn asked with your sleeping body in her arms.

“She’ll stay with us, Cat, what else? Her mother was born and grew in these walls with me and now her daughter will do the same with Robb and Jon,” Cat nearly flinched at the mention of the bastard’s name. “What should we name the girl?”

After looking at your little face and thinking it over the Mother dropped a name in Lady Stark’s head. “Y/N, that’s her name.”

“Y/N,” Ned nodded and looked at you. “I like it.”


“Jon,” your 5 year old self ran into Jon’s room. “Robb took my blanket and wouldn’t give it back,” you whinned.

“I will get it back for you Lady Y/N,” he attempted to say as valiantly as a 6 year old could.

“I’m not a Lady,” you giggled.

“You are to me,” he said running out of the room to get your blanket back from his brother.


You walked with two large pales across the courtyard heading for the woods. “Y/N,” you heard Jon’s voice and turned as he jogged towards you. “What are you doing?”

“My job for today is walking back and forth from the springs to get all the water the staff in the castle need,” your ten year old self struggled to adjust the bar on your shoulders.

“Why do you have to do this?”

“Because they’re training me to be a maid here and this is what they thought I should learn first.”

“Here,” Jon stopped you and tried to take the bar with the bucket off your shoulders.

“Jon, how am I going to learn how to do this if you do it for me,” you stopped him.

“Fine, you carry it there but I’ll carry it back,” he told you and kept walking beside you.

“You don’t have to come with me,” you pointed out.

“A Lady shouldn’t walk through the woods alone.”

“I’m not a Lady,” you quipped.

“You are to me,” he winked and you resisted the flames that tried to reach your cheeks.


You were so busy preparing for the King and his family that you hadn’t left the halls of Winterfell all day, running from room to room getting everything set up and getting the Stark girls ready to see their King. Once everyone was lined up watching as the royal procession came through the castle gates you slipped away to the dog kennels and slid against the side of the wall next to Jon, who watched from the distance.

“Where are you furs,” he said with a strict tone.

“I was burning up inside,” you told him.

“But you’re not inside any longer,” he stripped off his furs and threw them over your shoulders, “you’ll catch the cold out here in that dress.”

You pulled the furs closer to you breathing in Jon’s familiar scent. “Jon Snow, ever the gentleman,” you leaned against his side.

“Will you be at the feast tonight?”

“Will you be at the feast tonight,” you repeated.

“Probably skulking in the back,” he cracked a smile.

“Then that’s where I will be.” You watched the King and Lord Stark exchange words and when the crowd started to disperse you took Jon’s furs off and handed them back to him. “I better get back inside. I’m sure as everyone gets settled I’ll get busy again.”

“I will see you tonight then,” Jon kissed your cheek before leaving you and walking towards his brother. You and Jon had a complicated relationship. Ever since you were kids the chemistry between you two was more than just brother and sister, like you felt towards the rest of the Stark children. You knew he had some type of feelings for you two but you two just never spoke about it.


You slipped out of Arya’s room after you had gotten her to fall asleep. She was torn apart about having to leave the North and got to King’s Landing tomorrow and the only way should would calm down was by you tucking her in and telling her a story until she fell asleep. “Finally get her to sleep,” you jumped hearing the voice and placed your hand over your heart.

“Gods Jon,”you sighed, “you gave me a heart attack.”

“Sorry,” you could tell he wasn’t sincere by the laughter he tried to stiffle. “I wanted to talk to you tonight. Can I walk you to your room?” You nodded and Jon walked silently with you until you closed the door to your room.

You sat on your bed across from Jon in the chair and began to unbraid your hair. “So, what’s on your mind, Jon?”

“I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Leaving? And where are you going,” you chuckled not believing him.

“I’m going to the Wall with my Uncle. I’m taking the Black.” Your hands dropped to your side leaving half of your hair still braided.

“You’re being serious?” He sadly nodded. “7 Hells Jon, you are serious! Why, why would you do that?”

“I don’t belong here, Y/N. I can’t do it anymore.”

“You don’t belong here? Yes you do! Stark blood runs through your veins; Winterfell is your home. I am your home,” you stood up and struggled to keep yourself from yelling and waking up the whole castle.


“No! Why, why do you want to leave me?” Jon stood up and walked until only a piece of paper could squeeze in between you. He cupped your cheeks and force you to look at him, whipping your tears as he did so.

“I don’t want to leave you Y/N, that is the last thing I want to do,” you could see water threatening to spill from his eyes. “I love you, Y/N, in every way possible, but I have to do this. I have to do this for me.”

You took a deep breath before you spoke, trying to rope in your thoughts and feelings. “You go do this for you. But, by the Old Gods and the New, Jon Snow, you better keep yourself safe. And if you ever ride South you better stop and see me. Promise?”

