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It pisses me off that today, in freaking high school, I’m still being told that ‘boys will be boys’ and shouldn’t be punished for being rude and disgusting to me.

I was in my Algebra class, now, we have groups in this class because my teacher is a firm believer that working in teams helps to learn easier. I got put in a team with two freshman boys, who automatically when they walked in and saw me standing next to our group they walked up behind me and slapped my ass, hard. I obviously got mad and turned to swing at them when my teacher, who witnessed the whole thing stepped in and yelled at me for turning to physical violence, and barely talked to the boys at all besides telling them loosely not to do it again.

Now, I was livid, and so embarrassed cause EVERYONE in the classroom witnessed this go down, and automatically pined me as crazy, but I pushed it off to the side and decided to just forget about it and make it through the period. Now, may I point out that through the entire period they were making racy comments (the most noted was “hey baby you gonna let me smack that ass again tonight?”) And just commenting on my body which they got several of the other students to join in on, including just plain making fun of me.

I ignored their comments through the period, but what really pissed me off is the fact that they crushed two small bags of Goldfish crackers and POORED them into my backpack! Now, since this was an easy fix I didn’t bother yelling at the boys. Instead I immediately informed the teacher, and got permission to step outside and empty it ou. But stupid me made the stupid decision of leaving the book I’ve been reading, clockwork prince on my desk.

Now, these two assholes thought it would be funny to WRITE AND DRAW IN MY BOOK. WRITE AND DRAW, RUDE AND DEROGATORY COMMENTS AND PICTURES ALL INSIDE MY BOOK. Thank god it was in pencil and I was able to erase it all for the most part, but they wrote in my personal belonging. A book i spent my own money on, now has eraser marks on it, and ripped pages from them yanking it around and being rough with it.

Now, me being the person I am who really fucking likes her books and acts like they are my children. I took my book back and chucked it at one of the boys faces, causing the teacher to start screaming at me that I don’t resort to physical violence if I have an issue, and even after I showed her my book and told them what all they had done she told me to stop or I’ll be sent up to the office.

After class ended I approached my teacher and asked her if she even heard any of the comments they were making towards me during class. She admitted she did and when I asked her if I could be moved because they made me uncomfortable and angry she stood up and told me, “you should feel honored that they are complementing you. Boys will be boys and they treat you like that because they like you.” And refused to change my seating cause she said if anything I “have to learn that I can’t just run away from people I don’t like”

It is absolutely disgusting that in this day and age, girls, and high school students are still being told that abusive situations just means they like you. I’m so tired of this bullshit happening I swear to god.