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Astrid: Let’s start with some positive affirmations. Close your eyes and repeat after me. You are strong. You are confident.

Jack: *with his eyes closed* I am strong. I am confident.

Astrid: You are talented. You are not a fraud.

Jack: *smiling* I am talented. I am not a fraud.

Astrid: *getting a call on her Bluetooth phone* Hold on a sec.

Jack: Hold on a sec.

Astrid: *to the phone, angrily* Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huuuuh.

Jack: Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huuuuuuuuuuh.

Astrid: You can’t do anything!

Jack: I can’t do anything?

Astrid: You are useless, worthless, and horrible at what you do!

Jack: *dejected* I am useless, worthless, and horrible at what I do.

Astrid: Now go get me a new phone, or you’ll see what happens!

Jack: *stands up and runs towards the door*

Astrid: Where are you going?

Jack: To get you a new phone. I don’t wanna see what happens!


☩  James Flint | XXXI  ☩

If we were able to take Nassau, if we are able to expose the illusion that England is not inevitable, if we are able to incite a revolt that spreads across the New World then, yeah I imagine people are gonna notice.

EXO reaction to meeting a girl in a cooking lesson

This would be so cute!!! ^//^ Xo, Admin A~

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*Literally dresses for a fashion event* “I just hope we don’t bake today… I want to look good for her and flour doesn’t go with this style”


*This is him with you… in his imagination in that cooking class but he can barely speak whenever you are near so probably this will happen in another galaxy*


*Everyday he surprises with a little gift and slowly start stealing your heart* “A cute thing for a cute girl…”


*Strange and cheesy pick up lines on point!*


“You know… your cooking is amazing… can you help me? I think you would be a better teacher” *Boi knows how to flirt ;)*


“Ahhh I don’t know what to do Jun! Today she shared her flour with me… she’s moving faster than I am! I should be the one making the first moves!!” *Baby needs advice from appa* 


*Every time you catch him staring at you he just pretends something is in his eye or something* “She almost saw me! Thank god I’m not obvious xD”


*Luhan the first day* “Hi! I’m Luhan and you pretty girl should give me your number.. you know… just in case you forget the eggs and want me to bring some for you…”


*He will definitely impress you with his cooking skills xD*


“I brought the meat…ehhh never mind I’ll just.. go hide… in the freezer…” *So shy and nervous all the time that he can barely survive*


*Giving you some cute glances every now and then* “She looks so cute when she’s concentrated… I wish we could make dinner for the boys together one day… like a cute little date”


“You don’t have a cooking partner? Oh I’m alone too, come here with me. I’m Kim Junmyeon and you?” *Always so cool and smooth and baby knows exactly how to slowly get your heart he’sanangel!*

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Never lose your smile! ^-^.

Hope you like it! ;9

mikkeneko asked:

1) I love your circus headcanons. Cirque du Orlais omg. 2) !!! do you think we could get circus performer Zevran? acrobat zevran maybe???

kirkwallgirl answered you: 

Thank you! And yes! Yes yes yes yes yes - I think that as an assassin he needs to get to places and be where the people are, and disguising yourself as a performer is a great way to GET there. If you can actually perform, /all the better/ because it makes the lie easier - and what’s EVEN better? Actually getting to perform and enjoying it very much and only then buggering off to do what you were actually hired to do. So I imagine he might have actually trained in this stuff, both where he was raised (because such places probably have performer working there too?) - I’d go as far as to say that he might well know quite a few things? Maybe not on like professional level but he seems like he might have a natural knack for this sort of thing and learn quickly, even if he doesn’t have many opportunities to actually flaunt his skills. Juggling knives? Cake. Acrobatics? Yes. Pair acro? Definitely tried it, found it less sexy than it looks. But what most gets me is the idea of Zevran and /fire/. Staves, shorter contact sticks, pois, all of that, I don’t have preferences. I just. really think that that would suit him. :D it’s beautiful and dangerous and looks /really/ cool and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was his #aesthetic and if he’d love it. :DDDD

And hey! If that were the case, maybe the Antiva City Circus lie might have come easy because it’s like ‘well it worked before that one time so let’s try that again. If they don’t believe me I can SHOW them.’ xD

Aaand I’m not on mobile & can’t tag story friends!

