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This Is War [10]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’ve been very sick!! Thank you everybody who has been reading this!! The amount of feedback has been incredible and amazing and I’m so thankful!! xo

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Gil Dating Ben’s Sibling Would Include:
  • Going to save your brother after he gets captured
  • getting yourself captured
  • Ben telling you he doesn’t think the trio are that bad
  • “They kidnapped you” “yeah but…”
  • Gil flirting with you (Trying way to hard to act Confident, cause that’s how his dad was such a heartthrob)
  • You telling him to fuck off
  • Ben joking about how beast technically kidnapped Belle
  • Harry giving advice to Gil on how to actually talk to you (“Dude your dad didn’t get Belle by being cocky. I don’t care that it works for me, that’s different. Listen”)
  • Refusing to admit you think he’s cute
  • But like he’s so sweet, an angel
  • He brings you a flower and your heart melts at how nervous he is once he’s not faking narcissism
  • You know Evie said there weren’t many flowers on the Isle and what little there were, were old and wilted
  • The flower’s not perfect but its prettier than what Evie described and you know he had to have worked really hard to get it
  • That’s when you learn awkward flirting must be a genetic trait
  • “Thanks, I mean we never really keep single roses around at home because of the curse that witch put on my dad-”
  • “Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t think-”
  • “Oh no it’s fine really. Its beautiful thank you. I love it.” You d smiled at him reassuringly
  • Ben tried to tease you, but you shut him down by reminding him that he ate a love potion cookie for almost the exact same reason
  • By the time you escape the isle you’re completely smitten and absolutely devastated that you can’t take him with you
  • “You know since were bringing more Isle kids over to Auradon…”
  • “Ben, dad will never let you do that.”
  • “Yeah, but I’m king now”
  • “I love you, you’re the best brother ever”

  • The next group  is Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy
  • You and Gil are so happy to see each other again and everyone around you is making gagging noises at how you’re both like love sick puppies
  • You try to keep the relationship on the dl because of your parents
  • Well your dad really, you told your mother within a week of you officially dating
  • She loves Gil, the second she met him she basically adopted him
  • She also agreed to not tell your Dad as long as you promised to do it yourself
  • You were terrified and tried to put it off for as long as possible
  • You didn’t last long until you realized that it was hurting Gil to not be able to be open about your relationship
  • You know what the worst time to tell your parents your dating a villains kid is? Parents Day. You know when you decided to tell your parents? Parents Day.
  • You’re a bit more subtle than Ben
  • And to his credit Beast takes the news much better than you thought he would
  • But he’s still not thrilled you’re dating the son of the man who tried to kill him (and belles dad)
  • Beast is completely stunned when he actually meets Gil
  • Like the boy is so much like his father and yet so different
  • like he’s buff and he knows it but some princess try’s to flirt with him and he doesn’t even realize it
  • he’s fairly confident in your relationship but he doesn’t think you should be grateful he likes you
  • He loves cooking and will make things for you on a special occasion or if you’re having a bad day or just cause
  • the thing that made Beast accept him completely was when someone posted a video of you reading to Gil on some Auradon social media site and he saw how Gil looked at you
  • Also did I mention Ben gives Gil unsolicited relationship advice
  • He jokes about how he puts as much effort into the relationship as you and Gil do
  • The same could be said about Harry
  • He’s basically like a second boyfriend
  • That takes a bit of getting used to
  • At first you’re a bit envious of Gils loyalty to Uma, but when you get to know her you understand completely
  • “Yeah, I’d probably follow her to certain doom if she asked me to.”
  • You get so close to Uma and Harry people cant really tell who’s dating who (Polyamory Probably)
  • Him thinking he’s not good enough for you
  • “Umm why would you not think your good enough??????Im gonna go back to the isle and kick Gastons ass”
  • Alternating who is the big/little spoon
  • being in his arms is comfy but the boy is soft and should be held like the angel he is
Jilted Part Two (John Laurens x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- This fic is extremely triggering. There is major angst and anger. There’s violence. There is hella drinking. There’s sorta self harmish vibes. There’s rape. There’s cheating. There’s a thousand swear words. 

A/N- ( Boyo am I sorry)

Song- Space – Ally Hills 

Words- 6,615

What does someone do when their world crashes around them? When life throws punches at them while their hands are tied behind their back? Do they break so entirely that they don’t think they’ll ever be whole again? It’s nice to think that you could never let one person or their actions affect you so deeply, but it’s never quite that easy, is it?

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Beauty, a Beast, and a Wedding

Braun Strowman/OC: The wedding bells are ringing. It’s time. Continuation of A Beast at Christmas, A Beauty, a Beast, and a Champ, Beauty Loses, Beauty Apologizes, Beautiful Beastly Champs, and Beauty at Disney

Y’all remember that time I said I was done with this series??? I lied. I have another idea brewing after this one BC I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. Like it honestly means the world to me. So. Here it is.

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Not Fair

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Sexual teasing? Swearing?

Summary: When Buck promises your friends you’d go out with them, but you want to stay home in bed with him, you decide to tease him for the night.

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His eyes scan over your exposed thighs once more, his hands on the steering wheel, he shakes his head, sighing. Grinning to yourself you flip down the visor touching up your lipstick in the mirror, you fluff your hair, before flipping the visor up again as Buck pulls into a parking spot outside the bar. He puts the car into park before he looks you over once more before he gets out coming around to your side.

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Split Lip Pt. 2

Originally posted by buffysvmmers

A/N: Ok this ended up being significantly longer than part 1 but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Part 1

A week and a half later, you’re meandering home from an evening out with a visiting friend. You stumble down the deserted streets towards your flat and as you draw closer to your building, you notice a figure peel away from the wall by your door and walk purposely towards you.

“Y/N, where have you been?” You recognise Isaiah’s voice before the light reaches his face. You grin as he approaches.
“Isaiah! I thought you were all in London-” He stops in front of you and grabs you by the upper arm, cutting off your words and your loose smile. His firm, almost painful grip sobers you a little and it’s then that you notice the odd combination of concern and fury in his face.

“We got back a few hours ago,” he snaps impatiently. “Where the fuck have you been, Y/N? Jesus, we thought…” he trails off and his glare softens slightly, though his grip on your arm doesn’t loosen.

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{{@generatorcat Have a JayTim Drabble inspired by Hotel Beau Sejour.}}

Jason is pretty sure he is insane, but he knows at least four other people that are right there with him. At least in the sense that he can see his dead lover’s ghost watching his own body be lowered into a grave. He has to bite his lip to keep himself from smiling.

