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Please Don't Leave Me-Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Can I make a request for Newt where he is your best friend but he starts to ignore you after he meets Tina. You realize that you are in love with him but you stay quiet about it and don’t say anything until the fight against Graves you jump in front of Newt to save him from Graves’s spell and get really hurt and you think your going to die so you tell him that you love him. Can there be lots of angst but have a happy ending? Thank you!

A/n: This the longest imagine I think I have ever written, and just…oh my God

Warnings: Angst everywhere, mentions of blood, pain, rejection, fighting, broken hearts, basically angst on top of angst on top of angst, and a smidge of fluff of course (Also the plot ties in with the events of Fantastic Beasts, but a few parts may be a bit different)



The sky above was dusted over with a hazy gray, the kind that mimicked smoke in your lungs or ashes falling from the sky. Crashes and screams echoed throughout the broken streets of New York, while most of the Muggle or No-Maj community was out and about, hollering against the display of witchcraft. You spun around, trying to find Newt, until you realized that you had become separated from his presence during some of the attacks throughout the city. You sprinted over some fallen bricks and rubble, only losing your footing once or twice. Your wand rested in your hand at the ready as you maneuvered through the chaotic streets with your coat billowing behind you.

The trip to New York was not at all as you had imagined it to go. You had been traveling with your best friend Newt, as you were helping him to release Frank, the Thunderbird the two of you rescued back in Egypt, to the wilds of Arizona. You had both only anticipated to stop here shortly, however after the escapades with the Niffler, a No-Maj, and MACUSA, your time of departure had been delayed.

You had known the clever Magizoologist since your days at Hogwarts, and since you two were both labeled as the “peculiar type,” both of your personalities fit together like puzzle pieces, and he was more than happy to have someone as his friend. You did everything together. You found creatures in the forest together, went to Hogsmeade together, even snuck out past dark out of the castle grounds a few times together. The friendship that you each shared was beyond perfect, except for the fact that you had wanted to be more.

The feelings that you developed towards him grew fonder after you found one another after his expulsion, as you had both kept in touch through written letters and little photographs of adventures you were having while separate. After Hogwarts, you met with him in person for a drink of tea, and he was still the same remarkable Hufflepuff who possessed an undying love for the creatures of the world. However, he did appear quite different, as his hair had grown longer and fluffed out more, covering his twinkling eyes a bit, and his body had grown much taller, broader, and stronger since his teenage years. His freckles still splattered like stars in the night across his face, and his pearly white smile still shined, but he was clearly much older now. When he met eyes with you as you walked through the tiny shop, he rushed towards you to engulf you into a hug to make up for all the ones you couldn’t share while you were both away from one another. You giggled slightly against his chest as he retracted a bit and ushered you to sit down with him. That day you caught up on everything that you had each encountered during the last few years. He asked how everything at Hogwarts went while you asked him how he was doing with the creatures he mentioned in his letters, to which he replied at first with a gentle nervous smile.

“Actually, I’m trying to write a book about creatures, you know, to get people to see them differently,” he spoke with a passion infused sparkle in his eyes.

You paused as you swallowed your tea, nearly choking in in shock, “Merlin’s beard Newt that’s incredible!”

“Yes, in a sense it is,” he paused as a blush rose onto his cheeks, “and I’m set to leave for Asia in a week to study some of the various regions there.”

Your face fell slightly as you brought your eyes to look back into your mug. You had just gotten to see your best friend again, and he was already leaving you? Newt nervously looked at his own mug too, afraid to cut the silence with what he was about say.

“B-but I wanted to also ask if you wanted to accompany me. You don’t have to say yes of course, I don’t want you have to change your life or job, but I wanted to ask because you’re one of the most important people in my life right now, and well, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side.”

You stared at him, eyes wide with shock and confusion once more. His hands fiddled with one another as he now awaited your response while silently hoping he hadn’t been too abrupt with asking. You two were close sure, but he was practically asking you to run away across the world with him.

However, you already knew your answer, and with a smile sprouting on both of your faces, you were ready to see what the world held in store for you as you stood by his side.

But that was ages ago of course. You paused to catch your breath behind a wall of a fallen building with your wand still pointed out in defense. A few beads of sweat formed across your forehead as tears also began to threaten to fall. You were strong, but with everything collapsing and crumbing around you, it was difficult to keep yourself from doing it yourself as well.

