thank him for his artist surprise for me

I had an idea and I thought it would be cool to write it out! It’s a really rough idea of what could possibly be a fic??? But honestly, who knows?

“Papa!” Peter cried out happily, reaching out for Tony from within Steve’s arms. Tony grinned, taking Peter before placing him on his hip and placing a kiss on his son’s forehead. 

“Petey!” Tony exclaimed, chuckling as he tickled Peter’s stomach, loving the pure sounds of laughter which came from him. “How was your weekend with Pops?” Tony asked, “Was it fun?”

“Yeah, it was!” Peter nodded frantically before launching into a whole explanation of what they had done that weekend. Tony listened avidly, gasping and ah-hing at all the right moments as Peter made grand gestures. 

All the while, Steve watched them with a soft smile on his face, taking in the sight of them never failing to warm his heart. He didn’t interrupt and answered whenever Peter asked him a question or included him in the conversation. 

They were all laughing together, like the family that they once were. 

“Alright, I’m going to say goodbye to Pops,” Tony explained to Peter as he placed him down. “And I’ll be in in a minute, okay?”

“Okay,” Peter replied before rushing forward and giving Steve a huge hug. “Bye, Pops, I love you.”

“I love you too, Petey,” Steve said, wrapping his arms around Peter tightly. “I’ll see you next weekend, okay?”

“And we’ll go to the zoo?” Peter asked.

“We’ll see,” Steve replied, grinning as Peter rolled his eyes, he learned that from Tony, before pecking his cheek and running into the house. 

“He has so much energy,” Tony says fondly. “I honestly wonder how I’m going to get him asleep tonight,”

“Ah, I tired him out pretty well at the park,” Steve assures him, smiling. “He also had an awesome time at the National Museum, he didn’t want to leave,”

“I can imagine that,” Tony said, the both of them laughing before it got silent.

“How are you doing, Steve?” Tony finally asked, leaning against the door frame as he gazed at Steve. “I heard that you’re having a showcase at the art gallery, that’s great!”

“Thanks, it’s actually still such a shock,” Steve said, his hands going into his pockets, a shy gesture. “I’m sort of waiting to wake up from a dream because it doesn’t feel real,”

“But it is,” Tony said. “You shouldn’t be surprised, you’ve always been such a talented artist,”

Steve chuckled, shaking his head. “You’ve always had such faith in me,”

Tony grinned. “Well, I’m your biggest fan.”

Those words were simple but were incredibly important and held so much love. Steve remembered Tony telling him this, curled up on their couch in their first apartment together.

Tony seemed to have had remembered that memory too, his grin turning into a wistful smile as he glanced away. 

“Hey, babe,” That was the familiar voice of Peter Quill as he stuck his head around the corner, a giggling Peter Stark-Rogers on his shoulders. “You okay out there?”

“I’m fine!” Tony told him, wistful smile turning warm as he looked at his two favorite boys. “I’ll be in in a minute,”

“Alright,” Peter said before smiling and giving a friendly wave. “Hey, Steve,”

“Hey, Peter,” Steve said, his smile light as he waved in return and soon, the two Peters were off again, the sound of dinosaur roars and giggles muffled as they reached the living room. 

Tony turned back and sighed as he hid his hands in the too-long sleeves of his sweatshirt. “So, I’ll see you around?”

Steve nodded, not exactly sure not to feel anymore, as he takes a few steps backwards. 

“I’ll see you around,” he says, waving before turning around and heading towards his car, hearing the door close as he left. 

It never got easier to see Tony with someone else, it never got easier to see Peter laugh and play with a man who has somehow taken his place. 

The jealousy was always there, but it dimmed over time because there wasn’t a lot he could do now. The relationship that he and Tony had was special, special beyond anything else that Steve had ever experienced and it was painful, having it slip from between his fingers. 

He glanced back at the house, noticing someone peeking through a window near the entrance before they left. 

It would never get easier. 