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Louise the Party Crasher

Louise the Party Crasher:  (Based off the vlog Parties and Panels Sprinkleofchatter)

Summary: Based on Louise’s vlog when she found Dan and Phil hiding in the back room of the Playlist party. What if they were doing some not so innocent things? Contains Phan, humor, pre-smut, and general adorableness.

Louise liked parties, don’t get her wrong. Sometimes, however, they just got too overwhelming. By now a lot of her friends had gotten into the punch and were all a bit crazy. Zoe clung close to Alfie as they danced rather wildly, as did many of her other friends. Louise looked around for anybody to hang out with who wasn’t too trashed.

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The Seduction of Self Destruction

So… @princesspeach212 inspired this with an ask about this topic, and I really am thankful that you gave me this prompt. This was cathartic to write, but for anyone reading this, if you are sensitive about topics relating to suicide, self injury, depression or bullying, I suggest that you proceed with caution. This is a mostly gen fic, with Sherlock being taken care of by Lestrade who is a parental figure to him and nothing more. 

Sherlock let out a ragged breath, pushing the towels tighter down on his wrist, trying to suppress the shiver of his limbs as ice flowed through his spine. Pools of red streamed down his pale arm and he winced as euphoria gave way to shame and self loathing. Too far, Sherlock told himself, I’ve let this get too far. He felt like he was sinking deeper, unconsciousness beckoning him like a siren luring a sailor to his death.

It started out as an accident during an experiment, he slipped up and his blade nicked the top of his wrist, just a small cut on his left wrist, not even an inch long. As he stared at the way the blood had beaded against the skin, he paused. His mind slowed down, no streams of thought and data, just peace and silence, a calm space away from the storm of his racing mind.

He decided to try out “experiments” with it, and every time he felt the urge to use drugs or needed something to help his mind focus, he’d sit in his tub and drag his razor over his arm. Never too deep, never too many. Not at first, anyway. It was a bad habit, he knew, but he was still in control and nobody was getting hurt. It was his body, after all. And he’d sit there, watching in horrified fascination as the flesh split easily under his blade, rivulets of blood forming.

Then once a week turned into once every few days, and the experiment turned on him as he slowly realized that he’d simply dropped one type of addiction for another. The time spent between sessions became filled with anxiety as he craved the release that came with his self destruction, and he needed more and more, deeper and deeper.


Too deep, I’ve gone too deep.

“Sherlock?” Lestrade’s voice boomed from the sitting room and Sherlock flinched, pressing the towel down harder. He felt heavy, vision turning black at the edges as if the darkness was closing in. Help me, Sherlock tried to telepathically tell Greg.

Greg was always there for Sherlock when he needed him, a constant boulder in a world that changed randomly and moved far too fast for Sherlock to keep up with it. Sherlock was young when Greg met him, just about 15, still scrawny and soft spoken.

It was in a mostly abandoned park that Greg finally found him.

Too many punches, too many kicks, the taste of blood and dirt in Sherlock’s mouth, bitter shame climbing its way up his throat. No more no more no more. The 4 teenagers- boys, 1 with a broken family because of cheating mother, 2 were middle children, 1 lived with father with criminal background- chanted freak. Over and over. “Freak, freak, freak,” they kept saying as if it were the only word they knew, the only insult they were capable of giving. Stop stop stop! Too much, too much. Pain exploded through Sherlock’s body as fists and feet pounded against his body, until a voice barked out an order and the feet slamming against him scampered away.

“You didn’t show up to the crime scene and didn’t answer any of my messages.” The voice was moving, looking around for him, walking through the rooms. Sherlock swallowed, closing his eyes, unable to fight the pull of the darkness anymore. I’m sorry, I’ve ruined everything again. His trembling slowly stopped, and he laid limp against the tub.

“What’s your name?” Greg had asked, looking at the battered boy in front of him.

“William,” replied a soft childish voice, blue eyes darting up to meet his nervously, the boy’s hands fidgeting nervously at his side. “Alright. Let’s go home then, William. Your brother is very worried about you.”

That’s how they met the first time, many years back. Sherlock was just a boy, scrawny and pale, with hair that was as unkempt as a bird’s nest. The next time they met was in a drug house, and Greg didn’t have to be a genius to know how Sherlock went from point A to point B. Yet he stayed, he helped Sherlock recover, gave him cases to keep him from drowning in the hurricane inside of him. He grew to think of Sherlock as a son, caring deeply about him.

So perhaps he can be forgiven for the long stream of curses that flew out of his mouth when he opened the door. He wasn’t ready for the sight of Sherlock unconscious, pale and ghostly against the white porcelain of the tub and covered in red. Greg knelt beside him, gently checking for a pulse and sighing in relief when he found it. “Sherlock? Come on, lad, don’t do this,” he pleaded as he fished his phone out of his pockets and called for an ambulance, hand remaining on Sherlock’s mess of curls. The woman took his address, name, and emergency before saying that help was on the way. Greg shook Sherlock, growing increasingly desperate as the seconds ticked on.

Finally, just as Greg was beginning to grow deeply concerned that he came too late, Sherlock groggily opened his eyes. “Dad?” he asked, disoriented, closing his eyes before Greg shook him again.

“No! Don’t go to sleep, kiddo. You have to stay with me right now, alright? Just stay awake, help us on the way,” Greg promised, rambling as he nervously hoped that the ambulance would just hurry up. His heart pounded in his ears like thunder and Greg tried to ignore the trembling of his hands that kept the towel pressed against Sherlock’s wrist.

“Dad” was usually Greg’s title when Sherlock was either on the brink of death, or when he was high off his ass. As much of an honor it was to be considered worth the title, it made Greg wish that it didn’t have to be like this. He wished that Sherlock could use it casually, rather than when he was struggling to breathe or sobbing as he crashed down from his high. He just wished that Sherlock could let him in again, allow Greg past his defenses that he formed because of the fact that people always did seem intent on destroying his light.

Sherlock opened his mouth, wincing as the sting of his arm grew to a steady burn. “I don’t want to die,” he said and Greg watched as tears rushed to Sherlock’s eyes, the light of the bathroom shining off of it. “I didn’t think this would happen. I don’t want to die, please, I don’t want to die.” Sherlock’s voice grew more desperate as he spoke, before he broke off as tears started to stream down his face, terrified and panicked eyes staring at Greg.

“You won’t die,” Greg assured, managing to sound more certain than he felt. “If you do, I’ll kill you. You’re not going to die, we’ll fix this. We’ll get through this like we always do, alright?” He wrapped his arms around Sherlock, helping him out of the tub and thanking every god that ever existed that Sherlock wasn’t heavier than him. “You’re going to be okay.” His voice cracked as he lowered Sherlock onto the couch in the sitting room, his entire body tense because this is too much.

