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i sort of hate myself for doing this but i’m crying a lot right now and it’s a last resort even if i don’t think much will come of it, i was in an accident yesterday that totaled my car and i have no insurance because it was under my mom’s before she went to the hospital for 3 months. i wasn’t aware we lost it until she was released about a week ago, i was actually going to get it this friday when my paycheck came through! ha! no one was hurt but i was sharing my car with my disabled mom mom and sister for all of our jobs and basic living activities that require traveling

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Damon’s Twin

Prompt: “ Can you write one where the reader is the twin sister of Damon and she is sarcastic, sassy, and overall more immature than damon. But she also hates Elena for being exactly like Katherine. (Being with both brothers and playing with their feelings) And the reader and Elena are arguing but the reader obviously wins. (Reader is dating Klaus as well if you wish to incorporate that in some how) Thanks love ❤”

Word Count: 496

Requested by @futuristicallythefandom 

Warnings: ELENA GILBERT HATE. You’ve been warned.

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Not really impressed with the Shadowhunter promo for 2x09. I know that Alec is just trying to protect Izzy, but Magnus and Raphael are not the ones he is really angry at, and I don’t appreciate Alec taking his anger/frustration out on them. Shadowhunters taking their shit out on Downworlder’s has always annoyed me, but Alec doing that to Magnus will firmly put Alec on my shitlist!!! Magnus has put up with a lot from Alec and he does this with a kind of grace that not many people have. Magnus does a lot for the shadowhunters and most of the time it’s without thanks…. seeing Alec blame Magnus for his sister’s issues is going to anger the living fuck out of me!!

11 Random Facts

Rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat and of the facts you mentioned previously. The facts can be absolutely anything! Whatever springs to mind! Let’s get started!

I was tagged by @heart-attack-harry! thank you for tagging me! sorry it took a bit

1 - I’m a freshman in high school

2 - I saw One Direction in 2015 

3 - I have a sister who’s a literal decade older than me

4 - I really love fashion. Like wayyyy too much

5 - I used to put ketchup on my toast (idk why, I still like it)

6 - I like to bake 

7 - My first concert was Taylor Swift

8 - I’m Canadian 

9 - I’ve never traveled outside of Canada before

10 - I don’t sleep under bed covers, just my fav blankets

11 - I’m a little obsessed with Prince Harry (i have a t-shirt with his face on it)

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GUYS so my friend is making us watch her play this game called ‘Until Dawn’ and it’s where you have to guess which one of the friends is the killer, AND with a few clues from the game (dark caves, woods, a weird POV from a seemingly non-human eye sight), and the help of SUPERNATURAL my sister and I totally (and jokingly) went off track saying it was a Windigo, completely joking around because we’re spn nerds BUT IT TURNS OUT WE WERE RIGHT THERE WAS LITERALLY A FUCKING WINDIGO IN THE GAME

marandakk: So my sister got to meet Harry Styles on one of her flights. And as the caring big sister she was asked him to take a picture with her so she could make me jealous. But I personally took it as Harry Styles knows I exist now. So thanks @sarah._.jelly for making my wildest dreams come true 😍👌🏼

  • eliza: angelica!
  • angelica: eliza!!!
  • everyone:
  • hamilton: (wait wasn't there another one)
  • everyone:
  • hamilton: (nobody's saying anything was there another one)
  • everyone:
  • hamilton: (where's the other one oh fuck what's happening)
  • everyone:
  • hamilton: (who's the other one??? is it me?? oh my god alex say something)
  • everyone:
  • hamilton: the schyuler sisters!!!!
  • angelica: alexander!!!!!
  • hamilton: hi
  • hamilton: (OH THANK GOD)

before he sells the beans to jack, he is born in a house that smells of ceder.

his name is Tiffany. a bold bright name. a stardust name. a girl name. but he is not a girl. he knows this, even if others don’t. his mother puts him in dresses, teaches him how to sew, chastises him when he lets his voice get low.

“my great-aunt’s friend’s sister,” says his mother, with her red lips tight, “once knew these girls that spoke and diamonds came out of their mouths. you know what happened to the nasty one? she got toads. that’s your future if you don’t figure out how to be a nice little girl.”

so he speaks gently. but the whole time he is wondering: who gave them the language of gems. who gave them the language that rolled out of them. it must be magic. and if there is magic, maybe there is hope for him.

he takes off in a dark night. a sad night. one where the fire was too low and he was sick of mirrors. he leaves his mother a note: gone to find where the gems grow. 

in the black woods, he cuts off his hair. wears his father’s clothes. feels, at last, whole. runs and runs and runs until his air comes out in a wheeze. walks for weeks and weeks.

he finds the old woman carrying water. she is ugly, her mouth all twisted angry. but she carries the water alone. 

the boy does not have much. but he has shoulders. a good back. hands that work. when he takes her burden, she says, “thank you, young man.” and he smiles at her, but doesn’t say anything.

her house is damp. she feeds him stew, apologizes. says she used to make lovely foods but the price of milk and eggs got far too high. she says: if you carry my water for five weeks, i will give you something special. and he agrees.

she talks for him. spends a lot of time telling him of people he never met. girls with lips blood red. girls with white fairy dresses. boys who fell in love with swans. 

the boy says little. just nods. sleeps on the floor of her empty barn. when she’s not looking, he darns her clothes for her, keeps the floors swept, fills the lanterns with oil, makes her a blanket for the coming winter. 

on the end of the fifth week, she gives him the beans. tells him that they have been passed down in her family, that this was her portion. she says that she is too old now for such adventures. that she hears the beans will bring treasure. fortune. all the things of greed. she says: i will give them to you, for what you have done to me.

in the morning, he takes off. he feels the weight of them in his pocket. he thinks of the old woman and the stories and the sight of her tired hands. he stands in the market for a long time, unspeaking, simply staring at the cobblestones beneath him.

jack’s voice is the last call in the evening. a beautiful cow, young and thick and healthy. 

the boy has no money. he bounces the magic bean in his pocket, and thinks of treasures. 