You were alone in a breaking city that you had only known for a brief amount of time, and yet so much had changed. You doubted that Newt was even concerned about where you were, as you hadn’t even spoken much to one another since you had arrived off the boat and into the crisp air of the American city. Everything had been different since he had met her.

Tina Goldstein.

When you had both first met the woman, she had tried to have you both turned in to MACUSA for possessing beasts, but soon after, Newt had begun to spend more and more time with her as opposed to with you. Neither of them knew how you felt, and you weren’t exactly ready to scream it out to the world yet.

If someone were to ask you if you loved Newt, you would simply nod, but finish it off with the addition of “but as a friend.” Yet on the inside, your heart would pound and flutter at the sight of his smile or flip at the sound of his voice, for you had hopelessly fallen in love with your best friend from your childhood. At first, it was a small scale infatuation, a simple desire towards the man with the bowtruckles and the graphorns, but with the more places you visited and the more adventures you had together, it was as if you had been stolen back in time to your days at Hogwarts. You would watch his face light up in excitement in the moonlight while following a group of dragons or smile at the way his hair would fluff up after a night of sleep. But his looks of course were not the reason you had fallen, as his intelligent and caring demeanor along with his gentle compassion were what really attracted you. He wasn’t like some of the other men you had been with, and he wasn’t the type to brag about what he had accomplished either. He was like the air of a spring meadow, sweet, soft, and free spirited. Newt was the type to hug and comfort you when you were sad or scared, which he did often, as he wanted you to know that you were safe within the walls of his case. Newt was the type to put everyone else, including the creatures, above himself and this was especially evident when he would try and go for long periods of time without eating or sleeping. Newt overall, was the epitome of a golden heart.

But with the way he looked at Tina, you couldn’t tell him how you felt, and this ate you up inside. You longed to just throw yourself into his arms and tell him how you felt, that he was amazing and incredible, despite his negative thoughts of self-loathing. You wanted to kiss him passionately and tell him how much he meant to you, but that day would never come, not as long as she was in the picture.

You saw how he stared at her as you both sat at the table of the Goldstein apartment, you saw how he followed her inside of the Blind Pig like a lost lamb, just wanting to be closer to her. He had exchanged more words and thoughts with her as opposed to you, and you told yourself that you wouldn’t get jealous, but you couldn’t help it. The way he lovingly gazed at her made you want to shred your heart into a million pieces. You wanted to cry and scream into the night, but you could not be selfish. You had to be there for your best friend, even if you weren’t happy for their relationship entirely.

You hadn’t even noticed that a tear had finally slipped down your cheek as your lungs filled with smoke from the world around you. You brought your hands up to your chest and slowly sunk down into the cracked pavement. You knew that it was selfish to cry about yourself right now when so much was going on, but you couldn’t stop the sobs from ravaging through your body and rattling your bones. Your tears stung like fire and your sobs echoed through the corridor. Your broken heart shattered and mixed with the sounds of breaking glass wound you.

What you wanted, you couldn’t have, and there was nothing you could do about it. It was as if a hundred knifes were taking turns stabbing into your flesh and heart, trapping you in a cloud of suffering and forgotten loneliness.

You were about to allow another round of crying ensue, but a black cloud swarmed through the air above you, spiraling into some of the buildings until it disappeared. Newt had told you about his encounter with something similar to this, and you could only draw one word from your mind.


If anything, that is where Newt would be, where the obscurus was. You grabbed your wand off the ground and broke into a sprint once more as you headed back out into the battlefield of what was once New York.

You found yourself in what appeared to be some sort of station, or what was left of it at least. Railing and bricks were strewn about, and angry yelling echoed throughout the walls. You were about to step out into the open, but a beam of light hurled towards you, causing you to back behind a wall and mutter a spell of defense.

When you turned you saw who you knew as Graves, the older man from MACUSA whom you met when Tina dragged you in, spitting various spells under his breath towards Tina and Newt. Anger overcame your body, and you whipped your wand towards him.

“Stupefy!” you yelled, only to have the spell blocked as the sinister graves turned around.

“Y/N!” you heard another familiar voice call, and you saw Newt rushing towards you while firing spells back at Graves. Sweat beaded across his face and his features were dimly highlighted in the light radiating from the underground lamps. When he finally reached you, he was out of breath and tears pooled in his eyes. He reached onto you, pulling your body towards him as he panted.