Sherlock had fastened his grip on Greg’s shirt, as if he was a man on a boat and Greg was an anchor to keep him steady during a storm, his only hope of surviving . Memories of the past flashed in front of Greg’s eyes, all those times he had to sit down in a cold bath with Sherlock while he detoxed and ran a dangerous fever, all the times Greg had to visit him in rehab, all the times that Greg sat up at night watching over Sherlock in the hospital.

It was painful, but if he was able to go back in time, he’d do it all over again because Sherlock was practically a son to him, and he would never turn his back on his son.

He was all Sherlock had left.

“It’s okay, you’re okay,” Greg said, Sherlock’s arms wrapped around him, trembling against him. “It’s not even that deep, right? You’ll be okay, we’ll fix you right up and you’ll be good as new. Come on, calm down, love, it’s fine.”

Finally, after a few minutes that made Greg’s insides twist and curl and writhe from within him in terror and panic, the paramedics ran into the flat. “Sherlock Holmes?” the man asked, before Greg pointed to the bleeding man and they put him into a gurney. What happened between the flat and the ambulance was a bit of a blur, but a few hours later, Greg was sitting in a hospital room. The paramedics had asked question after question, and he’d had to repeat his answers to the doctors several times, so that they could know about the circumstances that surrounded Sherlock’s injury. He suddenly realized why some of the witnesses he interviewed were so impatient and short with him. He’d have to remember to be more patient and friendly to them, because God knows how they managed it.

Greg leaned forward in his chair, running his hands down his face, tired to the bone. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Sherlock bleeding and sobbing, still feeling Sherlock’s hands gripping his now bloodstained shirt.

It may not wash out. He’d have to either get rid of these clothes or just wear them and remember the moments as he wondered if the ambulance would come too late every time he donned these clothes. He’d remember the terrifying thought that Sherlock might actually be dying in his arms and all he could do was murmur out soothing words to comfort him.

A few minutes later and the ambulance would have had to take Sherlock into the morgue. Greg won’t ever be able to forget today, just like he hasn’t been able to forget all the other days, which he only dared to remember at midnight when the chill of the night surrounded Greg and he would wonder if Sherlock was okay that night. He sees Sherlock as that lonely boy still, with sad eyes and wearing too large clothes that were usually black and hung off his too thin frame. Sometimes he would forget that Sherlock’s a grown man who had created a legend out of himself.

“Thank you, Lestrade,” Sherlock said, picking at the blanket on his lap with dissatisfaction. “You have stellar timing, I must admit.” A beat of silence as Sherlock bit his lip, uncertain, hovering at the doorway between trust and the prison of solitude he’d created himself.

Let me in, Sherlock.

“Will you stay with me?” he finally asked, eyes wide as he looked up at the older man. His earlier aloofness crumbled, and Greg saw the vulnerable boy that hid behind the mask of coldness, the boy Greg would kill to protect. William. “Please. I’m scared,“ he admitted softly, eyes open and unguarded, young and pleading, as if he were afraid that monsters would come and drag him away if he was left alone for a single second.

I don’t know how to fix this, Greg. I don’t know how to make this better.

Greg nodded with a soft sigh. “Of course. I’ll stay as long as you need me.”

Then I’ll help you, just like all the times before.

Sherlock nodded, bit his lip, then looked away. He inhaled deeply, the fabric of the hospital gown shifting against his body for a second. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think this would spiral out of my control.”

Greg stared at him for a few seconds, eyes filled with sadness. He looked small on the hospital bed, the hospital gown too big and doing nothing to hide the collarbones that jutted out. Clearing his throat, Greg shook his head. “Don’t be sorry. There’s never any reason to be sorry, but… can I say something?” When Sherlock nodded, he continued.

“Don’t force yourself to be this cold unfeeling machine, Sherlock. You’re human, and that’s okay. You keep holding yourself to this impossible standard and refuse to ask for help when you need it, because you think you should be able to handle and control everything and that’s bullshit. You don’t have to bear this alone. You never have to go through anything alone.

How many more times-” his voice broke loudly, and Sherlock averted his eyes as Greg cleared his throat and tried to control his breathing. “How many more times do I have to tell you I’m here? Any time you need me, I’m here. It’s okay to have a relapse, it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be human, so please just… let me in. Let me help you.”

A small nod was his response, a pale hand reaching out for his own. Greg stared at their joined hands for a second before he nodded, knowing that this was the closest thing to an answer he’d get. This small action- just a touching of palms, fingers entwining- was Sherlock dropping his armor. We’re in this together.

One day at a time, they’ll get through this. They always do. Sherlock’s stronger than he’d like to believe and Greg believes wholeheartedly that they’ll be okay. It may take a while, but they’ll get there, just like all the times before.

“Tell me about the latest crime scene,” Sherlock demanded suddenly and Greg grinned. Some things will likely never change. that’s the link on AO3 if you’d like to check it out and leave a comment or whatnot. Please check it out. And @princesspeach212 would you like to be mentioned by your URL or not? Some people don’t like to be tagged or mentioned, so I wanted to ask you first before I tagged you. Thanks for giving me this idea, friendo.

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Prompt:  I love your writing and I am so happy you made this blog!! I can’t wait to read more from you and if you’re still accepting imagines, could you do one where Kirk and the reader clearly like each other but he doesn’t want a relationship since he’s seen what happens in space (and actually died) and doesn’t want to get close to someone else when something could happen to him again. You can decide how to end it (reader changes his mind/nothing happens, I mean who doesn’t love some angst?)!
Word Count: 2218…I may have gotten carried away. No ragrets
Author’s Note: Part 2!

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anonymous asked:

How about MC getting stuck in a tree! How would their partner help them (RFA and Saeran!)

this ask is so cute i audibly said “awww” when i read it


  • brave boy Yoosung wants to show off and be all heroic
  • “dont worry, MC! i’ll come up there and save you!”
  • so Yoosung climbs the tree
  • there are a couple place he almost slips/sees his life flash before his eyes but he doesnt show it
  • he just keeps assuring MC that he’ll be there soon
  • finally he reaches them
  • “Yoosung! thank you so much for coming!”
  • “you’re welcome! it was so trouble at all, really?”
  • “okay, so how are we getting down?”
  • …..
  • …………
  • man, Yoosung really did not think this through
  • he looks down
  • “um…..”
  • he looks around a little bit
  • ..ff….fuckk….
  • “get….get on my back?”
  • “you dont sound to sure about that, Yoosung”
  • that’s because he isnt
  • MC gets on his back anyway, thank god they’re relatively light
  • he’s then able to climb down the tree, MC clinging to him desperately
  • as soon as MC’s feet touch the ground they hug Yoosung
  • “Yoosung, you’re my hero!!!”
  • it felt nice to do something heroic in real life, not just in the world of LOLOL
  • even if it was a little messy