“wait,” he says. 

jack turns. 

transaction complete: one cow for a handful of magic beans. the boy walks the cow home to the old woman, gets there in the morning. they are both very tired. he falls asleep beside the beast in the hay. dreams of the foods the old woman can cook now that she can get milk.

when he wakes up, he is changed. it is as if he simply turned into who he was made to be. not a new body. familiar. the body he could always see.

the old woman stands at the door of his barn. she says, “good morning,” and then she says a new word. a word he’s never heard. a name. his name. a boy name. 

he repeats it. it is a jewel in his mouth, so he says it again. another diamond.

“time to fetch water,” she says, winking. the whole way, he whispers his name. it never quite tastes the same, always beautiful, always a fine thing, always his. the something special he was lacking.

in the back of his pocket, there is one last magic bean. he will fetch the water and plant it. and he will carry that old woman to the castles she has never seen.

Beyoncé interviews Solange
  • BEYONCÉ: What is the funniest text you got from our mom this week? [both laugh] That's too personal, never mind. You've got to love Mama Tina. How does it feel to have the dopest wedding photo of all time?
  • SOLANGE: Oh my God, that is subjective!
  • BEYONCÉ: "No Me Queda Mas" or "I Could Fall in Love"?
  • SOLANGE: This is so unfair! "No Me Queda Mas."
  • BEYONCÉ: And, honestly, growing up, how did I do as a big sister?
  • SOLANGE: You did a kickass job. You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever. In the 30 years that we've been together, I think we've only really, like, butted heads ... we can count on one hand.
  • BEYONCÉ: I was expecting something funny, but I'll take it. Thank you.

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Behind closed Doors

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N (Reader), Mary Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut(ish), oral (female receiving) getting caught, I might have scared Dean for life, fluff overload.

Wordcount: 2400ish

A/N: Again this is all Rach’ fault. This can be read as a stand alone one shot or the third part to these two: The Real Thing and Long Night.

Thanks to my annoying sassy little sister @mysupernaturalfics who forced this out of me for also betaing it. I love you Rach <3

“Dean….” You were standing in the kitchen making a sandwich when you felt hands on your hips, pulling you back against him. You breath caught in your throat when his lips attached to your neck.

You still weren’t sure what the two of you were to each other. Your heart had shattered into a million pieces when you thought he had died. You had allowed yourself to play all the things that could have been between you two over and over in your head. Guilt overwhelmed you when you had returned to the Bunker after a few days on your own to find Sam gone and Dean still alive. Not only was Dean alive, his mother Mary who had been dead for 33 years was too.

Things had been so hectic at first you hadn’t given the lack of nights spend in each others rooms any thought. When Sam returned and things began getting back to normal, or as normal as they could be now Mary was around, you missed them.

Dean hadn’t visited you and you weren’t sure how he felt so you had stayed in your own room every night, hoping each night would be the night he came through your door. He didn’t. Still you hadn’t realized how much you had longed for him until this moment. Not until you felt his hands slide under your shirt, sending jolts of electricity through your body.

“Dean…. What are you doing?” You tried to protest but rather than pulling away from him you tilted your head allowing him better access to your neck.

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Requested: Hey!! So you know that text “Summary((Requested by my sister)): Y/N asks her bff to ask one of the members out for her.” ???? THAT WAS SO CUTE IM ???? Could you do a follow up? And maybe a yoongi, hobi, taehyung text (but where they like you? Just like jimin) please? Thank you!



A/N: Fun fact, these texts were the reason why i started using smaller font size. And i also had to cut out a picture beCAUSE IT WAS JUST TOO DAMN LONG. So yea that’s why Jimbles’ and Yoongi’s convo seem so sudden. I’m sorry? I hope you still enjoyed them! These’ll be a long time I might even do the for the rest of the boys(who were not requested) if anyone would want me to!

You’re beautiful

Request: Can i request a sis fic? Maybe something that the Reader is really insecure about her body and has a really tough time.(She’s 14/15)and her brothers do anything to help her? Idk.Its a hard idea.If it’s okay to do it it would be amazing.Ly Kay❤       

A/N: 5 months later I write it….thanks for your patience! I kinda made it so that the reader wasn’t too happy with her body & was having some mental insecurities as well, hope you don’t mind, it just sorta happened. The reader can be really age cause we all have body insecurities no matter what age we are, even though we’re all perfection, we all need a reminder sometimes.

A/N Part Two: This fic was hard to write, mainly because my brain didn’t wanna function while writing it. In the end it felt like pulling teeth but I wanted to finish it because I’ve been taking wayyyyy too long on requests.

A/N Part Three: I lied, I actually kinda love it now that I edited it.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You stared at yourself in the bathroom mirror, not quite sure what was looking back at you. It had all begun as a joke; you were just getting out of the shower when Miranda Lambert’s song Vice started playing on your phone. You were playfully singing along with the song as you finished drying off, however when a certain verse started to play you couldn’t help the sadness that overtook you.

Standing at the sink not looking in the mirror,

Don’t know where I am or how I got here.

You zoned out after that part, because you realized it was true.

Lately you could never look at yourself in the mirror.

You hated what was looking back at you.

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