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Hey! Can I request a Josh imagine? I just learned that his younger sister Abigail is the same age as me (she's 20, born in 1996). Can you do something like the reader is friends with Abigail and she invites the reader to her house for some sort of family get together, and Josh ends up smitten with the reader (I've realized that an 8 year age gap isn't that much once you enter your 20s). Thanks!

I hope this is good! I had a lot of fun writing it! Thank you for the request :)

“Abby, I’m not so sure this is the best idea,” You say nervously as you pull up next to the Dun residence. She had invited you over the thanksgiving since most of your family lived away, and you didn’t have any plans to visit over the holiday. But you weren’t very close with any of Abby’s family, and the idea of spending a whole weekend made you a bit uneasy.

“Don’t sweat it, Y/N,” She reassures you. “I’ve already talked to my parents and they feel the same way I do; you’re not spending thanksgiving weekend alone. They have the guest bed made up and everything.” She offers you a sweet smile. It eases the anxiety in your stomach a little bit, but not all the way. But who are you to argue. So you reach to the back of your car and grab your weekend bag and give Abby a smile signalling you’re ready to start the weekend.

Abby Dun’s house looks exactly how you thought it would; homely and clean. The Dun’s always seemed like that perfect American family to you and it made you a little nervous. You didn’t want to be a stain in their life.

“Y/N,” Mrs. Dun greets you with open arms as you enter into the kitchen after Abigail. You oblige, awkwardly patting her back. “I’m so glad you could join us this weekend. It’ll be so nice to have you.”

“Thank you for taking in a stray,” you half joke, offering your warmest smile. “I’m glad I don’t have to spend the holidays alone.”

“You’re always welcome here, dear,” She replies. “Now why don’t you show her to your room and introduce her to your sister and brothers. They’re all in the family room,” She suggest to Abby, who nods.

You follow Abby through the maze of their new house, dropping your things off in the guest bedroom before you follow her down to the basement, or as her mom called it, the family room. It was fairly big, with spacious couches and chairs all lined up around the large flat screen TV they had. Her sister and two brothers took up most of the main couch in front of the TV, so you stood awkwardly as Abby called attention to them.

“Hey guys, this is Y/N,” she gestures back to you. Ashley looks up and gives you a warm smile while the two brothers flash quick smiles, their attention mostly on the video game in front of them. “Y/N,” Abby continues. “This is Jordan, Josh and Ashley.”

“It’s really nice to meet you guys,” You say quietly, feeling awkward standing in the middle of the room. Abby sits down beside Jordan and you pick a chair that’s not as close to the TV.

“It’s good to have you here,” Ashley smiles. Then the awkward silence begins. Well it’s not really that awkward because everyone is fairly welcoming and all wants to get to know you, it just feels awkward because you’re not quite sure what to say. You felt like there was an elephant in the room, and it was Josh Dun.

It wasn’t a secret who Josh was or what he did for a living. And you were partially hoping that he wouldn’t be home. But of course he’d want to be with family during the holidays. You were star struck to be sitting so close to him. You had so many questions and really really wanted to ask him for a picture. But you didn’t want to be that friend, so you just sat awkwardly, watching the family interact with each other and answering questions when they asked.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Josh and Jordan put down the console controllers and high fived, congratulating each other on a good game. Then Josh looks over at you. “Sorry, I didn’t really get a chance to catch your name,” he tells you, standing up to shake your hand.

You feel like a flustered mess as you quickly stand up and reach for his hand. “Y/N,” you tell him as he has a firm grip on his hand, trying to avoid eye contact. You had a terrible habit of going bright red when you looked at someone you thought was attractive. And Josh was, well, Josh. Probably the most attractive man you had come across.

“Cool,” he smiles at you, gaze lingering a little bit longer than you were expecting. “Sorry about earlier,” he gives a quick look back at the TV and then down at his brother who’s still sitting on the couch. “We’ve been trying to beat that level forever,” He chuckles and his famous squinty eyed grin makes an appearance. You can feel your face starting to get hot and you desperately hope that it’s not noticeable.

“So how did you and Abby meet?” He asks, throwing a look over at his little sister, waiting for an answer from one of us.

“At work,” Abby answers before you do. “Y/N is the only one that I actually like there,” she laughs softly and you can help but to laugh either. You and Abby had bonded over your strong dislike for everyone else that you worked with.

“Oh, that’s really cool,” Josh replies, copying your smile. “Well it’s really cools that you’re here, Y/N. Abby should have brought you around sooner,” he sends a wink in Abby’s direction before mentioning something about food and leaving the two of you alone. If you weren’t blushing before, you definitely were now.

You’re not sure if Abby noticed or not, but if she does - she doesn’t say anything. And you’re extremely thankful for that. But you spend all of Friday and most of Saturday following her around like a puppy, scared to be left alone for too long. She doesn’t seem to mind, and you’re actually having a better time than you thought with her. You find out you both have more in common with her than just disliking people at work.

Josh also hangs around a lot more than you thought he would, and you’re slowly feeling more comfortable talking with him. He is slowly becoming Josh Dun, Abby’s brother more than he is Josh Dun, drummer of Twenty One Pilots.

By Sunday morning you’re feeling right at home, so it doesn’t surprise you when you get up and find the house empty. There’s a note in the kitchen addressed to you from Abby letting you know that the family had gone to church and were doing some errands after and would be back in the afternoon. You stand in the kitchen for a moment not sure what to do in an unfamiliar house. That’s when Josh enters through the sliding back door, no shirt on, ear buds in and chest glistening with sweat in the early morning sun. He smiles once he sees you, taking his ear buds out as he crosses the kitchen to the fridge.