  • Zen thought it was so cute when MC got all adventurous and decided to climb a tree
  • “hows the view up there, cutie?”
  • “um….Zen…?”
  • “yea?”
  • “i think i’m stuck…”
  •  “stuck….?”
  • “yea, like, i cant get down”
  • well, this has taken a turn for the worse
  • Zen stands under the tree and holds out his arms
  • “will you let me catch you, baby? i’ll be like your knight in shining armor”
  • Zen could see MC clinging to a branch
  • “hell no! i’m not gonna just fall! are you crazy??!?”
  • alright, that one hurt a little
  • “i’m not crazy! just trust me. i promise i’ll catch you, alright?”
  • it takes a few more minutes of coaxing before MC’s willing to fall into Zen’s arms
  • they close their eyes and let go, and just as promise, Zen catches them
  • MC opens their eyes to see Zen looking at them as he holds them bridal style
  • he leans down and kisses them
  • “see? i told you i would catch you”
  • this is great and all but MC would really like to touch the ground now,


  • “MC, please dont climb that tree”
  • “i’m gonna do it”
  • “i insist that you stay put-”
  • “i’m doin it”
  • why doesn’t anyone ever listen to Jaehee? dont they know she’s always right?
  • she watches MC as they climb through the tree
  • at least they look happy…
  • and then suddenly they dont look happy at all
  • they look afraid, almost?
  • “MC? everything okay up there?”
  • “i dont….i have no idea how to get down, Jaehee”
  • good thing Jaehee isnt an “i told you so” kind of person
  • “why dont you try putting your foot there?”
  • Jaehee points to a branch
  • “no offense Jaehee but why the heck would i do that?”
  • “if you put your foot there, then you could grab onto that branch over there and get down that way”
  • “oooohhhh!”
  • MC follows Jaehee’s directions on how to get down, calmly and carefully
  • with Jaehee’s help they’re able to climb down
  • they give Jaehee a big hug
  • “thanks, Jaehee! you’re so smart!”
  • Jaehee smiles and blushes
  • “well if you were stuck in that tree, we wouldnt be able to go to lunch, right?”
  • “right!”


  • Jumin really tried to stop MC
  • if they climbed that tree something bad could happen…
  • and, just like he feared, it did
  • “Jumin, i’m not really sure if i can get down from here”
  • alright, okay he’s on it
  • “hold on, dear! i’m calling someone”
  • “who…who are you calling?”
  • Jumin puts his phone to his ear and turns around
  • “oh, just the SWAT team”
  • “Jumin, no!! hang up the phone!”
  • “but if you need help-”
  • “i dont need the SWAT team!”
  • Jumin is a little confused, but hangs up his phone
  • if MC doesnt want the SWAT team….
  • “should i call the police?”
  • “no!”
  • “fire station? they can get you out of the tree just like if you were a little kitten!”
  • “n-no Jumin! cant you just help me?”
  • oh, sure? yea he can do that i guess
  • alright…how can he do this…
  • should he climb up there and get MC himself?
  • what would the SWAT team do..?
  • Jumin decides to climb up the tree, let MC get on his back, and climb back down
  • it takes awhile because Jumin doesnt have much experience….in trees…
  • but MC is thankful and rewards him with plenty of kisses!
  • good thing he didnt call the SWAT team or MC might be kissing them


  • “Seven, can you come outside for a sec?”
  • MC called Seven from the backyard
  • “sure! whats up?”
  • he walked into the backyard and saw MC as they answered him through the phone
  • “well i came out here and saw this tree…and i just…thought it might be fun to climb…”
  • oh, this is rich
  • Seven hung up the phone and walked toward the tree
  • “what did you get stuck up there for? or are you just pine-ing for my attention?”
  • “Seven, can you not right now??”
  • “sorry, sorry. i guess i’ll just leaf you alone”
  • why, Seven, why are you like this
  • “no! please…i think i need your help”
  • “alright, just hang in there, MC! i know exactly what to do”
  • Seven runs away but MC is not really feeling very reassured…
  • he comes out a few minutes later, hiding something behind his back
  • “i know you’re probably upset about being in that tree, but lets look at the silver lining in all of this”
  • “Seven…”
  • he pulls a water gun from behind his back
  • “you cant run away”
  • MC cowers in the tree
  • “Seven! NO-”
  • but it was too late
  • Seven was drenching them in cold water
  • “thats it! i’m coming down there right now and i’m gonna kill you”
  • MC’s like alright fuck this tree it’s game on
  • they still arent really sure how to get down so they lower themselves as much as possible and jump out of the tree
  • “fuck! you’re like spiderman or some shit!”
  • MC chases him down and wraps him up in a wet hug


  • it was actually a dare
  • a dare that went wrong
  • “hah! i told you i could climb the tree!”
  • “i have to admit, i am definitely impressed”
  • he applauded MC
  • “now get down from there and i’ll buy you lunch for being so badass”
  • “i…um…”
  • “everything alright?”
  • “i’m not really sure how to get down”
  • “just…climb down. the same way you climbed up”
  • “Saeran, i cant”
  • “what are you talking about? just come down”
  • “Saeran!!”
  • “alright, alright”
  • okay, how can he help MC out here
  • he doesnt really want to climb the tree
  • i mean theres a reason he dared MC to do it and not…himself
  • “just um…put your foot on that branch and your hand on that one and then you can put your other foot there and sort of…shimey down”
  • “Saeran, what the hell are you saying?”
  • he rubs the bridge of his nose
  • “alright i’m coming to get you”
  • Saeran climbs up the tree. lets MC wrap themselves around the front of his body, and climbs back down
  • “MC? we’re on the ground now…you can let go of me”
  • “nnno!”
  • Saeran smiles, hugging MC, who’s still clinging to him like a koala
  • “alright, weirdo. just stick with me and i’ll protect you from those big, mean ‘ol trees”
  • “stop making fun of me”
  • “hey, arent i the one who just came to your rescue?”
  • Saeran acts like he’s annoyed but he doesnt mind a little adventure


kavesinisukka said:
Prompt time: I’ve been wanting Derek to come back to BH with that ridiculous 70s pornstache Hoechlin has in his new movie. And Stiles just being unable to get over it.

Okay, this is just ridiculous, I hope you enjoy it :)

“I don’t understand,” Stiles says, sitting on top of the picnic table in his backyard.  He frames out Derek’s face with his hands, squints his eyes a little, like maybe he’s imagining it. Nope, still happening. “Do you think he lost a bet with Cora?” His hair is feathering, he looks like he should be wearing tube socks and a brown leather jacket. He’s a pair of BluBlockers away from being a 70s porn star, it’s ridiculous.