“Merlin, Y/n I thought you were dead! I went back looking for you when you weren’t behind me and oh Merlin I was so worried,” he spoke, but was soon cut off by Tina alerting him, as Graves had directed yet another spell towards where you were. Newt instinctively shielded you from it while you both muttered spells to counteract with the one that Graves had shot off.

“I didn’t think you still cared,” you mumbled and you hoped he hadn’t heard, but of course to your dismay, he had. He directed his attention toward you as you both still defended yourselves, along with Tina, from the wrath of Graves.

“What are you talking about? Of course I do Y/n, you’re the most important person to me, how could I not care!?”
“Well you’ve been busy with you know, Tina and everything and,” you halted your conversation as you deflected another spell before sending one of your own, “I’m not that…Newt look out!”

You screamed as you saw a bright bolt of light spew towards Newt. There wouldn’t be enough time to say a spell to save your skins, and there wouldn’t be time for him or Tina to either. You took in the surroundings one last time before you shoved newt slightly, allowing yourself to be in front of his own body, so that you could take the hit. A searing pain sent wavelengths through your body that shook your core, and before you knew it you were on the ground.

You were so caught up by the pain in your abdomen that you hadn’t even noticed a few aurors come in for assistance, but you did notice when Newt fell to your side with tears clouding his vision.

“Y/n why would you do that!? Merlin you’re hurt. Y/n love come on stay with me! Y-you can do it, p-please Y/n stay with me, I’ll help you, and I’ll fix you!” he screamed, but it was more towards himself. He wanted to protect you, not the other way around, and now here you were, and he was kicking himself for not doing anything. It was his fault that you were like this.

Tears cascaded down your scratched cheeks as you tried to sit up but failed. Newt’s hands lowered you back down as he constantly checked back around or the chaos. He needed to be out there, but he needed you to be okay more. Graves was currently speaking to the aurors as they had their wands at the ready for any sudden movement. A whimper left your lips as you cried out in pain like an injured creature. You reached a hand down to cover your wound, only to see that blood now coated your paling skin.

Newt’s eyes widened as he tried to scan his brain for a spell that would work. You couldn’t leave, he needed you, he needed you more than he needed air. You were a part of him, and without you, surely he would fade into darkness.

Sobs now tried to take over his body as he desperately tried to save you.

“Y/n I’m going to help you. I’ll make you better, and I’ll save you love,” he raised his wand to murmur a spell, but he was silenced when you held his wrist and gently pulled his wand down.
“N-Newt, no spell can save me. I think that my time is now.” You whispered. Newt grabbed your hand while still trying to stop the blood from flowing onto the shards of pavement around you.

“Y/n d-d-don’t say that. I can fix you, and I’ll make you better I promise.”

“Newt,” you brought your hands to his face and wiped tears away from his deep ocean eyes which were now flooded with worry and sadness. He didn’t care about what was going on behind him, he only needed you, “You’re an incredible wizard, and you have so much left to do. I want, I want you to finish your book for me okay.” Tears trickled out of your eyes as you grew more and more faint.

“Y/n no I am not letting you die!” he shouted as his whole body began to shake.

“You have to let me go, besides you’ll have Tina.”

“But I need you too!”

“Newt, I want you to listen to me,” you paused as he stayed silent besides a few small whimpers escaping from his mouth, “I-I love you, and I w-would never have told you this, but seeing as I won’t be here anymore, I needed to tell you. I love you, Newt Scamander. I love you, much more than as a friend. You’re an incredible man, and I’m sure you’ll be happy without me. Now you can be with Tina, you can be happy.”

His face was ghost white, as even more tears flooded like a storm down his face. His cries became more audible, further displaying how much pain he was enduring. His heart was breaking and bursting into unfixable pieces. It was not Tina he loved, he thought she was kind and wonderful, but it was you his heart wanted.

“Don’t you understand, I don’t want Tina, I want you!” he pulled you into his arms and cradled your body now, “I-I have loved you since that d-ay, that day in c-charms class. The day where you performed what the professor said was the most difficult t-to master, but you did it because you’re incredible and talented. I wanted to tell you how I felt all these years but I didn’t think you would want me because, because…”

“Newt, I love you.”

You then slipped into a darkness as the pain continued to sear through you, and your mind faded against the sound of Newt’s sobbing and panicking as he held your body closer to his heart, a heart that could have loved you if he hadn’t harbored his feelings.

