thank somebody for their service today

a lot of what i do is customer services based at the hotel: speaking in the happy voice, addressing complaints, apologizing profusely, etc. But today, as I was doing my rounds, i noticed a sheet in the hallway, which was suspicious. so I dragged it behind me to finish my walk and when i turned around THERE WAS SHIT EVERYWHERE







and when i get to a place i can glove up and toss it, the smell is so bad, I puke.

Thank you for staying with us, i’m charging this person extra. the mystery will be solved on the morrow.


Дать (perf.) - Давать (imperf.) = to give.

Выдать (perf.) - Выдавать (imperf.) = 1) to hand out. Детям выдали тетради и карандаши. (The kids were handed out notebooks and pencils)
 2) to bertay. Пожалуйста, не выдавай меня полиции. (Please, don’t betray me to the police). Он выдал мою тайну! (He betrayed my secret!) 3) + замуж to marry (usually about the parents who found a husband for their daughter). Теперь, когда мы выдали младшую дочь замуж, можно подумать и о своих жизнях (Now, when we’ve found a husband for the youngest daughter, we can finally think think about our own lives).
Выдаться - Выдаваться = to appear to be (usually about the result). Ужин выдался превосходный! (The dinner appeared to be great!) День выдался ужасный, устала как собака. (The day appeared to be awful, I’m dog tired.)
Задать - Задавать = 1) to give an assignment. Что задали на завтра? (What’s the assignment for tomorrow?/What assignment was given for tomorrow?) Нам задают много домашней работы. Мне приходится заниматься по ночам. (We are given a lot of homework. I have to study at nights). 2) + вопрос to ask a question. На пресс-конференции журналисты обычно задают вопросы. (At a press conference journalists usually ask questions).
Издать - Издавать = to publish. Издатель - это человек, который издаёт книги. (A publisher is a person, who publishes books). Правительство издало новый закон о цензуре (The government published a new law about censorship).
Отдать - Отдавать = 1) to give away. Она отдала свои детские вещи в детский дом. (She gave her childrens’ clothes to the оrphanage). 2) to return. Я отдал тебе тот DVD, который брал на прошлой неделе? (Have I returned to you the DVD I borrowed last week?) 3) + долг(и) to pay the debt(s). Не волнуйся, я отдам все долги! (Don’t worry, I’ll pay all my debts!)
Отдаться - Отдаваться = 1) to surrender (in romantic sense) Она отдалась ему (She surrendered to him). 2) to dedicate life to something. Она решила не отдаваться ему, а отдаться науке и изучать микроорганизмы. (She decided not to surrender to him, but to dedicate her life to science and to study microorganisms).
Передать - Передавать = 1) to pass (as to give). Передайте мне, пожалуйста, соль (pass me some salt please) 2) to tell somebody something through the third person. Передай ему, что я с ним больше не разговариваю. (Tell him, that I’m no longer speaking to him). Эй, Макс, Анна просила передать привет. (Hey, Max, Anna asked me to say hi to you).
Подать - Подавать = 1) to pass (the same as in the previous example). Подай мне вон тот салат, пожалуйста. Спасибо. (Pass me that salad please. Thank you.) 2) + пример to give an example. Не кури! Какой пример ты подаёшь своим детям! (Don’t smoke! What an example you are giving to your kids!). 3) to serve (about the food). Сегодня в этом ресторане подают запечённого лосося. (Today they serve baked salmon in this restaurant.)
Предать - Предавать = to betrayыдать always to somebody, and предать is to betray someone’s trust). Ты изменил мне, ты предал меня! (You cheated on me, you betrayed me!)
Раздать - Раздавать = to destribute, to share. Раздай, пожалуйста вай-фай, у меня нет сети. (Can you destribute wi-fi, please. I have no service). На Хэллоуин соседи обычно раздают сладости детям. (On Halloween neighbors usually share the sweets with kids/give away the sweets to the kids).
Сдать - Сдавать - to pass (exams). Время вышло. Сдайте мне ваши тесты. (The time is up. Pass me all of your tests). Я сдал экзамены! Это значит, теперь я студент! (I passed the exams! It means I’m a college student now!) [in Russia студенты are only the people who study in unversity. Those who are in school are called школьники]
Сдаться - Сдаваться = to surrender/to give up. Город был под осадой три дня, и всё же сдался (The city was under the siege for 3 days, and it finally surrendered). Я сдаюсь, я не могу решить эту головоломку. (I give up, I can’t solve this puzzle.)

“I served in Iraq as a sergeant for a little over 10 months and took part in more than 200 combat patrols. Before that, I did a nine-month stint in Kosovo. While the military tries its best to show you things like how to write a resume or claim GI Bill benefits, there are some parts of everyday post-combat life they fail to mention. Like the fact that…”

5 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Leave the Army

#5. Everything Looks Like a Bomb

In Iraq, the insurgents’ bombs were hidden in the trash. To this day, I can’t walk past garbage without reflexively thinking it’s going to explode. … So, you wind up crossing the road to avoid it, sometimes more than once in a day, because holy balls, we have some filthy-ass cities in this country. Sure, you know that there’s absolutely no way you’re some kind of secret target, but avoiding it is often preferable to clenching your ass cheeks together while you walk briskly by.

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