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You know, I wouldn't care so much about the keikaku doori thing, if it wasn't so blatant that Asagiri will throw everyone and everything under the bus in this manga to make Dazai look extra-badass. For example if he hadn't spent so much pagetime in that fake out last chapter ( which in itself was a rehash from Q first appearance), to make more extra the reveal that Dazai knows everything (which, we know, thank you very much), maybe she could have made this chapter feel less rushed. (1)

And honestly I didn’t need another instance in which Dazai is God, when she could have spent maybe some time on more undeveloped characters (why the hell was Soseki even there, if you are gonna give him only a panel to cheerlead, or Kunikida and the murdered children, or, gasp, even Yosano and Kenji (and I say this as someone who finds Kenji boring), or at least explain why Fukuzawa is even still alive, what with the carotid sliced). (2)            

It feels like Asagiri loves Dazai the best among his characters, and the writing warps around him to let us know that, but that’s not good writing in the long run. Do you think it’s a thing that will change in some new arc or do we have to resign ourselves? (3)            

Thank you very much for sending these messages, I very much agree with most of your points! A lot of my thoughts about this chapter can be read here actually. As for Asagiri loving Dazai the best, I’ve always thought their favorite was Odasaku because they kept mentioning him on twitter and he is the character in their DP. Plus, Asagiri isn’t a bad artist and even showed their drawings of 4 characters on twitter: Dazai, Atsushi, Yosano and Odasaku. Only those 4. So while as a creator they probably like all characters from BSD, it is my strong suspicion they like those 4 the best.

But going back. The Dazai Ex Machina case… Let’s see, yes, it’s troubling at this point, especially to people who don’t really care for him as a character. There are many ways to make a character OP without having them come across as suffocating: for example, Saitama from One Punch Man can KO anyone and anything in one punch, yet people still cheer him on as if he was an underdog. Come to think of it, Dazai is second only to Tanizaki when it comes to polarizing opinions. Sometimes I even feel that it’s up to the ones who like him to craft explanations that fleshes him out and makes him more nuanced, believable and real compared to his canon self.

(cr: @dazaiscans)

Maybe we’ll be less conflicted if he were given more stories which revolved around moral dilemmas and concepts, essentially things that he can’t just solve with that brilliant mind of his. Actions must have consequences, and for every misstep he makes, he can take those as learning experiences to grow and be, well, human. We saw that in Dark Era, but since we are reading from Odasaku’s POV, we don’t exactly know how Dazai acted and felt for much of the story. Even now, we’re only following Atsushi and, arguably, Akutagawa’s growth. Dazai? He feels more like some powerful sorcerer behind the scenes, with everything going always according to his plans. This was why I was skeptical that he made a mistake last chapter; as it turned out, I was right to think he was acting all along.


well, then scientist will always be my word for hero.

Who says Carlos doesn’t have a dramatic flare in him? Dana inspired by meadowruedraws’ Dana. *U* (she’s so great AHH) I’m sure a LOT of people have drawn this scene already but I can’t not join the bandwagon :P

*edit: fixed a lot of stuff (nah I just pretty much added sparkles), plus added that missing element on Carlos’ science shirt!

o28: Through the Wardrobe

notes: I was gonna go the Narnia route and then realized I hadn’t read Narnia for about…8 years lol

Through the Wardrobe


Sakura likes to get away from the world once in a while. Unfortunately, Sasuke makes that impossible for her.


It is her place away from the bumbling nonsense of the real world. Though the space is small, Sakura manages to find enough room to lean her back against the dark cherry wood and tickle the other side of the wardrobe with her toes. She breathes in its rustic scent, and opens half a door panel—just a bit!—to let in some light.

Sometimes she reads. The lack of proper lighting makes it hard, especially in the evening, but Sakura wages through the hindrance. Other times, she writes in her diary—the silence surrounding her, interrupted only by the scratching of a near-empty fountain pen and lousy paper—about the thoughts circling her mind or the events of the day.

But mostly, she sits there and just bathes in the serenity of peace. Everything is perfect, alone in this wardrobe.

Then, one day, her haven as she knew it, crumbles into disaster.

“What are you even doing here?” Sasuke asks. He peers through the small crack of the panel opening, her light hole, and Sakura screams from surprise. Sasuke, equally shocked by her outburst, falls back a couple steps and onto the floor.

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Markiplier Pajama Escapade part 1

It’s finally here. (Thank god.)

Based on this imagine by markiplierswhatifs that was submitted by randompostings

The comic style is single panel, kinda like Homestuck (since it’s the only one I could do at the time, I’ll do better ones next time! (゜Д゜;) )

Here we go for the first part! (Challenge: Whoever gets at least 5 references on the drawings gets the password for bonus drawings after the story! (´・ω・`) 

The laptop stickers are not included.)

Late at night, you had a serious craving for your favorite cereal, so you go to your local grocery store, decked out in your Markiplier pajama pants.

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Silver Jubilee (DC TV)

Title: Silver Jubilee
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2001
In Responds to: ColdWave 2016: Domestic Life
Characters: Mick, Len, Legends
Summary:  Mick and Len have been agonizing over anniversary gifts.  Most of the other Legends don’t get it.

If anyone had been paying attention- and honestly not many had been -they’d have noticed the odd, almost anxious mood their resident criminals had been in the last few weeks, getting more and more stressed as days went by. It wasn’t until Kendra said, “Have you noticed Len and Mick haven’t been together much recently?” that the others started talking about it.

“Now that you mention in,” Ray popped one of Gideon’s replicator fries in his mouth, “they’ve both been kinda frazzled. Kinda reminds me of how I was in college whenever mid-terms came around.”

“I just hope they’re not fighting again.”

“You do know they’ve been trying to think up anniversary presents, right?” Sara asked the group at large.

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