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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL

In which Bakugou is me


Flicker Sessions Sydney – crowd: up for it. band: up for it. Niall: MAD up for it. It was SUCH a fun night. he looked amazing. he sounded incredible. let’s get together and do it again.


Jongdae gracing us with his beautiful exposed skin

so i’ve been confusing friends in the discord chat because of these shitposts i’m making so i feel like i should clarify that i’ve been using a copy of the tomato subs text file to fuck around and make fauxsubs in vlc player. which results in adventures like this:

hiiruneii  asked:

oooooo i rly love your blog! i thought requests are closed but thank god its open ;; can i request mccree, genji, and prefall! gabe's s/o feel that they're not good enough of them and successfully ran from their room at night and trying to runaway from overwatch but they found them? sorry if its too specific ;;;;

((A/N - The more specific the more I can write, honestly!))


The night was cold, a bitter wind breezing through your locks. The moonlight made shadows dance around you. You took one look back at the base, regretting having ever gotten involved with Overwatch in the first place. It was all too good to be true; them accepting you, you being promoted to work in Blackwatch and from there finding the love of your life. It was too perfect and you knew something was going to happen to ruin it. It was best you get out early before you had your heart broken.

You pulled the strap of your bag filled with your belongings over your shoulder, boots sludging through the long grass and looking towards the bright lights of the city. That was where you would stay for the night and carry on travelling tomorrow morning.


You ducked your head down, eyes instantly watering at being caught and having to face him.

“What.. What’re y'doin’, sweetheart?”


You only took one step forward before a cold hand gripped around your wrist, your other quickly being brought up to hurridly wipe away a fallen tear.

“Darlin’. Talk t'me. Please.”

You only looked at him because of how broken and cracked his voice sounded. You owed him this much. His brows furrowed in concern and lips were downturned. He was dressed in his PJs still, meaning he must have followed you as soon as you left. You shivered from the wind. He broke. Warmth surrounded you as Jesse encased you with his arms, his body shuddering.

“Come back. Don’t go. I don’t know what I’d do without ya’.” His deep voice muffled by burying his face in your hair.

You surrendered to his embrace, becoming limp in his arms. How could you be so foolish? How could you do this to the one you love? Your gaze was emotionledd as you internally beat yourself up. Again, you didn’t feel you deserved someone who loved you as much as Jesse McCree.

“Well get through this, (Y/N). I promise.”


You looked over at your boyfriend, sleeping soundly on his side of the bed, his red lights making the room glow ominously. His chest rose and sank rhythmically.

You’d been setting this for a while. The first time Genji had asked you why you were leaving the comfy confines of your bed, you said you were going for a walk as you couldn’t sleep. That was your excuse for everytime he caught you after that, but in reality you were prepping. Bag filled with essentials, warm clothes hidden outside in your safe space. You were ready. You took one last glance at your perfect boyfriend, eyes blurring with tears. You didn’t deserve him. You didn’t deserve any of this.

Practice made perfect, stepping in places where the floor wouldn’t creak and opening the door just enough to slip out. Once outside of the base, the cool air hit your face. You located your belongings and began the trek out of town.

What you never knew was that Genji was watching your every step, and had been everytime you went out for a ‘walk’.
Before you could even leave the grounds, Genji was at your side but a step behind, his footsteps silent. His voice made you jump.

“Where are you going, (Y/N)?”

You hugged your bag close to your body, keeping your eyes downcast.

“I can’t stay, Genji. I don’t deserve this, Overwatch’s protection.. you.”

Your bottom lip was trembling, brows furrowed.

“You are family. Of course we here for you. I am here for you.”

Genji reached towards your hand slowly, as though comforting a frightened animal. He grasped his hand firmly around yours, pulling you in close to shield you from the cold.

“We will work on this, (Y/N). You have a bright future ahead. Do not think for one second I will not be with you every step of the way.”

Droplets began falling from the dark sky, pattering against your clothes.


