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Code Names

Aelin: From now on, we’ll be using code names. You can address me as Eagle one.

Aelin: Chaol, codename: “Been there, done that”

Aelin: Rowan is “Currently doing that” *high-fives*

Aelin: Dorian is “It happened once in a dream”

Dorian: *winks*

Aelin: Lysandra, codename is “If I had to pick a chick”

Aelin: Manon is… Eagle Two.

Manon: Oh thank god.

Someone asked in the tags of a reblog for a transcription of the songs from the french version of the Phantom of the Opera that Manon Taris and Bastien Jacquemart performed at Musicora in Paris on April the 30th, 2017 (you can listen to the songs here, here and here).

Since it’s Labour day here in France, I figured I’d do that today :)

There’s one line towards the end of Revenez-moi (Wishing you were somehow here again) that I couldn’t decipher, no matter how many times I listened to it. If someone finds the answer, I’ll edit my post.

I’m not fluent enough to translate them in english, but I’m sure other people are. I can try and help though.

ETA : @theblackwook has kindly provided english translations here !

I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes I might have made. Here we go :

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MariChat May 21st: Akumatized Marinette


Summary: Chat finds Marinette holding a girl hostage.

“Marinette, what are you doing?”

Marinette blinked at him. “It’s Fashionista now, actually.”

Chat sighed. “Okay then, Fashionista.” He shook his head at the name. “What are you doing?”

Marinette looked at the spools of the thread in her hands and then to the girl she had tied up with them. “Taking a hostage.” She said nonchalantly.

“Right.” Chat raised a brow. “Are you expecting me to just give up or…?”

Marinette pouted. “You’re supposed to save her.”

“But…” Chat look between Marinette and her hostage. “What if I don’t want to?” He smirked.

Marinette made a frustrated noise. “Come on kitty, do me a favor? Just this once.”

He grinned. “Sure, but you owe me.”

She nodded and was surprised by him moving quickly toward her. She moved to throw the threads over him, but he was too quick picking her up and throwing her onto the chaise. Manon cheered as he freed her from her bounds.

“How was that, Princess?” He asked with a smirk.

Marinette press the back of her hand to her forehead. “Oh no! I have been defeated by the brave Chat Noir!” She said dramatically and then added. “Pretty good. Thanks Chat.”

Manon giggled and Chat joined her by chuckling. “You’re pretty good yourself.” He said.

Marinette got up from the chaise. “Hey Manon, why don’t you go downstairs? I think my mom was making snacks.”

Immediately the girl detached herself from Chat’s leg and darted down the stairs. Chat shook his head in amusement at the little girl and Marinette let out an exhausted sigh.

“So, Fashionista huh?” He jeered.

Marinette looked at him dryly. “It was the first thing I could think of Chat Noir

Chat pouted. “Hey now. Chat is a purrfect superhero name.” He pout morphed into a smirk. “That garbage bag suits you.”

Marinette groaned and tore off the pink garbage back she was using as her supervillain outfit. “I forgot I was wearing that.” She pouted, embarrassed.

“I swear that outfit reminded me of something.” He chuckled and missed the way Marinette paled. “Must have been some show or something.”

“Yeah!” She squeaked. “Some show… or something!”

He frowned at her weird behavior. “Well anyway, I just came here to ask if you wanted this.” He held out a ticket towards her. “Wasn’t really expecting you to get akumatized though.” He chuckled as she reached out to grab the ticket.

She gasped. “Is this…?”

He nodded. “Yep, VIP ticket to the next big Gabriel men’s fashion show.” He gestured to her designs. “Thought you might want to go.” He smirked.

He was surprised when Marinette tackled him into a tight hug. “Thanks Chat.” She murmured into his chest.

He shook his head and then smiled. “Your welcome, Princess.” He hugged her back.

They stood like that for a moment longer before separating. They both blushed and rubbed at the back of their necks.

“I-I should get back to babysitting Manon!”

“Right. I have stuff to do so…”

They both looked at each other nervously. “Gotta go!” They both said at the same time.

Chat left through her balcony hatch.

Before he jumped off her balcony he stopped to look at the hatch to her room. “Really Marinette, I should be the one thanking you.” With that said he jumped.