“He seems more relaxed,” Scott offers with a shrug.  He’s tapping his fingers on his knees and staring at the burgers his dad’s grilling and probably only paying sixty percent attention to what Stiles is actually saying.

That Derek has shown up after nearly a year of being gone and is suddenly chewing gum. How his big shoulders hang loosely under a too-tight ringer t-shirt.  How he throws his head back when he laughs, and blushes when Stiles’s dad claps him on the shoulder, and how there’s a big hairy mustache over his upper lip and no one is mentioning it.  No one is bringing it up at all, how there’s possibly a dead animal attached to Derek’s face now; it’s big enough to be a squirrel or a small kitten or a ferret—what is happening here?

And the real tragedy of this entire situation, the thing that is hurting Stiles, deep down inside, is that whatever is going on with Derek is totally doing it for him.  Crap.

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I should’ve known (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

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Originally posted by stydia-sciles

Request: Hi, I just found your blog but your writing is really good! I was wondering if you can do one where theo and the reader are alone together (kinda like last nights episode with Theo and Lydia) and theo hurts the reader and Stiles comes to save/help her? I understand if you don’t understand. 

A/n: i understand completely what you’re suggesting! Thank you so much love. I hope you don’t mind but i made the reader a banshee. And also that the reader and Stiles are dating. And hopefully you like it x

 Remember to request something :)

 Something was wrong. Something bad was going to happened. I could feel it. I have a bad feeling about tonight, especially since it’s the full moon.

Ever since The Dread Doctors and that suspicious boy named Theo came to town, strange things started happening. There were so many Chimeras and there were teenagers being killed. You and the pack tried everything to keep The Dread Doctors to stop making more chimeras. But it’s impossible, they’re too strong. 

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anonymous asked:

Andreil 76

76: “I need you to pretend we’re dating”

Andrew didn’t like new people coming into places he felt were his, and he especially didn’t like them doing it and making eyes at things that were his. 

A group of Fox fans had followed them to Eden’s after the game, and at least one was trying to catch Neil’s eye and offer a dance, and hell was going to freeze over before Andrew let that happen. He’d spent the better part of half an hour standing between them hoping the guy would get the hint, but the idiocy he had in picking favorite teams seemed to extend to the idiocy that made him think Neil could possibly be available.

He grabbed Neil’s hand, stopping him from restacking the used shot glasses.

“We’re going to dance.”

“Really?” Neil raised an eyebrow. “You’re kidding.”

Andrew shook his head. “Come on.” He walked towards the dance floor, knowing Neil would follow.

A slow song had started, no doubt a friend of the guy interested in Neil having set that up. Andrew took Neil’s hands, putting them to his hips where he knew Neil wouldn’t move them higher or lower unless instructed to. He put his own arms around Neil’s neck lazily and they swayed to the music.

“Andrew, what are we doing?”



He glanced to the side of the floor, the fan looking angry that someone else had his dance with Neil.

“I need you to pretend we’re dating.” He realized after he said it that Neil might be offended by the way he worded that, insinuating that whatever the hell they were doing wasn’t dating, even though Andrew didn’t like to think it was anyway. But he seemed to get what he meant, because he was Neil and he always knew what Andrew meant when others wouldn’t; that they needed to look like what other people’s view of dating would be, since they would never convince anyone that Neil was taken acting as they usually did.

“Yes or no?”


Neil ducked his head and began kissing Andrew, his hands tightening on Andrew’s hips. Andrew let his right hand card through Neil’s hair, keeping a strong hold, his left hand, the one the fan could most easily see, caressing Neil’s cheek, the ridges of the scars a tactile reminder of why no one else could ever touch Neil. He couldn’t trust his safety to anyone else.

Neil’s mouth skimmed away from his, moving to his neck before moving up to his ear, biting at his lobe before moving back to his throat. Andrew let the hand in Neil’s hair move down, his arm wrapping around Neil’s shoulder, gripping his shirt. Thank god Neil knew to keep his own hands where they were because Andrew suddenly wanted to touch him everywhere, to let everyone here know that they couldn’t have him, no one else could ever have him. He belonged to Andrew, forever, because he didn’t let anyone else have what was his.

He could feel Neil smiling against his throat.

“Whoever it is, I’m guessing they get it by now.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Mmhm. Well then we should take this to a booth because my legs are still sore from the game.”

“If you insist, Abram.” He slipped his arm down to Neil’s waist, leading him past the disgruntled fan, his hand dipping into Neil’s back pocket as they made their way to one of the booths. 

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happy birthday! (dino)

type: fluff ok
a/n: ok this totally sucks pls bear with me i have school and homeworks to be done and im only one girl and yeah :~( THANKS FOR KEEPING UP WITH Y CHEESY AND SUCKS SCENARIOS U GUYS ILY

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“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!”

The second Chan opened the blindfold off of her, she’s met with the 12 boys who started singing to her. Chan is holding a cake in front of her, she turned her head and see Seungkwan smiling at her, he was the one who opened the blindfold off of her.

“Happy birthday to you!”

They clapped together, a little hat was placed on their head, the practice room was decorated. There are balloons everywhere and there’s also a balloon that says ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ with a love beside it hanging. The 12 boys finished singing and Chan stepped closer to you. The other started cheering and some even throw whistles at the two.

“Happy birthday,” he said cutely, a blush crept up his cheek. “make a wish!”

And so she did. Closing her eyes and smiled. She wished for everything. For herself to be better. For her family, her friends, and for him. She wished for all the good things to happen. And opened her eyes, to blow the candle. The cheers grew louder when it’s time for her to cut the cake.

“Can I have the first cake?”

“Yah! She’s gonna give it to Chan!”

“Please cut me a large one!”

She laughs while doing so, hearing the other boys whine about wanting the first cake or a large cake. She puts the cake on the plate, looking up to see Chan already opening his mouth as his eyes flits back and forth from her to the cake. She laughs again, and takes a spoon of cake towards his mouth.

The second she heard the 12 boys roared about how cute you guys are, the two of you started blushing, you hiding your face between your hand. “Yah! I want a slice of cake!” Mingyu whined, scooting closer to her and nudge her.

A second later Wonwoo appeared next to him, “What about me? Can I get a cake too?” She laughs and nodded, and when the two boys started cheering she mentally shakes her head, how are they older than me and Chan?

Laughs filled the practice room almost all day, and everyone just couldn’t seem to stop smiling. It was totally a happy day for everyone, especially to her. Everything that happened made her wonder how could she gets so lucky to have him? He could have anyone, but it’s her. It’s her that he chose. And she couldn’t be more grateful that he even stays in the first place.

Chan sat down next to you, looking at you then smiled. “What?”

“Nothing, it’s just, you’re beautiful.” This boy, she thought. She was sure her cheeks turned as red as a tomato as she hides them. “Yah, don’t hide your face! You’re so cute blushing!” And that only made her even more embarrassed, he laughs and pat her head a few times causing her to push his hand away playfully.

“You guys are so cute.”

Both of you looked up to see Seungcheol looking at you guys in awe. Seokmin and Soonyoung standing behind him, started joining in. “They are, hyung! Look at them, being all cute and shy.” Soonyoung sighs dreamily. “When can I find my other half?” He said in a dramatic tone, without realizing everyone in the room started laughing. It seems like they heard the conversation.

Seokmin sat down in front of both of you, “Has Chan do sweet things to you?”

She looked at him weirdly and somehow embarrassed, this is not happening. And Chan was thinking just the same, hoping his hyungs wouldn’t embarrass both of them too much. “You know like…”

“Has he ever hold your  hand?” Soonyoung joined in.

Followed by Mingyu, “Do you guys cuddle?”

“Does he give warm hugs?”

“Does he kiss your cheek?”

“Or forehead?”

“What abou – “

“Or does he kiss you on the lips?!”

“Oh yes! Does he give you good kisses? Do we need to teach him?”

All these questions are making her ears turned red, like red. Chan throw an arm around you, shooing all his hyungs away. “Hyung! Stop it, you’re making her embarrassed.” They all just laughed, keep teasing both of you somehow. Chan still trying to get them to back off and leave. And it only made them talk even more.

“Oooooh, what are you kids gonna do here?”

“No funny business, hopefully.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you guys.”

“Okay, cut it guys. Let’s just leave them.”

Chan mentally thank the leader for being the dad he is. Everyone started to leave one by one. “No fun – “ Wonwoo pulled Mingyu out of the room before he could even finish his sentence. Not like any of them wants him to.


She giggled, following him when he stood up. “Thank you for the best birthday ever.” He smiled, taking her hands in his, swinging them. “I am so lucky to have you.”

“I am the lucky one.”

“How so?”

“You make me smile everyday. Just thinking of you made me happy.”

“Cheesy.” She joked, letting go of his hands only to wrap them around his neck. He circles his arms around her waist, nervously. But, he tries really hard not to show it.

“It’s the truth.” He said, pulling her closer, and without realizing they started dancing back and forth. “I love you.” Resting his forehead against hers, closing his eyes.

“I love you too.”

He giggles, “It sounds beautiful coming out from your lips.” He leaned in, closing the gap between you two, capturing her lips in his. Just when he puts his hand on her cheek, there are people yelling outside.

“I knew it! Jihoon hyung you owe me 10 bucks!”

The Kitten and The Beast Pt 2

Warning: cussing, fluff

Pairing: Hank McCoy/Beast x reader, Charles Xavier, Alex, Sean

A/n: I’m trying to keep Hank right. Please tell me how you feel about this. I would greatly appreciate it. Well so here’s part 2, hope you like it. If anything seems out of place with a character or someone who should be there, just remember this is a fan fic so just go with it for the sake of the story

Tag list: @nea90sweetie @a-lonely-string @fandoms-writer @mysaria @captainamericasbeautifulbutt


               You had been at the mansion for a week. The week went by fairly quickly. When Hank showed you the lab, you got excited. You honestly couldn’t contain your excitement, your spots and tail became visible and the sight of you being that happy put a large smile on Hanks face. You saw that he was working on a few things and noticed that you were able to help him solve a bunch of the equations he had up on the white boards. You had your way around the lab, seeing everything and you were glad that the lab was the last stop on the tour. Over the week you kept asking Hank what he was working on, you loved seeing get excited about explaining what he was doing. You saw the sparkle in his eyes whenever you asked about something or even the sparkle when you replied in just the same manner which caused Charles to laugh a bit.

               Hank told you that the students were on a break which helped you get settled into your new life living in the mansion with a few dozen people, most were students. You kept asking him questions about things and he answered honestly. You felt a ping in your heart to hear about what happened in Cuba and what happened with some woman named Raven. You never would have gone with this man Hank called Erik, your parents would be rolling in their graves if you did anything like what he did. You gave Hank a sympathetic smile before telling him you were going to the kitchen to make something to eat. You walked down the hall towards the kitchen, stopping just shy of the door when you heard people talking. It was two men, they must be the other guys that Hank told you about. Alex and Sean? You didn’t quite remember their names but you remembered their abilities.

               “I heard there’s a new chick living here now. Charles told me that she can control her mutation better than anyone he knows.”

               “That’s what he told me. I thought I saw her the other day when I went into the lab.” You remembered someone walking into the lab but didn’t look up or even care when you were working on a formula for one of the plans Hank had. “From what I saw, she’s gorgeous.”

               “Really? Smart and beautiful, that’s a great combination. What do you think she was doing in the lab?”

               “I don’t know Alex, Charles said that she was just as smart as Hank so I kind of figured she’s helping him with science stuff.” Science stuff really? You weren’t shocked at all by what they said. You were used to guys talking about you like this but you still felt uncomfortable.

               “You mean Beasty gets to see her all the time when we can’t even look at her for more than a few seconds, that’s not fair. She’ll be more happy with someone like me, at least I’m normal looking” That was when you got pissed. You considered Hank someone special, you liked him more than a friend but you didn’t know if he felt the same way. You felt your nail grow and your tail became uncomfortable under your lab coat that Hank oh so kindly gave to you to wear. You stepped into the kitchen which caused the men to stop talking.

               You made your way to the fridge, pulling things to make a couple sandwiches for you and Hank. You didn’t even look at ether man as you proceeded to make you food. You sensed one of them making their way over to you to stand close to you.

               “Wow, Sean was right you are gorgeous.” The man that you could now identify as Alex moved closer to you.

               “Thank you.” You smiled at him, hiding how mad you were. Neither man noticed your claws were out which didn’t really surprise you. Alex moved even closer to you, making you uncomfortable in the process. You tried to continue to make your food.

               “What’s your mutation, sweetheart?” Alex tried to lean in close but you ducked your head and moved away from him. You kept moving around the kitchen trying to make food but Alex kept trying to talk to you. “Come on sweetheart, all I asked was what your mutation is?”

               “The professor must have told you what my mutation is.” You smirked at your response. You sensed that Hank was getting close to the kitchen. “Besides, Alex was it?” You saw Hank out of the corner of your eye, knowing that the other two men have yet to notice him. “I lived in a cabin in the woods for several years, I know when I need to reveal myself and when not to.”

               “Oh come on, I bet you’re even more beautiful…” You couldn’t listen to him anymore. Your hand shot up to his neck, lifting him up off the ground a little as he was pinned up against the fridge. Your spots covered your face and hands. Your tail slipped out from under your lab coat. Your face slightly shifted, your nose flattened and your whiskers became prominent while your fangs came out. You were lucky that your hair covered your ears.

