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Haikyuu!! headcanons, part 3

part 1 | part 2 | part 2.5

After I posted the second set I realized that I forgot to add this other one I had, so here’s an entire list of new ones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, and Kenma were One Direction for Halloween
  • Daichi has older sisters. Three of them, I think. Maybe an older brother too
  • Tsukishima takes selfies and then deletes them IMMEDIATELY
  • Kuroo flosses while driving/on public transport
  • you can bet there was a summer training camp reunion in Disneyland Tokyo
    • each team had to coordinate what they were wearing so they wouldn’t lose anyone
  • the Seijou third years also visit Disneyland every year
    • they were there at the same time as the training camp reunion awk
    • Oikawa insists on sitting next to Iwaizumi on every ride; Hanamaki and Matsukawa like to make that is difficult as possible for him
  • Saeko does Tanaka and Nishnoya’s hair
  • Yamaguchi grew up with pet rats
    • Tsukishima actually likes the rats a lot and he and Yamaguchi used to play with them a lot and throw them birthday parties and whatnot
  • Bokuto once told Akaashi he thought the blue part on a globe was the sky
  • Oikawa and Iwaizumi like to marathon B movies
  • Bokuto loves temporary tattoos and puts them on all of his teammates
  • Kenma is pigeon toed
  • The Karasuno second years share porn and brag about nonexistent flings they’ve had
  • Hanamaki is that person that’s ALWAYS LATE
  • Kenma became consumed with games when he was young to distract himself from his parent’s fighting. He never got out of the habit after everything was resolved and continues to use the distraction for his other anxieties
  • Yamamoto has a pregnancy fetish. He likes physically mature women and loves the limited-edition curves
  • Akaashi wears reading glasses
  • Aone has a baby sister (Natsu’s age) whom he ADORES
    • she loves her big brother too, they do everything they can together
    • she sticks up for him if people are being mean to him or afraid of him, and even though she helps soften his image, there have been a few unfortunate times where he was questioned by security guards who think he may be a threat to her
      • Baby Aone gave them a piece of her mind; she’s the real threat
  • Alisa and Lev are best friends
  • Tanaka and Noya own mankinis
  • Matsukawa has an extensive collection of sunglasses

That’s all for right now I think but LISTEN if you want to talk headcanons just shoot me a message! A ship, a character, whatever! I’m always a slut for headcanons!!!