Back in her room Marinette sighed and held the ticket to her chest. “He’s so great.” She smiled dreamily.

Tikki shook her head from where she was hiding. “Great. Now she has two crushes.” She sighed. Why did her chosen have to be such a romantic? Tikki watched as the smiling girl headed downstairs and sighed. At least she was happy.

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HI YOUR ART IS AMAZING AND SO IS YOUR WRITING! I would totally love to hear more about your Warden and Hawke :) What would they think of each other if they ever met?

You’re a gem, anon. A compliment on my terrible writing and my girls? It feels like Christmas! Thank you so much :)

I like to imagine that all of my characters within the DA universe are connected in small but significant ways and that they have almost all met. 

My Warden and Hawke are no exception to that rule, having met briefly on a few occasions (most notably in Kirkwall and at Skyhold). They’ve also worked together on a mission involving the Wardens, and continue to update one another via letters when necessary.

I wouldn’t call them “friends”, per say, but they’re definitely respectful towards one another. They are both very strong and capable, which makes them work well together. They also share a very similar sense of humour.
However, they have drastically different personalities, with Manon being very gregarious, and Indess being more reserved; Manon is very volatile, whereas Indess has grown to be more pragmatic… Manon also has a tendency to come on a bit strong, which would put Indess off (as she need to be the one in control of her relationships). All of this makes me think that they would clash, were they to spend too much time together.

So… Indess and Hawke kicking ass all of Thedas? Definitely. Drunkenly complaining about their nutty friends and terrible partners? Heck yes! Braiding each other’s hair and revealing their deepest, darkest secrets? Not so much.


Friendly reminder that Rowan and Dorian have mad respect for one another and that at the end of EoS we had a subtle role reversal between them. Dorian went from being lost to having purpose, from having a throne to not having a throne, from having little confidence to having truck loads of it (thanks Manon!), and from not having a queen to having a Queen. (That last one hurt me too but I’m not sorry.)

Rowaelin Part 3: Dinner

Part one 

Part two 

Sorry for the wait! I finally finished ACOWAR a couple days ago and am so thrilled to be back on Tumblr. Enjoy part 3!

“Will the Queen and her little lap dog be arriving any time soon?” Manon said as she sat at the supper table.

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This is the 1000th post on my blog so I’m just going to take a minute to be sappy as heck. No fancy graphic, no nothing. Just me being a complete and utter sap. This isn’t a follow forever or anything, this is just me thanking the people I love.

First off, I want to thank Kat. It’s been four years and I still love you just as much as I did when we first started talking. You mean the absolute world to me and if I didn’t get to talk to you every day, I don’t think I’d even be alive right now. Plus you also introduced me to the wonderful Kourt so you have automatic brownie points there. Kourt, you’re a wonderful person and one of my closest friends. I love talking to you and I know if I need to vent about anything, you’ll be there to reply in a heartbeat. I love you both and you both mean the world to me. Venturing around New York City with you is one of my favourite memories and I’m also really glad you have my mum because she adored you both. We may be 3000+ miles apart but you guys are coming to England next year (I’ve decided for you), and I can show you around London. I love you both.

@highwarlockxbane • @girlsacrificed

OKAY but now I have to talk about those wonderful people in the love chat. I can’t write a separate thing about you all because this post will be far too long and people will hate me more than they probably already do. You guys have seriously helped me through some of the toughest months of my life. I won’t go into too much detail but you’ve been there to pick me up when I’ve needed it, distracted me in various classes (remember when I thought I was in the wrong room?) and kept me company when I was pulling an all-nighter, finishing an essay that was due on the morning, losing my mind. The best part is you guys are always going to be there to talk to and I love you for it. I know you won’t judge me, so special shoutout to you cuties. I love you all so much.

@goldtouched • @remembcr@warstopper • @magnusofbane • @fierccisms • @heartguided • @glitterandmagic • @ghostofaformerself

I’m going to go ahead and thank Loren, because I’ve known her for three years but she’s on holiday in Turkey right now so she’s not even going to see this until after she gets back but STILL. I love you a lot, even after we wrote some pretty heartbreaking B.laine / Sam from the G.lee days. Those were dark days but it’s okay because I still love you.


