thank god this show has you

@bwallace808 - I woke up to this message from Alex. This man has the biggest heart. Definitely doesn’t get enough credit for all that he does. On and off the job, he is a stand up guy and a selfless person. He has made a lot of sacrifices for this show to go on, not only for the fans but the crew. I’ve made a living on this show for 7 years now and I feel blessed. Thank you cast, crew, and cbs for making an incredible product. Thank you to all the VIEWERS and FANS that keep our show alive! Most of all…Thank you God.🙏🏼☝🏽#hawaiifive0 #h50 #season8 #griplife -

About Yuri!!! on Ice ep 12

Before I start I have to say I cried because of this episode. Please do note that I’m not an emotional type of a person, I rarely cry. But I did. This just shows how precious the last episode is. Therefore, I’m not going to choose just some scenes like the previous rants. I will talk about AS MUCH SCENES AS I CAN because I have class after this.

First, this scene hit me. We all know that Victor smiles a lot, no? He looks happy most of the time so a scene where such a bright character has tears in his eyes…. just like someone punch me in the gut as I see it. Our living legend cried. Him getting mad? God I love how this show can properly portray human’s complex emotion.

YES FOR LETTING SOMEONE WHO’S NOT A SEIYUU INTO THIS SHOW. It adds the feel, that we’re actually invited to Spain in this show. Thank you Stéphane Lambiel for being a YOI family member ///v///

Then this scene also happened. I fucking feel for JJ. Like seriously. I was once a bowling player in the past and I fucked up my first competition. Pretty badly. So bad that it was like a beginner who hadn’t really played before and just suddenly showed up in a competition. I might not be a good player, but my scores in practices were fine. I really, really hated myself that time lol. That’s why I’m so glad JJ could pick himself up and finished his FS JJ style *CLAPS FOR JJ*

Yes, Seung Gil smiled for JJ I can’t even explain it well but his smile is so precious even more when he doesn’t do that often ///v///

Then. *clears throat* YOU CAN’T JUST NOT SMILING LOOKING AT PHICHIT LIKE SERIOUSLY. HE’S SO PRECIOUS I ALWAYS SMILE SEEING HIM///// And look at that dream of his OH MY GOD IS HE AN ANGEL????? Where’s my Phichit!!! on Ice I need it now

And this right here was making me cry again. THIS SHOW JUST PLAYED WITH MY EMOTION GOD–

This. Look at how they shook hands and then Yuuri letting go first leaving Victor’s hanging as if not wanting to let go. I sobbed.

Okay I admit I was too entranced by Yuuri’s performance, but this one hit me again. LET THIS HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP SINK INTO YOU GUYS. He doesn’t want to keep Victor to his side only. He also thinks of Victor, what is good for him and act to it. Though, if I can say something, it’s always good for you to think of your partner’s well-being, but the decision to act upon it is your partner’s. Respect their choices as well, okay? Let the both of you talk it out with cool head, I’m sure you’re going to be fine/// this psych student can’t stop herself to preach on this I’m so sorry Continue onto the next one!

At this point I cried. Congratulations Yuuri you’ve succeeded in making your point why you decided to retire across Victor. You light up Victor’s competitive side *cries again* Oh my God this is so beautiful I can’t thank Kubo-Sensei enough (;-;)

THEN IT’S THIS HOT STUFF’S TURN. Look at his face when Victor and Yuuri cheered for him. That’s just so cute OMG;;; Also,


OTABEK’S TURN!! At first I was like “Whoa he picked that piece?” when I heard the music playing. And the costume looks so good on him I LOVE IT. I was so entranced by the performance there was a time when I thought “If Otabek wins the gold medal I won’t be surprised, he’s so good;;”. He’s just so manly and solid I fall for him and I’m a fan of the piece he picked. But then…

The narration is Otabek’s but the scene was showing Yuri instead. I thought “…Oh no, it’s like he’s giving a place for Yuri to shine…” No, I’m not saying Yuri win because of Otabek giving him a slack. Yuri is capable, strong enough to win with his own skill to count on. It was just a hunch of mine, saying that Otabek isn’t going to win a medal and Yuri is going to get the gold medal.

