thank god i'm not the one eating it

Going to work on commissions today after I eat. I have one to finish, one dragon to draw, and a new commission to start for icons.

My boss is a piece of work, jfc. I’m 98% mentally done with this job, and it’s the main reason I haven’t been drawing as much as I should.

I went out drinking last night because it was so bad. Just. Ugh.

Thank god for my roommates.


I honestly never believed I would make it here. I’m a crazy driver. I eat terribly. I’m accident prone. And not to mention now-a-days it seems like being black in America just means you’re asking to be killed. Grew up in the various hoods in California. Was taken advantage of. Went through a spell of alcoholism at a young age. At one point I even questioned the point of living…. I still have the scars to show I survived. Today I am 21 years old. I made it here… Now it’s time to take advantage of life and figure out my purpose. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🙌🙌🙌🙌

He was so so so nice and I felt like I was bothering him (he was eating lunch w his friends??) but he was so sweet and kind and I told him that we watched Snervous and loved it a lot and just wow he was so nice I’m still not over it. And he looked so good wow. And OH MY GOD he was eating at a place called Tyler’s?!? Could you get any more cute?? No I don’t think so?? And also it’s hard to see in the pic but his sweatshirt is custom made it says wild on it and I’m just???? Still shaking because he’s one of my favorite people and I love him lots. ((And I’m gonna tag him @tyleroakley bc why not?? Thank you so much for making my dreams come true wow!!!))