I HAVE TO THANK MANON because oh my god the amount of times you’ve let me rant to you about the stupidest of things. I love you because you’re so level-headed when I’m ready to storm in and shout, but you’ve kept me calm and helped me so much more than you can imagine.


And of course, to those I do talk to but not enough for you to see my awkward side. I’ll let you guys carry on thinking I’m a regular person for a little while longer. Maybe one day you’ll see me for the awkward potato I am but for now, I’ll carry on being normal. Just kidding. You know I love you and appreciate you all, I just suck at keeping in contact. Just think of this as my message to let you all know that I think you’re wonderful and would love to get to know you a little more.

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Mr. Salvaterre (Modern Elorcan fic)

Okay so I’m both trash for Elorcan AND for modern AUs so here’s one with the ‘first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night​​​​​​​’ prompt. Hope it’s okay, and feedback is appreciated :) 
   This is so not happening to her right now. 
    Elide wills her breathing to even out and plasters on her best 'I’m Aelin Galathynius and I regret nothing’ face even though she is currently regretting EVERYTHING. She regrets getting out of bed this morning, regrets putting on this dumb pencil skirt and even dumber blouse, but most of all, she regrets listening to Aelin about not one, but two things that have lead her to this situation. 
    "Rowan can totally get you a job,“ Aelin had said just a month ago. "You’ll probably be working under one of his asshole ex coworkers, but it’s good money, and one of the guys, Connall, owes him a favor so he can get you in. Plus, it’s not like it’s forever.” And then, just last week she’d said, “You know what you need? Sex. Really good sex. Aren’t you going out with the Thirteen? Just- I don’t know, accept a hot guy’s drink sent your way, make flirty eye contact. As long as it ends with sex it doesn’t matter, because sex takes stress right off. Trust me." 
    And she’d listened to both damn points. She’d filed in an application to Rowan, Aelin’s fiance, three weeks ago, and then amidst the turmoil and stress that came with waiting to hear back from Wendlyn Industries, she’d put on her skankiest dress and gone out with Manon, Asterin, and the rest of them. The Thirteen had been just as sexually fueled as her, of course- Manon was making out with her boyfriend Dorian, Asterin had left early with some beautiful guy named Fenrys, Kaya and Thea were doing cute girlfriend things. And Elide-Elide’s attention had zeroed in on the ruggedly handsome guy in a leather jacket and a Henley that was already giving her the eyes. 
    Make flirty eye contact, Aelin had said. So she did that, and two minutes later an apple martini had slid her way. Accept a hot guy’s drink. She had done that, too. And sure, her sister was right, sex did ease the stress. But now it’s coming back at her at full speed because the guy who had eaten her out on his probably incredibly expensive dining room table and then fucked her against his wall… and on the leather sofa… and in his bed… is standing fifteen feet away, still super attractive and scowling in a blazer and slacks. 
    Asterin and Manon had also been oh so very helpful before their night out on the town, trying to convince her to go with Aelin’s plan. "You don’t even have to use your real name,” Asterin had shrugged, casually flipping a golden curl off her shoulder. “Honestly, I’ve used 'Manon’ or 'Sorrel’ or 'Vesta’ more times than I can count." 
    Manon, for her part, didn’t seem bothered by that at all. "And don’t spend the night,” she had asserted. “Wait until he falls asleep, then leave. Awkward morning after conversations are not your friend." 
    And like an IDIOT she’d listened to that advice, too. Maybe he wouldn’t be stung by her leaving in the middle of the night- that, after all, happened a lot with one night stands, but giving him her mother’s name?…Then again, maybe he fake named her, too. I mean, what type of first name is Lorcan anyways? 
   He hasn’t noticed her yet, too busy barking at some poor intern who nods and scampers away. Okay, she coaches herself as the secretary leads her down the aisles towards where her cubicle will be. Just act like nothing’s wrong, smile and show no recognition. Maybe he’ll think you just LOOK familiar. A pleasant thought. Or maybe he’ll have forgotten about you in general. An even more pleasant thought. And they both aren’t true at all. 
   In that exact moment, he looks up and his eyes find hers. For a split second his face goes slack with recognition before he’s schooling it into neutrality again, but it’s too late. She’s seen the look and is already cursing herself in her head. Gods fucking damn- I am going to fight Aelin. And Manon and Asterin. And myself. Thank the Gods the secretary keeps leading them past, because Elide is sure her cheeks are flaming and that the look on her face isn’t nearly as convincing as it had been before they made eye contact. Of COURSE he recognizes her- the limp doesn’t make it too hard. 
   She is so screwed. And this time, it isn’t the GOOD kind of screwed. 
   They get to the cubicle, and all she has to hang on to is that his name really isn’t Lorcan, that she won’t seem like a snotty bitch who accidentally gave her new BOSS a fake name. Well, it wasn’t exactly an accident, but she sure as hell wouldn’t have given him 'Marion’ if she’d known he’d be writing her checks in the foreseeable future. 
   "The wonderful fellow yelling at everyone,” the secretary-Yulia, she’d introduced herself as- sighs, “is Lorcan Salvaterre.” Oh, you have GOT to be kidding her. Lorcan is really a name?! Is she being punked? Did Aelin somehow set this up? “And he’s kind of a big deal around here. He’ll probably be by in a few minutes to welcome you.” She goes on to explain Elide’s new duties as if she doesn’t already know, and really, she’s not listening at all because there’s too much noise in her head and panic in her gut. 