The Greatest Man

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: can I request a steve imagine based on Sia - the greatest? I can’t stop listening to it x.x. Requested by Anonymous

Word Count: 1,387

Warnings: Language (maybe)

A/N: Hope you’ll like it :)

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Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I
Oh, I, I got stamina

Your POV

There was this man running through the park. He was so fast that he could have run away from his life. And perhaps that’s what he was trying to do. You saw him every day on your way to work.

You liked to take a moment to appreciate the fiery colours and the glowing ball of orange fire that came peeking over the pale blue morning sky.

When he ran past you, the runner sent dust flying everywhere. You followed him with your eyes before you left, ready to serve coffees and pastries to unhappy, hurried customers.

You knew exactly who he was. Only one man had the stamina to run that fast. Captain America.

Captain America was loved by all. The media saw him as an allegory of freedom and strength. Women thought he was a perfect gentleman, a heart of gold with an ass that won’t quit. Kids adulated him. He was their role model, an unpretentious superhero.

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i just wanted to write a new headcanon before bed while i listen to twice’s new album (it’s so good)

+ jimin (24) is a single dad with a seven year-old daughter named mijoo

+ jungkook (22) is a tattoo artist looking for a day job since he’s running low on money.

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i remember.

2,461 words | fluff, light angst
meeting on a train au + lim changkyun

author’s note: this turned into a bit of a free-write, but i did enjoy how it came out! i know i’ve been crazy slow with these milestones “drabbles” but they’re still in the works!

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Ikon Reaction: Their makeup artist/crush gets a little too close while doing their makeup and they think that she is trying to kiss them

Requested: hi ! I really enjoyed the Bigbang react to their makeup artist thinking they are trying to kiss them! Can you do a similar reaction but for ikon please :) but maybe this time they actually make a move thanks ~~


Hanbin would be a little taken back. You had always done his make up but never get this close to him. He didn’t mind of course but he would be surprised when you leaned in and actually kissed him. He would break into a smile when you pulled away saying you were sorry but he would just shut you up and kissed you again.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

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Jin noticed how close you where since the start of doing his make up. He debated with himself to make a move or wait for you. He was so caught up with his thoughts he didn’t notice you working on his lips. You leaned in and kissed him. He froze momentarily and you were about to pull away to apologize but he grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you back to his lips.

“Yah come back here.”

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Oh Jiwon would be so smug about this. You were normally very close to him since you did his make up but today he noticed just how much closer you were. He loved being this close to him so when you kissed him he was really surprised. You pulled away as everyone’s eyes were on you. you apologized cheeks super red and ran out the room. Bobby stood there his fingers touching his lips and a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Hanbin would hit the back of his head to get him back. His members all looked at him asking why he wasn’t after you already to which he responded by leaving the room and looking for you.   


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Jun was always at your chair to get his make up done. He didn’t let anyone else touch him. He loved the feeling of your hands on his skin. Of course everyone knew you both liked each other, everyone but you both. One day while doing his make up you felt a boost of confidence, while doing his lips you leaned in and kissed him surprising yourself, Junhoe and everyone. You where gonna pull away embarrassed but Jun pulled you closer and kissed you making everyone cheer.


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He was usually the one who got even closer to you when you did his make up. You were always so shy because of it. So the day you moved in close he was a little surprised. You leaned in and kissed his lips. He smiled and wrapped his arms around you to stop you from pulling away. He had always moved in close so an ‘accidental’ kiss to happen.

“Ive waited so long for this.”

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He would be a big tease when you did his make up. Always moving around to mess you up so you guys can be closer longer. He always played with you and one day you couldn’t handle him and just kissed him. He would be really surprised not expecting it but then he would break out in a huge grin because finally. He would be the happiest for the rest of the day.

“ This day is amazing!”