“Hey Y/N,” he greets you as he pulls out a water bottle and begins chugging it. But you’re stunned, almost too stunned to talk as you process what’s happening. You’re in Josh Dun’s house by yourself and now he’s shirtless in front of you.

“Have a good sleep?” He asks after a brief moment of silence.

You quickly shake your head and answer him. “Y-yeah. It was really good. The bed in the guest room is really comfy.”

“Yeah I know, I usually crash on it when I come to visit,” he gives you a sheepish smile, before lifting the bottle to his mouth again.

“I would offer to trade you, but it’s like, really comfy,” you almost giggle. Josh had slept in the bed you were sleeping in. It couldn’t get anymore surreal. “Did you have a good run?” You ask, wanting to change the topic from you. You hated being in the spotlight. You were perfectly happy being a background character.

“Yeah, it was really good. Helps with anxiety, you know?” He replies. “Gets me out of my head.”

“Yeah, I understand that. That’s how I feel about writing,” You tell him. “Helps me really be able to sort through my emotions when I can see them all out on paper.”

“You write?” He asks with a smile. You nod, face getting slightly hot as he keeps up the eye contact. But you can’t help but look at them, they were your favourite thing about him. Seeing them so much in pictures, but they couldn’t hold up to the real thing.

“Anything that you’d let me read?” He presses, an almost smug look on his face. You think about it for a moment, almost saying no right away. But this was Josh Dun you were taking too. He and Tyler bare their souls in every song they put out. The least you could do was let Josh read one of your mediocre poems.

“Well, nothing really finished,” You say as you pull out your phone and open up your notes. “I kind of just get ideas in my head through out the day and I try and jot them down when they’re fresh and then sometimes, they turn into poems.” You step forward and pass your phone to Josh. He smiles at you before looking down at the words you have typed out. His expression is focused, carefully reading over each word, making sure to take his time and really absorb what you have written out.

“My plan is to publish a book of short stories one day,” You continue, as he swipes through the other blurbs you have. “I don’t think I have the attention span to finish a whole book with one story right now,” You admit with a chuckle. “I’m constantly getting new ideas.”

Josh looks up at you, expression intense. “These are amazing, Y/N,” he says, eyes locked with yours. “Like, really. The emotion and just the way you put the words together is just - ”. He’s almost at a loss for words as he tries to search for the right one, but coming up empty. So he just shakes his head and offers you a smile. “They’re just amazing. Thanks for sharing them with me.”

You shrug bashfully as you take your phone back and shoving it deep into your pocket. “Just helps with the anxiety, you know?”

He’s staring at you, but there’s something in his eyes. You try not to think about it too much. “Yeah, I completely get that.”

“Hey guys!” Josh’s mom greets both of you as she enters the kitchen with large grocery bags. Josh reaches out to grab them instinctively, earning a kiss on the cheek from his mom. “Hope you’re hungry,” she smiles at you. “Because we are making a feast!”

“I’m definitely ready to stuff my face,” you joke, quickly sending a look at Josh, who is still looking at you with the same look as before. It’s enough to send the butterflies in your stomach into a frenzy. But you don’t really want him to stop.

Josh leaves to shower and you and Abby help Mrs. Dun with dinner. You’re completely relaxed now, after showing Josh your poems. It was comforting almost, to know at least one of them understood the madness what went on in your head. And the rest of the evening you feel right at home. And you definitely notice how Josh hovers around you now, constantly asking you questions about your writing. You weren’t going to complain though.

“Thank you so much for having me over this weekend,” You thank Abby’s parents once dinner and over and done with and you helped Abby and her siblings clean up. “It was really nice, and Mrs. Dun - the food was incredible!”

She giggles at the compliment, cheeks turning slightly pink. “Please, call me Laura. And it was our pleasure, feel free to come back any time!”

“Thanks thanks Abby, for thinking to invite me,” You turn to your friend and give her a quick hug before fishing your car keys out of your purse and picking up your weekend bag.

“I’ll walk you to your car,” Josh offers as he opens the door and gestures for you to go first. You wave and say goodbye to the family once more before ducking out the front door.

“I had a really good time getting to know you this weekend, Y/N,” Josh tells you once it’s just you and him. Both of you walking stupidly slow, trying to drag out the alone time you guys had.

“Yeah, I did too,” You reply bashfully, biting your lip and trying to ignore how red your face probably was.

“I, um, would really like to go out, with you, sometime,” He offers, now it was his turn to go red. And your heart was probably going to explode. “Do you want to get dinner sometime?”

You can’t even contain your grin, your eyes looking up to meet his. “Yeah, I’d really like that.”

Josh breaks out a huge smile and lets out a small breath of relief. “Awesome. That’s really cool. I, uh, put my number in your phone when you let me look at your poems,” He admits sheepishly. “I hope that’s okay, but you should call me when you get home and we can set something up?”

Your cheeks were hurting but you really couldn’t stop smiling so big. “Yeah, that sounds good.”

“Cool. Well drive safe, and have a good night Y/N.” he’s starting to back up towards his front door.

“You too, Josh.” Once you’re in your car he disappears back into his house and you take a moment to yourself. You speed the whole way home, wanting to set up that date as soon as possible.