Lastly, it’s Yuri’s turn. I’m so happy to see Yuri’s point of view and the flash back. Here we can see him getting his interest piqued by Yuuri. He didn’t suddenly mock Yuuri, instead he saw him as another competitor who could do better. For me, he’s not a childish brat who can only diss people out, he thinks of their capabilities too and that’s a good point of him.

Since he saw Yuuri as fellow competitor, he wants him to keep skating. This episode isn’t just about Yuuri making his point across to Victor through his skating, Yuri is also doing just that to Yuuri. 

So turns out I guessed right. Yuri took the gold medal with Yuuri slightly behind. And then…

OH MY GOD I CRIED. YUURI WANTED VICTOR TO STAY WITH HIM IN COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING. Victor wanted to be with Yuuri. Yuuri wanted Victor to return to be a competitive skater that he is. Accomodate both and you got this. KUBO-SENSEI THANK YOU/////

So yeah I’m already happy with how the things are. I’m pleased to see this show. I thought it was just like that, but–

There’s Yuuri. With Victor’s free program. And I noticed how his costume was similar to Victor’s, only with different color. I kept watching and watching, entranced more and more to the performance. Both the choreograph and piece were so good I can watch it all day. 



I hope we can see more of your works, Sensei.

See you NEXT LEVEL!!

Dating Sherlock Would Involve

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A/N: God, sorry this has taken me years to post. Trying this out so send me an ask if you enjoy/ would like to request a would involve (or anything else)… Thanks!!

  • Messing up already messy hair.
  • Walking around 221B imitating him while wearing his coat and a deerstalker.
  • Sherlock looking like a murder is going to commence whenever you wear his coat.
  • Drinking approximately six gallons of tea every day.
  •  Kissing in the rain.
  • Sherlock dragging you around London by your hand and showing you all the locations of his favourite crimes.
  • Sleeping in until twelve and groaning when the other one suggests getting up.
  • Only getting up because Mrs Hudson stands outside the flat and bangs a wooden spoon again a pan.
  • Getting mad whenever someone calls Sherlock a freak or asks why you’re with him.
  • Sleeping on the sofa with the fire burning.
  • Helping hide his cigarettes.
  • Being one of the few people who can occasionally out smart Sherlock Holmes (even if it is just on the solar system).
  • Sudden outbursts of laughter for no apparent reason, leaving everyone around you confused.
  • Intense staring contests.
  • Him writing you music and playing it to you. 
  • Not having any milk in the fridge for months because you both refuse to get it.
  • Experiments which usually end up with some sort of damage to the kitchen. 
  • Soft kisses :3 
  • Worrying about each other. Constantly. 
  • Being the only one that can cheer him up when there aren’t any cases. 
  • Befriending Mycroft which Sherlock hates. 
  • Adopting a bunch of cats.
  • Threatening to cut off his hair when he teases you.
BTS as things my father has said:
  • Namjoon: this may be the third day in a row we've gotten chilli's for dinner but i don't hear any of you complaining
  • Seokjin: *someone calls his daughter pretty* thanks. oh you meant her?
  • Hoseok: *laughing hysterically at viral cat videos from 2010*
  • Yoongi: *teaches own children how to illegally download music*
  • Taehyung: guys. oh my god. there's a frog in the garage.
  • Jimin: do not make me dance mediocre ballet in the middle of this JC Penney i WILL do it
  • Jungkook: *almost bursts a blood vessel trying to carry 12 bags of groceries in one trip*

Rogue One is not some kind of melodrama.

1. No love lines throughout the movie. We saw solid relationship between to male Asian guys and the beginning of something between main characters, also a daughter&father relationship, but I’m kinda love that there wasn’t any kisses or anything like that. The movie wasn’t about it.

2. The ending where everyone died.
This movie has guts. I know there was another ending where Cassian and Jyn survived, but it wasn’t used and thank God. The fact that EVERYONE died was soooo good for the show. And not soooo good for my heart.

That sounds awful but that was one of the best movies in the hole franchise.

Kate McKinnon impersonated Ellen DeGeneres and Hillary Clinton to their faces

“Thank you so much for spending your life fighting for the middle class, and for women, and for kids. I’ve also spent my life fighting for kids, but I am talking about baby goats.”