He was devastated. He was only away for two days and you were gone. Your belongings still sat in your shared room, a note that you had written and sealed left on the coffee table. In it you had said you felt guilty and unworthy. Using Overwatch’s resources to protect you just felt wrong. You had gone into hiding by yourself.

Gabriel was protecting you against Talon. After they took Amélie… He shook his head, not able to think about what they could do. He couldn’t sit on the bed staring at the blank wall all day. He had to find you. He loves you and couldn’t let you get hurt.


You had somehow ended up in Dorado, appreciating the current festival from the shadows. You carried only money and your passport. Anything else could be easily bought and just dragged you down. Your heart sank when you saw families laughing or couples holding hands. You bit your lip, a bitter taste in your mouth. Turning around, you apologised to the person you had just bumped into, making to side step around them. A hand caught your upper arm, immobilising you. Your head shot up, meeting those familiar chocolate pools which looked.. tired. You sighed, not realising how tense you were.

“Why?” Gabriel croaked.

Music littered the background, colourful lights creating shadows on your face. You gulped. Why.

“You do too much for me. I’m a civillian. Not an agent. Overwatch should be prioriti-”
Overwatch can shove it up their asses, (Y/N). You felt guilty? For us protecting you? Talon are out there hunting us. I need you to be safe.”

You leant back, fear rippling through your chest at how angry he was. He saw it reflect on your face and let go of your arm.

“Please. Come back. We miss you. I miss you.”

You looked down at your trembling hands and nodded. Gabriel was on you in an instant.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too.”

Lost || Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,364 words

Requests from anons:   Hello! Can I get an imagine where Peter and Y/N are a couple but she doesn’t know he’s Spiderman, and she was on the ferry and he saved her before she could fall in the water, and she recognized it was him because of how he held her close and after that she didn’t talk to him for days and Peter got sick of it and stopped her on her way home and then she told him? Can it have a fluffy ending after the little “fight”? Sorry if its long, thanks

 can u write an imagine where the reader is drowning and Spider-Man saves her?

Some Homecoming Spoilers I guess (I mean, it’s kind of just stuff from the trailer)

A/N: Lets pretend that his suit is water proof. Lowkey shitty ending. Sorry if your name is Angel


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“You’ll see me back at school on Monday, Peter. I’ll be fine.” Y/N said with a smile as she held both of her boyfriend’s hands in front of her locker. Peter swayed their hands slightly side to side as he let out a sigh, “But do you have to go to Staten Island this weekend? You’re gonna miss our annual movie night. You never miss those!” She chuckled a bit, “I know, but my cousins just flew here and they’re all staying at my Aunt’s house on Staten Island.”

Peter dropped his head, looking at his shoes dramatically, “What am I gonna do without you, angel?!” Y/N laughed as she unlinked one of their hands to begin walking out of the school building. “You have Ned. Plus you’ve been swamped with the Stark Internship recently. That would keep your mind off of things.” She stated, feeling bad that she had to leave.

“Y-Yeah, you have a point.” He awkwardly said, scratching the back of his neck. Y/N smiled widely, turning to look him in the eye, “See, you’ll be fine without me.”

Being Spider-Man came with its perks. Saving the day was so rewarding, everyone knowing who you are, and being known as a hero. The cons, nobody knows who you are. Peter knew he shouldn’t tell anyone about his abilities, he couldn’t put the people he loved in (potential) danger. As much as he wanted to tell Y/N about his powers, he couldn’t. He couldn’t just throw that burden at her.

Y/N stepped onto the ferry that same day, pulling at her backpack straps. She walked up the stairs of the vehicle, leading to the highest level of the boat. She wanted to watch the waves move as the boat did. She stood there, leaning onto the cool, metal railing when the boat departed from the pier.

She looked over, after hearing a loud ruckus, to find a man with mechanical wings swooping into the bottom half of the ferry. “What the fuck?” Y/N muttered to herself but she was suddenly rocked when the boat shook. But the boat rocked more than normal. She looked towards the middle of the ferry, and saw that the middle was gone.