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He would be so shy and surprised about it. He had always been shy when you did his make up, causing you too feel bad thinking maybe he didn’t like you so you normally wouldn’t do his make up. That day you were mostly alone since the other stylist were doing other stuff so you had to finish off Chanwoo. You started applying his make up leaning closer to him you were lost in thought and continued to move closer and kissed up. His cheeks grow red and he froze. You pulled away and apologized. Chanwoo smiled at your reaction pulling you to a stop when you were about to leave and finally confessed.

“Its okay! I’m actually glad…”

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~Admin C

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Congrats on the new blog! Could I please get perhaps a scenario with sidon and an artist s/o where perhaps he catches them drawing him? Thanks!!

Thank you very much! ^^


  • “Dearest? What are you-”
  • He is surprised at first, his s/o had wonderful artistic abilities and he had seen them draw plenty of things before, all of them as beautiful as the other.
  • But just as his s/o turned around, he had gotten a clear view of the paper. Him, they had been drawing him.
  • The expression of surprise is soon enough replaced with one of pure delight. It’s almost like a child’s who had just found his present three days before his birthday
  • “Is this me? My love, this is wonderful!”
  • He is very, very flattered. and quite honored to be drawn by you. 
  • If you sometimes allow him to see through your drawings, he will often stop at the drawing of him and smile a bit lovestruck, 
  • if you give it to him, he’ll frame it and keep it in a dry and safe place where he also may frequently visit to see it.
A Thousand Words

Request: I was wondering if I could request a tommy x reader where the reader is an artist and he sees her drawings of him ? Thank you :) 

 This is a shortie but I loved this request. Enjoy. ❤️

Warnings: none?

I wasn’t used to waking up with Tommy still in bed with me. He’d always find a way to ease out while I was still asleep so he could go to handle business with his family.

So you could imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes after a night with the man I love to see him sifting through my huge collection of paintings.

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what makes namjoonie one of the best leader of all kpop group???


Also, brace yourself. Incoming long post!

*clears throat*

(1) THE AMOUNT OF DEDICATION HE HAS. Kim Namjoon started out as an underground rapper, and got into BigHit to a group called B.P.B (former/original would-be BTS group), along with other rap members… he was mocked for this choice, as idols aren’t really acknowledged in the hiphop scene. Especially idol rappers.. which is now what he is.  They were promised that the group will be full on rap, no dancing/singing. But then later on they were forced to learn how to dance. One by one the members left, but Namjoon stayed despite it all. (No, he absolutely didn’t know how to dance, but you’d be surprised at how much he can now) Could you imagine how much dedication that took to stay when you see your group members quit and leave you behind + you’re forced to do something you can’t do and wasn’t promised to you in the first place?

If I’m not mistaken, Namjoon was one of the original BTS (B.P.B) member left. Later on, Suga and J-Hope came in the company, followed by Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin. The BTS we now all know was formed this way. 

He is always in the studio producing, producing, producing for the group. If not, he’s writing lyrics. Even the members admit, he almost never sleeps because he is always constantly working on their music. 

As I mentioned before, he previously doesn’t have a dancing bone on his body… AT ALL.

But BTS is famous for their hard-hitting, tough choreographies… and after watching him for the past year, I’ve seen him improve so SO much in dancing. 

Watch him on their dance practice to their Intro Performance (he’s the guy with the D shirt. Usually placed at the back for this very reason too) then watch him on I NEED U.  I’m very proud of him for improving a lot within a short span of time.

/this may be because I really relate to him on this… I previously do not know how to dance at all, and now… I’m actually in a dance crew and I’m continuously improving myself with dancing.

He recently released a vlog saying his current thoughts about his solo mixtape that he finally released which was 7 years in the making, as well as working on the new BTS album. That alone shows how dedicated he really is.

(2) HIS LOYALTY TO BANGTAN. I have a feeling… that because he was left behind by some of his friends during his B.P.B days. Namjoon treasures his BTS members a whole lot. If you watch his episode on the 4Things Show, he was tested through a hidden camera by being offered by their CEO to go do a solo career. (That way, he can finally establish himself fully as a rapper) Not a split second passed, without hesitation he said he chooses to be in BTS. 

