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Draco: *picks up white fluff ball* *instantly falls in love and gives Harry the “this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen other than myself, pls get it for me” eyes.*

Harry: Uh… *looks at the person selling the cats* How much for the white one?

@l0vegl0wsinthedark has this adorable “ask drarry” thing going on right now, and I had to draw their cat Cleopatra. This is just how I imagine Draco got all of their cats, by giving Harry the puppy dog eyes 😂 there’s no way he could resist.

Zach Imagine #5: Part 2

“Hey, Mrs. Y/L/N! Do you know where Y/N is?”

Your mom looks at Zach confused. “I thought she was with you?”

“She was, but she went home after dropping me off.”

“Zach. She never came home.”


“Y/N? Please pick up.”



“Gotcha! I’m not able to answer right now so leave a message after the tone!”

“God damn it. Y/N, where are you?” Zach questions himself.


“Oh.. oh god. Ok, thank you,” she says, then puts her phone down.

“What’s wrong?” 

“She’s in the hospital,” your mom cries.


“Jensen? What the hell happened?” Zach yells.

“I-I don’t know. I was walking home from the party when I saw a car flipped over and it was your car, so I went over and she was in the driver’s seat. Her eyes were closed, she was bleeding. I called 911 as fast as I could.”

Zach retraces her steps. What if she was drank, after she drove me home. She was pretty upset, and it’s my fault.

“It’s all my fault, I let her drive home,” Zach cried.


“Zach, Honey? Do you want to see her?” Zach nodded, got up and went into her room. The doctors had said she was in a really bad condition and that if she lived it would be a miracle. They told us to say our goodbyes now. 

Zach looked at his best friend. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have let you go. I should have made you stay. You are my best friend and I love you. I realize that now. I can live without Carrie, but I can’t live without you. You’re my best friend, and I’m in love with you. You can’t die, I have to tell you. I love you, Y/N.” Just then the machine started erratically beeping. 


“Y/N!” He cried.

“Sir, you have to leave.” “Sir.” “Sir, you can’t be in here.”

Zach couldn’t move.

“SOMEBODY GET THIS KID OUT OF HERE!” The nurse then grabbed Zach’s arm and lead him outside.


“Time of death, 13:27.”


Zach stood in front of your grave. “I loved you too.” 


3 days ago Zach had gotten tapes, explaining why he was a reason why Hannah Baker had taken her life. A day ago, he found out who had caused his best friend’s death. Sherri Holland.


“You were selfish. You were so selfish. You were scared that your parents would be so disappointed in you for drinking, because you’re the perfect girl, the cheerleader, the nice one, that gets straight A’s and everything. Then you knocked down the stop sign and while Hannah was telling you to tell someone, you left her there. You killed my best friend. I loved her. And I’ll never be able to tell her that I love her back, because of you.”

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@dailywick hi it me... How bout 19... If if your still doing this (:

19. Home alone and scared cause the house made spooky noises

(sorry REALLY bad drawing T-T)

Little did Blooper know, the roaring and clanging was just a lonely li’l Litwick

@dailywick :P (sorryyyyyyy)

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113 Shance? Please and thank you :)

Shance- 113: “I prefer blondes”

“How about this one?” Shiro asks, leaning close to show Lance his find.

“Shiro!” Lance gasps in horror, clutching Marilyn to his chest. “How could you even suggest such a thing. You know I prefer blonds!” He makes such a scandalized face that Shiro has to hold back laughter, determined not to give up without a fight. Time to bring out the big guns.

“But Laaance I want this one,” he pouts, holding up a fluffy black-and-white guinea pig next to his cheek. “It matches my hair!”

He gives his biggest puppy-eyed look that he knows Lance can’t resist and flutters his eyelashes. It’s the best persuasive force he has and Lance knows it. The blue-eyed boy tightens his lips and glares in defiance, but Shiro can see the twinkle of amusement in his eyes. “C’mon,” he pleads. “Two guinea pigs can’t be much different than one!”

“We weren’t even looking for pets!” Lance hisses. “We’re supposed to be on a nice lunch date, but you had to come in the pet store as soon as you saw the sign.” Shiro smirks and raises his eyebrow pointedly at the furball in Lance’s arms.

“Says the one who’s been cuddling Marilyn for the past five minutes.”

A few beats pass while the two boys have a staredown, silence broken only by the snuffing and squeaking of the chubby rodents they are holding. Finally Lance heaves a sigh and deflates like a popped balloon, groaning in defeat.