   And then he appears in the fucking doorway of the cubicle. 
   He’s trying to seem casual, but she notices everything, and she DEFINITELY picks up on the way his eyes are shifting to her, that recognition lighting them up again. “Lorcan,” Yulia gives a too sweet smile- nervous, Elide realizes. She’s really fucking nervous around her-their-boss without even doing anything that’s provoked him. And Elide? It’s pretty safe to say she’s probably provoked him. She knows plenty of men like this- men with big egos who don’t like being tampered with. “This is Elide Lochan, the applicant Rowan Whitethorn suggested." 
    Maybe he doesn’t remember you gave him a different name, she tells himself. Why would he remember the name of some one night stand? But of course she’s just having no luck AT ALL today, because he gives her a serpentine smile. "Nice to meet you, Elide.” Shit. 
   Yulia seems to think this is normal behavior because as soon as Elide has murmured a, “Nice to meet you, too,” she’s telling her to set down her things and sweeping her off to give her a tour. And thank the Gods for Yulia. Because Elide can still feel Lorcan’s eyes on her back. 
   The next time she sees him is at the end of the day. Her ankle is screaming at her and she can’t believe she’s thinking it, but she can’t WAIT until tomorrow when she gets to sit behind a desk all day and keep the weight off of it. Yulia called today 'a trial day’ which honestly Elide isn’t even sure if it counts as that because it was more gossip than anything else. It was surprisingly… nice. Yulia is nice. Some of the other coworkers are nice, too. 
   Elide knows what’s expected from her, what time to be there the next day, and she’s hurrying to put on her coat and go catch her ride with Manon (she can drive, but it’s hard on her ankle and they’re on the way to the same place anyways since they live together) when she turns and freezes. He’s in the doorway, looking less hostile than he did that morning and more downright sullen. She opens her mouth, closes it, waits for him to talk. 
   "So,“ he says, and his smile is wry and bitter. "You ran out on me pretty quickly last week, Elide.” So he’s pissed she ran out on him the other night, after all. She’s pretty sure she’s proud of that. 
   Her chin tilts up and she shrugs. “It WAS a one night stand.” If she didn’t know better, she’d say that that was actual hurt in his eyes for a brief moment. “And mornings after are something best avoided." 
   He tilts his head slightly at that, and it’s quiet for a moment before he asks, "How do you know Whitethorn?" 
   It’s been so long since she’s heard that last name-Aelin’s been referring to Rowan as Rowan Galathynius ever since they got engaged- so it takes her a moment to register who he means. "Oh, well I met Rowan through Aelin-" 
   Lorcan’s gaze darkens considerably. "You know the bitch queen?" 
   She feels her mood sour instantly as well, and she doesn’t care if he’s her boss because that’s her family he’s trashing. "The 'bitch queen’ is my sister, actually,” she replies coolly. She has no idea why he came here- to flirt with her, to make her uncomfortable, to intimidate her? Because all he’s achieving is pissing her off. 
   Realization dawns on him and he winces slightly. “I-” he stops, scratches the back of his head slightly. “I didn’t know she had a sister. You don’t… you don’t look like her." 
   "We’re adoptive siblings.” Part of her wants to tell him what Aelin saved her from, exactly. Wants to explain that if she hadn’t found her, she would still be stuck with her piece of shit uncle. But 1. That’s not of his business, 2. Why would he care? and 3. He’s still her boss. A one night stand doesn’t mean he won’t immediately fire her if she’s rude. It’s then that her phone buzzes and silently she thanks Manon for saving the day and finishes pulling on her coat. “That’s, um, my ride. Have a nice evening, Mr. Salvaterre." 
    She can’t decide if calling him that makes her sound stupid or sounds like the insult it’s supposed to be, but she doesn’t dwell on it, brushing past him into the hall. She’s almost to the elevator when she hears him run after her. "Elide, wait." 
    She turns, eyebrows raised. His face is impassive, as always, but he’s fidgeting and she gets no small amount of satisfaction that she’s made this giant, powerful man nervous. "I was going to tell you that you owe me for giving me a fake name,” he admits, and she snorts. “But that was… calling Aelin that was uncalled for.” It’s probably as close to an apology as she’s going to get. “Maybe I can be the one to make it up to you sometime?" 
    This is most definitely a bad idea- office romances typically don’t end well, and he’s not just a coworker, he’s her BOSS. But then again, maybe he really does just want to make it up to her. A traitorous part of her hopes that that’s not true, that he wants more. And an even bigger traitorous part of her says, "Alright. Sure." 
   They exchange numbers-not a big deal, they’d have to do that anyway for job purposes- and then the elevator opens and he just stands there awkwardly for a beat before he says, 'Have a nice evening’ and disappears back down the hall. She gets in, and is lucky enough to get to Manon’s car before she starts impatiently honking. It’s on the drive that Elide gets the text from him. 
   Mr. Salvaterre (5:43 pm): Dinner tomorrow? 
   By 'make it up to you’ she had thought he’d meant, like, a coffee or a bagel or something. Not DINNER. Her lips quirk up. Okay, so maybe she’s not THAT mad at Aelin for her advice, after all.