“Promise,” he sadly laughed. “I meant it you know….that I love you. And I’m so stupid, that I’ve never told you that until now.”

“You are stupid, Jon Snow, but I love you all the same.” You spent his last night in Winterfell talking under your furs and when the sun came up and you walked with him to his horse and kissed him, saying your final goodbyes.

“Until next time my Lady.”

“Jon, how many times do I have to tell you…”

“You’re a Lady to me.”

After that it was months before you felt like a piece of your heart wasn’t missing.


You were busy going back and forth, treating all the wounded men that were being brought into the great hall of Winterfell. “Joannah, make a tourniquet on this mans arm. We need to stop the bleeding,” you commanded. “Marleena, run to the kitchen and bring up all the alcohol we have. They’ll need it for the pain.”

“Ma’am,” you turned to a soldier who stood bloodied before you.

“Sir, unless you have a limb unattached I have other men I have to attend to first.”

“You misunderstand. Our Commander is in need of being cleaned up a little and you seem to be in charge.” You looked around and nodded at the man.

“Ok. Cerianna, you take command while I’m gone.” You followed the man through your home until you came outside of what used to be Lord Stark’s office.

“Commander, I’ve brought someone to help you,” he man said and opened the door letting you in. “I’ll leave you to your work,” the man said shutting the door.

“I told him I could wait,” the voice made your ears perk up and as he turned you were met by all too familiar brown eyes. “Y/N,” he said breathlessly.

“Jon? Is this…is this really you?” As he began to nod you began your run towards him and flung yourself in his arms. “I heard you had died,” you muttered into his shoulder.

“I had died,” he said matter-of-factly. You pulled back to look at him with confusion. “That’s a story for another time. Y/N, I’ve thought of you every day.”

“And I you. I was so afraid you’d forgotten me.”

“I could never forget my Lady,” he smirked.

You kissed him and when you pulled away you grinned, “And your Lady I shall only ever be.”

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how many characters you can have in a novel before you have too many? Is there any page to character number ratio (approximately, I mean, there's no formula)? If someone's already asked this, please ignore. Thank you!

Hi there!

That really depends on your preference. I’ve read novels with only two characters and I’ve read novels with close to thirty. I’ve done a little research to see what most writers say and found a few key points to keep in mind:

-Necessity: Do your characters hold importance to the story that cannot easily be obtained in another way? And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie features a total of 13 characters. Each character had a specific purpose and was essential to the plot. Lord of the Flies features a very large cast, but only a handful of characters actually have presence while the rest are designated background characters (referred to in the book as the “littluns”) who are given roles, but not depth or individuality.

-Role: Not every character has to be the most important. Yes, every secondary character thinks that they’re the protagonist, and it’s possible to have multiple protagonists. But that doesn’t mean that every character is one. It’s okay to have a character that, maybe you really like but can’t get to work in the setting, pop up once or twice in the book as a minor character. 

-Memorability: Personally, I can’t remember the majority of the characters in books like Eragon or The Crucible. There seemed to be just to many, and the plot only revolved around a handful. Yet in books like the Harry Potter series, they would bring up a character that I hadn’t seen in a while and I would remember them pretty well. I didn’t need their entire family history or an epic entrance to remember them, they just needed to make an impact on me.

-Uniqueness: Sometimes the best characters are the ones that show up once. One of my favorites (although he shows up in multiple episodes) is “The Boulder” from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Whether it was the humorous way he talked, or the fact that there were secret underground Earth bending fight rings, he always stuck out to me. Just as it is important to remember the character’s name, you need to remember why they’re important. In this particular case, The Boulder showed the audience and even the protagonist just how powerful and important the character Toph was to their mission. 

The bottom line is that the amount of characters in a novel depend on what you feel is needed. With proper care and consideration put into why each character is in your story, you can put as many or as few as you need to. 

Hope this helps! If you need more help, feel free to message us again!


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Valentine’s Day commission done by @emegustart and holy hell, this artwork is remarkable! The colors are so gorgeous and out of this world and she captured my Sith Inquisitor so well–look at all the designs with the tattoos. So amazed and delighted by this. Thank you!

So here is my Sith Inquisitor, Lord Goneril (really need to give her a last name) and her new husband, Andronikos Revel, being super cute together. Whoever would have thought this pirate would charm and open the heart of one of the Empire’s most ruthless, truculent, and highly hedonistic Sith? 

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Maul wrapped in Christmas lights omfg

Omg okay look - he just wanted to do a good job with the holiday decorations and now everyone is making fun of him!!! Look what the other Dork Lords have done to him noooow!

(Reblogs are loved but please don’t repost this art <3)