Here’s an ask that I got from Mikke yesterday and accidentally answered privately (I swear mobile is doing its best to be difficult because I checked when I was writing the answer that it was supposed to post the answer for everyone to see, but here we are. :p I cleared up some typos and stuff from my answer now because mobile typing is what it is. xDDD

justthatstarboy  asked:

Hello! I heard you were bored so I decided to drop by and see what I could do to help! What is your favorite Langst headcanon? Your favorite happy Lance headcanon? And if you wouldn't mind, your favorite group vld headcanon? I love your blog and work btw! So lovely! I love seeing you on my dash! -Star

alsdhjbasg, im always bored at work xD thank god im home though, but still bored xD

fav langst headcanon? oh god… thats a hard one. i think its the one where he has a photographic memory and just remembers everythingggg. and he internalizes it, and keeps it from everyone else, because they just dont see how hard hes trying. (like im not villainizing the rest of the team, but everyone misses things) so like the criticisms he gets that are meant to be constructive are taken to heart and just create this feedback loop in his head and its a mess and he hates himself and he wants to go home and he cant because he has to be here for voltron and he beleives hes the most replacable. and boy that just tugs at my heartstrings and gives me the best ideas for fics. ( @isassifras im looking at you hun~)

happy lance headcanon? ho hum, idk, how bout lance being recognized for how smart he actually his, let him lead, let me be more than just comedic relief. trust me i love my boy, and he can be a great leader if given the chance.

team voltron headcanon? dont. make. pidg. cry. dont. make. shiro. sad. thats it. if either of those happen and youre in the room, its your fault. even if you didnt say anything, it was your fault. dont make space dad sad and dont make the tech gremlin cry. simple as that.

alksjdgnafhf’h -screams- thank you so much!!!! that makes me all warm and fuzzy~ (even if im shivering from my icecream xD)

Nagoya madness

-I was already sweating and sore before the band came out
-cameras everywhere so prob it’s gonna be the mode of the marrow of a bone DVD.
-I literally had one guy in front of me recording just Toshiya
-Fans went nuts
-The setlist was nuts. I’m gonna miss Marrow once is over
-Toshiya is the happiest when crowd sing along his back vocal parts
-kaoru is on fire. Wireless guitar is the best.
-they don’t play grief enough times
-Again I almost got Toshiya’s bottle but failed, but I caught my second pic xD

Thank god there are two days of recover before shinkiba.

continued from [x] with @askthelongnosedsniper​, @k-nico-robin​ & @konekonami​​

“We were talking about the Valetnine’s day and Usopp found out things and then Nami eventually got sunburned face just like yours right now and then Robin joined us and she was giggling when Nami left and now we are wondering who is going where and so on. Isn’t that cool~?” Luffy surely didn’t have any inner filter so as usual he spoke up everything that crossed his mind without further thinking. Hana indeed was put in tight spot when the others had delegated her the negoations about the things no one really wanted to exlain to their naive captain.

He suddenly turned his face to sniper’s direction who was trying to sneak further from the rest of them. “huh?even YOUR face is red Usopp?!We should ask Chopper to make stronger sun lotions for you guys!”, the rubber man was an ace to notice small unnecessary details and making a number out of them. 

“Sweater Dad Dukat” a doodle from guldukat-is-shredded

guldukat-is-shredded: I give you…Sweater dad Dukat. (I can’t believe I drew this with my own two hands. T_T )

guljerry: Oh my god XD Thank you. I don’t know what to say it’s hilarious and yet somehow… sort of good? I don’t know it’s like a mirror!verse thing where everyone lives in a subdivision of identical houses and the worst thing that ever happens is that Garak is getting wild with the lawn ornaments and upsetting the Home Owners Association. I’m dying.

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May the wingmen of the year  greatest idiots PIRATES of all time rest in peace, your memory and good work for humanity shall never be forgotten!