thank greg

okay, im going to be honest, im the small part of the fandom that liked the episode

why? hell, im a johnlock shipper, should i be annoyed? i mean, we predicted a kiss and there was none. so should i be cussing out moffat and gatiss? should i be calling this episode trash?

no. that’s rude and immature. and if you have a valid reason to hate this episode (basically it was poorly plotted or there were plot holes or something) then go ahead!

while i will admit, this episode has some plot holes (as the entire season did), i still liked this episode. hell, i loved it.


firstly, it was about family above all else. because in the end, family may be all that we have.

secondly, the ending.

lots of people are annoyed because it didn’t end how they wanted to and i can agree, it did not go as i wanted it to.

but in the end, it doesnt matter.

the reason why i loved the ending was because they didn’t say exactly what happens. we can assume. we can create our own stories with it. we get to choose what happens to these characters. we get to choose their story.

and in the end, if sherlock gets confirmed for a fifth season (i am praying for this to happen), then we’ll get more closure, and if i have to be totally honest, that’s all i want.

so please, try to look on the bright side of this, and don’t hate this episode because your ship didnt become canon or it just didnt end how you wanted it to.please.
reedemable things in tfp

• Mrs Hudson cleaning while listening to Iron Maiden;

• Mrs H “Would you like a cup of tea?” MH “Thank you.” Mrs H “The kettle’s over there”;

• Mycroft secretely watching romantic movies;

• Mycroft’s umbrella aka sword aka gun;

• Moriarty’s entrance;

• Moriarty being sexy as hell;

• Mycroft “You’re a Christmas present” Moriarty “How do you want me?”;

• Louise Brealey’s performance;

• Sherlock telling Lestrade to look after Mycroft;

•  “Thanks, Greg.”;

• (talking about Sherlock) “He’s a great man, sir.” Lestrade “No, he’s better than that. He’s a good one.”;


Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend time with those you love!  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Even though life has it’s ups and downs, we are all here, right? That’s pretty cool.  We all came together to read this.  So whatever you do today, I hope it is special, and I truly wish you the best!  What are you all thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving!