thank god this uploaded

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finally, the gag reel in hd


Soooo, it was international Pocky/ Pepero Day on 11/11 but of course, being the task-oriented person that I am, I totally missed the date to upload this by 3 days. :)

Also, thank the gods that I didn’t go ahead with my initial plan to major in interior design. Look at that chair. Ikea would hunt me down for that monstrosity lolol.


Getting to Know NCT: Shows and More!


Okay so this is not smut I know. 
But someone requested this and I can´t just let a poor soul wander around N City all lost and confused. 

Anon requested: Hello so this is random but I’m slowly getting into the nct fandom and was wondering if you could recommend any shows/interviews they’ve done id like to get to know the members better❤️ thanks! have a nice day :’)

???Author???: karma and yu

???A/n???: I always want to introduce new people to NCT so this was great!!! thank you so much!! Please, anyone, tell me if there is a mistake or if I need to add something. We really hope this helps you out! Also, we love random asks and stuff like that please dont be afraid to send things non smut related we like to engage with our followers!! 

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His name is Squishy he’s a squirrel blob and I had to do each pose independently so!! here you go!!


Facebook livestream and Instagram livestream videos - 30-06-2017