Your head swirled around like a murky puddle as you awoke inside of a room you shared with Newt at the Goldstein residence. Slowly, you sat up, only to be reacquainted with a stabbing pain in your torso. With a slight hiss, you looked down to see a bandage where blood had once poured out. The last thing you remembered was becoming familiar with the feeling of an eternal sleep and confessing to Newt.

Speaking of Newt, you turned slightly to avoid damaging your injuries further and saw that he was stiffly sat in a chair near the end of your bed. His hair was all over the place, as if Frank had ruffled it again, and his face rested in his hands. His coat was shed to reveal his wrinkled shirt and waistcoat with a few of the buttons sloppily undone.

“N-Newt,” you called barely above a whisper, yet the wizard still perked up at the sound.

When you saw his face, streaks of tears lined his face and his complexion was far more red and worried than usual. He stared back at you with wide eyes and disbelief, as if you were a phantom come back to the earth.

“Y-Y/n!” he said as he scuffled to his feet to be closer to where you were. His voice sounded as if he were sick, but it was from his constant hours of heartbroken crying that followed the events that had previously occurred. He enveloped your hand in his tightly in fear of losing you to death’s own grip once more.

“I’m so sorry that this happened love. How are you feeling? Are you still in pain? What-,”

“Newt, shh, you’re becoming overwhelmed again, and yes I’m okay, you tried to calm him down as his mind raced at a million miles an hour. He broke into a fit of tears once more as he collapsed to his knees and buried his face into your blanket covered chest.

He sniffled between his words, “I, Merlin, I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you. It’s all my fault love. I should have protected you, you shouldn’t have had to take the blame,” you wove your fingers throughout his curls as he continued, “I-I need you Y/n, I tried to fix you up as best as I could inside the case, and you matter so much to me. I am so, so sorry that I ignored you, and I swear on my life that I had no intention to. I l-love you Y/n and I should have treated you better. I’m so sorry that you’re hurt and it’s a-all my f-fault.”

You sighed and tried to comfort the broken man, “Newt, it’s okay. I didn’t think I was going to make it but you saved me.”

He looked up at you with eyes that spilled over with pain as he pulled the blanket closer to you so that you could stay warm.

You spoke once more, but softer this time, “And I love you Newt, I just thought that you would only see me as a friend.”

“Y/n, I’d rather lose my life than live one without you in it. You are by far the most amazing person in my life, and I love you. M-May I…” he trailed off. You knew what he was asking for, you didn’t need him to finish his sentence.

You leaned in with a slight nod as you pressed your lips against his. He tenderly kissed your swollen lips as his own rough ones moved with yours. He pulled you closer with his firm hands, but was gentle not to hurt where your injury laid. Years of forbidden passion erupted between the two of you, as both of you had locked away your feelings for far too long. You entangled your hands within his locks once more as he deepened the kiss. He tasted sweet like honey yet was still crisp like an apple, and he smelled like the earthy soil and fallen leaves. A small moan came from his throat as you brushed your hand against the stubble of his cheeks. His warmth radiated off of him as yours did, creating a bubble of protectiveness and security around you two. When he finally broke the kiss so that you could each catch your breath, he stared at you with absolute admiration. You shifted over carefully in the bed and placed your hand next to you, inviting him to come in and cuddle you. He didn’t hesitate, and he snuggled next to you with his arms firmly around your body. He placed a protective kiss to the top your head.

“I love you Y/n, and I’ll never let you go, never again.”


The KBTBB Guys as dads!

So finally done!! A special thanks to @flutterlovesvoltage for helping me out with the plot!😙😙😙😙 Ty Ty Ty soooo much!!!!!!😊😊And sorry for the last moment changes in the format.😅Hope this is enjoyable!


  • Constantly keeps on saying how undeserving he is to have such a cute little blessing in his life
  • Keeps on thanking God (something that he never did before)
  • Gets something new for the baby everyday
  • Is a HUGE fan of soft-toys
  • Aims at spoiling the baby rotten
  • “Eisuke not another soft-toy please!”
  • “No but this one’s different from the earlier one!” is what he says every time
  • Was going to book n Audi R8 for his baby
  • Hell no, Eisuke!
  • Smirks less since the baby arrived
  • Gives the baby all his time and attention and smiles a lot (genuinely)
  • Constantly receives ‘taunts’ from the other bidders.