“Every day we face hard choices like, which statement blazer to wear. When I’m president I’ll make sure that every American has a fair shot to live up to his or her God given potential to watch you dance!”

Full episode airs Wednesday! (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Guys I am literally so shook…I’m being dead serious right now if you are A Gay™ watch yuri on ice…it’s canon not queerbaiting and not fanservice…literally all it focuses on is their relationship and it’s so healthy there’s so much consent and communication and respect please god if you’re a Gay™ watch this show you will not regret it it’s writing is so good the animation is so good the intro is so good the gays are so good everyone is gay and it’s canon…this has been approved by the The Gays…this is the gay seal of approval it’s safe to watch™ this show no longer belongs to straight anime fan girls it has been hijacked by the Gays and now belongs to us thank you
10 Things I Learned from My Conversation with Ina Garten
The Food Network star dished on all her favorite topics for her Cooking for Jeffrey book tour.

She has some very cool celebrity friends.

On Taylor Swift: “Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift? She showed up for a photo shoot at the barn and we were all just like ‘Oh my God.’ Before the shoot my publicist asked her people, ‘What does Taylor like to make?’ and they said ‘roast beef, date nut bread and mustard-roasted fish.’ And my publicist said ‘That sounds like an 82-year-old.’ We ended up making pavlova with meringue, whipped cream and berries. It just reminded me of Taylor because it was so gorgeous. And we made the mustard-roasted fish. It was so much fun. She sent everyone on staff gifts afterwards. The thing about Taylor is she runs her own business and she makes all of her own decisions; she is so smart and so deliberate, she really cares about how people respond to her message. She’s beyond authentic.”


Why you should check out Yuri on Ice if you haven’t already:
  • An overarching theme of never giving up and working towards betterment of self/achievement of one’s dreams, no matter the odds
  • The main character has severe anxiety and slowly learns to overcome it – none of that “I’m cured thanks to my New-Found Self Confidence and my anxiety is Gone Forever!” bullshit, it’s still there, but it gradually starts controlling him less and less
  • The skating animation is gorgeous and extremely accurate to actual figure skating
  • A racially diverse cast hailing from pretty much all parts of the world (also, the American character is Mexican-American, rather than a blond-haired blue-eyed caucasian boy)
  • An interracial homosexual couple portrayed in a healthy, normalized, non-fetishisized light you guys how often does this happen in mainstream media
  • The soundtrack covers everything from classical to jazz to rap to electronic
  • Powerful drama with enough epic humor to give the show an overall light feeling
  • No one dies and everyone earns their happy endings

I’m not a huge huge fan of anime, so perhaps this is personal bias. But this show has left me with so many warm fuzzies and positive feelings and that’s something I think everyone needs.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.. My year has been the hardest yet most rewarding one yet. I’ve finally fought the fight of not ‘being enough’. I have only wanted to reflect the love you guys have given me for years and show how important it is to take care of YOU. By grace through faith. Kindness always wins. I love you guys. God bless.
—  Selena Gomez in her 2016 Thanksgiving Day instagram post

John is trying to learn how to style little Rosie’s blonde head of curls, but he has NO IDEA where to even start. Very gently Sherlock suggests that he may be able to assist since he has some experience with such things. The next thing John knows Sherlock has made Rosie’s (and his) day. He shows John how to gently run a wide tooth comb and a little leave in conditioner through her hair and how to dry it by squeezing the hair gently with an old cotton t-shirt (“Never a towel John! My God the fibers alone!”).

After her hair is set Sherlock pins a little blue ribbon to it, saying it matches her eyes. John’s heart swells when Rosie hugs Sherlock quickly around the neck as tight as she can and whispers “Thank you Sherlock” then runs away to go ask Mrs. Hudson downstairs for some treats and to show off her pretty new hair style. As soon as she’s gone John clears his throat and smiles at Sherlock. In that moment he realizes just how much he truly loves this man who continues to amaze him, everyday, even in the most mundane ways.