I’ve seen a lot of times he showed how much he looks out for the rest of them. Although the members make fun of him a lot, I can see that they really look up to him (especially the maknae line), and he gives so much love back to them. 

(3) HE’S NOT AFRAID TO SHOW HIS WEAKNESS/GIVE HIS HONEST THOUGHTS. (In a mature, and intellectual way)

He admitted to being hurt by how he was always mocked as an idol, artist, and as a person. He admitted he still lacked in many aspects, and suffered through a slump. He admitted to not knowing who he is and what he wanted to do. He also came into his own turning point about not giving a sh*t about what people say about him or what label him as anymore.  

Please have a read through this previous post I made about Namjoon for a back story to that. (That was also first time this guy honestly moved me). He also relies his own thoughts through his lyrics and music. May it be talking about struggles, to talking about sex, to fighting for his right to vote. (lmao. yes that happened) 

Even now, he shares his honest thoughts to us from time to time. (Through his personal vlogs, and some of his tweets)

(4) HE IS AN ACTUAL GENIUS. During his days as a student, he ranked top 1 in terms of school grades in the WHOLE FREAKING SOUTH KOREA.  

He taught himself how to read, speak and write English fluently. A language Koreans generally have a hard time learning, let alone on their own. He can make up lyrics on the spot, just give him a few seconds and he’ll be able to deliver a rap immediately. An average intellectual person has an IQ of 95-105. Namjoon’s IQ level is 148. 

(5) WITH THAT, HE IS AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT TOO. As much of a genius as he is, he is pretty much clumsy on other things. He’s named god of destruction because he always breaks/loses things without meaning to.

They say it’s because his mind is always contemplating about heavy thoughts, that he’s flimsy on the little things. Hahaha! Another charm of the dear leader.

(6) HE NEVER FORGETS TO STAY HUMBLE. I have met Bangtan in person, and Kim Namjoon stood out to me the most (at the time he wasn’t even my bias at all) because he gave me (and all the other fans) his absolute sincerity. I actually gave him a 90-degree bow during the hi-touch event (a gesture of high respect, because I sincerely wanted to specifically greet him that way), and he gave it right back to me… which actually surprised me a lot. Aside from that, along with all the Bangtan members, he never forgets to thank ARMYs regardless whether they win or lose on shows. Even on some of their vlogs in Youtube, you can sometimes see him casually busy at the back reading fan letters while the others are fooling around the camera.

Also, he has been rising in popularity lately, established himself in the U.S. and worked with American hip-hop artists Warren G, and Krizz Kaliko; released his solo mixtape, which was applauded by hiphop artists even outside South Korea, but he always always always never forgets to mention how thankful he is because of BTS and owes it all to them.

And probably the best reason of all…


I know Bangtan Boys are all really rowdy themselves. I can’t even imagine myself being able to have the patience and will to lead with all their strong personalities clashing, but he can. And he does it perfectly. If that is not reason enough, then I don’t even know anymore.

Though I cannot vouch for him being the best leader of all kpop groups, I can straight up tell you that he really IS the perfect leader for Bangtan. He has all the makings of a great leader, and I think no one else can lead BTS better than he does.

Thank you, and goodnight! Haha

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How would the axis and the allies react to an artist S/O who is secretly drawing a portrait of them but she doesn't show them because it's a surprise? Thank you!

“You’re so talented i love it!” When he sees it or finds out, his heart will melt. – 2p Germany, 2p Romano, 2p England, 2p China

“You did this for me…?” Is shocked that she loves him so much she’ll draw him. – 2p Japan, 2p Spain, 2p America, 2p Canada

“S/o you shouldn’t have….” He really loves it, honestly, but it’s just so good he can’t accept it. – 2p Italy, 2p Romano, 2p France, 2p Russia

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For blurb night... was wondering... My first tattoo with Sirius? I was sitting there with the needle on my arm wondering if he'd be holding my hand or laughing at me. Wondering how that might go? If you got time Re?