               “Don’t you dare finish that sentence, Summers. I’ve heard of the shit that you did and said to Hank. I’ve met some rude and quite mean people in my life, none of them have called me a friend and done what you did.” You held him tightly, Hank walked over and placed his hand on your shoulder. You looked up at him, his eyes conveyed a few emotions but none were clear to read.

               “Let him go, (Y/n). I’ll grab the food and you can grab something to drink, we’ll go back to the lab and you can relax.” You nodded as you let Alex go. You walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a couple packs of tea along with a couple mugs.

               “If I ever hear you speak poorly of Hank, that face of yours won’t be the same.” You glared at him as you walked past him, following Hank back to the lab. Once you left the kitchen, you felt better and more calm. You made your way down the hall and you could hear Sean say something.

               “It looks like this kitten has some serious claws on her.” He laughed at Alex as you continued down the hall. You heard the faint sounds of wheels turning and then you saw Charles make his way towards you.

               “(Y/n), you shouldn’t let your anger get the best of you like that.” You looked down at the ground as Charles stopped in front of you.

               “I know Charles, I can’t stand guys like that.”

               “I understand.”

               “No Charles, I don’t think you do. I was almost cornered in the kitchen just moments ago, no man should ever do that to someone. Especially when they clearly know what my mutation is.” Charles looked defensive as you told him what just happened with Alex. “I will defend anyone I’m close to, that especially means Hank.” You looked up at Hank, blushing softly as you saw him stop at your words. You almost dropped the mugs in your hands, you tried your hardest to keep your nerves around Hank under control but it didn’t really work seeing as your tail was always out.

               Charles nodded his head. “I’ll let you get back to what you were doing, (Y/n). If anyone gives you any problems, come find me.”

               “Thank you Charles, you are truly a caring man. Which is why I love you as a brother that I never had.” You leaned down slightly and gave him a hug before running off to catch up with Hank, almost tripping as you got closer.


*Hank’s POV*


               God, she was beautiful. Whenever we made eye contact, I tended to blush slightly and only hoped she didn’t see it. I have caught myself staring at her while she was working on a blue print or a formula that she was helping me with. The way her eyes sparkle when she completes something was absolutely amazing. I remember her saying that her abilities tend to be greatly affected by her emotions, which is why I think her tail is always visible. That or she is comfortable here with me to allow it to be out like it has. That’s it, she must be comfortable around me but if she was comfortable around me then why would she blush whenever we make eye contact.

               She just nearly took off Alex’s head and threatened him because of me, why did she do that. Why would she defend me like that? She was amazing, beautiful, and deserves more than me. I haven’t shown her what I truly look like because of the serum that I take.

               “Shit.” I come back to reality, seeing (Y/n) almost trip and almost dropping the mugs in her hands. I set the food down on the closest table to me and help her with the mugs as she regains her balance. God, she is just too beautiful for me.

               “Are, are you okay?”

               “Ye, yeah I think so. Is there a lip in the floor or something?” She looked back and from what I saw, there was nothing there.

               “That’s good. Don’t need you getting hurt.” I could feel my face get warm as her (e/c) eyes looked into mine. We stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like forever until I pulled myself together. “How, how about that tea?” I saw her frown for a moment then smile, a somewhat sad smile. Taking the mugs from her and started to heat up water for the tea.

               “Yeah, that would be nice.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw her jump onto the table, her legs swayed back and forth as she sat there. She looked extremely beautiful today with her high waist skirt that went down to just above her knees and her white silk button up top just made her look even more beautiful.

               “What was that?” I looked up at her from the mugs.

               “I said I was thinking about going for a run later, I was wondering if you wanted to, um, join me.” She bit her lip slightly. “I, uh, don’t have to shift completely and it would, um, get you out of the lab for a while. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Her voice spend up towards the end her sentence. I couldn’t help but smile at the offer.

               “I, um,” Just do it, both of you like each other and you both think loudly of each other. Charles said in my mind. I shook my head slightly. “I would, uh, I would love to (Y/n).” My face was probably almost tomato red by now.

               She hoped down off the table, without a single sound and walked over to me. She stood up on her toes and placed a kiss on my cheek, which caused me to go redder. “You truly are an amazing man Hank.” She turned and grabbed one of the mugs of hot water, placing a tea bag in it then turned to walk away. She stopped at the door of the lab and turned to look at me. “You don’t have to hide yourself from me, Hank. I couldn’t think different of you if I tried.” She smiled at me then walked out. Leaving me standing here thinking about what just happened. Did she just admitted she thinks of me?


*Normal POV*


               You walked up to your room with a huge smile on your face and a warm cup of tea in hand with a full belly. As you walked into your room you sent you mug down on your dresser and decided to change into your running clothes. A deep blue tank top and a pair of shorts with a hole cut in them so your tail could swing freely. You couldn’t believe that you just asked Hank to go running with you. Your smile could fade even if the world ended.

               You made your way down to the back door like you did the first night you arrived at the mansion but this time, you would have company while running. You walked past Charles’ office and you could see him smile as you did so. Your tail swung freely behind you, you are slowly getting more comfortable with it being out now. Especial since it seems to be out while you’re in the lab with Hank. You bit your lip as you thought of him, he was honestly the most amazing, kind, and the smartest guy you have ever met, besides Charles but he was more like a brother than anything else.

               You stepped outside and felt the cool air of the night hit your skin, sending goose bumps over your skin. You shifted slightly, causing you to look almost like a werewolf so to speak. You heard the back door open and close behind you causing you to turn around quickly out of reflex. You smiled as you saw Hank walk outside. He was wearing an oversized sweater and sweatpants. You looked closer at him, his skin wasn’t like it was only a mere thirty minutes ago, it was blue and he was covered in blue fur. He looked almost pained as he walked out. You stepped closer to him, placing your hand on his cheek.

               “Hank, you look absolutely handsome like this. Not that you’re not the other way.” You felt yourself get red. You looked at him, taking in his blue beastly form. “I knew there was something different about you when you and Charles showed up at my cabin last week.” Seeing him like this made your heart beat quickly and you almost said screw the run but you didn’t want to give into your animal instincts and scare him off.

               “You, you did?” He looked stunned and almost confused.

               “Yeah, it’s part of your scent. It’s all part of my mutation, I can sense a mutant from like three miles away all thanks to this.” You pointed to your nose. You breathed in deep and you could smell something that hasn’t been dominate before. “Now how about that run, yeah?” You turned at took off on a laugh.