Imagine: Sherlock Makes an Interesting Deduction about You

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(Quick note:  So, I’ve written a few Sherlock stories already, but have been extremely hesitant to post them since I kind of have a problem with promoting romance with drug addicts since it’s such a serious thing.  There are a few things about Sherlock’s character that I don’t appreciate on the show, including his drug addiction and the not-so-nice things he has said about God and people who believe in God.  So let me please just put a disclaimer that I do not in any way support those things and won’t include them in my imagines.  I hope that won’t make you enjoy this story any less.  Thank you!) Also, gif is not mine! Credit to original owner!

“You should know,” he began, taking a few steps closer.  “I normally do not give in to such impulses.”  He took another step.  His warmth was just out of reach, and it was driving you mad.  Standing there on the steps of flat 221B after a long and hard case, you became more aware of the bitter cold surrounding you.  You longed to close the distance.

   Common sense told you that wasn’t a good idea.  Sherlock was not one for affection.  Any female that tried to get close to him had been rejected, and you refused to be another one of those girls.  Despite the reality, you ached to be near him.  His focused gaze captured you like a net would catch a bird.  Physical contact had been very little, but whenever you did feel his touch, even through one of his gloves, it filled you with a radiating heat that sometimes made you uncomfortable. 

    “What do you mean?”  Despite the horrible battle taking place in your mind, you managed to distract yourself a little by engaging him in conversation.  Perhaps his blunt words would snap you out of this almost dazed state.

   He let out a quiet sigh of what seemed like exasperation, rolling his eyes.  It was as if explaining his vague words was such a chore.  Typical Sherlock.  “The impulse, of which I speak, is to give in to sentiment.”

   Suddenly, you he lifted a gloved hand towards your face to brush a few strands of hair from your eyes. Your breath caught in your throat at the simple gesture, and it was suddenly hard to meet Sherlock’s gaze.  The warmth left your face as he hesitated, his hand hovering inches from your skin. 

   “It seems that the gesture is making you uneasy,” he concluded.  Then, the corner of his mouth lifted in a half-smile as he continued to observe your reaction.  “But apparently it’s not unwelcome.”

    At this point, you couldn’t resist any longer.  You leaned forward to wrap yours arms around him as your eyes shut.  For a moment, you were scared as to how he would react. 

     Was he just playing with you?  Was this some sort of scheme?  Some strange plan of his to further a case?

   Your doubts were cast aside as you opened your eyes to meet his.  His brows were raised slightly, and the lines in his face had softened as did his expression.

   What uncertainty you had left was quickly dismissed as he leaned in.  Something in you sparked as his face neared yours… But no contact came.

   “__________,” he said abruptly.


   “__________.”  This time, his voice sounded distant and firm.  Almost irritated.

   At that moment, you felt yourself pulled abruptly back to consciousness.  You groaned in frustration at the sudden awakening, but also partially from the fact that your dream hadn’t been real.

   “Take it easy on her.”  You recognized the gentle voice of your friend John as he spoke to who you realized was Sherlock.  “It’s been a rough case.  She barely got any sleep these past few days.”

   “Yes, well, she might as well be awake for the final moments,” Sherlock retorted.

   “Wait, what?”  You yawned, sitting up on the couch.  “What happened?”  You held back a painful groan at the aching in your muscles from sleeping in such a cramped space.

   “He solved the case,” John informed you, setting down a tray.  “Tea?”

   “Of course he did.  And yes, please.”

   You risked a glance at Sherlock who was texting away on a cell phone, probably giving Scotland Yard the necessary details.  Memories from your dream came flooding back, and you blushed in embarrassment. 

   “Are you alright, ________?” John asked, his eyes wandering your face with concern.

   “Yeah, I’m fine,” you mumbled.  “Just tired.”

   Sherlock spared a glance from the phone momentarily.  “It appears that a dream has her startled.”

   Your face went from bright red to pale at his words.  You hoped he wouldn’t deduce much else.

   “Oh,” John mumbled, oblivious to your anxious state.  He gave you a small pat on the shoulder, and you flinched slightly at the unexpected contact.  “Don’t worry.  It was just a nightmare.”

   “Yeah,” you chuckled nervously.  “Stupid nightmares…”

   “Not a nightmare,” Sherlock corrected, setting the cell phone down on a table nearby as he approached the two of you.  “Judging by her flushed appearance, dilated pupils, and the fact that she is uncomfortable with even brief physical contact with you, she was dreaming about a man.”