  • Cried a lot the day the baby arrived
  • Scared to death when the baby opened their eyes
  • Bracing himself for hearing cries, since *he thinks* he’s scary
  • But the baby didn’t cry at all
  • Surprised Soryu. Says, “You’re just like your mum.”
  • Gave up carrying his precious gun for his baby.
  • Baby likes to pull at his set-back hair and get it down
  • Soryu doesn’t mind. Feels good.
  • Compares how small the baby’s hand is in front of his. Very adorable.
  • Totally a ‘Baby’s Dad’ 


  • Carries baby to his art studio and shows art pieces
  • Baby enjoys being on hiss shoulder and constantly babbles when they see his Blue Bird art as if saying “It’s pweeetty”
  • Ota tries teaching the baby how to paint
  • Baby smears all the paint on Ota’s nose and cheeks
  • Ota doesn’t protest at all
  • Loves to design cute clothes for the baby
  • Always tells the baby stories about him and mom and tells them how amazing mom is
  • *smiles*
  • Sometimes also puts paint on the baby’s cheeks
  • Gets scolded by his wife


  • Whenever the baby cries, Baba almost cries too.
  • Mc: *slaps forehead*
  • Baby always takes his fedora and throws it away
  • Baba picks it up without complaint and places it on the baby’s head
  • Too big!
  • Baby’s entire head goes into the hat.
  • Baba gets another small fedora for the baby
  • Aw so cute!
  • “My little partner in crime”
  • I don’t want the baby to follow your footsteps, master thief!
  • Baba gets disappointed when he hears this
  • Loves to take selfies with the baby and dress up the baby in cute outfits
  • Shows off his little treasure to the other bidders whenever he gets the opportunity
  • Ends up getting teased.


  • Perfectly knows how to cradle the baby and make them stop crying
  • Baby sometimes hides under his coat and they play hide-n-seek
  • Tried to find the baby’s collarbones
  • Failed
  • Dejected, but didn’t give up
  • “Aren’t my collarbones enough for you?!”
  • Oh, sorry….
  • Does everything for the baby- changes nappies, feeds food, and also plays peek-a-boo!
  • Likes to make the baby smile
  • “An ideal father” as stated by Eisuke
  • Baby likes to play with his stethoscope and sphygmomanometer
  • Luke likes to listen to his baby’s little heartbeats as they sleep in his arms

And lastly, Mamoru-😥

  • Hasn’t had a ‘decent’ sleep since the baby arrived(that’s what he thinks)
  • The baby pulls his hair and troubles him
  • Mamoru tries to sleep, but the baby won’t let him.
  • Baby likes to keep him awake and demand all his attention
  • Mc constantly snickers at this
  • Mamoru is Exasperated
  • “What did I ever do to you that you won’t let me sleep?”
  • Baby crawls and runs away whenever he tries to change nappies
  • In turn, lots of exercise for Mamoru
  • Finally catches the baby and changes their nappy
  • Says that he deserves a Nobel Prize for such hard work
  • Has to clean shave every day since the baby doesn’t like pokey-pokey tiny hair
  • Poor, poor Mamoru. So finally we have someone who’s ridding  him of his LAZINESS.
  • Is convinced that the baby ‘Wants revenge’
  • In spite of all this, he immensely loves his baby and is a proud daddy.

Arrow 519 "Dangerous Liaisons" Thoughts

This episode reminded me a lot of the time before Dig and Lyla were remarried. There’s definite and purposeful parallelism to Olicity, so let’s delve into the story. And for the record, I understand this episode is supposed to Team Arrow (Oliver) v. Helix (Felicity). However, I am always Team Olicity. Therefore, I’m going to play devil’s advocate because Oliver and Felicity are both right and wrong in different aspects of this argument.


Originally posted by queensarrow

Before I get an outcry of “Oliver’s a dick. Felicity did this, that, and the third.” Unpopular opinion: I want to see both sides.

Oliver and Felicity have the exact same objective – finding Prometheus and taking him down permanently. But their methods are extremely different. This time Felicity is the one, who is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to accomplish a goal.

In essence, I believe Oliver and Felicity are on the same page with something else. The two of them are attempting to save the others’ soul. Felicity’s way of doing so is essentially demonstrated by her willingness to go out into the field and carry Oliver’s burdens. Does it get things done? Absolutely, yes. However, is it morally the right choice for her personally? That’s where the situation gets gray. 

On the other hand, we have Oliver’s perspective not just by the fact that he disagrees, he wants to protect her.