The boat had split in half. Y/N’s eyes widened as she ran to the front end of the boat where the man flew into, to see what had happened. The mechanical bird man flew up awfully close to her. Too close. As he flew over Y/N, one of the wings on his back had hit her, knocking her off of the ferry and into the ice cold water underneath.

She was already fully submerged in the water when Spider-Man webbed up the boat and Iron-Man pushed it together. Peter saw her body hit the water, seeing her quickly sink down as cars plowed towards her left and right. “Y/N!” He shouted before diving into the water, without a doubt in his mind, trying to find her.

Y/N was struggling as a car descended onto her body. Everything was just so shocking, and she had been under the water for so long. She had to breathe, so she did. Water filled her lungs, making her start thrashing around even more. Black spots greeted her vision before everything went pitch black. Peter swam as fast as he could over to her, grabbing her body, and dragging her to the surface.

Peter took a large breath of air when they met the oxygen above as he shot one of his webs towards the top of the ferry. He pulled himself on the web, getting closer to the ferry. They reached the edge and he placed her body lightly onto the boat before pulling himself up onto the spot next to her.

He looked at her chest to see that it wasn’t rising and falling like it should. Peter started freaking out even more than he already was. “Y/N! Y/N, come on!” He shouted as he started doing CPR. All of their happy memories together started flashes before his eyes.

“Just breath, damn it!” He shouted once more, breathlessly. As if she had heard him, she started coughing up water, making her turn on her side to make sure that the clear liquid was no longer in her lungs. Peter, or to Y/N Spider-Man, let out a breath of relief. He sat down on the floor, pulling Y/N towards him.

“Thank god you’re okay. I almost lost you.” He muttered quietly, holding her as close to him as he possibly could. Y/N sat there, on top of Spider-Man not knowing what to do. His voice was so comforting, almost familiar, making her want to stay there forever.

“What would I do without you, angel?” He whispered, cradling her head to his shoulder. Y/N sat there, remembering what her boyfriend had said just a few hours ago.

What am I gonna do without you, angel?

Her eyes went wide as everything came together. Peter always being hung up with his internship, brought to him by Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, Spider-Man’s comforting and soothing voice. A voice that she could never forget.

Her boyfriend, lovable, dorky Peter Parker, was the amazing, spectacular Spider-Man.

He picked her up gently, bringing her to a seat inside the ferry. He placed her down onto the white plastic, and he just stood there, looking at her. “I have to go,” Spider-Man stated quietly, running away, outside of the ferry and swinging back towards the city.

That weekend, Y/N didn’t go to Staten Island (for obvious reasons) and she avoided texts and calls from Peter, until he showed up at her doorstep on Sunday night.

“Y/N” he said breathlessly, pulling her into a tight hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay. I-I heard what happened on the news on Friday. I would’ve come sooner but I was just… I don’t know.” He said pulling away. She nodded her head, rubbing her nose with the sleeve of her sweater.

“Peter….we, we need to talk.” She said opening the door wider, indicating him to come inside. Confusion laced his features as they walked towards her bedroom.

Y/N sat down on her bed, letting out a large sigh, clutching the blankets underneath her. “What do we need to talk about?” Peter asked, standing a few feet away from her with crossed arms. She looked down, holding her head in her hand. “I….. I know you’re Spider-Man.”

His eyes went wide, he was so careful in keeping it a secret, well at least he thought. “What,” he laughed ,“I mean I wish, but I’m not Spi-” He was interrupted by Y/N.

“Please don’t lie to me Peter. I know the truth. It was you on Friday clad in those red and blue spandex.” She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. He ruffled his hand through his hair, feeling awful because her tears where all his fault.

His eyes began to swell with tears just like hers did, “You almost died, Y/N. And it would’ve been my fault.” He brushed the tears off of his cheek, moving to sit next to Y/N.

“If you knew I was Spider-Man, people would’ve found out about how close we are. An-And I have so many enemies, I didn’t want one of them to hurt you.” He sniffled, not making any eye contact. Y/N nodded her head, understandingly.

“I don’t know what ​I would do with out you, angel.” He sobbed, leaning over her and nuzzling himself into her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around the middle of his back, rubbing a soothing hand up and down.