“Doing so well, love,” Sirius praised, his hand holding yours tightly. “Almost done now.” 

You closed your eyes as you squeezed his hand, the pain of the needle shooting through you.

“And finished,” the tattoo artist announced as he removed the needle and began to wipe off your freshly tatted arm.

“Thank you,” you nodded to the artist. 

The tattooist smiled before standing to give you and Sirius a moment to recover. 

“How do you feel?” Sirius asked, watching you with a nervous stare. 

“A little lightheaded,” you admitted. 

“I’ll get you some water once we leave,” he promised, kissing your forehead. “Are you gonna let me see it, now?”

You had made Sirius promise not to look at your design. It was a surprise for him that you were quite excited about. Though, you weren’t quite sure how he’d react.

“I suppose,” you chuckled. 

You held your arm out to him and saw his eyes grow wide as he took in the fresh ink. 

“I - you -” he stuttered. 

“Oh shit, you don’t like it, do you? I knew I should have asked first,” you began to ramble.

As your lips moved in apology, Sirius cut you off with a tender kiss. One hand cupping your cheek softly.  

“I love it,” he grinned. “You got a paw print for me?” His face was just inches from yours. 

You blushed, “Well, yeah. That way you’re always with me, you know?”

Sirius shook his head in awe, “You’re brilliant, you know that?”

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Hi! Sorry for strange question, but what if Bendy fall in love with a girl. How will Boris react to this? Will he be sad or something? oh and love your arts so much, you`re truly amazing artist!!!

Boris: Find it hard to believe because Bendy always have his way with the ladies but never had any interest with them.

If he is I could say I’m happy for him?… or color me surprise.

Marini4: Daww Shucks! Thank You so much!!! ^___^

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How would the boyband react if they had an S/O who wanted them to pose for a drawing? (Hopefully S/O is a touch better than the caricature artist they meet...)

Sure, Nonny! I love this one tbh, just because supportive!boyband is one of my favorites


  • He would probably be pretty shy at first. “You want me to what? (Y/N), come on…”
  • But there’s also a little part of him that kind of really wants to do this with you. It’s kind of cool, but he thinks admitting that would be a little dorky
  • You’ll tell him to pose naturally and it’s the most unnatural thing you’ve ever seen in your life. You just have to put your pencil down and laugh at him for a minute
  • “Noctis, you look like you’re in pain.”
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • You’d have to go over there and re-pose him, then sit for a while and have a conversation about who knows what to get some kind of natural expression on his face
  • After all that’s over, he’s a pretty good subject: sits still, maintains the expression, everything
  • You’ll show him the piece and he’ll stare at it with this smile on his face–in his eyes–because this is the coolest thing anyone’s ever done for him


  • He’d be flattered!
  • “Me? I– Well, sure, if that’s what you’d like.”
  • He’s going to be very particular and ask you a ton of questions. Glasses on or off? Gloves? What should he wear? Should any of his shirt buttons be undone? What about jewelry?
  • You’re going to have to grab his face and boop his nose or something to tell him to chill out. You want him as him, naturally, because you draw what you love and you love him
  • He almost falls over at that. Achievement unlocked: making Ignis blush
  • You sit him down and help him pose because you can tell he’s nervous in spite of how he’s trying hard not to show you that he is
  • The only sound while you’re working is your pencil on paper, since he’s taking this so seriously
  • When you tell him to come see it, he’ll get up and walk over and place a hand on your waist while he looks over your shoulder
  • “This is stunning, darling. Thank you so much.”