Honestly don’t even try to tell me Lorcan isn’t one of those guys who’s like ‘wtf SHE left during this one night stand wtf how dare she even though I would do the exact same thing?!’ because he totally is 

An analysis of the scene in EoS when Aelin hits Manon

I want to talk about the scene in EoS when Aelin hits Manon. I’m starting with the myth of the White Demon/Blackbeak Heir because a brief analysis of Manon’s character will be helpful to understanding why Manon did not fight back or retaliate when she was hit (and also why Rowan and Aedion stood by and let it happen).

Trust me when I say that, I could write essays on Manon’s character and why she does the things she does. But for the sake of wanting to discuss the scene where Aelin hits Manon and why Manon does not defend herself, I’m gonna start with a quick and dirty rundown of Manon. And I’m going to leave a LOT out.

TRIGGER WARNING: I’m going to touch on Manon’s abuse at the hands of her grandmother. I’m not going to delve any further than what we can infer from the abuse that is blatantly obvious in the books. I also want to say that @itach-i has an in depth analysis of Manon’s abuse coming out that will fully explain Manon as a character who had been (emotionally, physically, and sexually) abused. I also want to say that without  @itach-i thoughts on Manon’s abuse, this post never would have happened. I knew Manon had been abused, but the extent to which I had not considered until she pointed it out to me. So thanks!

Manon Blackbeak Created Her Own Myth

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hey can you write another malide fanfic pls ? I loved Odd mornings and i need more malide in my life right now

Since you liked it so much I ended up writing a continuation of this fic from awhile back. 

Manon skimmed through the last of the reports in front of her, marking off corrections as needed before shuffling the papers and organizing them in a neat pile on her desk. 

