thank god im not high

I was really looking forward to Jang Yong Joon from High School Rapper. But I’m glad he got exposed before he even had a career so fan’s wouldn’t be too up his ass. I mean i get smoking and underage drinking but bullying, prostitution, and telling his friend to beat his mom is on another level. I already see ugly ass fans defend his actions saying he’s changed and what not but all this happened just in the last 2-3 years so I don’t see how he’s changed bruh. Like he only apologized cause he got caught. 

Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″

its 2:30am but its dONE

this is an art trade with linneart who requested hs!au :D i thought “hm what was my best high school memory” and i thought PROM mine was really nice like can you imagine????? them like taking a break outside or walking around and just???? confessing their feelings under the stars?????

i hope you like it linnea!! your art is beautiful and so are you <3333333

anonymous asked:

Trying to figure out your thought process while looking at a piece of your art feels like I am embarking upon the grueling path of discovering and decoded the great mysteries of the universe. Confusing, but extremely fun and fascinating; you really have developed such an interesting and unique style that really puts emphasis on the strange and inciting no matter how mundane the topic you literally drew. It adds another dimension almost to your drawings. You always outdo yourself, it's inspiring.

ahh I feel like I really don’t deserve half of this praise… but thank you nonetheless for finding so much enjoyment in my art!! I’m glad I can entertain you in any way :33

The Girl

COUPLE : thomas sangster x reader

Thomas sangster and reader where she is a fan and pretends like he has an audition in an old warehouse but then she ties him up and gives him a handjob and he was going to call the police before realizing it’s the best handjob he ever had in his life. They MAKE an agreement that he won’t call the police if she will do that for him every day and promise to take care of his sexual needs (very detailed smut)

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ryu jun yeol as je su ho + smiling