   John’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes shifting from Sherlock back to you awkwardly.  “Oh.”

    There was an awkward silence that lasted several seconds.  It’s not like there was any point in arguing against his deduction.  Everyone there knew he was right.  Sherlock caught your gaze, making you blush under his calculating stare.  It took a millisecond for him to make further deductions.  He raised his eyebrows at you incredulously. Crap.

    He knew.  

    “Anyone we know?” he inquired aloud, his lips twisting into a teasing smirk as he poured a cup of tea casually.

   “Sherlock,” John warned, although his expression showed that he was confused as to why Sherlock found the situation humorous. “People normally don’t ask about that sort of thing.”

    “Just wondering.”  A low chuckle rumbled from Sherlock’s throat as he turned his humorous gaze away from you and took a sip of his tea.

    With Sherlock’s back turned, John shot you a questioning look, to which you responded with an uncertain shrug.  

   Deciding that you’d rather not continue the conversation, you stood up suddenly, clasping your hands together and putting on a smile to hide your internal screaming. 

   “Well, I’m off to get a proper night’s rest.  Case closed.  Good job, everyone.”  Your internal screaming continued as you saluted John, gave Sherlock a thumbs-up, and headed to your room.  Once the door was closed and you had a moment alone, you face-palmed.  “Did that just happen?”

Make your last Journey,
from this strange World
soar for the Heights
where there is no more
separation of you and your home.
God has created your wings not to
be dormant as long as you are alive,
you must try more and more to use
your wings to show you’re alive
✿♡ •.¸Rumi¸.•♡✿

I love that even though Tecna has short hair, her hairstyles are super varied and stylish. I mean, you’d probably expect the only short-haired girl in a Rapunzel-haired magical girl brigade to get the short (no pun intended) end of the stick in the hair department, but Tecna has so many different hairstyles (compared to, say, Flora, who’s been sporting the same loopy bangs with blonde highlights for 7 seasons and one spinoff show now), and hers are some of my favorites on the show:

(lol remember that time enchantix tried to give her long hair? thank god it was a one-time thing that eventually went nowhere.)

consider this my belated tecna birthday appreciation post.

In an interview with the RFA members...
  • Host: Welcome back to the show! We're still here with the members of RFA with my special co-host. Ms. MC!
  • *claps ensued*
  • Host: Ms. MC, can you ask the next question?
  • MC: Okay! So, what are your favorite ice cream flavor and why?
  • yoosung: bubblegum or strawberry! They have this really sweet taste that's really unique to them. People don't usually like these kinds of flavor, but
  • jaehee: coffee or mocha.
  • zen: god knows how much coffee she needs in her life.
  • mc: shush zen.
  • jaehee: no. he's right. thank you zen.
  • mc: okaaay... uh, jumin?
  • jumin: rocky road (hA BETCHA THOUGHT HE'D GO VANILLA DONCHU fAM)
  • zen: well that's something you don't see everyday. I on the otherhand--
  • mc: uh, zen, let jumin speak.
  • jumin: Thank you, MC. It was a flavor I indulged in when I was a child. The ingredients were very well balanced... and my mother loved it.
  • mc: aww that's so sweet. You both liked the same flavor.
  • jumin: Yes, it was quite our bonding moment, as you would say.
  • zen: Well, for me I love vanilla (zOMG JUMIN FLAV-- *ahem*). I've always been a fan of this classic flavor and nothing ever beats the classic.
  • mc: lol true! what about y--
  • seven: you (wait what o0O)
  • mc:
  • jumin:
  • jaehee:
  • yoosung:
  • host:
  • audience:
  • entire world:
  • jumin: on it.

2016 is almost over (thank god) and I decided to make a follow forever to show my appreciation for the 1.7k amazing people who follow me, like my edits, and continue to support me everyday. I love each and every single one of you very very much. I joined tumblr in 2012 and I honestly can’t believe I’m still here. I’ve made so many great friends along the way that I will never forget, even though we don’t talk anymore. My blog has changed in many ways over the years, but it would be nothing without all of your love and support. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been posting a lot more gifsets/edits recently. Before, I was really insecure about them and I did not have the motivation to make them. Recently, I’ve felt a lot more secure and I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to like/reblog them. You are my motivation, so thank you!  I made this follow forever as fast as I could since 2017 is quickly approaching. I also turn 21 in a week, like WAT. I KNOW I forgot a lot of amazing people in this follow forever, so please forgive me. Also, please remember that I’m always here for you and stay strong. I love you all!! <3 :)


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anonymous asked:

Okay so you're definitely one of my top fandom crushes. Since you're also a big tastemaker in this community who would you say YOUR fandom crushes are?