She hadn’t planned on spending her Tuesday fixing menial mistakes in company reports; but when her grandmother asked her to do something, she held her tongue and did it. Even if it was aggravating and took almost the entire day. The fact that the other members of her team couldn’t do this was ridiculous; she had more important work to do, not page through a dozen reports. She was supposed to be the successor to a prestigious company, not someone’s spellcheck girl. 

Manon checked her watch, huffed in annoyance, and started to gather up her papers. If she had to spend the entire day correcting idiotic mistakes than her grandmother could deal with her leaving a few minutes early. She shuffled all her things into her purse, pulled on her jacket, and was almost out of the office before her cousin intercepted her.

“You’re leaving unusually early aren’t you Manon?” Asterin asked playfully, throwing an arm around her shoulders. “I thought you ‘worked so hard you’re bones gave out?’”

Manon rolled her eyes and gently nudged Asterin off of her. Asterin was the only person Manon let touch her casually, and was one of the few people Manon truly trusted. She worked in the same department as Manon and helped oversea the work her team did throughout the year; Asterin helped to keep her sane when things got truly hectic.

“I’ve spent all day looking at reports. I’m going home, getting a drink, and going to bed.”

“I’ll get my coat then.” Asterin said, motioning to her office. Her gold curls were wound into a tight bun at the back of her head and she wore a navy blue button-down along with charcoal gray slacks. Her eyes, a rish gold-brown like Manon’s sparkled with mirth. 

“Why?” Manon asked, annoyance creeping into her tone.

“Because i’m coming with you obviously,” Asterin said, disappearing into her office then emerging with a purse and beige tench coat. “But we’re not spending the night holed up in your apartment.”

“I like my apartment.”

“Well shit Manon, I sure hope you like your apartment, otherwise that’d make for a bad living situation,” Asterin grinned. Manon only narrowed her eyes at her cousin and Asterin rolled her eyes in response. “God you are grumpy. Which is all the more reason to go to a bar.”

“I don’t see the point of staying at a bar when I have a fluffy couch and a cat who needs feeding.”

“That is the flimsiest excuse i’ve ever heard,” Asterin said, pulling on her coat. “Your couch will be there when you get back and Abraxos is a cat, he’ll be fine. Just come with me to Ferian’s tonight, I think you need a pick-me-up.”

Manon grumbled in quiet acquiescence and let Asterin lead her out the door, her similar amber eyes dancing in amusement. 

“You’ll thank me later Manon, trust me.”

Funnily enough, she did end up thanking Asterin later.

The two cousins were seated at a table near the window; Asterin was gesticulating wildly with her hands as she tipsily recounted her latest adventure, while Manon listened on with mild interest.

“-Then Sorrel held the asshole down while I broke his nose, and I think that’s my greatest achievement.”

“What? That you broke some poor saps’ nose? Plenty of people have gotten into fights Asterin.”

“Manon you missed the part where he was a raging douche. I mean, he had bleached hair and a green hawk jersey, okay,” Asterin downed the rest of her martini, “who dresses like that anyways? Douches that’s who.”

“Sounds like a good time.” Manon said, sipping on her whiskey. “Did someone get it on video?”

“Shit yeah, Vesta caught the whole thing,” Astern turned and started pawing around in her purse. “I have it saved three times and it’s on instagram-”

“Can I get you guys another drink?” A voice to Manons left asked politely. Manon turned her head to look at the waitress who just spoke, and felt her mouth go dry. 

Gray-brown eyes regarded Manon with shock and recognition as Manon looked her in the face. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun at the back of her head instead of hanging over her shoulders, and her face still had the same delicate spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, and her pretty pink lips had parted in surprise at seeing Manon. 

It was her. The girl from the party.

“-yeah here look, a perfect right hook.” Asterin said, sliding her phone across the table, but when she noticed that Manon wasn’t paying attention and instead was staring at a random waitress she frowned. “Uh, are you two okay?”

Manon snapped her gaze back to her cousin and regarded her with wide eyes and parted lips, as if she just had a world-bending revelation. Asterin had never seen Manon rendered speechless before, and what was even more amazing is that this random girl had managed to do it with the most mundane question ever. Asterin quietly pulled her phone back and sat back in her chair, content with watching this interaction.