Felicity is right in not needing anyone else’s protection, but wrong because she’s blind sighted by Helix’s shady intentions  under false pretenses of “a good cause.”

Originally posted by andjustforthismoment

Oliver’s intentions are pure in wanting to protect Felicity, but wrong by not backing her play.  He never wants her to become like him at all.

A Matter of Trust (Parallelism:  Olicity/Dyla)

Originally posted by queensarrow

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andreil x s’mores

“You know, Andrew,” Neil scolded, between bites of graham. He licked his chocolate-covered fingers before making his point. “I think we have enough for the whole damn team.”

Andrew rolled his eyes. There was no use explaining to such a people person, especially Neil, that he wanted them to have the alone time they deserved. He only came back to Fox Tower every other week, anyway. Instead, he waggled his wooden stick indignantly and stuffed a marshmallow in his mouth.

Only after swallowing did he reply. “No, junkie. They suck.” He gestured to the s’mores ingredients beside them. “These, in my opinion, are much better company.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about what games would the dragonslayers play if they had a Nintendo 3DS? (sorry for the many questions 🙇)

Oh my goodness, no need to apologize! Your questions are what help keep this blog active, so feel free to send them in!

Natsu: Pokemon Omega Ruby (just so he can challenge Sting, who has Pokemon Alpha Sapphire), Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky (he bought it for the title but ended up falling in love with the game), and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Gajeel: Rhythm Heaven (Rogue likes to joke that it’s the only place he’ll ever achieve a rhythm), and Pokemon Platinum (he is absolutely in love with Giratina and the Distortion World and is behind every fan letter demanding a 3D remake).

Wendy: Pokemon Black and White and Black and White 2 (she cried for a solid two hours after BW because she did not expect it to be so dark and raw), Cooking Mama (/it is a very stressful game/), New Super Mario Bros, and Nintendogs (unlike some people coughLaxuscough she did not forget about her nintendogs’ existence).

Sting: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and the sequel, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (though playing this one is difficult because he keeps losing the stylus and he needs it to draw the Magic Seals to defeat the enemies), Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (personally, he’s fond of Omega Ruby more but because Natsu got OR, he needed to get the opposing game.  It was imperative).

Rogue: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (he loves, loves, loves this game.  He has the whole series but he likes this best), Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (he likes the fact that there are five distinct stories, and he low-key bought it on Natsu’s suggestion), and Pokemon XY (he’s really just in it for the WonderTrade system).

Laxus: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (he borrowed a copy from Rogue once and became hooked), and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (he will deny it but when he was erased from existence he cried just a little.  Just a little).

Cobra: Cobra is a little shit who bought an R4 and can therefore technically own any game in existence if he downloads them on there.  He is especially fond of all the GBA Pokemon games, and he boasts of the hundreds of games he has stored on there, though oddly enough he’s only ever really seen playing Pokemon Emerald and Black and White (he claims to relate to N on a spiritual level).

Acnologia: the poor soul has no idea how to play any games properly so everybody pitched in and bought him New Super Mario Bros, and Brain Age (the last one was a gag gift poking fun at his age but he is seriously fond of it).

God Serena: he will only ever play Radiant Historia because there is so much freedom with the plot that there’s always a different combination of actions that yields a different ending and he’s on a mission to attain every possible ending. Also, war plot.  

Thank you for the ask!

honestly if glinda was supposed to step in as the next fanatical power player in season 2 of ec, thank god we’re not getting a second season. this whole “but what if the person/movement OPPOSING the oppressive dictatorship was literally JUST AS BAD as the oppressive dictator uwu ??????” thing is honestly some of the most masturbatory bullshit and it was tiresome in the first season and would be EXHAUSTING if it were blown up into a full-size plot in the second. at least the first season allowed some nuance in showing us that the people of oz (e.g. nahara) interpreted glinda’s actions very differently than dorothy did.

EH is cringe-worthy awkward I’d rather die than hook up with my sis/brother’s former lover and mother/father of his/her child. How low can your morals get within your own family? There’s nothing noble about Elijah his hands are as bloody as any of them and his strategy is non-existent. It seems to me that Klaus is the only sane one left and the only one that doesn’t promote incestuous relationships. Thank God they pick him to be Hope’s dad and not Elijah.

