thank kenzie for help

green clothing is for Omegas


I am trying to find a AU story where Stiles is removed from his family at a young age to protect him because he is an “Omega”. Omegas are sent to special school until they are paired up with “alphas”. The Omegas are rare and cherished in this story unlike other Omega verse stories I have read. In this story Derek, when he meets stiles for the first time, gives stiles a green leather jacket. In this world only Omegas are allowed to wear the color green. Does anyone know what story this is? A friend was raving about it but she couldn’t remember the author or the name of the fic, but I really want to read it! any help would be great!



As still-in-a-heart-beat said, you probably mixed up fandoms and you’re looking for a J2 fic in the SPN RPF fandom. And I thought I recognized it because I also read this fic like a thousand years ago.