“You’d be completely lost.” Y/N said softly with a small smile on her face, kissing the top of Peter’s head lightly. Nothing was kept a secret between the two of them ever again.

ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME! (Sheffield 31.10.15)

Coming Home (Chap. 10)

Sweet family bonding before the seriousness! Sam and Bucky are honestly the cutest, I love them. Also, Clint. Because just… all the Clint feels. 

Ill post Chapter Eleven as well with 120 likes/ 50 reblogs!


Enjoy :)


“On your left!” Clint called as he went jogging past Sam and Bucky, and then he burst out laughing. “I never thought I would get to say that! No wonder Steve says it all the time!”

“Jesus Christ.” Sam muttered, completely annoyed. “Damn archer comes out for one run and thinks he’s an Olympian.”

“Yeah well, let him have his moment.” Bucky took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, head back to stare up at the branches and leaves above him. “He’s only passing us because we are walking. It’s a one time occurrence. Every other day this week we’ve kicked his ass.”  

“I guess.” Sam grumbled, but he reached over and took Bucky’s hand, linking their fingers together and pulling him a little closer so their wings brushed as they walked the trail through the trees.

They had gone out for a long run every day since Bucky had been home. Family breakfast without Tony was something of a somber affair, so Sam had dragged all three of the male omegas outside with him, running them hard until he was ready to stop, then taking the long way back to the tower, wandering through the trails and taking their time together.

Today was the fourth day out, and the they had all started out running together, but after a few miles Sam and slowed to a walk and called for Bucky to slow down as well. They had been passed no less than six times on the trail by Steve, and once just now by an overly excited Clint, but they were content to walk in the relative quiet of the woods and just be together.

“I never want to see sand again.” Bucky said after a long time and Sam smirked. “I mean honestly, who wants sand? It sucks.”

“Beaches are pretty good.” Sam countered. “Pretty people in hardly any clothes. Beautiful water. Warm sand to lay on. Not all sand sucks.”

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“Deathly Ill.” The 100 preference

Bellamy Blake: It all started when you got out of your tent in daze. You had tunnel vision as your grasped someone shoulder. It turned out to be Clarke as she turned you fell to the ground. 

“BELLAMY!” She shouted as Bellamy turned around, wide eyes as he saw you collapse. Running over he picked you up and took you into the Ark. He saw how sweaty you were as he laid you down. He brushed the hair off your face as he fought back a sob. 

‘B-Bellamy. It hurts.” You whispered as you looked up at him with tear filled eyes. 

“I-I know princess but you have to stay with me okay?! Don’t you clock out on me now baby.” He whispered as he ran his hands through your sweaty, wet hair. He didn’t leave your side at all. People bringing his meals which he motioned for them to leave. He never let go of your hand. He only left when he needed to use the bathroom and even then he wouldn’t be gone for 5 minutes.

“Y-you have to eat Bellamy.” You murmured weakly. He shot up as he inspected your body. You coughed and he quickly sat you up. 

“Your fevers broke.” He whispered hopefully. “You’re okay…you’ll be okay.” he insisted with tear filled eyes. He pulled you into his chest. 

“You’ll be okay.” 

John Murphy: Murphy was sick and he knew it. But the plus side he was getting better. He was just kept in quarantine to prevent further infections. He was use to the other being set next to him and some not making it out. 

Today was no different. He sat with his eyes closed till someone burst in holding a body. He sat up as he recognized the figure. 

“(Y/n)?” He whispered. Bellamy laid her on the cot beside him and he noticed the blood under her eyes. He couldn’t speak as they fixed her.He reached for her hand but Bellamy ripped it from him. 

“We don’t need you getting sick again.” Bellamy grumbled. 

“You rip my girlfriends hand away from me and you’ll lose yours.” Murphy snarled as he looked at you as you coughed wildly. 

“Make it stop Murphy.” You cried out in pain. Murphy sniffed as you passed out. He refused to leave or take his eyes off of you. 

“Stay with me babe.” He begged as your eyes fluttered open. 