Klaus’s life is a different level of fucked up just think about it : Your adopted child hooks up with your lil sister behind your back then she plots with him to get rid of you with the help of your stepfather that wants you dead. You find a hot wolf girl and she wants you. Your one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy and before you even process this and get used to the idea that you’re a father despite being dead for over 1000 year your big bro snatches your baby momma and sweeps off her feet without even bothering to ask you “ hey are you ok with it?” but instead they both accuse you of wanting to use your unborn child for your selfish agenda and treat you like you’re the big bad wolf despite you saving everyone’s ass. Then your baby momma and your bro play family in your home. Your daughter is born and you barely have any time to bond with this little fragile soul because another smart ass called Jackson wants to play dad in her life ( and also marry your baby momma) AND run away with her and Hope leaving you alone. TF? the mtfker finally dies and so does your jealousy but wait you can’t rest now cause the writers make you push your bby momma to get with your bro only a few days before he actually fucks up again by killing your adopted son that you were trying your best to convince not to turn against you and your family. while you morn your presumed dead adopted son ( that plans to kill you now) your bro and bby momma screw over and over again for each stupid fucking decision Elijah has made because poor 1000 year old baby needs comfort from 25 year old Hayley!!. Yes I said all this in one breath of anger

Hayley life is as fucked up as Klaus’s. They downgrade her character so much. because she’s so strong they want to keep her from thinking logically they try to give her personality flaws but instead they just drag her from being powerful and keeping her words to acting all innocent and shy and forgiving . She only acts normal around Klaus. no facade, she laughs she smiles ,she screams she argues she’s sarcastic, wicked or upset but she is true to HERSELF. She doesn’t act like anybody else and only Klaus saw her in her natural form, she shares secrets, hopes and fears and exactly what’s on her mind with him. Elijah and Jackson fell in love with this “angel” side of her but not the full package.They are repelled at the sight of her killing people. but that’s what she is, she is a killer, she is a hybrid.  In their mind she’s a beautiful woman ,a mother but not an equal. Klaus fights alongside her like her equal, for him she’s both a mother, a beautiful strong young woman and a killer.  I feel like Klaus is the only one willing to accept that. Elijah gesture of killing all the remaining vampires on her list only proves my point . He didn’t do it for her to set her mind at ease. She could’ve easily finish the job. He did it because the thought of her slaughtering vampires repulses him. His image of what he wants her to be gets distorted, her “purity “ gets stained by blood. it’s the same thing that happened when she turned into a hybrid and Elijah didn’t get her . He was turned off by “killer Hayley” (I guess he has a mother fetish besides incest and pregnant fetish) while she was hunting/training in the woods with Klaus. Jackson always had an inferiority complex around her because he needed to feel like a strong man/alpha to get it up so she had to assure him and downgrade herself in order to make him feel powerful. Same as Elijah he needed to be treated like a baby. They both seek comfort and approval from her in order to boost their ego while Klaus is the true man here. 


#teamKlaus all the way!

Me: I’m not petty, thank god

Also me: it annoys me when people tag stuff as just full metal alchemist:brotherhood (fmab) because it’s what happens in the manga and the manga is just fma and really it shouldn’t bug me because more people watch than read or do both and probably want to differentiate between the original (which is good on its own and should be watched honestly) and brotherhood, which makes sense as the plot is completely different it’s practically a weird AU anyway I haven’t watched brotherhood I’m sure it’s wonderful but I just don’t like watching anime if I can read it sorry I don’t know why I’m like this

[Submission] Title: Jag-eun

Author: baekyuu

Length: Chaptered

Status: On-going

Rating: PG-13

Genre: AU, Angst

Warnings: Subtle violence, idealogically sensitive material

Summary: Meet Baekhyun, the patient Chanyeol was going to look after. Mute, neuroatypical, and psychotic. Until Chanyeol grows to love him.

Thank you monkey and yahihoes for the submission!

[monkey: i’m not the type to get eager when a new chanbaek fic comes out but oh god this one really, really gets me and i need to submit it!!! only one chapter is up(since it’s really new) but boy this one chapter is enough to make me ache for more D: the content is somewhat different too and very unique! i think this is really really worth a read. you guys are going to love this :>

yahihoes: There is not another fic like this tbh…the plot is original as it can get and it’s perfect. Baekhyun is mute in this fic but the author characterizes him so well that it almost seems like he spoke a few thousand words in the first chapter. It’s definitely worth reading but there are MAJOR TRIGGER WARNINGS (its honestly just the drawings because they can be kinda scary…) so read with caution! This fic deserves so much more love guyss!!]


dannies-drawings  asked:

Hi! Um.. Im new here and I'm interested in reapertale. Do you have an original post that explains what its about?