  • Hello he’s all for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s posed for other artists before, but posing for you is even more special
  • “You want me to be au naturale, (Y/N)?”
  • You kind of want to punch him in the chest, but you also kind of want to experiment with drawing nudes a little more because… It’s Gladio… Like… Friend…
  • Anyway! You’ll get him to pose in your bedroom because he insisted, and you don’t even have to help with his expression or anything
  • Because he’s giving you bedroom eyes and it’s too late to change any of that. He’s having too much fun teasing you
  • You’re sketching him and he’s still teasing you, coughing every now and again so he can make eyes at you every time you look up
  • “Gladio I swear to god.”
  • “You love this.”


  • Thinks this is really cool even though he’s never thought about posing for art before
  • He’s going to throw random ideas at you: let’s do it outside, let’s find some cool props, oh I could do this, (Y/N), watch!
  • The longer he messes around, he’s starting to settle into a really good pose and you just kind of tell him to stop right there 
  • Oh, like this? Okay!”
  • Drawing him would be so casual and so fun, like you’ll be having a conversation while sketching him
  • He’ll make you laugh so much that you have to erase a little more than you usually do, but you don’t really mind at all
  • He’s also going to constantly beg to see, and no Prompto you’re not allowed to look until it’s done!
  • When he (finally) sees the final drawing, he’ll marvel at it: “(Y/N)… You made me look better on paper than I do in person! This is great!”

vnschone kinda surprised me with this amaaazing commission from skoptsy of my Elder Scrolls OC, Tur'Rok. I’m so psyched over this piece, because I’ve been killing myself trying to decide on how this dude looks for months, but yoooooooo Skopts did such a great job. The original is on the upper left, and since this is the only legit portrait I have of him I played with it to experiment with minor design changes. (facial hair) Still, full credit to the original artist.

I’ll repost his bio later, but in the meantime a huuuge huge thanks to Skoptsy and my baby. I love this so much. Check them both out for more awesome artwork @ skoptsy and andaglas

alec is the softest human so...
  • He is the kind of person that talks to babies and animals with silly voices in secret.
  • He stops walking on the street when he sees pretty flowers and, obviously, wants to take pictures of them.
  • He loves drinking tea.
  • When he was young he would make little drawings on top of important files. 
  • When he laughs he covers his eyes only showing his smile.
  • Whenever he is bored he takes stickers and puts it on Magnus’ face while he is working.
  • He dances to pop songs whenever he is alone.
  • He gasps everytime he sees a dog on the street.
  • He loves taking polaroids of random things.
  • L o v e s cuddles. Literally everytime he has the chance he’ll cuddle Magnus. Same reason to why he has like fifty pillows on his bed.
  • When he was little he would always give people butterfly kisses.
  • He is the kind of person that cries if he sees pictures of puppies.
  • He leaves little post-it notes in the mirror for Magnus every morning. He used to do the same thing with Izzy when they were younger and would even go as far as to stick some on her face for fun.
  • His response to someone calling him adorable is “I’m not adorable. I’m the baddest angriest person. I’m not adorable I’m grumpy and terrible. Stop calling me adorable”
  • He always runs to the window to look at the rain.
  • Without even realizing he does it, he puts flowers on Izzy’s hair while she isn’t doing anything.
  • He loves drawing. The first time he showed Clary one of his drawiings he was really nervous because “She is great artist…my drawings are lame” but Clary was actually pretty surprised and yelled “That’s gorgeous, Alec”, he only smiled at her and softly whispered “Thanks”.
  • He loves slow dancing.
  • Please add more cuz i love soft!alec and i need more of it in my life.
Setting Spray - (Peter Parker x Reader)

Based on this post, which holy crap inspired me to write for the first time in forever. 

Summary: Reader does Peter’s makeup and when he gets home from stopping a robbery, he’s surprised to find that it’s still on

Warnings: None, pure fluff 

Word Count: 822

A/N: This is my first imagine on this account! I wrote it pretty quickly so if it’s crap, that’s why. Thanks for reading!

Originally posted by spideycentral

“You have got to be kidding me,” Peter sighed, looking up from his chemistry text book. You grinned at him from your place on his bed and patted the spot next to you.