Hey anon! So glad I got this ask too, because now I have an excuse to have a little love fest over here. And thank you for calling me your crush, I’m blushing! Yet I have to say that - GOD - I’m sure I’m not a tastemaker for anyone…:)

I have so many crushes here in our Outlander fandom that it’s probably borderline criminal. I have a big heart where all the baes go to live.

I need to get the Queen herself, the Master Life Ruiner, @gotham-ruaidh out of the way. She was the first person I ever talked to in here, has been a relentless support and a true friend. Besides, she showed me by example what an accomplished fanfic writer is and her meta discussions on the books are the best. A very good reason to get myself to NY some day. :)

@westerhos is soulful AF. Also, she is writing what is probably my favourite fanfiction ever - Our Story. It’s brilliant brilliant brilliant. Like “I want-your-autograph-and-maybe-even-stalk-you-for-the-rest-of-my-life” brilliant. Also, she likes out of the box and weird stuff, which is my totally my thing.

@creag-an-fhitich and I call each other dessert names. She really is a GOOD person, one that shines and shines. She is the one that I wished I could hug the most. I love this girl like cray-cray.

@iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight is the homeland bae. Also, Heart Slayer is one of the purest and most funny creatures of the Outlander landscape. When I want to get a summary of the great stuff and have little time, it’s her blog I go to to get my fix.

@suhailauniverse is kind of a soul sister. I get the feeling we are very much alike in lots of things. Also I RESPECT HER SO MUCH as a writer. Her Neighbours AU will go down for the ages as one of the very best. She is witty and sassy AF and I’M HERE FOR THAT.

@notevenjokingrightnow is such a good writer that it blows my mind. Also, she strikes me as someone both humble and hardworking, as well as direct. I find myself nodding while I read her posts quite a lot, which is a sign of her consistency and my lunacy.

@bonnie-wee-swordsman has written some of my favourite ever stuff. Flood my Mornings is the fic I carry on my heart and I’ll duel anyone who dares to say it isn’t better than A LOT of stuff in the books. Besides, she is beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring, loyal and all-round talented. When God gave away his gifts, he winked several times at Bon.

@lenny9987 is an extraordinary writer and a source of so much knowledge that I always feel in awe of her. Very much so. She has an approach on life and literature that I enjoy so much.

@outlanderedandoverhere gives me hope in humanity. She is so…good. Like on a fundamental level. Master Seamstress puts dreams and fabrics together alike. I have so much admiration and love for her.

@takemeawaytocamelot is lovely and kind. Besides, her Exes AU (IMMA GET TO THAT DRABBLE NEXT) is a piece that was missing from my soul. 

@sapphiresassenach which is a woman of convictions, that proudly stands for the things she believes in. Besides, she is a marvellous writer and SHE HAS A HAMMOCK.

@tammywt shows me everyday that compassion and caring for strangers is possible. She always has a kind word, an advice, an encouragement to give. She truly cares and I crush hard on that.

@danielledreamsthedayaway has some of the best quotes and pictures around. Thanks to her I get all the purrrrty. And @yellowfeather84 and @saint-hildegard-of-bingen are masters on Outlander bits, besides their calm and wise input seems pretty spot on on a consistent level.

@mibasiamille is a new crush. We are on that phase where I think she is the love of my life and pretty much perfect lol. She is such a finished writer for her age and her bubbly personality gives me life.

Last but not least (I’m sure I’m missing someone, GOD OH GOD, I’M SORRY), I crush hard on all the people, namely anons, that come to my inbox to give me love. To tell me their ideas, thoughts, feelings. And all the people that comment and with whom I’ve had such interesting discussions. They keep me going, even when it would be easier to stop. They really are the best. <3