Hey, welcome to the crazy that is undertale tumblr! B)

Thank you for the interest! But haha, there’s no main post, really– all the stories/plot points etc. are scattered around in different posts, but im happy to explain it to you here ^^

It’s basically a love story revolving around Death Reaper/God Sans and Life Goddess Toriel. Due to all the “life” that Tori kept creating, it created an imbalance in the world that needed to be fixed. Asgore, Gerson, and Gaster (father god, wisdom god, and magic god) then decided that Death needed to be created in order to reap the sous of the humans. Tori, disgusted by this and not understanding it and seeing it as a betrayal, left the realm of the gods to hide in the “mortal” realm and continue her work there.

Therefore, when Death was created, she did not know their face. Gaster, using his magic, was able to create Death, but obviously he couldn’t create “life.” So Death was created by magic, but it was imperfect, and both Sans and Papyrus were born from it. They were very “blank” at first– no personalities, no ‘life’. When they reaped the souls ready to be harvested due to the famine and plagues, that’s when they grew personalities from their experiences. Sans saw the horror of death, and became very cold and detached. Papyrus was traumatised, and learned empathy and pity. With their creation– “mortality” truly came to existence.

They’re both death gods–like two sides of the same coin–but Sans handles the judging while Papyrus does most of the reaping; however, Sans usually takes over the darker jobs, to save Papyrus from the trauma he’d experienced at the beginning.This causes Sans to be very analytical and indifferent.

Then Sans properly meets Toriel at some point–he found her, when she was in hiding– and whelp~ The love story begins from there, where life and death learn from each other and realise that the other is necessary for balance B)

Hope this helps! Thanks again for your interest~ ^w^

officialleadingplayer  asked:

I think they're trying reeeeaaalllyy hard not to make disney pissed since Frozen is still new-ish and their highest grossing movie ever, but I hope the ouat writers have knee pads


Sorry, ranting here. 

Once Upon A Time was always great because it was doing it’s own thing. It took classic fairy tales that literally everyone has the rights to (Snow White, Rumplestiltskin, Hansel and Gretel) and stayed close enough to their original tale (meaning the BARE BONES that everyone knows. glass slipper, magic kiss, poison apple, you get it) and then did their OWN spin on the tale! 

It started with Belle, but the Disney-fication was subtle with her at first. Her costumes suggested Belle and there were a few cute references to the Disney movie, but it was more of a quick shout out other than “we’re copying Beauty and the Beast”. Belle had her own quirks. 

Then it was Ariel. Okay, so The Little Mermaid is a classic Hans Christian Anderson fairytale so Ariel was a little too Disney for my taste. Red hair and all. And then the Prince Eric and Ursula thing was kind of like, seriously? Okay. BUT at least it had a totally different plot, even with the same characters, so even though I was like “OKAY we get it Disney yay” I let it slide because Ariel wasn’t very important to OUAT in the first place. 

I didn’t give two shits about Zelena but thank god they did their own thing with her instead of copying Wizard of Oz or Wicked or anything else. Because it’s been around long enough to change things up. Like Rapunzel! Rapunzel was totally different! Not one Tangled reference hooray!


Frozen is TOO NEW to be in this show. Like you said, people would be mad if they changed too much. BUT NOW THIS SHOW ISN’T EVEN THEIR OWN THING IT’S A DISNEY CONTINUATION. IT’S A FROZEN SEQUEL. I’M SO UPSET ABOUT THIS. 

The actors are LOVELY don’t get me wrong. They’re all talented! But bringing FROZEN to Once Upon A Time (and not to mention the Rumbelle dance) is literally Once Upon A Time selling their soul and all of their original thought to Disney. It’s not interesting anymore, it’s fucking lazy writing. 

Rant out. 

undertale has:

cannon lesbian couple

cute skeleton brothers

cannon gay knights

sexy robot

cute ghost to precious for this world

goat mom

bosses that are dogs that you can pet

and a main character that uses they/them, ambiguous appearance, and no romantic plot (cuz they are read as a child, thank god)

super funny game play and dialog

and three different endings you can get based on your decisions you make in the game

also this music is to die for!

it’s 9.99 on steam, if you got the money I recommend this game 10/10!!