“Please, Pete? I literally just watched MannyMUA’s tutorial and I need practice! If I’m going to become a makeup artist in the future, I need someone to test out looks on! Plus,” You paused, chuckling at your boyfriend’s face, “you have really great skin so the makeup will go on so nicely.“ 

Peter groaned, knowing that there was no way out of this situation. And, even though he would never admit it to another living soul, Aunt May had done his makeup before so he knew the drill. “Okay, okay. But just so long as you promise you’ll binge watch Pokémon: Indigo League with me.”

You let out a squeal, grabbing Peter’s hand and dragging him onto the bed next to you. “Okay so we’ll start with primer, which is one of the most important steps because…”

By the time you were done with Peter’s makeup, it was one in the morning. You had let him turn the television on to have something to focus on while you were working your magic. “Okay! Now the last step. I’m gonna use the Urban Decay Setting Spray which makes it so the makeup stays on all night!” You told Peter to close his eyes and mouth and spritzed his face with the setting spray. 

“And now we’re done?” Peter asked warily, opening one eye too look at you just in case you still had the can of spray up. You only grinned at him, nodding and grabbing his hand to put a mirror in it. Your boyfriend’s eyes widened when he saw his reflection, pivoting his head to get views from different angles. “Oh my god, I look like a girl.“ 

“A very pretty girl,” you assured him, kissing his cheek. He asked you a few questions about the makeup that surprised you, but you were interrupted when the news channel came back on, with the topic of a jewelry robbery that was happening a few blocks down from Peter and Aunt May’s apartment.

“Y/N! I have to go, how do I get this stuff off?” Peter asked in a panic, already changing into his Spider-Man suit. 

“It’ll take to long to get it off, you’ll have to leave it on,” you said with a sheepish look on your face. “I’ll take it off for you when you get back, just go!” You grabbed his mask and put it on for him, already pushing him out the window onto the fire escape. 

“I hate you, you know,” Peter said before swinging off down the street towards the jewelry store.

“You love me!” You shouted after him, giggling at the idea of Spider-Man wearing a face full of makeup underneath his mask. 


By the time that Peter came back from stopping the robbery, it was a little after three am. You were laying on his bed in one of his t-shirts and a pair of his sweatpants, watching a movie on your boyfriend’s laptop. The knock on the window startled you, making you pause the movie and look to see Spider-Man huddled outside on the fire escape. You got up from your spot on the bed and went to let him in, asking how it went.

“Good,” he replied, “it was that same guy who tried to rob the convenience store two weeks ago so it was pretty easy to catch him.” Peter took off his mask and changed back out of his suit into a pair of pajamas, when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. “Oh my god, I totally forgot that you did that! How the hell is it still on?" 

When the doe-eyed boy turned back to you in shock, you already had the makeup wipes in hand. While wiping the foundation off of his face you replied, "Bitch, that’s what the Urban Decay Setting Spray is for." 

Peter looked at you with wide eyes before softening them with affection for you. "You’re such a dork for makeup,” he said while scrunching up his nose. You pursed your lips while rubbing the rest of the makeup off of his face.
“Yeah, well this is coming from the kid who got a score of 103 on the last chemistry test,” you teased him. After you finished taking off the makeup on his face, you pressed your lips to his nose for a few seconds, feeling his nose scrunch up once again against your mouth. “Thanks for letting me do your makeup, Pete." 

"Yeah yeah, just don’t make me your personal guinea pig,” he said with his lips ghosting against your own. 

“Oh no, I’ll make you my personal testing spider,” you grinned against his lips, closing your eyes before closing the space between him and you.


So now I’ll have to recap the rest of my convention experience, including the autographs and my panel questions, before I forget. Um.

SO. Unlike the majority of congoers, my registration at Vox on Friday went perfectly. It took me fifteenish minutes to get myself signed in, and unlike I’d feared, I didn’t need to wait for the missing e-tickets desk to open but could pay the 2.50 pounds lost in translation at the registration desk. Which, really… wow, Rogue. Something worked out for once. Thanks.