“Fine, we can get both,” he says, amused smile playing on his lips. “You’re too cute for your own good, you know that?”

“All the better to woo you with my dear,” replies Shiro happily, sliding his arm around Lance and pulling him into his side.

Voltron Drabble Challenge - 150 Prompts

there;s no way tttou let u see im sorrr y although i really am SO i;;;m leavin it at this,,,, u don;t have TO reply OR do anythin with this aask, i;;m goin to leave u be now- ju st kn ow i know i;;m a TERRIBLE peurs onn thaot needs to die,, i;;m not loeokin for apologies from u AND i;m nnnot averse too bein called outtt or anythin u just said- i;;;m not,,,, but ie dont want to argue and cause drama anymoreu by sayin somethin thait will hurt u more,,, so i won;;;t…… i reaully am sorry…..

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ok but the song 'times like these' by the eden project reminds me so much of yoi and i don't know why??? like it's a case of 'a ton of these lines fit specific characters' and 'this specific line fits tHE WHOLE FUCKIGN series' like Holy Shit (apologies for the random ask i had noone else to tell about this,,,,)

i’d never heard this song before but I LOVE IT THANK YOU FOR THIS ASK ♥ here’s a link for anyone who wants to hear it!

YES YES YES i can 110% see why it gives you the yoi feels, bc it does the same for me! so many lines just fit?? like perfectly?? to either characters or the themes/allover feel of the series?? and like esp these parts right here:

it’s been a long long time, we’ve come a long long way
no, i cant see the finish line, scared half to death but that’s okay
it’s been a long long night after a long long day
my body’s aching but i know somehow
my feet will find a way


it’s been a long long time time
since i’ve seen sunlight through the rain
since i’ve felt love or truth, It’s strange
but i left bliss back where i came
and i won’t lie, its taken so long to feel okay
and now the world is screaming out for more
but i don’t feel the same


and i’ve found fight like a soldier coming home
in the silence, but i have never felt so free
the futures so bright, this is our time
and i’ll live it how i dream


but we’ll be alright cause it’s all we know and it’s only change
sun sets on the old, but were nocturnal anyway


sometimes it takes times like these to know
you’re in the right place

and then there’s this line and can i go cry myself to death now please thank you for this ask this is a very good yoi song ♥

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Hi, I have a genuine question, not trying to start anything. Your responses are very thoughtful and well written. Do you think the conclusion of 101 smiles was Jen's way of saying goodbye to Emma? Seems like her story is complete now, she found her own happy ending with her family and Killian. Just curious, not trying to start any controversy. Thank you!

It’s ok! I think this is question weighing heavily on people’s minds but we just have to wait and see.

I don’t think her post had much to do with saying goodbye. IMO her post was more about defending the choice that was made by her, the showrunners, and the costume team against the people who felt it was their responsibility to tag her in their criticism and hate for it.

here’s my post-season NCAA thought of the day: the sec network really changed the broadcasting game with their uneven bars handstand protractor and split leap measure and vault height graphics, and its so simple and seems so obvious as far as ways to help new fans discern the Good Gymnastics from the bad ??? like why didnt nbc think of this years ago???? instead of that stupid fucking stoplight system?????? anyway, long story short SEC coverage > NBC coverage and also NBC please fire trautwig and hire kathy johnson clarke ok thank u *steps down from soapbox*

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*reads latest TG chapter, sighs* Well, at least there's other more interesting characters with still interesting mysteries and arcs. Like Furuta and whatever Kanou's up to. And good AU fanfiction and fanart. Thank god for that.

ok. not sure why youre writing to me, cause i liked this chapter. have fun with your fanfiction or whatever.

everything is ok

Everything is ok. Thank you for your messages even tho I couldn’t really reply. I’ll get back at you once i have slept and called down. You’re all the best.thank you sososo much for having my back 💖

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you're a fucking idiot if you think it's probable for your gay ships to be canon. no matter how much is sucks and how much it SHOULDNT be this way, mainstream media is no where near a place where that will happen and if you ever honestly get your hopes up your it you're just plain STUPID and pathetic. oh, except all of that is already obvious about you. you're a worthless moron who will apparently never understand anything around you.

sure ok anon. thanks.

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HECK ok i kiiiiiiiiinda relate even though they didn’t abuse me a lot of Really Gross Ppl in my life have been Really Attractive and im ohhghh ok thanks bye