Not Sick: Chapter 2

“I have to protect Riley,”
“You’re so busy protecting her, who’s going to protect you?”

In which Maya is sick, but still a part of the Riley Protection Squad. 
*AU: Set in the future. Lucas, Maya, Farkle, Riley, and Zay are all in college.
***Contains Lucaya, Friendship!Zarkle (that’s their ship name, right?), Jealous!Farkle, Riley is only mentioned here. 

Tick tock. Tick tock. Sniff sniff. Thud. Thud. Tick—Sniff—Tock.

Lucas stared down at his lap, twirling a pen between the fingers of his hands. In his lap he had both an anthropology text book and a notebook, various highlighted text and notes scribbled on blue printed lines. He and his little blonde study buddy Maya, who was stationed laying on her bed, stomach down and legs crossed in the air behind her, had an anthropology mid term coming up and although he had paid attention in class he wasn’t confident that he would get a passing grade.

The same was not to say for Maya Hart. She was currently balancing a purple pen on her upper lip, forcing her eyes to cross. She, too, had her anthropology book and a notebook open. Contrary to Lucas’ abundance of notes, there were barely three lines written out with lots and lots of highlights in her text.

“Uh. Maya, why do you just highlight nearly everything in the book?” Lucas shifted on his spot on the floor, facing Maya’s bed. This is where she lost her concentration and the pen fell from between her upper lip and nose. It hit the near empty notebook with a small thud.

Zay, who had visited their college campus for the weekend as he often did, peered over to Maya’s text book. “Oh. Luke, the more you highlight, the more it looks like you’ve read. When really, you haven’t read past the first line of every chapter!” As if proud of himself and his two cents he had to offer, Zay sat back on a green beanbag chair across from the two.

“Gotta point, Babineux.” Maya extended out a hand, pointing her pen at Zay, “And that’s how it started,” You could almost hear Lucas sigh in relief, “but then I started to actually read this hunk of buh-log-na and I started to highlight everything I didn’t understand.” The blonde girl moved on her bed to sit up and lift her textbook only to drop it back down on her bed for dramatic effect. “And I don’t understand any of it!”

As if on cue, a bowl-cut looking fellow opened the door to her dorm room with a huge grin on his face. “And that’s why I’m here! And you know it’s pronounced Buh-loh-nee, not Buh-log-nuh, right Maya?”

“Oh, Farkle, thank God.” Both Lucas and Maya spoke with relief.

“Yeah yeah, tell me how I’m your almighty Ruler and Savior of your world.” Farkle sat at the desk chair and let his backpack slip off onto the ground. He opened it and tossed Maya a box of tissues. “For you, M’lady. As you requested.”

Maya caught the blue box and tore it open, immediately blowing her nose.

“Eugh,” Zay spewed out in disgust. “Come on. I visit to spend some time with some of my favorite people and you guys have to study? And you’re sick?!”

While blowing her nose, Maya was able to get out an, “Am not!” Shortly after she tossed the two used tissues into the garbage bin. 

“Are too!” Zay leaned back in the bean bag chair and grabbed the football he had brought over and began tossing it in the air and catching it repeatedly just as he had done when they were studying quietly.

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Arrow/AU Fic: Where You Lead

Summary: Oliver Queen’s careful routine at the diner he owns is disrupted by Stars Hollow’s newest residents. [Gilmore Girls AU]

[Grumpy diner owner and chatty coffee lover? Sounds like an Olicity AU to me!! But then again, what doesn’t? :D Probably my last AU one-shot for a while, but I always think that and then here we are.]


Oliver Queen likes routine.

He likes the ring of the alarm clock in the dark of early morning, at the same time every day. He likes the sounds of Roy firing up the fryer as he trudges downstairs. He likes knowing when to wake Thea up and have her out at the counter before Babette and Miss Patty arrive, since they always grab his arms and giggle—and he’s pretty sure Babette once tried to lift his shirt when his back was turned. He likes knowing when John Diggle will sit at the counter for his eggs, bacon and coffee each morning, as they talk about baseball scores instead of whatever nonsense Taylor is shouting at him.

He even likes that all his customers are regulars from Stars Hollow, even if it keeps his budget tight every month, because he likes the familiarity—the often ridiculous familiarity.

Ever since he got back from the war, he likes the routine.

But the tiny blonde woman with glasses and the little girl she hauls in behind her are anything but routine.

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The Perfect Christmas | Dean Winchester & Reader.

Word Count // 2300.
Warnings // language(?), mild sexual scene at the end.
Reader Gender // female.
Pairings // reader & dean.
Author’s Note // Christmas themed imagines are amazing

Summary // christmas had never been so relaxing for the winchesters.
Y/N set the table with plates of breakfast for herself and the boys—who were still fast asleep like little toddlers. She’d made them pancakes, bacon, and even a couple cinnamon rolls. She gave Dean more than Sam or herself, just because that man had an appetite like a friggin’ bear. He ate like ten times his weight a week. It was crazy.
She set out glasses of orange juice for all three of them and then went to wake the boys up. Neither of them were happy about it or the fact that it was Christmas, but she bribed them out with the promise of warm food.

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Jack Gilinsky looks around the crowded airport, keeping his eyes open and examining the people around him. He sees the faces of fans and security guards and complete strangers minding their own business. Everyone is so oblivious to what is going on. That’s exactly what he needs right now.

“Hey, Jew Nose.” Jack rolls his dark brown eyes and rubs his ear where his earwig is hidden. “Can you hear me?”

“Yeah, Nate,” the teenager replies sarcastically. “I hear you loud and clear.”

“Good. Blondie, can you hear?”

“Got you in my ear, Skate,” Johnson replies.

“Alright, we’re set. Do either of you have an eye on our suspect?”

“Negative. He’s keeping himself hidden well. He’s smarter than we give him credit for.”

“I don’t see him either,” Gilinsky mumbles while continuing to look around.

“Not smart enough. He’ll slip up,” Nate promises.

“I hope you’re right, man,” Johnson says. “I don’t really need someone figuring out my dirty little secret.”

“No one’s gonna find out. Besides, after this, you never have to do another mission again for the FBI.”

“Thank God,” Gilinsky mumbles. “I’ve done my time. I’m ready to retire.”

“You will. Don’t worry. Now keep an eye out. We can’t let him get away this time.” Both Johnson and Gilinsky continue to walk around, occasionally taking pictures with fans, still keeping an eye out for the Man in White, a top-notch old KGB assassin they have been trying to hunt down for over a year. The teenage secret spies Jack and Jack have been on the hunt for this assassin and they’re the closest that has ever gotten to this son of a bitch.

And they’re not going to let him run this time.

((so i might be doing a secret spy story because i thought it would be cool. this is a sneak peek of it. would y'all want to read it?))