(I switched group number from C 229 to C 228, which also happened last year and deeply confused me because I was worried I’d been given some other poor bastard’s envelope.)

What did not work was the preorder part - they didn’t put the preorders inside your envelope this time, and you had to queue to get them. I considered just walking out instead of queueing for an hour, but that wasn’t going to happen given that I had both my Jared photo and autograph waiting at the end of that line, so I. Queued. Again. I had to pay another 1.50 lost in translation to redeem my preorders, but that was fine, and I got on my way to the, uh, four hours long ticket office queue.

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Okay, this is my best find from #studiocleanup2016

When I was ten, Spider-Man got married. It was a BIG DEAL. The Silver Snail comic shop in Toronto had a big event to celebrate, with a guy dressed as Spider-Man, and JOHN ROMITA SR., the cover artist of the issue in question, doing a signing.

Now, I’m a savvy ten year old, with great ideas and, I feel, the art chops to become a part of the Marvel Bullpen. And John Romita is their Art Director. So, I take my best drawing of my original character, UNI-SQUAD, and lovingly staple it to a comic book backing board for the optimum professional presentation.

My dad drives me and my little brother into Toronto (his least favourite thing to do), and while my brother is entertained by Spider-Man, I wait in line to meet John Romita.

When it finally becomes my turn, I quietly get him to sign my copies of the wedding issue. Then, I surprise him with the greatest artwork he’s ever seen.

“An artist!” He proclaimed.

“Yes sir”

“And this is your character?”

“Yes sir”

He studied it very carefully.

“Good stuff!”

“Thank you sir”

Then there was a weird pause. The pause that was SUPPOSED to be filled with him offering me a job.

“Is … there anything else I can do for you?”

“I … can you … can you sign it?”

Another pause.


And that’s why I have a drawing of mine that says


May the Force Be With You

Who: Kristoff, Anna (Kristanna), Sven (Pshh duh), Olaf
Rating: K+ (blame Jim)
Words: 4,081 
Summary: It’s Halloween, usually the night Kristoff sits on the couch and watches as many Horror movies as possible. But not tonight. Tonight, for the first time in years, Anna drags him out for a party, in costume. As the Jedi’s said, may the force be with you Kristoff.

Notes: Holy moly, my first actual fic in, like, forever. This one got away from me BIG time but I couldn’t help it! It was such a great idea that sargar3000 and I played around with back in September I believe. Either way, I hope you enjoy this and the little surprise from a certain little creative artist (Who I humbly thank for giving me the idea and creating such a cute picture! YOU’RE AMAZING!). And shout out to jennyupabove for being an awesome person and keeping my writing in check! 

Enjoy and Happy Halloween! :D

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flowerymalfoy  asked:

What about you building up a sleeve and Michael developing a crush for you everytime you go to him to add something up? Feeling's mutual of course. Thank you ily 💖🎀💓

tattoo artist!5sos blurb night! send me your requests/write your own!!

tattoo artist!michael remembered you from high school, before he dropped out. it wasn’t like he had a huge crush on you or anything but he definitely thought you were hot and no doubt would’ve tried hitting on you until he made an idiot of himself talking to you if your paths crossed but it never really happened.

he was pleasantly surprised when you walked into his shop years later, consulting him with the idea of a tattoo you had. it only meant to be one tattoo -your first tattoo you treated yourself to for your birthday - but you immediately fell in love and michael kept such good company, you came back to him for all of your following appointments.

a little over a year later, your upper left arm was covered and you’d already begun filling in your forearm. every single part of the sleeve was michael’s work and you proudly showed it off, happily explaining exactly where you got it done and who did it.

currently you were in the shop, hanging around with michael after it had closed. “what about this?” michael broke the silence, sliding the paper across the counter to you.

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