“I didn’t expect to see you here.” The waitress said, a light blush painting her cheeks.

“Likewise,” Manon said, her face slowly turning back to the careful mask of neutrality she always wore. “I didn’t know you worked here, Elide.”

The waitress, Elide, her eyes widened in surprise. “You remembered my name?”

“I don’t think I could forget.” Manon whispered, and the two of them locked eyes again. There was palphable tension in the room now as they stared at one another. Elide was the first to break the silence.

“Oh- that’s- I-” Elide stuttered. Asterin noticed that Manon’s lips twitched minutely, as if she was trying her hardest to hold back a smile. 

“Well,” Asterin exclaimed loudly, as she slid out of her chair. “I’ve got a hot date with a bath and a bottle of champagne, so, i’m gonna leave.” 

Manon, tore her focus away from Elide to stare at Asterin. Asterin didn’t say anything, she just winked at her cousin as she sauntered out of the bar, purse and coat in hand. Manon turned her gaze back to Elide and drank in her appearance; messy dark hair, a ratty Farian’s t-shirt and jeans to match, and dark gray eyes that were fixed on anything other than her. Slowly, Manon reached out and brushed her fingers against the back of Elide’s hand. Elide jerked slightly but didn’t pull away, and met Manon’s eyes; surprised gray ones staring at calm gold ones.

“I wanted to see you again,” Manon said softly, “but I forgot to get your number after we had sex the first time.” Then she smirked, “or the second, third, or fourth time.”

Elide’s face turned bright red and opened and closed her mouth adorably in an attempt to think of something to say but coming up with nothing. Finally, she managed to get her next words out. 

“I wanted to see you again too,” Elide said, her face turning impossibly redder. “I actually couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“You couldn’t? I’m flattered.” Manon said, full on smiling now. Elide met her gaze and smiled back, her eyes lighting up. “When does your-?”

“My shift ends in twenty minutes.” Elide cut in, “I’d ask you to wait but you don’t have too-”

“I can wait.” Manon said sitting back on her chair, “I’m very patient.”

I took twenty minutes for Elide to finish her shift, five for her to gather her things and follow Manon outside, and it only took Manon seconds to have Elide against the brick wall of the bar.

Elide threaded her hands in Manons silver hair as she bent down and kissed the shorter girl; Elide tasted like mints and cheap soda, and as soon as Manons lips touched her mouth she let out a soft moan and wasted no time opening her mouth to her. Manon lost herself in Elide for a few minutes; the feel of her lips, the sleek, softness of her hair, and the smoothness of her skin. 

Manon remembered the last time she was this close to Elide, what it felt like to touch her, to kiss her, to fuck her, and she wanted more. More than a one-night-stand at her apartment, and more than sloppy makeouts against a brick wall.

She wanted her, more than she’s ever wanted anyone before, and that made Elide someone special.

“Date me.” Manon stated breaking the kiss. Elide blinked slowly, her eyes dazed and her lips kiss swollen, and Manon resisted the urge to kiss her again. “Go on a date with me.” She said again, “please?”

“What-” Elide gazed at her with wide eyes, “a real date?”

“Yes. Whatever and wherever you want,” she whispered against Elide’s lips. “Just say yes.”

Elide leaned forward and brushed their noses together, her breath mingling with Manons, “Yes.” She said, smiling.

When #Manorian becomes a thing
  • Manon: You know I like, have eaten your kind before right?
  • Dorian: Yeah, so?
  • Manon: Aren't you afraid of me?
  • Dorian: How could I be? You're the most precious thing to me.
  • Dorian: I love you.
  • Manon: Thanks babe.
  • source: abraxoswyvernnn

@a-court-of-throne-of-glass so. Ugh. I have so many theories on how this is all going to go down. But what we CAN be certain of, is that Manon will be the one who will enable them reforge the Lock. Maas conveniently left out how that whole thing will work, but she did tell us that Manon will play the same role that Rhiannon Crochan did when Mala gave her life to reforge the lock the first time around. (I headcanon that Manon will have to channel Aelin and/or Dorian’s power into the Lock. And in the process she will have to use her own magic to do it, which will be the Crochan equivalent of a Yielding. Meaning it won’t kill her.)

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