thank goodness i can draw something for myself now

“I could tease you a little…like this.”

The sauce train has reached the finale that is V Sunday on MM Valentine’s Week, the event hosted by @mysticmessimagines​! WE MADE IT! OMGOSH I can go to bed now and sleep for a week XD Thank you so much for hosting this event. Originally I was only going to participate on the first day but then I thought, ‘Why not do all the days?? It would be good practice.” And it was. I felt myself improve a lot and I can now draw faster (a week ago something like this would take me a whole day but I even managed to do 3 crack posts, one of them being the infamous V chain lolol, as well as this V drawing) so I’m pretty proud of myself ^-^

Thank you everyone for liking, sharing and commenting in the tags about my art :3 It means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have other stuff planned for drawing but first I’mma take a nice break with Baehee (on her route atm <3)

Much love, D.Pigeon


Some of my drawings from 2014, over the last year I’m amazed by how much I’ve improved, I no longer rely on my rubber as much, I’m more accurate and there’s no worn patches on the page where I’ve almost rubbed through the entire page. I’ve almost conquered my difficulty with facial features and my proportions are getting better, and I’m now attempting drawing people not face on and not just with neutral expressions, which I never though I’d be able to do and the same with hair. My shadings improved without me even realising it and I really feel like I’ve accomplished something over the last 12 months. I’m not particularly good compared to most of the amazing artists on here and some of my drawings are better than others, but I’ve proven to myself that I can get better and that’s a real achievement in my mind and partly thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and encouragement, thank you so much! and to anyone out there thinking ‘I’ll never be able to draw—’ you will, just keep going!

As you can see, I have no idea where to submit this to…..Anyway, this is a thank you present for someone I look up to. Here’s a random explanation that might be inspirational I dunno. Ahem,

Dear noveltmods,

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zeriatalia  asked:

Did art school help develop your art style or just introduce new styles or art? I've never been to an art school because I thought it would be better to develop it myself...

(first of all sorry bad English)

in class we only work  realistic style so the style I’ve been using until now is turning into something more realistic (and it looks kinda good, I must say ;u; ), thanks to drawing from real life (with models, still life, sculptures, etc..) also I’m improving in anatomy! aaand I feel I can draw more easily now c:

this is just about practicing and practicing with different styles and find your own one 

but even having a “main” art style, I can still draw in different styles (idk for example art nouveau, chibis, less realistic manga style, more stylized… etc)

of course you can become an amazing artist without going to classes, but probably it will take longer, because its difficult to see your own mistakes in your art, but wen you have an art teacher to warn you about them, its easier to correct them and learn not to make those mistakes again.

In class you don’t always draw what you want, and that’s a huge challenge, but  practicing, you can become good at "what you don’t like to draw" and it opens you more ways of styles and general knowledge about art :o

I hope this answer is not too weird ahaha sorry for writing so much and so bad 8’D