thank god this didnt happen when we were there


“What light through yonder window breaks?”

BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE EVER!! ALEX TURNER QUOTING ROMEO AND JULIET TO ME….CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? I almost cried when he looked round at me but managed to keep it in and during the first bit which I filmed I made the heart symbol with my fingers and thumbs and he slightly cocks his head and I put my hand on my heart as well as much as to say “God I’m absolutely head over heels in love with you!” and @harleymckittrick on instagram filmed the second half from the standing area which was lucky cos my camera didnt catch the second part.

TLSP were amazing and we even got a trouser change from Alex just after this cos they split when he did a slut drop!!

I will be forever grateful that this moment happened to me it was insanely exciting and I would like to thank Mr. Alex Turner for providing me with such complete joy. xxxx

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Hi an actual norwegian here season 2 is even in norway like widely thought of as the worst season... bcs of willhell like im not saying the season was unpopular loads of ppl watched but that was mainly cus we didnt know what was gonna happen and were curious like i was 17 when it aired and me and my friends hated it and at one point newspapera wrote articles on how noorhelm was sending a dangerous message to young girls so yeah it was popular but the majority did not like that couple at all

Oh anon thank god! This is great to here,,, I thought all of Norway were going mad. I was honestly like how can you all like him?? 

Catch the Norwegian media being woke. Good.
I forgive you all again