Jasper Jordan: Jasper knew there was a sickness was going around he knew no one was safe. He went with some others to get medicine. When he came back Monty was waiting for him at the gate. 

“Don’t…” He whispered as Monty nodded. Jasper stifled a cry as he was led to where you laid unconscious. Your hair all sprawled out as you were pale. 

“How long has…has she been like this.” He asked Clarke as he fought a sob. 

“Since you left yesterday.” Jasper’s eyes fell back to you. 

“We’ve done all we can. She just has to fight and wake up.” She tried as Jasper stared blankly. You didn’t wake up for another day. Your eyes fluttered open as you felt Jasper stroking your hair. 

“Good morning.” He chuckled airily. 

“What did I miss.” You smiled weakly.

Monty Green: Monty had done his best to keep you from the sickness but the moment he turned to see you with blood streaming down your face as you slowly fell forward, he knew what was happening. 

Monty relentlessly tried to find a cure and visited you and hated seeing you so sick as you looked up at him with pleading eyes. 

“Help…” You whispered as your eyes shut as he wiped the blood from your face. He only worked when you were asleep. He tried to take his mind off. He ended up visiting you one day to being help sitting up with Bellamy and Clarke. 

“Fever’s broke.” Clarke stated as his eyes widened. 

“You’re okay. You’re going to be okay. Thank god….I can’t lose you.” 

Lincoln:  Lincoln hoped and prayed to anything listening that you wouldn’t catch it. He hoped. Till one day when you faced him with blood pouring from your eyes as you fell from your horse. 

He immediately took you to Clarke as he begged her with every being to help you. He could only see you at night considering the circumstances. Every time you woke up with a new flower in your head. You’d merely smile before going back to sleep. 

He’d ask Clarke when you’d be better every time. He’d sit and stroke your hair and trace patterns on your arms. One day you woke up smiling. Clarke checked your temperature before smiling. 

“It’s broke.” And with that he’d sigh as he scooped you up. You left the next night. 

“You scared me half to death.”

“Death didn’t like me much.” You chuckled clutching him tightly.

Roan: Roan was aware of a sickness circling Polis. So he kept you in as much as he could. Knowing the sickness was taking some in terrible ways. But when he found you collapsed near your bed he lost it. 

He demanded Polis’s best healers and threatened that if you didn’t recover, he would inflict injures they wouldn’t recover from.

He stayed by your side the whole time. Holding your hand and being there when you burst into coughing fits. Occasionally wiping some blood from your face as he grimicaed at your weak nature. 

“Roan please make it stop.” You begged as you sobbed in pain. He couldn’t watch. One night he waited out the doors waiting for the healers words. 

“She is healing. Count yourself lucky my king.” He burst in as you sat up weakly. He clutched you closely as you hugged him tightly.

“Thank god…I couldn’t lose you.”

“You won’t.”

I had to make a sim because the lovely @itsoceansecret was kind enough to lend me some skins. So the reason this sim is semi decent is because she is great!

Also totally stole her reshade settings 

Meet Ayaka

His (C.H.)

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A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

Masterlist || Ask

Part 2 | Part 3


“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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500!!!!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

I think as much as Jason gets mad at people assuming he’s All Powerful because of his dad, is as much as he gets mad at people for writing Nico for his dad.

People assume Jason to be the Big, Strong ManTM in the relationship, when really that’s heteronormative, one, and two, Nico is a gods damned powerhouse. Most of time Jason is just like Holy ShitTM this man could ask me for my left foot and I’d cut off my whole leg for him. If there did ever exist a such thing as ”whipped”, Nico, most definetly, had him as such.

After awhile Jason learned to just laugh it off. Nico is comfortable and confident, and it doesn’t matter to him what people assume. Jason, well, he knows better, and takes entertainment in watching people underestimate his love. Only to get their asses handed to them when they try Nico.

Jason’s happy to not have to pretend he’s more powerful than he is with Nico. Nico’s strength is just so evident, he doesn’t even need to try. He’ll probably never have quite thw breadth or command of his powers as Nico does. And what a fucking relief to not need to prove himself.